The King's Return : Chapter 03

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I had a very a hard times MTL this chapter, I couldn't understand the meaning of some words and I don't even know what word I should use to describe it, so will see in translator note I put in bracket later (╥╯¬╰╥), but I think overall it's still readable, enjoy your read..

Chapter 3: The Origin of Mystery

The so-called <Heaven Sun Combo> mentioned by Wind Leaves refers to the combo of "Sword Horizon" and "Sword Rain Remnant" skills. These are basic skills of Hanhua Sword Sect long sword flow. The former is a small-scale group attack skill with low damage, while the latter is a single silencing skill, which can cause silence effect on single target for only 2 seconds.

If the skill is use separately, nothing special will happen. Once combined, the effect will be doubled and magnified——the damage caused by group attack will be doubled and single silence will become group silence, the time will be increased to 3 seconds.

The combination skill effect is doubled, of course, it is not as easy as to click "Sword Horizon" skill and then click "Sword Rain Remnant" skill, but it has its precondition——first use "Sword Horizon" two times continuous attack, in case it critical hit, immediately connect "Sword Rain Remnant" skill, in order to double the damage and group silence.

This is the conclusion drawn by beta testers after repeated tests.

It is hard to produce critical in with "Sword Horizon" skill, and it’s even more difficult to connect it with "Sword Rain Remnant", therefore, the beta testers define "Heaven Sun Combo" as one of relatively high-end operation for long sword flow game in Hanhua Sword Sect.

Unexpectedly, this self-proclaimed newbie Ink Mark, as soon as he started, he can operate such a beautiful skill combo, so that Wind Leaves had to question his origin.

As a same player of Hanhua Sword Sect, Wind Leaves can produce "Heaven Sun Combo" only twice out of five times. However, it may be a coincidence that Ink Mark can produce the combo skill, after all, a level 15 swordsman can only fight with 2 skills, "Sword Horizon" and "Sword Rain Remnant", maybe like a blind cat meets a dead rat, he has achieved the conditions for the combination skill by pressing the 2 skill continuously in a row.

At this moment, a system prompt "Eliminate beehive completion 4/8" pop up on team channel, Wind Leaves regained his mind, typing by both hand quickly and ask: "Brother, are you really a newbie?"

Ink Mark: "Yes."

So, was that just a coincidence? Wind Leaves thought so, and did not pursue the matter again.

Throughout the afternoon, the team working on main task.

The task near Ming Zhou City can raise players to level 20 or so, with veteran players, at least they don’t have to worry about finding the task location, Qin Mo upgrade speed is also faster.

At this time, Mirage reminded on the team channel: “The next task 'Retrieve the treasure' is a 3-star difficulty task, we need to kill the thief leader upstairs, there are many monster in the yard and it's easy to wipe out us. So, this is the strategy, two swordsman distract the monster in the yard, Ink Mark in charge of the front yard, Wind Leaves in change of the back yard, Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile and I will go upstairs to kill the leader with Little Medicine Fairy to add blood for both of us."

Little Medicine Fairy: "Okay!"

Wind Leaves added: "There are so many monster here. Ink Mark, you can use "Sword Horizon" to attract small monster, and then run to the forest."

Ink Mark: "En, I know."

Mirage: "Alright, let’s go!"

At the captain’s command, the team split up immediately.

As soon as Qin Mo entered the front yard, a dozen of small monsters noticed him and turn their heads toward him. Qin Mo immediately turned around and use his Qinggong skill "Flicker", after flying a certain distance, he turn to use "Sword Horizon" two continuous attack and then connect it with "Sword Rain Remnant", all the small monsters were silent in their place for a moment.

In this 3 seconds time, the bar for Qinggong already recovered, Qin Mo turn quickly out of the yard, a dozen small monsters chase him fiercely, but cannot get close to him.

The white swordsman flew lightly to the depth of the woods, a dozen small monsters followed him and quickly disappeared from the public sight.

However the swordsman Wind Leaves that is in charge for drawing out the monters in the backyard, already die from the siege of the small monsters.

"I can’t believe it, he didn’t die…..." Wind Leaves did not know what expression he should use for this sentence.

"Not dead?" Mirage on the second floor shocked too, he poked out his head to see downstairs, "This is a difficult task, a 3-star task, usually the player who leads the monster downstairs will fall out already. How can he still alive?"

