She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 48

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Chapter 48
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However, in this photo, Liang Xin seemed to be drunk, her whole person looked mad, wearing shabby clothes and making very strange movements towards the camera.

It was as if Liang Xin had been struck by thunder. Watching Liang Xing’s photos being exposed, the media constantly taking pictures of their phones, and the people around Liang Xin pointing fingers at her. She couldn’t respond for a long time.

Feeling anxious for her, Liang Feifei rushed to people around. "These photos are edited    , so don’t be deceived!"

Taking a step back, Liang Xin glanced at Lin Qingqing, only to see that she was smiling while lowering her head. She was gloating when she was humiliated.

At that moment, Liang Xin suddenly realized that all this must have been arranged by Lin Qingqing.

How could such a person as Li Dongkai appear here? She didn't believe that he really had a family member in Yicheng group. All these were arranged by Lin Qingqing. She arranged him here to expose her weak points. She didn't have an idea how she knew about her and Li Dongkai, and how she knew that Li Dongkai had a relationship with her.

But she was sure that Lin Qingqing was the one who planned the plot!

She didn’t want to see her well, seeing her get the endorsement of the Yicheng group, she wanted to suppress her to death. At that time she was also like that, didn’t want to see her going abroad to study and became the top student, so she exposed her black materials and destroyed her face, the wound on her forehead became an eternal scar that could not be removed, and she couldn't show her forehead all her life and only had thick bangs on hot days.

Because she couldn’t show her forehead, her image was restricted, and her star path was affected.

All of this was caused by her.

But Lin Qinqging probably didn't know that she still had her last card, which she hadn't used.

She had been thinking about whether to use this or not. Before that, she developed better than Lin Qingqing, but she achieved nothing when she became a star. This card was too overqualified, but later she found that Lin Qingqing had married Yi Zeyan. Because of Yi Zeyan's status, she did not dare to use it rashly.

But last time she took a picture of Lin Qingqing and Xiang Huayang to test, Yi Zeyan not only didn't blame her, but also gave her the new product endorsement of Yicheng group, that was to say, his face and dignity were more important than his love for Lin Qingqing.

Since Lin Qingqing wanted to play with her like this, then she didn’t mind making Lin Qingqing die a little uglier.

Taking a deep breath, Liang Xin temporarily ignored Li Dongkai's provocation on the stage and the gaze of the people around her. As if everything around her had nothing to do with her, she gave Yi Zeyan with a meaningful smile. "Mr. Yi, I'd like to ask Mr. Yi if young master Yi’s birthday is in February."

"It’s in February." Yi Zeyan replied. "Why do you ask?"

Glancing coldly at Lin Qingqing, Liang Xin then added. "Mr. Yi, don't blame me for taking the liberty, but I'd like to know, are you sure that young master Yi is your biological son? My stepsister is always promiscuous."

Lin Peng didn’t know why Liang Xin suddenly said this and still worried about Liang Xin. How did she turn to Qingqing in the twinkling of an eye? Lin Peng frowned when he heard the word 'promiscuous'. He was glad that the two sisters could finally help each other, so he timely pulled Liang Xin to remind her.

But at this time, Liang Xin's whole attention was focused on exposing Lin Qingqing. When Lin Peng came to pull her, she shook him off. She was always clever, sensible, gentle and amiable in front of Lin Peng. She would never be so rude to him, so Lin Peng was stunned when she shook him off.

Liang Xin continued. "In April, about five years ago, Lin Qingqing had a private meeting with her netizen. If she was pregnant at that time, the child she almost gave birth to would be as big as a young master. Mr. Yi, when you met Lin Qingqing, it should not be in April, right?"

Yi Zeyan looked gloomy, warning her. "Miss Liang, please pay attention to the occasion. Do you know what you are talking about?"

Lin Qingqing forced her into this situation, Liang Xin had no way out now. Taking out her cell phone, she opened a saved video on it. However, because it was a few years ago, the pixels were not very clear. She clicked to open it and brought it to Yi Zeyan.

"Mr. Yi, please look at the video I took five years ago. At that time, she asked her netizen to look for her. Her netizen was an old and ugly man. She can even flirt to a man like that. Do you think she was promiscuous?"

