She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 49

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Chapter 49
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Years later, Lin Qingqing also officially entered the working mode. Now Mo Qingyan had just released a song. Qi Qi wanted to create an album for her. The album songs needed to be released in the first half of the year. Now there was only one title song. Lin Qingqing still had to work overtime to produce a few more songs.

Qi Qi wanted to make Mo Qingyan's album as soon as possible, so all the people in Qingqing Studio were working overtime these days. Lin Qingqing went to the workshop every day after dinner. It was really brain-consuming to produce a song. Lin Qingqing felt that she was going bald.

That night when she was writing a song, Yi Zeyan knocked on the door and asked. "Are you hungry? Would you like something to eat?"

"No, I'll eat later." Lin Qingqing didn't even lift her head.

There was no movement at the door. Lin Qingqing thought Yi Zeyan was gone, but he came in with a book in his hand. There was a lazy chair in her workshop. When he came in, he went to the lazy chair and read his book.

Lin Qingqing. "..."

He was wearing a robe with a silky texture. When he went there, his lapel slipped down and slightly exposed his chest. His long legs bent slightly on the recliner, showing strong and strong calves.

Her family man... Why did he come here to seduce her?

Yi Zeyan realized her gaze at him, but she looked innocent. "What's the matter? Just do your work, what are you looking at me for?"

Walking over, Lin Qingqing stared at him unhappily. "Why are you running here in dishevelled clothes?"

Looking down at his pajamas, Yi Zeyan took it for granted. "We’re already an old couple, I don't think I need to pay attention to these details, right? Or am I a nuisance to you here?"

He went here, revealing his chest and thigh, how could she work?

Seeing her standing still, Yi Zeyan tugged her hand. "What's the matter? Am I really a nuisance here?"

She didn’t speak, so Yi Zeyan replied. "Alright, alright, alright, I’ll go elsewhere."

He stood up and tried to leave, but she pounced on him and threw him on the lazy chair. Leaning on his chest, she poked his chin with her fingers. "How can it be so easy to leave after you went in?"

Yi Zeyan hugged her waist and held her completely on his body, kissing her forehead and replied. "You should combine your work and rest. You haven't slept well these days. You need to write songs slowly, you will not get inspired if you endured it like this."

Lin Qingqing sighed. "I want to write it quickly. I have to get the album out before the summer vacation."

"Why are you in such a hurry?"

"After the album is finished, Qi Qi plans to go to the USA, she wants to buy sperm to give birth to a child."

"It doesn’t matter, when the time comes for her to go to the USA, I’ll help you to find another composer. Don’t worry, just take your time."

Lin Qingqing looked at him but said nothing. Seeing this, Yi Zeyan guessed what she was thinking, and asked. "What’s happened with you? You have to be so anxious to make the album."

Lin Qingqing pressed her face against his chest. Silent for a while before she replied. "Because I want to prove myself quickly, I want to be recognized by others. I want the first thing that comes to other people's mind when I go out in the future will not be 'you see that person is Yi Zeyan’s wife' but 'look that person is the famous composer'."

"Is there any difference?"

"There is."


Lin Qingqing looked up at him and smiled, her gaze was bright. "I don't want to be a climbing Chinese trumpet vine, but I want to be the tree that grows side by side with you. Only when I am good enough can I have enough courage to stand by your side."

Yi Zeyan stroked along her hair. "You don't have to be so tired. I like everything about you."

"I know, but I still want to be better. I hope our love is not to send charcoal in snowy weather but to decorate something that is already perfect." She winked at him mischievously. "Can you understand?"

He could not help kissing her on the face. Her mischievous appearance was so lovely that it was about to melt his heart. What else that he couldn’t understand.

He nodded.

"But you still have to pay attention to rest. Only when you have a good rest can you get inspiration."

"Then give me some inspiration."

"En? What kind of inspiration do you need?"

She lowered her head and buried it on his chest. "It’s just ‘that’ kind of inspiration."

Yi Zeyan. "..."

What ‘that’ kind of things? She was deadpan recently, and turned like this in a flash, this woman was getting worse.

"Aiya, will you give it or not?"

"Give, give, give."

Lin Qingqing laughed and kissed him. The temperature of the room rose quickly, and their clothes soon fell on the floor. A faint mist soon rose in the room, which soon blurred the two people who were intertwined…

Originally, Qi Qi planned to produce an album for Mo Qingyan before the summer vacation, but in the past six months she was so busy that a lot of things were accumulated. During this period, Lin Qingqing recruited a band to come in. Two music arranger assistants and two composer assistants were also recruited. Everyone was in a rush, and finally they finished twelve songs, but in the end, only seven songs were finalized, including a movie and television theme song (a patriotic TV series sung by Mo Qingyan and an old singer).

