She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 46

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Chapter 46
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Standing still as if he was frozen, Yi Zeyan finally found his voice to speak. " you remember?"

"En, I already remember."

She felt that he seemed a little nervous. He subconsciously grasped the vertical line of his side trouser, grasped tightly, and then released it, but his gaze was still fixed on her face, and asked in a hoarse, cautious tone. "Already remember… do you still want me and the child?"

His nervous and cautious appearance almost distressed her. She even didn’t dare to look at him, deviating the topic, wiping her tears and replied. "I heard from my elder sister that you wanted to divorce me before."

"No!" He denied it almost instantly. "No divorce! I don’t want to divorce!"

In that way, the rational and calm man at this moment denied in a flustered way. Feeling her heart got sting, she hugged Xiao Yuan and replied. "It's getting late, I want to take Xiao Yuan to bed."

Carrying Xiao Yuan into his room, she laid beside him to put him to sleep.

However, Xiao Yuan gazed at her with wide eyes, staring at her.

"Sleep quickly."

"Does mom really remember?"

"I remember." She kissed his cheek. "Don’t worry, mommy won’t leave Xiao Yuan."

"Never leave?"

"Never leave."

Feeling relieved, he finally fell asleep in her arms.

Lin Qingqing got out of bed carefully and saw Yi Zeyan standing at the door as soon as she opened the door. Seeing her come out, he opened his mouth but he said nothing.

Lin Qingqing walked into the room, and he followed. The room was very quiet, and at that time no one spoke.

"I and the child… do you still want us?" Once again, he repeated this question.

A sour feeling came up, and Lin Qingqing was so sad that she wanted to cry. Taking a deep breath, Lin Qingqing held his hand, squeezed a smile on her face and replied. "How could you be so stupid? How could I not want you?"

Seeing her holding his hand, he asked again. "You already remember… didn’t I make you feel sick?"

'You make me feel sick, Yi Zeyan.'

'Stay away from me.'

She remembered the words she had said to him and hurt him, she finally burst into tears.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Yi Zeyan." She took his hand and kissed the back of his hand deeply. Slowly calming herself down, she explained. "Did you know? In fact, I already liked you from a long time ago, probably when I was pregnant with Xiao Yuan for more than six months, I had a crush on you. Our first meeting was really bad, and I thought I would care about it all the time, and then unconsciously, I found that I no longer rejected it when I thought of the night I had with you. Even after giving birth to Xiao Yuan, I shamelessly want to stay by your side and live a good life with you. But then something happened, mother-in-law took Xiao Yuan away, she told me that I was not worthy of you, that some things I had experienced before led to changes in my character and values, coupled with the child being robbed and the mean words of mother-in-law, I was even more self-abased, inferiority to the limit, I just want to escape, escape from your kindness, escape from your tenderness, escape from the world with you. I made a cage in my heart, and I thought I would never get out. But then a fool broke in in spite of my resistance and my injury, and the iron wall could not stop him, not only that, but also robbed me out. Do you remember that time I went on a trip to the snow mountains? I've been gone for a long time, but I've figured it out since then that I'm going to stay with you, but later, before I could tell you, God played a joke on me. I was hurt, I lost my memory, and I forgot everything."

"I'm really glad that you showed up in my room that night. Thank you for appearing in my life. Thank you for your sudden appearance when I was frustrated and injured by my life."

Lin Qingqing hugged him tightly. "Thank you Zeyan, can you forgive me? I did something wrong, can you forgive me?"

She felt his arms on her back and felt a little warm wet on her shoulders. She knew he was crying. This iron clad man often taught Xiao Yuan that he couldn't shed tears easily, but now he was holding her and shedding tears.

But he didn't cry furthermore, only tears fell on her shoulder.

Knowing that he was crying, she felt even worse. At last, she couldn't help crying out loud, and saying over and over again. "I'm sorry Yi Zeyan. I'm so stupid. I'll never love you in the most stupid way again."

He didn’t speak, hugging her more tightly. She felt soft tears kept falling on her.

"You need to live a hundred years, you must live a hundred years, or I’m afraid I won’t love you enough."

Hearing him taking a deep breath, she heard his choked and hoarse reply. "I’ll try."

Suddenly, he picked her up and went to the bed to sit down, letting her sit on his lap. His rough fingers to wipe away her tears, Lin Qingqing then saw the man's red eyes, as well as clear tears on his face.

