The King's Return : Chapter 02

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Hello again, I want to rantttttt, this chapter 2 MTL makes me angry because it has skill names, in game names and school names that so absurd when MTLing it (ノ`Д)ノ:・’∵:.┻┻, anyway I finished this faster than chapter 1, so enjoy your read, and you can comment if there is any better translation for this, thank you (/ε\*)
P.S I change all the school with sect,so it become Hanhua Sword Sect.

Chapter 2: Hanhua Sword Sect

Most of novice task are to make players familiar with basic operations, which is piece of cake for online games veterans. However, since "Peerless Jianghu" is the first VR-based game in China, the scene feeling is too real, and many newbie players cannot adapt to the immersive 3D scene after entering the game. As soon as the camera turns, they will feel dizzy and the map channel will jump out various complaints——

"I almost hit the tree just now, and subconsciously felt the pain in my forehead!"

"What to do about acrophobia?(T/N: afraid of height) I heard that joining a sect can learn Qinggong(T/N: lightness skill or flying in chinese martial arts) skill. I will cry if I fly to the sky!"

"Skill can’t lock target, the mobs are running, how do I suppose to beat the monster?"

"The task to find Grandma Xu at level 3 is so difficult! Where is Grandma Xu? I have no sense of direction, need navigation!!!"

A large number of newbie complained, even Qin Mo, who was once an e-sport player also encountered some difficulties in doing novice tasks.

Compared with the simple keyboard and mouse mode, the touch screen mode has higher requirements for finger agility and flexibility although it looks more advanced.

Qin Mo slides his finger slightly in the sliding area to adjust the angle of camera, the touch screen is very sensitive, which requires the player’s finger to achieve a fairly precise degree. Even a slightly different adjustment, and the camera angle will be change. It can be imagined that in the future, it will become one of the most powerful strategy to calculate the opponent's visual field, and the precise grasp of 3D visual field by professional players will become the most important part of basic skills.

Qin Mo took a deep breath and let himself calm down to carefully observe the interface of the game.

There is a compass icon and a semitransparent mini map in the upper right corner of the field of vision, which is very thoughtful and helpful for Qin Mo. He followed the compass as he walk the entire Novice Village——the scenery is beautiful, like the paradise without disputes, the shadow of the houses in the village, the figure of the players, and even the reflection of the scenery in the water, are clearly presented in front of you.

More realistic sensory experience is the greatest advantage of VR games, but also the biggest difficulty in operation.

The more he probe into the game, the more Qin Mo loved the game.

Unlike most of the players around him, who are just looking at the beautiful scenery of the VR world, he has a very clear goal——to play in the professional league next year.

So his observations are also more detailed and professional.

Others may only think that the forest is beautiful when they see it, but Qin Mo will pay attention to the density of the forest, the shadows of the trees, the visual angle behind the trees and other more professional details, because he knows that when he enters the arena later, a slight difference of vision may reverse the situation of the competition.

He is no longer the teenager he used to be.

From now on, he will lay a good foundation in this brand-new game world and start over again.

Qin Mo spent nearly two hours to slowly finish the novice task. By the time he left the Novice Village, he had mastered a new touch screen operating mode and could skillfully rotate the camera according to his mind.

The Village Chief asked him to go back to the sect to meet the leader, send him directly back to the Kunlun Mountain with the transmission array.

Located at the top of Kunlun Mountain, Hanhua Sword Sect is famous for its spectacular snow scenery.

It snows all year around, the solemn buildings are all covered with snow, the three snowy peaks towering side by side, from the distance they look grand, majestic and magnificent.

It seems that for the sake of the scene, the clothing worn by Hanhua Sword Sect disciple is mainly white. Many white swordsmen are practicing sword slash and perform sword dance halfway up the mountain. Qin Mo stops to watch for a while and found the NPC are well designed and their movements are smooth, from this details, it can be seen that the developers of the game are very attentive.

Then, he found, there was a major innovation in the game——the impact on people of the combined scenes of weather, light, and vegetation.

Snow scene, rain scene, night view, early morning, dusk…...

Different scenes have different effects on the player's vision.

When he was in Novice Village just now, the scene happened to be dusk, Qin Mo could clearly see the scene within 50 feet in front. However, in this snowy mountain, his sight reduce to 30 feet due to harsh weather by sunlight reflected the snow, when he rotating camera and turned his back to the sun, his sight improve.

——It almost simulates exactly like in the real world setting!

——Qin Mo did not expect that today's VR games can achieve such a degree!

In this way, the future of the game not only to consider their own and the opponent's fixed field of vision, but also the weather, light, vegetation and other external factors to take into account, which will undoubtedly make the arena more complex, of course, more rich and interesting.