So it was finally released in the form of EP.

After the release of the EP, Qi Qi took leave to go to the USA. It had always been Qi Qi's wish to go to the USA to buy sperm and had children.

The EP score was not bad, and one of the songs was shortlisted for Best Singer of the year and Best Composer of the year. As the best composer nominated for the Golden Melody Award, Lin Qingqing naturally wanted to attend, and Mr. Yi specially set aside a day to accompany her.

Lin Qingqing didn't expect to win the award either, participating in the Golden Melody Awards was just a formality. Moreover, many great musical gods also participated in the Golden Melody Awards this time. It was also good to get to know each other.

The award ceremony started with the award of best male and female singer. Lin Qingqing still held certain expectations for Mo Qingyan to get the award. Unfortunately, the best female singer was awarded to Wan Wan from Super Tianhou, who released an album just after the first half of the year, Wan Wan’s song had always been very good. Mo Qingyang lost to her, Lin Qingqing had nothing to say.

After awarding the best male and female singer and also the best album, the following was the award for the best album packaging, arranger and composer.

Among the several composers shortlisted this time, Lin Qingqing was a rookie. Going out, there were just a few people who knew her, and there were several world composers who were shortlisted with her, so Lin Qingqing has no expectation for this award at all. In her opinion, being nominated was already a kind of commendation.

Therefore, when the award-giving honoured guest shouted "The best composer of the year-- Miss Lin Qingqing", she was stunned for a moment.

Yi Zeyan, who was sitting next to her, bumped her elbow. "It's your turn to go up and receive the award."

"How is it possible ..." Lin Qingqing couldn't believe it. "Did you buy it for me?" She even quietly asked Yi Zeyan.

Yi Zeyan laughed. "What are you thinking? The Golden Melody Award is so authoritative, can anyone just buy it if they want to?"

Seeing her didn’t come to the stage, the award-giving honoured guest called again. "Miss Lin, please come on the stage to receive the award."

Lin Qingqing regained her senses after a warm applause broke out from the audiences, then she walked slowly to the center of the stage.

How was it possible, how was it possible, how was it possible for her to win the award?

Lin Qingqing once thought that one day she would stand on the stage and attracted much attention. She would shine on the stage and everyone under the stage would give her a favorable look.

Then… then, something happened to her, she lost her proudest voice, so she could only change her career that she never trained before, to become a composer. However, she didn’t have such a high talent in composing, so she struggled a lot. It was like there was a door before her, but the door repelled her when she rushed to it continuously, until she hurt and bled.

But she still didn't give up and persisted.

Because she had no choice, she must persevere, only persevere would have the result, only persevere in order to gain a better self, so that she could stand by his side confidently.

She ran the studio because she loved music, because it was a gift from Yi Zeyan, and she looked forward to what she would look like when she won the award, but she never dared to think that she would really win the award.

Life had hit her so much that she had long lost the kind of hot-blooded and fearless self-confidence that she had when she was young.

Walking onto the stage, she received the trophy from the honored guests. The heavy trophy was held in her hands. She was finally pulled back to reality from that unreal illusion.

She really won the award.

Best composer award.

She broke through it herself.

For a moment, she suddenly thought of the time when she lost her voice because of saving lives, became sensitive and perverse because of the betrayal of her friends and relatives, and lost confidence in life because she was rejected again and again.

When she was trampled, beaten and her life was ruined. There was a person who was always by her side, accompanying her, helping her, and making her still full of so little hope for the future. She didn’t lose her true heart in the ruthlessness of life after all. She finally broke the cocoon into a butterfly and flew to this long-awaited stage.

The host asked her to give an award acceptance speech, but the scenes of the past kept coming to her mind. She bowed her head for fear that others would see her tears.

She really had a lot to say in the award-winning speech, but she felt those words were too weak to express her feeling right now.

At last she bowed to the stage with the sincerest respect and gratitude.

But she still needed to say something, and in the end, she could only thank all the people who support her in an old-fashioned way.

"I thank my husband for helping me in my most difficult times, for taking care of my sister, and for trusting me and following me."

It was really a shallow word, but she really didn't know what language to use to express it.

Fortunately, she didn't get flustered. Fortunately, she was graceful and indifferent all the way. Fortunately, the tears she endured finally poured down when she was sitting beside Mr. Yi.

As the award ceremony continued, everyone focused on the stage, and Yi Zeyan stretched out his hand to wipe her tears. She held his hand that wiped her tears and kissed it deeply.