"Really?" Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile also very surprised, "He was chased by a dozen small monsters, with that poor equipment, how could he still alive?"

——Ink Mark not only just survive, but he also alive just fine.

His blood is still full 100%, which proves that the small monsters chasing him in the woods did not do harm to him. It means, he keeps a safe distance from the monsters.

"He can control a good distance to kite the monters, he obviously use the combination skill <Heaven Sun Combo> to silence the monsters." Wind Leaves has a mixed feeling. "If earlier he just lucky to produce the combo skill, what about now? He can control the distance as well as using the Heaven Sun combo at the same time, this guys is definitely not a newbie, isn’t he?"

"He really doesn’t looks like a newbie." Mirage pause, "But if he is an expert, why did he say he is newbie when I asked?"

"Could it be he deliberately wants to hides his identity?" Wind Leaves guessed, "During beta testing, many great gods emerged from Hanhua Sword Sect, maybe he didn’t want to be recognized, so he said he was a newbie."

"It’s also possible." Mirage nodded thoughtfully.

As he spoke, Ink Mark blood volume fell from 100% to 0% in an instant, and the avatar also darkened.

Mirage surprised: "What’s going on?"

If he was killed by small monster, the blood level will drop slowly. Ink Mark blood level is emptied instantly, is he met with wild boss and slapped to death?

Finally, a line of small character appeared on team channel made Mirage do not know whether to cry or laugh.

Ink Mark said: "I fell off the cliff."

Mirage: "……."

Wind Leaves: "……."

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile: "……."

Actually, he did commit a low-level mistake such as "falling off the cliff and falling to death", is this person really a newbie? But why, his operation give people illusion "like floating clouds and flowing water"? (T/N : Natural and smooth)

Ink Mark: "How can I get back?"

The three people gazed at each other, speechless.

Just now, we were discussing whether he is an expert that concealed his identity or not. As result, isn't he just a rookie that doesn’t even know how to get back from falling of the cliff?

Wind Leaves smiled and said: "Brother, you go back to the main city to resurrect, the hand in the task directly."

Ink Mark: "There is no option."

Wind Leaves: "How come there is no option? Revive in place, Revive nearby, Revive at Main City, three option ah!"

Ink Mark: "Only the first two."

Wind Leaves is speechless: "Did you not open up the Resurrection Point in main city?"

Ink Mark: "How to open up Resurrection Point in main city?"

Wind Leaves want to collapse!

This person’s operation really looks like an expert, but his question is like a rookie. Just now, they was immersed in speculation of an expert, but he doesn’t even know how to reply this rookie question. After a moment of silence, Wind Leaves explain patiently: "Every time you reach a Main City, you can open up a Resurrection Point by talking to the City Owner, after that, if you die, you can go back directly to the city."

Ink Mark: "Thank you."

Wind Leaves: "……. You’re welcome."

Since he did not open up Resurrection Point in Main City, Qin Mo could not return to the Main City to hand in the task, so he revive nearby, then ran quickly to join with other teammates.

After completing this 3-star difficulty task, everyone rose to level 20.

Level 20 will open a story of the first dungeon in the game, the dungeon gives a lot of experience and will reward a lot of materials and equipment, but there is a limit of 5 entries per day.

It is soon 6 o'clock in the evening, Mirage typed: "Let’s go dinner first, and come back at 7, let's go into the dungeon to get some equipment, otherwise we won't pass any difficult task later."

They were all hungry, so they simply turned off the game and went to eat first.

At the same time, Changsha e-sport club, conference room.

"I got the news from the e-sport league that many e-sport clubs in China have entered the new game 'Peerless Jianghu'. This is the work of Tianyi Game Company, the research and development team of "Wulin" in the past, the production is very sophisticated. I have a hunch that within a year, the game will be a hit." Liu Chuan, the boss of the place said earnestly, "After discussion, several shareholders of the club decided to move into the new game Peerless Jianghu, Xiao Han will be in charged in this."

The young man who was named look up and simply said: "No problem."

His hair is a natural blond, but his eyes are black as ink, and his tall nose make his facial features look very handsome. The appearance of blond hair and black eyes perfectly merges the characteristics of oriental and western men, and the mixed-race gene makes the dark and bright eyes look particularly deep, like a mysterious pool, unable to see the hidden emotions inside.