In the video, a person in his early fifties walked to a room and knocked on the door. After a while, the door opened. From the perspective of the video, it was very light and clear. Lin Qingqing was the one who opened the door. The old man followed him into the room and the door was closed, the video ended here.

"Mr. Yi, for the sake of caution, I suggest you do a paternity test for young master Yi." Liang Xin added.

Liang Xin looked coldly at Lin Qingqing-- If you want to destroy me, then I will also destroy you. At worst, she would go to hell together. Even if she died, she would share her fate.

Liang Xin waited for Yi Zeyan to be furious and Lin Qingqing to panic, but she did not expect that Lin Qingqing was still very calm after seeing the video. Although Yi Zeyan looked bad, he didn’t have the anger of being deceived.

"Miss Liang, is that the man in your video?"

Yi Zeyan pointed a certain direction to Liang Xin. Looking over, Liang Xin saw an uncle in his fifties walking slowly towards here. She had seen this video countless times and naturally recognized this uncle as the person on the video. But why was he here?

Yi Zeyan added. "This is Cheng Bo, the person in charge of Yicheng Group's Qizhou winery. I moved my head office to Beicheng only five years ago. He was one of the elders who followed me to travel in Beicheng. Miss Liang probably did not know that I was the netizen chatting with my wife. I was afraid of fraud when I received the messages that day, so let Cheng Bo go and have a look. Cheng Bo confirmed that the person in the room was indeed Miss Lin before I entered. Therefore, the person who stayed with my wife that day was me. I was the netizen ‘White’ whom she had talked with for many years. Miss Liang probably knew ‘White’, right?"

Liang Xin was completely shocked. She felt that everything in front of her was so unreal. She felt that her worldview had collapsed. For so many years, she had always believed that it was an old and ugly man who walked into Lin Qingqing's room that night. Because she also filmed a video, she thought it was all true, but now Yi Zeyan told her that he was the one who entered Lin Qingqing's room that night and stayed with her!

Her cognition was severely impacted, she couldn't believe it, she couldn't believe it! How was that possible? How could Lin Qingqing's net friend be Yi Zeyan! How could that old and ugly uncle ‘White’ be a man like Yi Zeyan!

Yi Zeyan added. "At the time of signing the contract, I didn't know Miss Liang had a meth history. If I knew, I would never give Miss Liang to be the spokesperson of the new product. Miss Liang's image really does not conform to the image of the spokesperson of Yicheng group, so our contract is terminated. Not only that, I will send Miss Liang to the police station for investigation. After all, taking drugs is a crime."

A security guard came forward and grabbed Liang Xin's hand, dragging her out. Liang Xin was still confused and her head was full of messy voices. She didn't recover until the security guard dragged her to the door, and she shouted. "No way! This is impossible! You're all liars! you lied to me! You can't be White!"

Liang Xin was taken out. Worried, Liang Feifei followed her out. Only Lin Peng stood silly there, didn’t know how things turned out like this.

"Your good daughter has been taken away. Don't you go to have a look?" Lin Qingqing reminded him.

Waking up like a dream, Lin Peng looked at Lin Qingqing and opened his mouth as if to say something, but in the end he said nothing. He seemed a little tired, lowering his head and left with heavy steps.

Yi Zeyan also let people take Li Dongkai out. At last, the party quieted down. Everyone seemed like nothing had happened, talking and laughing. They talked about this year's year-end award, and many people came forward to toast Lin Qingqing and Yi Zeyan.

Everything had become so harmonious, everyone had tacitly formatted what was happening just now.

At the end of the banquet, both of them got in the car, Xiao Yuan was already asleep. Lin Qingqing held him in her arms, and asked Yi Zeyan. "Do you want to go back to Qizhou for the new year?"

"No need."

"Mother is alone at Qizhou..."

"You don’t have to worry about her, there are many relatives back home. She won’t be alone."

Lin Qingqing nodded, thinking that the relationship between Yi Zeyan and Zhang Shuxi had never been very good, so she asked. "Zeyan, is the relationship between you and your mother so cold because of me?"

Of course, Yi Zeyan also knew about the dispute between her and Zhang Shuxi at that time.

Holding her hands, Yi Zeyan replied. "There is no such thing, you don’t need to think about it. My relationship with her has always been like this since I was young."

Lin Qingqing didn’t ask anymore.

