She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 47

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Now, it's for her b*tch step-sister to get her lesson! Enjoy your reading~

Chapter 47
translator&editor: Oyen

However, Yi Zeyan remained rational, looking up at his watch and reminded her. "It's getting late, we will hug later, alright?"

She hadn’t moved yet.

"What's the matter?" He asked, caressing her head with his big palm.

She was silent for a moment before replying, "I ... don't really want a second child so early."

"Why do you say this all of a sudden?"

"I want to love Xiao Yuan for a few more years. I owe him too much these years. If I have a second child at this time, my focus will be on the younger child, and I will more or less ignore him, so I don't want it for the time being."

Smiling, Yi Zeyan kissed her forehead and replied. "Don't worry about this, Xiao Yuan doesn't lack love. But I respect your decision if you don't want to have the second child that early."

"Good." She smiled sweetly in his arms.

Hugging for a while, then they went to work together. As soon as Lin Qingqing came to the studio and sat down, the receptionist came in and reported.  "Director Lin, there is a young lady outside who wants to see you."

The receptionist was newly recruited by Lin Qingqing.

"Which lady?"

"She didn't say it, but she said it was about the ‘Snowy Cliff’."

Could it be MV’s investor? Thinking for a moment, Lin Qingqing replied. "Let her in."

After a while, the receptionist came in with a woman, who wore large sunglasses to cover most of her face, but Lin Qingqing recognized that she was not an investor.

Glancing at her face, Lin Qingqing finally recognized her. The visitor smiled a little awkwardly. "Miss Lin, I came here to apologize to you today. I'm really sorry about the Snowy Cliff."

This person was Jiu Jiu, who had plagiarized her song.

Lin Qingqing did not have a good face for this kind of person, only replied. "This matter has been handed over to the lawyer, when the case is decided, you can compensate as much as you want. Miss Jiu Jiu, you don't have to apologize to me."

Jiu Jiu gave a hollow laugh. “I know that my visit is really bothering you. However, I came to confess one thing to Miss Lin. I didn't actually write that song, but it was Liang Xin who gave it to me. Miss Lin probably didn't know that I had a good relationship with Liang Xin in the company. At that time, she said she had written a song, but she always sang sweet songs, and the piece was too sad for her, my voice was more suitable, so she gave it to me. I really thought she wrote it.”

Liang Xin?

"Do you have evidence?"

Jiu Jiu shook her head. "Because I have a good relationship with her, I have no precautions or doubts about her, and I did not expect that she would pit me, so I did not leave evidence."

Although Liang Xin did have a problem with her character, and she had done such immoral things as cheating friends, she had no proof, and Lin Qingqing had no way to believe her one-side story.

After work, Ling Qingqing planned to discuss it with Yi Zeyan. He was smarter and saw deeper than her, maybe he could know something more than her.

"I know, I'm still busy, you go first."

"Then, I won’t disturb Miss Lin." Jiu Jiu was also considerate.

There was nothing to do today. Lin Qingqing got off work at 4:00 pm in the afternoon. Now, visiting Yicheng Group was like visiting her own vegetable market. Lin Qingqing went directly to Yi Zeyan's office, didn’t expect he was in the office today.

"Are you busy?"

He was used to her coming here often, but he was still happy to see her, smiling. "There is still a little work to do."

"Finish your work first, I’ll wait for you here."

Anyway, having got used to it, Lin Qingqing took a magazine to read it. Yi Zeyan probably knew that she often came here, so he prepared several books she liked and also the snacks she liked.

Looking at the woman who was sitting quietly reading on the sofa, Yi Zeyan only wanted to be intimate with her quickly and urged the people below to send the report quickly.

After reading it as fast as he could, Yi Zeyan loosened his neck and said to her. "It's still early. Do you want to stay for a while?"

Lin Qingqing nodded and patted the seat next to her. Going over, Yi Zeyan sat down, but he saw Lin Qingqing throw away the magazine and sat skillfully on his lap.

Yi Zeyan. "..."

Why did she suddenly sit in his lap?

Laying in his arms, Lin Qingqing pasted her face to his chest.

Laying down in his arms for a while, then Lin Qingqing sat up, put her hands around his neck. "I love you, Yi Zeyan."