She wiped away his tears and forced a smile. "Fool, indeed a fool."

"I achieve it."

"What?" Lin Qingqing didn't understand what he meant.

"I told you that I could make you better."

Lin Qingqing laughed aloud, but her tears kept rolling down. He quickly wiped them off for her and added. "If you have anything to say in the future, you must tell me what you think as soon as possible."


"Don't ever leave me again."


"Don't say sorry to me again. If you really feel sorry, please stay with me and the child."


Originally, Lin Qingqing was afraid to tell him that she already remembered, worried that she would not be able to face him, but now she felt much more relaxed.

He was right in front of her, the man she loved, the man who had done so much for her. His eyes were still red, this was the first time she had seen him cry in such a long time, he always seemed to be strong, standing upright, it could be imagined how difficult he had been these years, with all his strength just wanting her to take a look at him.

She loved him so much that she found him charming even when he cried. At last, she tore apart the painful regrets in the past and finally told him frankly. There was the smell of tears around, but there was also a kind of quiet warmth.

Immersed in such warmth, she really wanted to kiss him. Holding his face, she kissed his lips. When her lips touched him, he subconsciously closed his eyes, as if a little enchanted.

His sinking appearance was beautiful, the deeper she kissed, the deeper he got enchanted, tightening his both hands on her waist. Kissing each other until both of them rolled on the bed.

The night was already very late…

After everything calmed down, they didn't speak for a while. Turning around, she hugged him and asked. "Do you remember when we just added friends? At that time, you were injured,  I went to see you, but you didn't see me. Why didn't you want to see me?"

He combed her hair with his fingers, held her in his arms, kissed her and replied "I was hurt at that time. It's not convenient to see you." But he knew that she had come to him and sent someone to protect her secretly, thinking that she was also bold. A little girl ran so far to meet a stranger.

At that time, the person who went to protect her also filmed a video in which the little girl walked aimlessly in the street, glancing at her cell phone from time to time to see if he had replied to her message.

It was the first time he saw her, her long hair tied into a high ponytail, a small face, frowning eyebrows, and sometimes bit her lips.

She was very good-looking, and that was his first impression when he saw her. The little girl with such a beautiful voice was still so good-looking that he stared at the video for a long time.

It was a pity that he was injured and couldn't see her, but then he also thought that if he went to see her by himself, then everything would be different.

"Then, why didn't you come to me after you recovered? Is it because I was not an adult? Why didn't I come to me when I was an adult?"

Yi Zeyan's eyes gradually dimmed, but the smile still hung on his mouth. "You were already with another person when I went to find you."


At that time, he was studying in a university abroad, and although they had not talked much, he still followed her all the time, and he was still paying attention to her movements, so he knew that she would do a graduation performance. At that time, he was still abroad, he had not yet taken the power of the Yi family, and he really should not have gone to see her for the time being, but he suddenly had an urgent desire to see her. At that time, she was an adult, graduated, and was not so busy. Could they continue to chat? there might be something else besides chatting. Then he pushed everything and flew to the bar where she performed. He bought her favorite roses, and seeing her and a boy embrace each other deeply in a crowd of cheering people.

It turned out that she already had someone she liked. Looking at it for a good while, his heart seemed to be soaked in poison. The longer he stayed, the more thoroughly he got soaked. It turned out that this was the end of her and him. After all, she was someone outside his world. He put the flowers on a table far away and turned away. Then he never appeared in front of her again, and her QQ profile picture never lit up again. In this way, they had become the kind of weak and lifeless netizens who were only led by the network. Until later... later... unexpected incident.

Lin Qingqing really didn't expect that Yi Zeyan had come to see her.

If she hadn't been with Xiang Huayang, would she have been with him a long time ago? She liked this man so much now that she would have liked him if he had appeared at that time.

However, time couldn’t be restarted. In fact, if she thought about it carefully, it was best for her and Yi Zeyan to meet in this way. She appeared at his lowest point, and he also appeared at the lowest point in her life. Fate was something that had been predestined for a long time and it knew that it was most unforgettable for two people to appear in each other's lives in this way.

Lin Qingqing was really satisfied with being with Mr. Yi now. Even if she missed him before, she thought it was a beautiful miss.