Because there was a lot of media at Yicheng Group's year-end banquet, everything about Liang Xin and Li Dongkai’s □□ as well as Liang Xin's meth history was exposed the next day and quickly made headlines in entertainment news.

It should be known that domestic anti-drug efforts were very strong. As a public figure, touching the drugs, Liang Xin’s star career was basically ruined, and as Liang Xin's family, Liang Feifei and Lin Peng also underwent an examination immediately and had a urine test.

In fact, Liang Xin only touched it once. She only tried it out of curiosity and Li Dongkai told her that ice-poison was not so addictive. Although she never touched it again, she did take drugs for real. Even if it was only once, she could not wash it out no matter how she rebuked it.

Because of this, she had to accept not only public attacks, but also huge compensation. Although she hadn't been officially announced as a spokesperson of Yicheng group, the contract had been signed. It was clearly stated in the contract that if the company suffered losses due to her damaged image, she must pay 10 times the contract price.

Fifty millions, ten times of it, was five hundred millions.

Five hundred millions, how could she pay such a big sum of money, but if she didn't pay her, she would go to jail.

Therefore, when everyone was happily having a family dinner at home, Liang Xin was locked up in the detention center for investigation. Liang Feifei and Lin Peng were also taken to the drug control center because of their relationship. Fearing that they were hiding poisonous drugs, Lin Peng’s house had also been blocked for investigation these days.

As a result, Lin Peng's hotel was also affected, and their turnover dropped to freezing point.

On this day, Liang Feifei saw Liang Xin come back from the detention center. Liang Xin cried and begged her to let Lin Peng bail her out. After all, she was her own flesh and blood, so Liang Feifei couldn't bear it. As soon as he came back, she knelt down to Lin Peng and begged him to help Liang Xin pay liquidated damages.

These days, Lin Peng had been called here and there several times because of Liang Xin's affairs, and was exhausted. Hearing Liang Feifei’s words, he immediately became angry. "Now she knows she's wrong, and regrets it. What are you doing at that time? You've got to hang out with that gangster, is it good now?"

Liang Feifei cried and her eyes swelled into looking like walnuts. Thinking of Liang Xin was going to prison, her heart ached. Holding Lin Peng's thigh, she asked. "If you don't save her, she'll have to go to prison. She's still so young, going to prison is tantamount to ruining her!"

Pushing her away, Lin Peng replied angrily. "You have the nerve to ask me to help her. Don't think that I don't know what she did to Qingqing! I love you so much and trust you, the mother and daughter so much. Is this how you repay me? If she really didn't drug Qingqing, why did she stay to shoot the video?! Do you think I'm stupid? Can't I see that? Fortunately, I chose to believe in the relationship between you, the mother-daughter and Qingqing sibling. Now that I am not a human inside and outside, how can I let down my two daughters? Your daughter is human, but my daughter is not human?!"

"She knows she is wrong. Brother Peng, Xinxin really knows she is wrong, will you help her?" Liang Feifei kept on crying. "Help her for the last time, and she will be obedient and filial to you in the future."

"Get out of here!" Sitting down heavily on the sofa, Lin Peng pointed his finger to her nose. "I'll put the words here today. Either you break off the mother-daughter relationship with Liang Xin, or we divorce. You choose!"

Lin Peng's words undoubtedly came as a bolt from the blue to Liang Feifei. Stunned for a while, Liang Feifei kneeled to his knees and hugged his thigh. "Brother Peng, why are you so cruel?!"

But Lin Peng had made up his mind and called someone to pull her away, telling her clearly that he would not come to see her until she made a choice.

On the New Year's Eve dinner, Lin Qingqing took Xiao Yuan and Yi Zeyan to her elder sister's over there for family dinner. All of the restaurant staff took a holiday, which was different from the usual liveliness. At this time, the restaurant seemed deserted.

Her elder sister made a big table dish, after several people sat down, her elder sister took the red envelope to Xiao Yuan, pretending to be dissatisfied, Lin Qingqing asked. "What about mine?"

Lin Zhenzhen glanced at her with an angry look. "You already this big, still want to fight over the red envelope with a child?"

She was only making a joke on her elder sister, but unexpectedly, Mr. Yi who sat next to her, squeezed her hand and whispered in her ear. "I'll give it to you when we go back."

