She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 50

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Chapter 50
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After the Lantern Festival, Lin Qingqing got the news that Wu Qi was injured from her elder sister.

It was said that he was injured when catching the gangster. The gangster stubbornly resisted, Wu Qi was the kind of person who did not stop until he reached his goal. Using a soft or hard approach also wasn't useful to the gangster and the time was short. Wu Qi didn't want to waste any more time with him. He simply carried the gun to fight with him and eventually the gangster was successfully subdued. However, Wu Qi was also injured. Of course, the injury was not serious, he was shot in the leg, but no bone was hurt.

Wu Qi seemed to have made a first-class contribution because of this.

Lin Zhenzhen heard a classmate mention these things, he had a good relationship with Wu Qi, so he talked about it in a classmate's group, bragging about Wu Qi’s prestige at that time, but Lin Zhenzhen didn’t care about Wu Qi's prestige, but only noticed that he was hurt.

When mentioning this, Lin Zhenzhen seemed to say it casually, but Lin Qingqing knew her very well. Her elder sister was a reserved person, so she was too shy to take the initiative to see Wu Qi. She called to tell her the news of Wu Qi's injury. In fact, Lin Zhenzhen hoped that she asked her to visit Wu Qi.

Since Lin Qingqing guessed her thoughts, she naturally followed her, "Since Wu Qi is injured, go and see him."

"It’s… not very good."

"What’s wrong with that? Aren’t you both classmates? Besides, he saved you before, it’s not good for you to not go and see. If you’re embarrassed, I’ll go with you."

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about, just go and see the person."

"That’s not good enough."

"You'd better go with me."


After getting off work, Lin Qingqing first went to pick up Xiao Yuan and then went to the hospital with her elder sister.

They arrived at Wu Qi’s ward, but saw several people sitting in the room. Lin Qingqing saw several people wearing criminal police’s uniform, and guessed that these were probably Wu Qi's colleagues.

When two women and a child came in, the big man in the room was stunned for a moment. Gazing at Lin Qingqing, then Lin Zhenzhen and on the child. After that, they gazed at Wu Qi who was lying in the hospital bed.

It was the child who broke the silence first, he called with a crisp and sweet sound. "Auntie’s husband."

Lin Qingqing. "..."

Lin Zhenzhen. "..."

Everyone in the room. "(O_o)??"

One of the honest-faced young men reacted first and immediately teased. "Brother Qi, when did you get such a big nephew? How can we don’t know?"

Lin Zhenzhen was a little embarrassed and explained. "It was just a child’s nonsense. Don't pay too much attention."

That honest-faced man waved with a refreshing face. "Don’t mind, don’t mind." Then he looked at Lin Qingqing and Lin Zhenzhen with an inquisitive look. "But which one of you is sister-in-law?"

Lin Qingqing. "..."

Lin Zhenzhen. "..."

Lin Zhenzhen’s face felt a little hot, what sister in law? Who’s marry who? Lin Zhenzhen looked at Wu Qi in passing, he was lying on the bed lazily. It seemed that he didn’t intend to explain.

Lin Zhenzhen gave a dry smile. "Everyone misunderstands, I’m Wu Qi’s classmate, this is my younger sister, and the child is hers. I heard that Wu Qi was injured, so I came to see."

"So you’re sister-in-law." The honest-faced man laughed, and immediately greeted her, "hello sister-in-law."

Several other boys followed suit, also greeted, "hello, sister-in-law."

Lin Zhenzhen. "..."

What… sister-in-law this, sister-in-law that, it was really embarrassing to death.

She wanted Wu Qi to explain it as she looked at him, but he ignored her. He waved at Xiao Yuan, and Xiao Yuan obediently walked over. Wu Qi picked him up to sit beside him, asking. "Have you finished eating candy? I’ll buy it again if you’ve done eating it."

"Not yet." Xiao Yuan shook his head.

Such a large candy couldn’t be finished so soon.

"Is Uncle Wu Qi's injury better?" He blurted out auntie’s husband because he didn't pay attention to it, and he didn't know if uncle Wu Qi was angry, but they agreed that he could only call him auntie’s husband when no one was there.

Wu Qi was not angry, stroking his head. "Much better."

Looking at this scene, Lin Qingqing was surprised. Since when did Xiao Yuan and Wu Qi have such a good relationship?

Lin Qingqing put down the fruit she bought and said a few polite words to let Wu Qi take a good rest. Soon Yi Zeyan called to ask where they had gone. Lin Qingqing told him about the situation, and Yi Zeyan told her to go back early after seeing him.

Anyway, she came with her elder sister, and since her elder sister had arrived, there was no need for her to stay here.

"My family at home called and urged me to go back early, so I’ll go first. Elder sister, you should accompany Wu Qi here for awhile before leaving."