Qin Mo carefully observed the spectacular snow scenery on Kunlun Mountain, only then did he walk along the mountain road to the main hall of Hanhua Sword Sect to visit the leader.

The leader of Hanhua Sword Sect is called Qi Mufeng, age 30, he is wearing a moon white long gown and holding a sword with a cold light, standing tall and upright in the main hall, like a jade tree, he has a nickname of "Sword Immortal" in Peerless Jianghu, perhaps, because the swordsman is too handsome, there are a lot of players who join the Hanhua Sword Sect, and the surrounding area is full of people.

Qin Mo step forward to talk to him and chose to "join the sect", after that the symbol of "Hanhua Sword Sect" appear on the of the head of his avatar "Ink Mark" and he was given the basic introductory gift "Hanyue Suit".

After putting on the new equipment, Qin Mo listened the leader said : "Hanhua Sword Sect has two kinds of cultivation routes, one is <Qiushui Swordsman>, the weapon is long sword, have a slim and light stature, and possess an elegant swordsmanship, unfathomable as an evil creature, but it requires strong talent and skill to learn successfully; The second is <Wuhen Swordsman>, the weapon is short sword, a sharp sword that can be used to kill and causes considerable damage. As soon as you join the sect, let your senior brothers and sisters to show you the difference between the two cultivation routes.

Qin Mo open the pop-up video, carefully observes the skill demonstration of senior brothers and sisters, after watching it again, he immediately understood the core setting of the game——combo.

In "Peerless Jianghu", players can learn seven basic skills from the time they join the sect until they reached full level.

If the same skill use repeatedly or using different combination of the skill, the effect will be different.

Unlike the fixed routine in the previous games, due to the emergence of "combination skills" and "continuous attack skills", the degree of freestyle play is quite high. In other words, if you are good enough, you can even create a new set of moves, typically "The Master lead, and practice is depends on the individual".

Each sect has two cultivation routes, which also enriched players’ choices.

Taking Hanhua Sword School as an example, the operation of <Qiushui Swordsman> needs to combine different skills, which is more complex, but has more control effect. <Wuhen Swordsman> is using the continuous attack skills, the operation is relatively simple and create higher damage.

After watching the video, Qin Mo choose the long sword as his weapon——he preferred a control field skill operation.

Along with the choice of weapon, <Quishui Swordsman> basic first skill "Sword Horizon" and the sect Qinggong "Flicker" appear in the skill tab. Qin Mo placed the two skills in the upper left corner of the 16-grid light screen, he tried to press it and then followed the leader’s instructions to do next main task.

The main task is mostly to introduce the background story of the sect and some interesting story of NPC to the players, the story plot is very interesting, Qin Mo enjoys watching the plot while doing the task.

It wasn’t until 2 in the afternoon that he finally reach to level 15.

The leader gave him a set of level 15 equipment and also taught him the second skill of Hanhua Sword, called "Sword Rain Remnant" and let him go down the mountain to practice.

Qin Mo came to the first main city of the game——Ming Zhou (Dynasty Ming).

As the main city of the game, the number of players in Ming Zhou City is naturally several times more than that of Hanhua Sword Sect, the streets are crowded and quite lively. However, most of the players are in hurry and are obviously busy with their task, team recruiting appears continuously in the chat area at the lower left corner, this is also because it is much faster to do a task in group than solo.

Qin Mo read through the team recruitment panel, and see "Level 15 Ming Zhou City main task, come and join!"

Qin Mo applying for the team and immediately approved by the team leader, the Qin Mo came to the middle of Ming Zhou City near the big circle according to the teammate mark on the mini map and saw the three teammates waiting for him there. Because Qin Mo already understood all the sect setting in "Peerless Jianghu" before entering the game, he quickly distinguished the sect of his three teammates.

——The captain name "Mirage" (T/N : jìnghuāshuǐyuè - flowers in a mirror and the moons reflection in water—a mirage, insubstantial objects), he is wearing dark green clothes and a medicine basket behind him, he should come from the "Fangchao Hall" Sect, killed people with various of poison.

——"Hide a Dagger behind a Smile" (T/N : Xiàolǐcángdāo), tall and strong, dressed in a fiery red clothes, and has a machete in his hand, that look is from the North Desert Sect "Kuangdao Gate"

——"Wind Leaves" (T/N : Fēng qīng yè), dressed in white and armed with long sword, obviously came from "Hanhua Sword Sect" the same as Qin Mo.

"Ink Mark, are you a newbie or veteran? Have you played this game before?" In the chat area in the lower left corner, there is a small character typed by team leader Mirage.

Qin Mo’s finger slide gently, opened the character input mode of the touch screen panel, and quickly typed: "I am a newbie."

"Oh, newbie don’t run around later and follow me closely, this game monster is hard!"