In fact, she struggled all the way back, whether to let him know that she had remembered, if he knew, whether he would blame her for what she had done in the past.

But it was only after she had said everything that she realized that her worries were superfluous. Her Zeyan always loved her, no matter what.

Everything in the past was regarded as a lesson to her, she had experienced so much, she was suddenly enlightened and would do better in the future, she would be his wife and Xiao Yuan's mother.

His arms were so warm that she couldn't help rubbing in his arms.

Very satisfied, Lin Qingqing smiled at him. "Are you sleepy?"

Seeing her smile, and he couldn't help kissing her eyes with a doting smile. "Not sleepy, are you sleepy?"

"Not yet."

"Is what you said to me before still count?" He said suddenly.

"About what?"

He coughed softly, pretending to be calm. "Haven't you said you love me so much?"

"To the bone?"


"Of course it counts."

"Really?" Titling his head slightly, he held back his smile. "Then tell me."

Leaning up, she printed a kiss on his lips and replied in a sweet voice. "Yi Zeyan, I love you. I love you so much. I love you to the bone."

It was as if a sweet and soft wind had blown into his heart. She really blurted out corny words, but he simply loved her.

Seeing his cheerful expression and obviously ate this trick, Lin Qingqing added. "Shall I say it to you every day?"


"But, will you get tired of it?"

He immediately replied. "I won’t, you can freely get tired of me."

Lin Qingqing couldn't help it laugh aloud. Thinking that he was so cute and adorable, she kept on sucking on his lips, bit him gently, and replied with satisfaction. "Well, it's getting late, let’s sleep."

Hugging her tightly, he rubbed his chin against her forehead, and replied. "Okay, let’s sleep."

When Yi Zeyan woke up, she was not in bed. He went downstairs to hear a noise in the kitchen. He went to the kitchen door and saw her inside.

Wearing an apron, she hummed a popular song while standing in front of the stove making pancakes.

He had been worried that she would hate him when she remembered the past, and would reject him. Therefore, although right now they were a couple in love, already couldn’t find all directions by her, but he still felt anxious.

But he did not expect that soon after she regained her memory, she did not hate him and became closer to him. Saying that she had fallen in love with him a long time ago, which he had never thought of.

Sunlight swept in from the window. The winter sun was not too strong, and only a few beams of light came in, but he felt that the warm sunlight seemed to fill the entire kitchen.

His heart seemed to be full, looking at the woman who remembered everything, that rejected him, said she felt sick of him, the woman he loved so much. To think the woman who couldn’t love him in this life, was making breakfast for him.

Yi Zeyan knew that he had done a lot of ruthless things when he was young, and he was not a good man, so he didn't feel sorry for himself when she did that to him, but he felt that he deserved it. He felt that people like him were not qualified to have such a beautiful person, and the more he demanded it, the more he could not get it.

But now, his beautiful person was right before him. He didn't have the heart to approach, for fear that this beautiful person was only a dream and would be destroyed as soon as he approached.

Lin Qingqing had long realized that he was standing at the door, but after waiting for a while, she couldn't help looking at him. "What are you doing standing there foolishly? Come and have a taste."

She took a small piece of pancake and handed it to him, but Yi Zeyan seemed to be immersed in an illusory and wonderful fantasy, just staring at her blankly.

"What are you doing?"

Finally, he regained his mind and went forward. He wanted to reach out and take it, but she handed it directly to his mouth, and he ate it with her hand. In fact, he couldn't taste it at all, and he focused all his attention on her.

"Is it delicious?"


He gave a reply absent-mindedly.

He stood silly after eating, staring at her. Although Mr. Yi's silly look was quite lovely, Lin Qingqing felt uncomfortable by him.

She coughed softly. "The male lead in the TV series can't help hugging the female lead when he sees her cooking breakfast in the kitchen. I think it's romantic, don't you think so?"

"Not bad."


What? Sure enough, it was better to be direct with men. Lin Qingqing replied bluntly. "I mean, you should hug me from behind at this time."

Yi Zeyan. "..."

Seeing that he was still standing there, Lin Qingqing simply pulled his hand and put his arm around her waist.

Her smell came in, making Yi Zeyan regain his sense. Then he put his hands around her waist and wrapped her in his arms. She handed him a small piece of cake. "Open your mouth."

He obediently opened his mouth and ate it.