As soon as Lin Zhenzhen heard that she was going to leave, she immediately thought, how could she face the eyes of a room full of big men by herself? Lin Zhenzhen wanted her to stay here, but she also thought that her younger sister now had a family, so it was hard to say it.

"Then, be careful on your way." Finally, Lin Zhenzhen made such a reminder.

After saying goodbye to everyone, Lin Qingqing left with Xiao Yuan. The men in the room also realized this, and the honest-faced man winked at the others.

"I remember I have a task to finish, so I'm leaving, too."

After this honest-faced man finished speaking, the others followed suit. "I also have a task, too. I’ll go first."

There was only a younger boy who had a bowl of instant noodles in his hand, and before he had finished eating, the honest-faced man dragged him out directly. "What are you doing? There’s still some left." The younger boy was dissatisfied.

The honest-faced man knocked his head, scolding. "You eat fart! Hurry up and give it to me!"

Then they rushed and left after saying goodbye to Wu Qi. Soon, there were only Lin Zhenzhen and Wu Qi left.

The room suddenly quieted down, Lin Zhenzhen felt a strange sense of embarrassment. Half lying on the bed, Wu Qi gazed at her. Lin Zhenzhen felt uncomfortable. "That… I..."

"I want to eat apples. Can you help me?"

Lin Zhenzhen was looking for a chance to escape, but Wu Qi interrupted her.

A bag of apples was placed on the cabinet next to the hospital bed. Lin Zhenzhen took one out and peeled it off with a fruit knife, handing the peeled fruit to him. Wu Qi took it and nibbled at it. "Thank you."

"Don’t mention it."

The room fell into awkward silence again. Although Lin Zhenzhen and Wu Qi were classmates for several years, they were not familiar with each other, and they belonged to the kind of people who weren’t in the same world at all, so she couldn't even find a topic to talk to him, plus Wu Qi was relatively cold, so once there was no other person between them, it was especially awkward.

"That.. I have something to do, so I will..."

"Don’t stand still, sit down." His tone was smooth and clear.

Originally, she wanted to leave, but after hearing what Wu Qi had said, she was stunned for a moment, then nodded. Sure enough, she went to sit down at the side, after sitting down she realized that she was going to leave.

"Why are you sitting so far away? Come here."

He motioned to the bedside position with his gazed.

Lin Zhenzhen. "..."

"What? Are you still afraid of me after all these years?"


"Sit here."

Resolute and decisive, and also had a hint of command.

After so many years, Wu Qi was still as domineering as before. She still remembered that when she was in senior high school, she ran and sprained her foot. It was her turn to be on duty that day, so she had to clean the classroom before she could leave.

Everyone was already left, while she hobbled to get the broom. After two sweeps, a tall man appeared before him. Looking up, she saw Wu Qi standing before her with his schoolbag.

A few days ago, he pressed her on the wall and said that she liked her. These days, she lowered her head whenever she saw him, so seeing him at this moment, she always felt bewildered, a little scared, and a little embarrassed.

"Give me the broom." He commanded her with expressionless face.

She didn’t know whether it was because this guy had power in the class or not, she handed over the broom to him blankly.

"Go and sit in the back."

After saying this, he began to sweep the floor.

Realizing that he was going to help her on duty, she immediately said. "You don’t have to help me, I’ll do it myself."

As she reached out her hand, she heard him said coldly. "Sit down obediently."

Lin Zhenzhen. "..."

Lin Zhenzhen withdrew her hand and walked to the last row of seats to sit down.

Wu Qi, the little tyrant in this class, had a lot of lackeys behind him. When he was on duty, he had a bunch of lackeys trying to help him clean. He only had to swing his arms, typical of an arrogant idler, but now the little tyrant actually helped her clean up, she really felt puzzled.

She tried to grab the broom herself several times, but she was afraid she couldn't beat him, he was strong and so fierce.

Later, after sitting for a while, Qin Bailun came to see her. At that time, she and Qin Bailun were in an ambiguous period. Although it was an ambiguous period, it could be regarded as a relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend. He was a good painter in other classes, and when she chose a hobby class in the second year of high school, he cooperated with the teacher to guide them to draw. His gentle temperament and his talent soon attracted her, and then the two began an ambiguous relationship, gradually went to school together.


Qin Bailun called her at the door.

She felt that the temperature in the classroom suddenly cooled down, and Wu Qi's expressionless face seemed to have become gloomy.

"Wait… wait a minute."

A person helped her on duty, how could she leave him?

"Just leave!"

Suddenly, Wu Qi’s said this with a cold tone, inexplicably frightening.

Lin Zhenzhen looked at him timidly, but Wu Qi didn't look at her, kicking a chair that was blocking him in front, and coldly burst a word out of his mouth. 

"Let’s go."

Carrying her school bag, Lin Zhenzhen limped away.