At this time, another teammate came in, ID Little Medicine Fairy (T/N : xiǎo yào xiān), wearing a light green dress, obviously from "Fangchao Hall", and a girl.

Mirage : "Younger sister’s weapon is silver needle, are you cultivate as healer"

Little Medicine Fairy : "Yes, I’m a newbie, please take care of me O(∩_∩)O~"

Mirage: "You are welcome, younger sister. I am with Hide a Dagger behind a Smile and Wind Leaves. Three of us have played the beta testing. If you have any question in the future, you can just ask."

Little Medicine Fairy: "That’s great, thank you."

Mirage: "I’m going to pick up the task, you all can wait for me at the city gate."

Without further ado, the team leader Qinggong to pick up the three task, shared them in the team channel and then summoned everyone outside the Ming Zhou City.

The first task: Eliminate 8 beehive in the forest outside the city.

There are a lot of players in the forest to do the task and from time to time there is a "buzzing" sound of bees. Mirage takes everyone into the depth of the forest and find the place where the beehive is relatively dense, just as he about to type, he see the newbie Little Medicine Fairy actively went to the tree and try to open up the beehive, the next moment, the overwhelming bees rush toward the four people, the visual effect is very frightening!"

Mirage quickly Qinggong to increase the distance between them, as a result, the newbie Little Medicine Fairy unexpectedly run to open up another beehive.

"I'll go!!" Mirage couldn’t help to swear and quickly typed while avoiding the bee swarm attack, "What are you doing to open up so many beehive?"

Little Medicine Fairy replies innocently: "Isn’t the task is to kill 8 beehive?"

Mirage is somewhat speechless: "The task is 8, you want to drawn all the 8 beehive and eliminate all together ah?"

Little Medicine Fairy said: "In the past, all the tasks in game are all drawn and kill altogether. I’ll give you blood, you can try O(∩_∩)O~"

Try your hell! This is 3D game ah! So many bees, my eyes cannot see!

Mirage was about to type and tell her not to make a fuss, but she already open up 2 more beehives very quickly.

Sister, you are so aggressive in poking the beehives……

In an instants, in the front, the rear, left and right, bees everywhere, buzzing sound can be heard, if the psychological quality is not good enough, people will probably scared and cry to see this scene.

The whole group is surrounded by swarm of bees, it’s no good. In the voice channel, Mirage ridicule: "Where’s that newbie coming from? Give me fuss everywhere?!"

Hide a Dagger behind a Smile chased by the bee swarm, cannot type, so he open voice channel and said: "My Mom, I’m going to blind."

Wind Leaves in calmer tone said: "Calm down, die and start all over again, it doesn’t hurt to get stung anyway."

Mirage cannot help but frown: "Little Medicine Fairy is really a trouble, she is really a newbie."

This is a built-in voice room in the game. Qin Mo did not open the voice channel and could not hear the comments of the three people. At the moment, he was focusing on the bees in front of him.

As the Little Medicine Fairy was the first one the open up the beehive, all the bees targeted on her, bees for all of direction flew in front of her, and the girl run away with fear. Qin Mo immediately pressed the Qinggong skill that he already set up earlier——Flicker.

The white swordman in the game suddenly flew forward five feet like a great hawk spreads its wings. Then he dives down from the air and sweeps the sword forward decisively. He draws two beautiful arc, with the tip of the sword, he pierced straight ahead, pulled out the string of sword attack beautifully, and simply release the combination skills——Sword Horizon, Sword Rain Remnant!

Snow white sword light enveloped the swarm properly, and Sword Horizon skill hit two times in succession, causing a group damage, and then keeping up with the effect of Sword Rain Remnant, an unexpected scene appeared——

The dense swarm of bees as if under a spell, suddenly stand still in place!

Mirage still spitting out in voice channel: "With all of this things, the swarm can paralyzed, be stung and we are dead……F*ck? What’s going on?"

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile stupefied: "What’s the situation? The bee swarm is paralyzed?"

The originally calm Wind Leaves also surprised: "Is this Ink Mark not a newbie? How can he operate such a high end skill combination <Heaven Sun Combo>?"

Just now the trio had just made a preparation to die and return to the main city and come back to start again, but as a result, when they see the game again, Ink Mark had fixed all the bees in place.

The swordsman in white is attacking the bee swarm at a dazzling speed, the sharp sword swiftly sweeps in front of him in a fan-shaped shape, and in front surrounded by impenetrable white light.

And those bees, like a collective group that lose internet connection, were dead in his hands, completely immobilized.

These scene makes the old players who have participated in several beta testing suddenly felt cold at the bottom of their heart.

——Is this Ink Mark really a newbie?
The author has something to say:
The sharp Qin Mo appeared on the stage O (∩_∩) O~
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