Although Qingyan didn’t win the best female singer award, she got the best newcomer award, which was not bad.

Qingyan’s program would appear on the stage second from the back, singing the EP’s main song ‘Mu Ye’. The lyrics told the story of a vampire girl named Mu Ye who betrayed her race for love, but was later betrayed by mankind and finally killed in sadness and despair.

Mo Qingyan's singing was really explosive. It showed the girl's feelings of sadness and despair when she was betrayed, giving people a heart-rending shock.

Lin Qingqing had recovered from the emotion just now. At this moment, the little girl fans of Mo Qingyan, happily waving glowing sticks under the stage. Reaching the best past, Lin Qingqing couldn’t help exclaim to Yi Zeyan. "It’s really great, how can she sing so well?"

Looking at her for a long time, Yi Zeyan asked. "Do you still want to be a singer in the future?"

Although the doctor said that her vocal cords might be permanently damaged, who could have predicted the study of medicine in the future, he could invest some money in this research fund, and it was not certain that her vocal cords would recover.

Unexpectedly, Lin Qingqing shook her head, taking his hand and winking at him. "I don't want to be a singer anymore. I just want to be my husband’s little darling for the rest of my life."

To be the one who warmed the husband and doted on him

After winning the best composer, Lin Qingqing was very happy, also she finally had time for herself. After so long, she finally had a chance to take a break. At the weekend, Yi Zeyan also didn’t go to the company either, they took time to go to the amusement park with their child.

Hearing that he was going to the amusement park, Xiao Yuan was so happy. Amusement park was the home field of children, and they played with whatever attractions they wanted to play. A family of three stayed at the amusement park until the afternoon.

Xiao Yuan was still very excited, talking about the experience of playing in an amusement park along the way.

"Mom, if we have a younger sister in the future, shall we take her to play too?"

Xiao Yuan’s little face was pasted on a disposable cartoon sticker, both Lin Qingqing and Yi Zeyan’s face also weren't spared.  At this moment, he looked up, his eyes sparkling with anticipation.

Lin Qingqing squatted down to face him and asked. "Do you want a little sister so much?"

Xiao Yuan nodded without hesitation.

"But if you have a little sister, mommy will devote a large part of her energy to the little sister. After all, the little sister is a little baby and needs to be taken care of. At that time, mommy may not be able to take care of Xiao Yuan. Is Xiao Yuan willing to have a little sister?".

Hearing this, the little guy frowned. He hung his head and thought for a moment. Then, after thinking for a moment, he exclaimed. "Then I can help mommy to take care of my little sister."

Lin Qingqing: "..."

Lin Qingqing touched his little face tenderly. "But mommy only wants Xiao Yuan all her life, and mommy wants to give Xiao Yuan all her love, is it alright?"

The little guy was silent for a moment and then shook his head.

"You just want a little sister very much?" Lin Qingqing couldn’t help him.

Little guy nodded in agreement.

"But I'm not lucky enough to have a little sister, and get the little brother instead, how about it?"

Pondering for a while, the little guy frowned and thought about it before he compromised. "If it’s a little brother, I'll buy him a toy with the money for a small skirt."

"Puff." Lin Qingqing couldn’t help laughing.

She picked up the child and turned to Yi Zeyan to ask. "What about you? Do you want a daughter or a son?"

"I already have a son, and of course I want a daughter." Yi Zeyan took it for granted.

Pursing her mouth, Lin Qingqing was dissatisfied. "The daughter is the father's lover in the past life. When you have a little lover, you won’t love me so much."

Yi Zeyan laughed. "What nonsense are you talking about?"

She was already this big, how could she still like a child.

"Then you say, will you love your daughter more or me after you have a daughter?"

"Of course I love you more. What are you thinking? I love my daughter because she was born from you."

Satisfied with his answer, Lin Qingqing smiled secretly. Yi Zeyan was afraid that she would be tired, so he took Xiao Yuan and held him. He was so strong that he could pick up his son with one hand and hold her with the other.

"Aren't you afraid of your son making fun of you when you're out there fighting for jealousy before your daughter is born?"

Although Mr. Yi said this, he was very happy. He even thought that he would have a daughter in the future. Then he would see a scene where a big one and a small one struggled to be held by him.

Thinking about it, he was very happy.

Lin Qingqing said this only to amuse him, but she was also very happy to see that Yi Zeyan was amused by her.

The family of three walked forward happily, Yi Zeyan held his son in one hand and held his wife in the other. He felt that life was so satisfying.

Of course, it would be more satisfying if he could have a daughter in the future.
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