At his doting voice, Lin Qingqing looked over at him, and saw the man smiled at her. If her elder sister and Xiao Yuan was not there, she really wanted to jump up and kiss him.

Preparing to eat, they heard a knock from the door. Lin Zhenzhen opened the door and saw a tall figure standing outside. Lin Qingqing recognized him.

Seeing him, Lin Zhenzhen was stunned for a moment, she looked puzzled. "Wu Qi? What are you doing here?"

Shouldn't he have dinner with his family on New year's Eve?

"I'm going on a mission. There was a murder case with a firearms in Lixian."

Lixian was an affiliated county under Beicheng.

On New Year's Eve, nobody expected this kind of thing to happen.

Early in the morning, Lin Zhenzhen noticed that he was wearing a uniform. Hearing him say this, somehow her heart suddenly sank, giving him a way. "Come in and have some food first."

"No thanks, I’m leaving soon."

Sure enough, after saying this he turned to leave. Standing up, Yi Zeyan stopped him. "Officer Wu."

Turning around, Wu Qi saw Yi Zeyan pouring two glasses of wine, holding the glass up. "I’ll give you a toast."

Silent for a while, Wu Qi then went up to pick up the cup. "I heard that you had joined the army before?"

"I spent two years in the army."

Holding up his cup. "Nice to meet you."

"No need to be polite."

Both of them toasted, drinking their own glass of wine.

Wu Qi put down his glass, and Xiao Yuan, who was sitting opposite, looking at him with a worried gaze. "Uncle Wu Qi, be careful when you catch bad people."

Wu Qi didn’t speak, rubbing his head and then going out.

Lin Zhenzhen returned to her seat and sat down, but Lin Qingqing obviously found her absent-minded, asking. "Are you worried about Wu Qi?"

"Where? Don't talk nonsense and enjoy your food."

"You're obviously worried."


"Actually, I think Wu Qi is quite good, you can consider him."

Lin Zhenzhen glared at her. "Didn't you say that he doesn’t look like a good person before?"

Lin Qingqing touched her nose. "At that time, I don’t know about him yet."

"Let's not talk about it yet. Have a good meal first."

After the meal, Lin Qingqing’s three family members left. Lin Qingqing was afraid of her elder sister's loneliness, wanting to stay with her, but her elder sister was annoyed with her and drove her away. Lin Qingqing had no choice but to go home with Yi Zeyan.

Of course, they would watch the Spring Festival Gala on New Year's Eve. Yi Zeyan was not interested in watching the Spring Festival Gala. He brought a cup of coffee and read a book in his hand, glancing at the mother-son from time to time, only to see them laughing at the Spring Festival Gala.

Time was almost up, so he took out a red envelope and gave it to each of them.

Lin Qingqing was very happy to get the red envelope and kissed his cheek. "Thank you, husband."

Xiao Yuan imitated, and also went over to kiss his father's cheek. "Thank you, daddy."

Yi Zeyan held them in each of his arms, and there were only three of them in the spacious room, but he felt as if something had filled the room.

Was it pleasure? Or happiness? The kind of thing he thought would never fall on him.

The family was supposed to watch the vigil together, but the child dozed off quickly and soon became sleepy. Lin Qingqing first carried him up to coax him to sleep, then she and Mr. Yi were in the living room watching the Spring Festival Gala while waiting for the bell to ring at zero.

"Are you sleepy?" Yi Zeyan asked her.

While yawning, she leaned against him, but shook her head. "Not sleepy."

She was really cute, no matter what, she was cute, and he really thought she was cute everywhere. Obviously, she was sleepy, but she was still headstrong. He couldn’t help kiss her head.

The Spring Festival Gala on TV continued. Holding her in his arms, he only felt at ease and secured in his heart. A few months ago, all this seemed to him like a luxury, but it was not until a few months ago that everything changed. He could hold his beloved girl and stayed with her forever.

The clock rang at zero, she got up lazily from his arms, rubbing her eyes. "Why don't you wake me up when I'm asleep?"

Smiling, he kissed her face. "Just sleep."

Seeing the TV host wished everyone a happy New Year, she suddenly turned around, putting her arms around his neck while smiling mysteriously, then she kissed his lip. "I love you."


"For today."


He smiled and held her in his arms.

God treated him well. At the end, he got his beauty.
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