What was going on? Why did she suddenly confess her love?

Yi Zeyan felt his heart beating faster. It was not the first time for her to be so corny, but he still felt inexplicably excited and nervous.

"Have you forgotten what I said? I said I will confess my love to you every day, so this is today's confession."

She was indeed sweet, entirely sweet, sweet when she lost her memories, and still sweet after she remembered it all, it was so sweet that he couldn’t bear it.

Lowering his head, he could not help kissing her lips, kissed her deeper and deeper, and almost could not extricate himself before he released her.

Lin Qingqing leaned against him and gasped for breath. Finally, she remembered that she had some business to discuss with him. Indeed, he was very attractive, so she only cared about kissing and loving her Mr. Yi and forgot all about the business.

"By the way, Zeyan, Jiu Jiu came to me today, do you know Jiu Jiu?"

"I know, she is the one who plagiarized your song."

It seemed that Mr. Yi really cared about her, knowing everything about her.

"She came to me today and told me that Liang Xin gave the song to her. She said that they had a good relationship, Liang Xin couldn't sing the song, so she gave it to her. But she didn't have direct evidence to prove that the song was indeed given by Liang Xin. Do you think her words are credible?"



"Isn’t she saying that she and Liang Xin have a good relationship? If the relationship is good, she cannot somehow pit Liang Xin unless Liang Xin pits her first."

Lin Qingqing nodded.

She suddenly remembered the last time Liang Xin, Lin Peng and Liang Feifei found her home. Lin Peng and others should not know where she lived, and her elder sister would not tell them, so how did they find her address?

Lin Qingqing thought that the address on her submission letter to MK was her and Yi Zeyan's home. If Liang Xin had accidentally seen her submission letter, she would naturally know her address.

"Do you remember I once showed you a group of photos about Liang Xin?"

Hearing Yi Zeyan's words, Lin Qingqing was stupefied for a moment, and then remembered what he was talking about.

It should be the third year of her marriage to Yi Zeyan. At that time, shortly after Liang Xin's debut, Yi Zeyan gave her a group of photos. He asked her advice on whether or not to publish this photo, because once this photo was released, Liang Xin would be completely finished. Not only that, it would also affect Lin Peng. After all, Lin Peng was still her father, so he came to consult her.

At that time, she let Liang Xin be expelled from school, and then disfigured her, which was her revenge for drugging her. So later Lin Peng gave money to Liang Xin to start her career and Lin Qingqing didn’t bother her anymore, the so-called 'an eye for an eye'. In addition, she did not want to accept Yi Zeyan's kindness at that time, so she rejected him on the spot and said directly that she would avenge herself and did not need him to interfere.

Thinking of this, her behaviour in those days was also very bad.

Originally, she thought after she had revenge against Liang Xin, she would mind her own business. However, Liang Xin didn’t want to see her well, touching her bottom line again and again.

Since she didn’t want the original grudge to end, then Lin Qingqing also didn’t mind ruthlessly getting revenge on her.

"Send it out."

Yi Zeyan nodded. "Alright, I’ll arrange it."

Before they left, Yi Zeyan specially asked Huo Yi to contact his fellow countryman.

After getting in the car, Lin Qingqing asked. "Is Huo Yi’s fellow countryman the one taking the photo?"


"Does he know that Huo Yi is one of your people?"

"I don't know. You have to trust Huo Yi's ability to do things."

Lin Qingqing nodded.

Huo Yi's fellow countryman was named Li Dong. Afterwards, when he arrived in Beicheng, he found the name was a bit tacky and changed it to Li Dongkai. Huo Yi and Li Dongkai also met by accident. Li Dongkai invited Huo Yi to drink. During the meeting, he boasted about how great he was and how well he was doing in Beicheng.

Huo Yi was a smart and alert person, otherwise he would not be chosen by Yi Zeyan as his assistant. So, Huo Yi saw at a glance that he was bluffing. At that time, Yi Zeyan arranged a task for Huo Yi to find a stupid and bad person to do a thing and he thought Li Dongkai was quite suitable.

Huo Yi did not expose him, following his words and praising him, Li Dongkai was soon floated away. Slowly, Huo Yi brought the topic to women, and Li Dongkai began to brag about how many women he had in Beicheng.