But what she didn't know was that Wu Qi nearly broke the broom in his hand as he watched the two people left side by side.

Taking back her thoughts and looking at Wu Qi’s gaze, Lin Zhenzhen remembered the fierce and indifferent young man. Even after so many years, even though he was now a righteous policeman, she could not help thinking of the ferocious way of his hitting people.

How dare she sit next to him?

"Are you so afraid of me?"

"No.. not afraid."

"Why don't you sit here?"

Forget it, everyone had grown up and there was nothing to be afraid of. Thinking of this, Lin Zhenzhen went to the bedside to sit down. Sitting with her back to him, looking out of the window.

"Do you need anything else?" She asked.

He didn't speak, but she knew he was staring at her. He hadn't finished eating the apple she had peeled for him, eating it bite by bite at the moment. Then she felt that his other hand was sticking out of the quilt. Her hand was on the edge of the bed, and his hand was sticking out. It seemed that he unconsciously moved in the direction of her hand.

Seeing it at glance, but she didn’t move her hand.

There was the crisp sound of him eating apples in the room, perhaps there also the sound of her heart beating faster.

Little by little, his fingers moved over, and she quickly closed her eyes.

However, before his hand touched her finger, the ward door was pushed open.

Almost frightened, she hurriedly sat up from the bed, and her face immediately turned red. Wu Qi still laid calmly on the bed and threw the core into the dustbin, which was a little far away, but he accurately threw the core inside.

She remembered that he liked playing basketball very much, standing under the basketball ring in his jersey, jumped up agilely, threw the ball forward with one hand, and the basketball fell into the basket in a beautiful arc.

Then there were a lot of girls cheering and screaming for him.

A couple came in, it was Wu Qi's parent. As soon as mother Wu came in, her eyes lit up after seeing Lin Zhenzhen. "Are you Zhenzhen?"

"Hello, uncle and auntie."

In the past, she had a good friend who liked Wu Qi. During the parent-teacher meeting, she specially pointed out Wu Qi's parent to show her, so she recognized them. However, she didn’t have a good relationship with Wu Qi, nor did she greet his parent. she didn’t know why mother Wu recognized her at first sight.

"Good, good, good." Mother Wu came up to hold her hand and asked her enthusiastically, "Have you eaten?"

In the face of her enthusiasm, Lin Zhenzhen felt a little uncomfortable. "I have eaten, but how does aunt recognize me?"

Mother Wu replied. "How can I not know? There are many photos of you in Wu Qi's notebook."

Lin Zhenzhen. "..."

"What is the worth of saying about peeping at other people’s privacy?" Wu Qi coldly replied.

Mother Wu ignored him. She seemed to like Lin Zhenzhen very much, looking her up and down and smiled. "If you haven't eaten, come to our house with Wu Qi later."

Lin Zhenzhen smiled. "No… no need."

While Lin Zhenzhen was chatting with mother Wu, Wu Qi's father walked to the bed with both hands on his back, humming a song, walked to the bedside and knocked on Wu Qi's thigh. Wu Qi frowned with pain, but father Wu just smiled. "Oh, still not recovered yet?"

Lin Zhenzhen was stunned, she didn’t expect an aloof and gloomy person like Wu Qi unexpectedly had a foolish-like father.

Seeing this, mother Wu said with a calm face. “You d*mn old man, he’s just injured only a little while ago.”

"I'm just checking to see if he's alright." Father Wu didn't take it seriously and sat aside humming a little song.

"I have something to do, so I have to go."

Wu Qi's parent had arrived and she didn't have to stay here any longer. It was embarrassing.

Seeing that she was leaving, mother Wu hurriedly asked. "Don't you go to our house for dinner? Or shall I ask Wu Qi to see you off?"

“No, Wu Qi is injured. Let him have a good rest.”

“Oh, that’s right!” Mother Wu stared at Wu Qi. “What injury? He is fine already.”

Lin Zhenzhen. “...”

Lin Zhenzhen felt very strange, why such a high and cold Wu Qi had this kind of funny parent? However, although parent and son had very different personalities, it could be seen that their family had a good relationship. She was a little envious of Wu Qi, who grew up in such a harmonious atmosphere.

When Lin Qinging returned with Xiao Yuan, she saw Liang Feifei waiting at the door.

Liang Feifei looked haggard. At her age, her skin was very sensitive. As long as she didn’t have good maintenance, she immediately looked old.

Lin Qingqing drove back by herself. Seeing her car, Liang Feifei immediately blocked it.

Liang Feifei hurriedly came over after Lin Qingqing rolled down the window. Her face was pale and sad. "Qingqing, I know I shouldn't disturb you, but I have no way to go, so I can only thickened my face and beg you. Liang Xin really knows that she is wrong. Qingqing, can you cut her some slack for the sake of your good relationship when you were young?"