He was well-behaved, and she was satisfied, smiling at him, with her two dimples showing, simply fascinating.

Even after she remembered everything, she was still warm, virtuous, gentle, good and well-behaved. Sticking in his arms early in the morning, making breakfast and smiling at him.

All of his worries would no longer exist in the future, telling him that she loved him and wanted him to live for a hundred years, otherwise she was afraid she would not love him enough.

It was sweet.

It was extremely sweet.

He hugged her subconsciously, and his body was about to melt away because of her warm feelings. He could do nothing and was fed by her like a fool, until a childish voice suddenly sounded.

'Smell good."

The little guy ran over with his little short legs. Seemingly caught in doing something bad, they released each other in a hurry. However, the little guy still saw his mother and father hugging each other, without ashamed, he frowned. "I want a hug too."

It was embarrassing to be caught by their son doing something bad and they would also lose face if they were being bashful. Lin Qingqing let herself be natural and went over to pick up her son. He wore a set of small white pajamas flowers, which looked cute and lovely. Lin Qingqing could not help kissing his tender face and replied. "Okay, let's hug."  

Picking the pancake, she handed it to him. "Be careful, it’s hot."

Blowing the pancake, the little guy ate it in, and then gave a thumbs up. "Mom, it’s delicious."

The pancakes were almost ready. Lin Qingqing took the plate and put it in it. Yi Zeyan saw her holding the child in one hand and taking the plate in the other. He took the plate and rushed to her. "Go out first, I'll put it in."

Giving way to him, but Lin Qingqing didn't go out, holding her son and waiting for him. Mr. Yi didn't spend much time in the kitchen since childhood, so he looked a little clumsy, thinking about this man's swift and decisive action in the business world. At the moment, seeing his clumsy appearance, Lin Qingqing couldn't help but think he was very cute.

"I'd better go down. Mom will be tired holding me like this."

"I'm not tired. Mom will take more exercise in the future, so that I can hold Xiao Yuan every day."

"Then I will also exercise in the future. I will hold mommy in my arms every day when I grow up."


While holding the plate, Yi Zeyan interjected. "I’ll hold your mommy, you just go and hold your wife."

The little guy pouted and whispered. "Dad is so stingy." Just for fear that his father would not let him hold his mother, the fleshy arm hurriedly hugged Lin Qingqing and added. "I want to hug mommy."

Everything in front of him was so warm that Yi Zeyan felt his heart was full. He finished filling the plate and turned to look at the mother and child in front of him. They were all his.

He couldn’t help to put a kiss on each of their cheeks.

Blushing, the big one gave him an angry look, probably blaming him for kissing her in front of the child. While frowning, the small one wiped the saliva on his face.

However, the satisfied Mr. Yi smiled and went out with the plates.

After breakfast, Lin Qingqing helped the maid clean the dishes and returned to the room to see Yi Zeyan buttoning his shirt. It was a gray-blue shirt with white stripes, matching with a pair of gray trousers with a belt on the waist, and the exquisite belt buttons gave off a metallic luster.

The well-fitting design exposed every inch of his figure, and how sexy he was in this shirt and trousers. Lin Qingqing suddenly remembered that he had been thinking about this man since a long time ago. But she always felt inferiority complex, she didn’t dare to approach him, and even avoided his approach.

However, she still secretly read the news related to him, which company he bought and which company he invested in. He was a young outstanding entrepreneur, and frequently appeared at financial magazines.

Every time he appeared on the stage, he was high-spirited and full of momentum, which fascinated many women, including her. Seeing how stupid she used to be, immersed in her own pessimistic world, and even unwilling to take a look at such a masterpiece.

However, it didn’t matter now, he was her husband, and she could watch him as much as she wanted.

Coming over, she helped him to button his shirt one by one.

Lowering her head, with a gentle move, she looked gentle and beautiful. He loved her so much and couldn’t help to bend down to kiss her cheek.

"Go and change your clothes quickly, I’ll wait for you."

They always went to work together.

Hooking his neck, Lin Qingqing leaned her body against him, enjoying his charm and beauty.

Yi Zeyan. "..."

Yi Zeyan always thought it would be a little different after she remembered the past, but he didn't think that her coquettish nature had not changed at all, easily drilling into his arms, She almost ate him to death, making Mr. Yi somewhat excited.

The way she looked was really too much for him...

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