Listening to his stories, Huo Yi made an envious face and sighed. "I wish that I had brother Li’s method, otherwise I won’t be hurt like this."

Hearing this, Li Dongkai immediately asked him what was going on. Huo Yi explained. "Recently, I took a fancy to a girl and made a lot of efforts to chase her, but she didn't even look at me and said that I was from other towns and not a local. She said she looked down on outsiders, both filthy and crude."

As soon as he heard this, Li Dongkai was unhappy. Although most of what he said to Huo Yi was enlarged, he did add more of his stories in Beicheng, coupled with Li Dongkai's strong self-esteem. First time coming to Beicheng, he was looked down upon by all kinds of people, so now he had achieved a little bit, and the most disgusting thing was that people looked down on him as an outsider.

Li Dongkai patted his shoulder and replied. "Brother, if you don't mind, give me the contact information of this woman, I'll meet her. I've seen many women like her, which is just a fake virtuous woman."

Huo Yi deliberately made a suspicious look at him, but still showed him the girl's photo. "Her name is Liang Xin, she wants to be a star. Now she has signed a contract with an agency. I'm afraid she will make her debut soon and be a star in the future. How can she like us? I appreciate brother Li's mind, but brother Li doesn't have to waste his time for me."

Li Dongkai loved faces and also taunting, and the worst thing for him to hear was that others didn't trust him. He immediately took the picture and replied. "Just you watch, brother." 

Two months later, Huo Yi didn’t expect that Li Dongkai sent a group of photos to him. Knowing that Li Dongkai was showing off to him, as if to say, look, you said I couldn't do it? However, this photo was exactly what Huo Yi needed. Huo Yi was very satisfied and pretended to praise him for being awesome and so on.

Before the Spring Festival, Yicheng Group held a year-end meeting, which was held in the form of a banquet. All the senior management of Yicheng Group and the partners of Yicheng Group had been invited to attend. Yi Zeyan had now made public the identity of Lin Qingqing. As the boss’s wife of Yicheng Group, Lin Qingqing had naturally participated.

The banquet was held on December 27th. Lin Qingqing wore a white evening dress on the banquet day, and the child was also dressed very formally with a mini suit, and Mr. Yi wore a tuxedo with a bow tie, very much like the feel of a medieval European gentleman.

Zhang Shuxi and several leaders from the winery also came to the banquet. Lin Qingqing greeted them along with Yi Zeyan. After thinking for a while, Lin Qingqing rushed Zhang Shuxi. "Can I talk to mother alone?"

"Come over."

Taking her to a quiet corner, Zhang Shuxi asked. "What do you want to talk about?"

Lin Qingqing replied. "I remember everything."

Zhang Shuxi was drinking champagne with her head down. Hearing this, she suddenly looked at her. Her eyes narrowed slightly, but she didn't say a word.

"I know I had some unhappiness with mother before. A few years ago, I was hit and became sensitive, self-abased and hostile, so I did some disrespect to mother."

Looking at her, Zhang Shuxi's eyes became confused, and she didn't seem to believe that she would say these words to her. She scrunched her eyebrows for a moment and then sighed. "You don't have to blame yourself. I've done something wrong. As I said before, as long as you treat Zeyan and Xiao Yuan well, I don't care about the past."

"Okay, thank you for your understanding." Lin Qingqing breathed a sigh of relief.

After chatting for a while, they went back to find Xiao Yuan and Yi Zeyan, but unexpectedly, there were more people around Yi Zeyan, they were Lin Peng, Liang Feifei and Liang Xin.

Knowing that Yi Zeyan sent them an invitation letter, Lin Qingqing was not surprised, but Zhang Shuxi obviously didn't know them. She went up and asked Yi Zeyan. "These are..."

Yi Zeyan made an introduction to them respectively, and Zhang Shuxi knew that these were Lin Qingqing's family members.

Hearing that this was Yi Zeyan’s mother, Liang Feifei immediately in awe and tried to curry favour with her. Saying she was beautiful and looked young, her dress was beautiful, her earrings were dazzling and so on.

Zhang Shuxi also heard about Lin Qingqing's family situation, knowing that her stepmother was the mistress, and Zhang Shuxi's family was destroyed by the mistress, so she never had a good feeling for the mistress. Not driving her out was only for the sake of Lin Qingqing's face. In the face of Liang Feifei's flattery, she felt sick, and lightly replied perfunctorily.