Compared to the average handsome guy, Xiao Han’s face has a kind of mixed-race unique handsomeness, he is 21 years old and now is a captain of Dragon Song Team Miracle Division, has participated in the World Competition and won the most Valuable Player award of the season, with his special temperament, his popularity in the e-sport league can be described as "like the sun in broad daylight" (T/N : to be very influential).

The boss let him personally lead the team to the new game, obviously attaches great importance to the upcoming professional league.

"Very good." Liu Chuan looked at him and smile, "There are many newcomers in the training camp at present. How should the players be selected? Do you have any ideas?"

"Newcomers who want to go to Peerless Jianghu can apply to me, and I will select them openly from among those who apply." Xiao Han said calmly.

As soon as this came out, there are eager expressions on the faces of many newcomers in the conference room——the old game professional league was relatively mature, but many great gods gathered there and it’s hard to stand out, and although the professional league of the new game was still young, it was a blank sheet of paper, isn’t that what the first contestants decided about what kind of wonderful story will be written on this blank sheet of paper? If they lucky enough to join the first professional league, in a few years, they will already be the veteran in this field.

Hearing Xiao Han’s answer, Liu Chuan nodded with satisfaction and said: "This is very fair, if you can join the new team's starting line-up, the newcomers actual strength will speak itself, so let’s do it." He said it, and simply waved, "Alright, the meeting is over, the newcomers will go back to prepare, Xiao Han, you stay."

After the newcomers left, Liu Chuan lowered his voice and said, "Xiao Han, I'll tell you the whole story, there were three closed beta tests before the public test. Many teams sent people to familiarize themselves with the game in the first beta test. Our team should be the last one among the major teams when it entered the public test."

Xiao Han nodded and said: "There is a saying in China——the praying mantis catches the cicada (T/N : reckless of one blinded by greed), the yellow sparrow comes after (T/N: opportunity to attack from behind). It's not a bad thing to be a little late."

"Do you still know this proverb? It seems that your Chinese has really improved a a lot." Liu Chuan smiled and said, "I remember when you first came back to China a few years ago, you didn’t speak Chinese well and often used the wrong words. It was Qin Mo who taught you Chinese."

Hearing the name, Xiao Han's heart suddenly tightened, and many memories flooded into his mind like a tide.——

Qin Mo, a proud but kind-hearted teenager, always tirelessly correct various grammatical errors in Chinese for him, sometimes, he doesn’t understand the usage of related words, and talks with him in the middle of the night, when he used the word disorderly, he always send ellipsis all the time.

At that time, they were both very young, although they were in different teams, but because of the good relationship between their Masters, the two of the often practiced small arena in online games, exchanged ideas, learned from each other, grew together and progressed.

From a novice to the Most Valuable Player of the season, Qin Mo accompanied him all the way.

——They used to be two innocence, childhood sweetheart.

Xiao Han also thought that Qin Mo would play with him for many years until one day when both of them were too old to play and retired together.

Unexpectedly, Qin Mo suddenly left.

For three years, there was no news at all......

Xiao Han gently grasped his fist at his side and pretended to change the subject calmly, "Has Wind Color Team also entered the new game?"

Wind Color is one of the strong rivals of Dragon Song Team, since Xiao Han asked about it, Liu Chuan no longer concealed it and said directly, "Wind Color was stationed the earliest time, when the first beta test was conducted, they sent experts to find out. They studied the game thoroughly and said that a new team had been built. However, the list of players still not announce at present, which is classified as a team secret. For the time being, we have to keep the matter of the new team in new game led by you confidential, and we will hold press conference when the time is right."

Xiao Han nodded: "I understand."

"Several large domestic teams have received invitations from the game parties, at present, there are 8 teams including us, plus some other great god self-organized teams. Next year's first professional league will definitely be full of experts." Liu Chuan paused and asked, "We started late, won’t you be under a lot of pressure?"

"Never mind." Xiao Han said, "Half a year is enough."

"You seem confident." Liu Chuan smiled and handed him a stack of ID cards printed with 'Peerless Jianghu' from his drawer. "Go ahead, good luck."
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