After saying this, her eyes became red, her face was full of anxiety, helplessness and pain. She looked pitiful.

However, Lin Qingqing had no sympathy for her, looking at her expressionlessly and replied. “You should be glad that there’s a child with me today, otherwise I wouldn't have spoken to you so nicely.”


"You'd better get out of here before I call security. If you dare to appear in front of me again, believe it or not, I will let Liang Xin die in the prison cell."


"One more word and I'll put her in prison for ten more years."

Frightened, Liang Feifei immediately shut up. Closing the window, Lin Qingqing stepped on the accelerator and drove the car in.

Liang Xin had not been officially sent to prison, so she was still in detention during this period. The detention center’s explored room was in a small room.

Liang Xin was taken out and waited until several police officers in the detention center stood aside before she asked, "How is it? Have you asked Qingqing, will she help?"

Frowning, Liang Feifei felt both sadness and anger. “She isn’t willing to help and also warned me not to look for her in the future, otherwise she will let you die in prison.”

This was Liang Xin’s last path. Lin Peng was overwhelmed and couldn't afford to pay. If Lin Qingqing was unwilling to give up and chose to withdraw the lawsuit, she would have to wait for her sentence until the lawsuit materials of Yicheng group were handed over to the court.

It could be imagined how desperate Liang Xin was. Having a headache, she cried out. “Am I going to prison?”

Seeing this, Liang Feifei was really angry. She stood up and slapped Liang Xin’s face, blaming her. "Now, do you know your wrongdoings? Why should you mess with that kind of person in the first place?"

Liang Xin was blinded by her slap, and then she stared at her for several seconds. Suddenly, she thought that ever since she was a child, never once she didn’t beat and scold her, but now she was in prison, she still treated her like this. For so many years, the accumulated dissatisfaction seemed to rush up in an instant. She suddenly laughed coldly. "Why am I so easily deceived? Why don't you reflect on yourself? If you love me enough, care enough about me, can I become the kind of person who can be easily fooled by two candies? If it's not all because of you, it's all because of you. I'm in prison because of you, it's all because of you. You're the culprit!"

Liang Feifei had already regretted that slap. Now listening to Liang Xin's words, she unconsciously took a step back.

Seeing this, the policeman of the detention center came to hold Liang Xin, but Liang Xin's words continued, "You have turned me into this, it is you! Lucky people have been cured by their childhood all their lives, and unfortunate people have to cure their childhood all their lives. I am the unfortunate one. I live in the pain of never being satisfied all my life, all of which is caused by you!"

Liang Feifei couldn't say a word. Liang Xin was quickly taken away by the police.

Coming out of the detention center, it began to rain, and Liang Feifei felt very exhausted. After so many days running for her daughter, she was exhausted, but her daughter pointed at her nose.

Thinking of her past years, Liang Feifei felt that her daughter was pitiful and she was even more pitiful. Crouching by the wall, she couldn’t help crying.

When Lin Zhenzhen was cleaning the room, her cell phone rang. She picked up a strange phone call, and heard a familiar male voice.

She recognized Wu Qi's voice.

"I'd like to eat the soft-shelled turtle soup(T/N= en? turtle soup? You can eat turtle???) made in your store. Can I order it from you?"

"Of course, what else do you want besides soft-shelled turtle soup?"

"The last two stir-fried dishes I ate at your place."

"Alright, I'll send it to you I'm done."

Silence for a moment, he asked. “Who will send it?”

“I’ll deliver it.”


After Wu Qi hung up the phone, Lin Zhenzhen went to talk to the chef in the kitchen. Soon, the dishes were ready, Lin Zhenzhen packed them and went to the hospital.

It was just that Lin Zhenzhen didn't expect that he was the only one in Wu Qi's ward when she went this time.

Lin Zhenzhen was stunned when she entered and asked him, "Don't anyone leave to take care of you?"

“No need.”


Lin Zhenzhen didn't ask any more questions, helping him to open the table at the hospital bed, and put the food on the table. Wu Qi took the chopsticks and ate them.

Lin Zhenzhen always felt very uncomfortable in the room alone with Wu Qi. “You eat, I’ll go first.”

"Can you consider me once?"

After turning around, Wu Qi suddenly spoke. Lin Zhenzhen froze for a moment, then turned to look at him. Wiping his mouth, Wu Qi looking back at her. "You don't have a boyfriend now, and I don't have a girlfriend. Why don't you try dating me?"

Lin Zhenzhen didn't expect Wu Qi to say this suddenly, and it was so natural that he seemed to be talking about whether the food was delicious or not.

Hearing this, she didn’t come back to her senses for a while.

“That… entirely… had been so many years in the past...” She stumbled, and she didn't know what she was going to say.

"What's the matter after all these years?" Wu Qi interrupted and stared at her. “After all these years, I still like you.”

Lin Zhenzhen. “...”
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