Seeing Zhang Shuxi didn’t eat these flattery, Liang Feifei knew that she shouldn’t continue, so she just smiled and added. "This time, my Ah Xin was able to get the endorsement of Yicheng Group thanks to the praise of Mr. Yi and Mrs. Yi."

Giving a meaningful smile to Lin Qingqing, Liang Feifei probably saying-- you see, my Ah Xin is so capable that she doesn't rely on your help to let Yi Zeyan solve the problem of being frozen, but in a twinkling of an eye, she still gets the spokesman of Yicheng Group, seemingly sarcastic to Lin Qingqing’s face.

Yi Zeyan replied. "Liang Xin is Qingqing's step sister, so of course we should take more care of her."

Liang Xin also timely put up a glass of wine and made a toast to Yi Zeyan. "Thank you, Mr. Yi." glancing at Lin Qingqing and replied. "Also thanks for Qingqing for looking after me."

Lin Qingqing could see it, Liang Xin’s generous performance was to annoy her.

Lin Peng couldn't understand the real situation between Lin Qingqing with Liang Xin and Liang Feifei. He was very happy, and a smile uncontrollably pasted onto his face. "I'm so happy to see your two sisters are so united." He raised his glass to Yi Zeyan and Zhang Shuxi and added. "Old lady Yi, Mr. Yi, I'd like to toast you two." Lin Peng finished drinking the wine.

Lin Qingqing really didn't know whether Lin Peng was really stupid or playing dumb. How could she get along with Liang Xin peacefully after so many things had happened?

At this moment, a man from behind walked slowly toward Liang Xin. Staring at her and uncertainty called out. "Liang Xin?"

Hearing this voice, Liang Xin turned to look. The moment she saw him, her beaming face faded and disappeared in a flash, she recognized him.

Seeing her face, Li Dongkai finally confirmed that she was Liang Xin, he hurriedly came forward. "I just think it looked like you, but I didn't think it was really you." He smiled and added. "I haven't seen you for so many years. Have you ever thought about me?"

The disgust in Liang Xin’s gaze when facing this person was beyond her control, replying with a cold face. "Don’t talk nonsense, I don’t even know you."

Li Dongkai was a man of high self-esteem. He rushed forward to greet her as soon as he saw Liang Xin. At the moment she pretended not to know him. Today, he came to MK because he received an invitation from his fellow countryman. His fellow countryman probably wanted him to show that he was doing well now and could get MK invitation cards. He knew that his fellow countryman must be around and he didn't want him to see jokes.

"Even if we already break up, it’s not right if you do it like this, right?"

Today, many reporters came to the Yicheng Group banquet. Liang Xin was now a public figure, and the gossip of public figures was what reporters were most concerned about. she was afraid that this person would say anything else. "This is the end year banquet of Yicheng Group," she hurriedly added. "Where are you from, a gangster fooling around here?!" After that, Liang Xin told Yi Zeyan, "Mr. Yi, I don't know this man. Can you ask the security guard to take this man out?"

"Mr. Yi, this man seems to be fooling around. Don't let irrelevant people ruin such an important occasion as the end year banquet." Liang Feifei followed to help.

Yi Zeyan didn't speak, but he motioned with his eyes to the nearby security guard. Seeing this, the security guard hurriedly came over and saw that the posture was to take Li Dongkai out. Seeing this, Li Dongkai hurriedly took out the invitation card and said, "I'm not sneaking in. I have an invitation."

Yi Zeyan waved to the security guards who rushed over. "Since he has an invitation, then he is Yicheng’s guest. Maybe he is a family member brought by the other directors. Miss Liang, I think there’s some misunderstanding."

It was a strange misunderstanding, she wasn’t convinced that Li Dongkai had a family member who worked at Yicheng.

She couldn’t let Li Dongkai stay here, she couldn’t let other people know that she had a relationship with him.

Liang Xin added. "Even if this gentleman is invited to the party, but he is harassing me, ask Mr. Yi to help preside over justice."

"Harassing you?" Hearing this, Li Dongkai was in a bad mood. Saying he was harassing her in front of so many people, did she want him to lose face? "Are you such a woman who turns her face and doesn't recognize others? Think about how much money I spent on you when I was with you a few years ago."

Liang Xin really thought this person was shameless. At that time, she was young and didn't know people clearly. She was cheated by the rich second generation disguised by this gangster. What did he buy for her? She even said that in addition to the previous times, which of the bags and jewelry he bought for her was not a fake? At first, she thought she had caught a gold master. Later, she knew that this man was not a rich second generation at all. He was a gangster in the north city, who specialized in imitating the dog to steal chicken!

At the beginning, she was blind because she was young and ignorant. However, it was only after she was cheated by others that she realized that she could not rely on anyone in this world and had to rely on herself.

Li Dongkai was one of her big black history. Now her career was booming, and she had got the new product endorsement of Yicheng group. She didn't want this person to be a stain during her rise.

"Mr. Yi, I really don't know this man. Mr. Yi is the president of Yicheng Group and the host of the banquet. Can I ask Mr. Yi to mediate and persuade this gentleman not to harass me, or I'll have to call the police."

Liang Xin spoke with righteousness, if people without knowledge of the situation seeing this, they would think Li Dongkai was really a wastrel that harbored malicious intentions,

Before Yi Zeyan spoke, Liang Feifei waved to the security guard. "What are you waiting for? quickly drive this vulgar man out!" She was not polite at all, as if ordering her own security guards.

However, the security guards remained unmoved, Liang Feifei who tried to reprimand had lost face. However, thinking that it was someone else's home, she gave a hollow smile to Yi Zeyan. "Mr. Yi, look..."

Yi Zeyan replied. "Please take this gentleman out first. After all, Miss Liang is the spokesperson for our new product. It is not good for Miss Liang to be frightened."

Hearing this, Liang Xin felt relieved.

Both security guards came forward and caught Li Dongkai to drag him out. Li Dongkai felt quite humiliated. He knew that his fellow countryman must be nearby. If he saw that he was dragged out as a vulgar man, how could he have the face to meet him? How could he have the face to go back to the countryside to brag?

Although Li Dongkai was a bit of a snob, on ordinary days, the younger brothers still called him brother Dong. Although he was far from the upper class, he was also a proud man.

So Li Dongkai was immediately angry, this d*mn girl had no respect at all, good or bad at least they had been together. For so many years, for the sake of having been together, he did not go to her, nor did he expose her black materials. Li Dongkai felt that he was kind enough, but she turned her face so ruthlessly! He broke away from the guards. Li Dongkai strode forward to the table before him. In his fury, the more he looked at Liang Xin, the more hateful he felt. She embarrassed him so much, didn't she? Alright, he would embarrass her, too.

"Miss Liang, it’s amazing to become a star, right? So, you pretend to not know me, right? Also regard me as a vulgar man?" Pulling out his cell phone from his bag, Li Dongjau opened the photo album and pointed it at the crowd. "There are a lot of media friends here today. Come and have a look, and see what the pure and sweet Liang the great star looks like."

Seeing that there was material to be revealed, the reporters around rushed forward one after another in response to the news. At the banquet, everyone looked in Li Dongkai's direction.

Although the mobile phone screen was not big, but Liang Xin was close to him, and could see it clearly, Li Dongkai's cell phone was indeed a photo of her and him. She couldn’t believe it. Before breaking up with him, she formatted his cell phone and computer to make sure that there would never be any trace of her in it. Why did he still have these photos?

Li Dongkai showed the photo as if he was afraid that others would not understand him. "See? This is Miss Liang and myself at the seaside. See how happy Miss Liang is leaning on my arms! This is a picture of us eating out together. Miss Liang also feeds me for dinner! And this one... This is a little wild. It's a picture of Miss Liang skating (T/N: ζΊœδΊ†ε†° other meaning of this is to do meth, it’s a kind of drug that people take by inhaling through the nose), alas it’s all in the past..."

As soon as these words fell, there was a lot of comment, and many people knew what skating meant. The first few pictures were the star's love and private life, it could become a gossip, but this last one.... There was indeed a powder-like stuff on the cupboard in the corner of the photo, and there was also skating equipment on the bed. Even if she really went ice-skating, it was still a crime.
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