The King's Return : Chapter 04

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Not much in this chapter, it still a few more chapter until Qin Mo met Xiao Han, be patience and wait :p, because I MTL it nonstop when it happened.. Thanks for the readers, hope you enjoy reading this novel....

Chapter 4: Kunlun Mountain Snow Cave

After returning to the dormitory, Xiao Han logged in to his QQ and found a familiar name in his friendlist——Shepherd.

This is Qin Mo’s net name, and also his registered ID for professional league.

In the past, in his spare time, Xiao Han would talk to him, learn the usage of various Chinese words, or talk about his own experience. But since Qin Mo left the professional league 3 years ago, his avatar has never lit again, and the online prompt sound specially set for him by Xiao Han has never ring again.

Xiao Han opened the dialogue window, sent a sentence: "I will soon lead the team into the new game, where are you? How have you been?"

The message was sent successfully, but there was no reply.

In recent years, the message sent to Qin Mo have all sunk into the sea like this, Xiao Han has been used to it, he calmly closed the chat window, and conveniently sent a message in the group of Dragon Song training camp: "Those who want to sign up for the new game come to my dormitory to get the ID card, the deadline is 7 PM." Then he turned and opened the door of the dormitory.

A few moments later, newcomers came to pick up their ID card one after another. By 6:50 p.m., seven people had signed up. Among the newcomers who had not yet officially entered the Dragon Song Team, the proportion was quite high, but Xiao Han did not close the dormitory door and seemed to be waiting for others.

It was not until 6:59 that two teenagers arrived in front of Xiao Han's room one after the other.

The teenager who walked in front was gentle-looking, wearing a pair of black glasses, about 1.7 meters tall, and had a pair of shallow dimples oh his cheeks when smiled, his eyes were curved and he looked especially obedient and clever. His name is Pei Yu, the fastest one among the newcomers. Although Xiao Han was not responsible for the training tasks of the newcomers during his term as captain, he was very clear about the situation of the club training camp.

Pei Yu was embarrassed, smiled shyly and said: "Captain, we've come to sign up......Is it too late?"

Xiao Han handed them two ID cards and said: "It's exactly 7 PM, did you calculate the time to come over?"

Another teenager took the back of his head and said: "Well, Xiao Yu wants to go to a new game. I don't really want to go. We talked about it for half a day, so it was delayed......"

This guy is really out of his mind to say  'don’t want to go' in front of the captain.

The teenager's name is He Beiguang, who is more than 1.85 meters tall, he is the tallest one in newcomers group, because of his large head, the others call him 'Big Head' privately. Unlike Pei Yu's agility and speed, He Beiguang's playing style is a simple and rough radical type. Xiao Han has paid attention to his training before, he has a good talent, but his temper is still far from perfect, he needs to be further trained and honed.

The two men came to the club together, from the same hometown, and the relationship was naturally better than everyone else's.

"Why don't you want to go to a new game?" Xiao Han looked at him and asked.

He Beiguang said frankly: "I've been playing Miracle before, but I've never played ancient style games, I'm afraid I can't adapt…..."

"I'll give you some time to adjust, and then decide." Xiao Han got up from his seat and turned around. "Come on, come with me to the training room."

The two teenagers immediately followed him.

In the training room, all the newcomers who had signed up before had already arrived, they gathered in twos and threes, Xiao Han pushed the door and came in, everyone hurriedly stood up and shouted respectfully: "Captain!"

"En, let me tell you about the new game first," Xiao Han took out a flashdisk and connected it through the projector, opened the PPT that was made before.

As Captain, he can’t take newcomers to the game like headless flies, Before returning to China, Liu Chuan notified him about the new game and gave him time to prepare. Xiao Han has been checking about Peerless Jianghu in the past few days, this PPT has all the key point of the new game to be displayed in front of everyone, they are professional players and can understand at glance.

While playing the game scene, Xiao Han said: "The biggest difference between Peerless Jianghu and traditional online game lies in VR perspective, special VR glasses will virtualize the surrounding environment into a 3D scene, just like we are walking into the game world. In terms of operation, the traditional online games are viewed through the computer screen, and the players are separated from the computer by a certain distance and can look down at the keyboard if they cannot find the keys. However, after the games are changed to VR games, what our eyes can see is only the game screen, and we can only rely on the blind typing of fingers to control the movement of the characters.

"Of course, as professional players, it’s not that difficult to play without seeing the keyboard," Xiao Han then introduced the characteristic of the sect system in the game, "The sect system is similar to most of online game, among 8 sects, there are healer, auxiliary, long-range and melee, as well as high defense meat shield, you can choose your own style according to your preferences." Xiao Han took out a box of glasses and put in on the table, he said, "Everyone find a computer to log in into the game, enter the server and reach full level as fast as possible, after that I’ll give you trial to decide whether you stay or not."

As Captain said, everyone scrambled to find a computer and log in into the game.

VR games should be trending in the future game development, many people have heard about VR games before, but amazingly, the technology in research and development of Peerless Jianghu is very advanced, besides the frame glasses, the VR glasses also have in the form of contact lenses and clip glasses, which greatly facilitates the players who are already myopia (T/N: short-sighted). Moreover, once you put the glasses and focus on the interface of the game, the surrounding scenes will immediately become the immersive ancient world, and once you withdraw your attention from the scope of computer screen, your sight will immediately return to real world. 

The visual transformation like 'crossing the time and space' excites the newcomers.

After settling up the newcomers, Xiao Han also sat in front of computer to log in into the game, he chose the Assassin Sect 'Yongye City' (T/N : 永夜城, Eternal Night City), casually took the name 'Thousand Miles Ice' (T/N : Qiānlǐ bīng fēng), and then entered the Novice Village.

At that moment, a character message suddenly popped up in the announcement area overhead: "The former head of Hanhua Sword Sect has left behind a mysterious martial arts skill in [Kunlun Mountain Snow Cave], ask the chivalrous players above level 20 to explore!"

Xiao Han ignored this kind of event announcement and started to upgrade from the first novice task.

At the same time, Kunlun Mountain Snow Cave entrance.

Mirage: "Secret Boss, hit or not?"

Wind Leaves: "With our current equipment, we can’t fight it."

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile: "Do you want to give up directly?"

Little Medicine Fairy asked doubtfully: "What is secret boss?"

Mirage explained: "The last boss of this dungeon, has a 1% chance of dropping the secret book and 99% chance of dropping the fragment of secret book, everyone call him secret boss."

"What is the secret book do?" Little Medicine Fairy is genuinely curious.

"You can learn an extra skill and there is no restriction on sect or weapons, everyone can learn it."

"What about the fragments?"

"If you have saved up 50 pieces of fragment, you can exchange it for secret book, secret book can be bought, sold and traded, but fragment can't."

"Oh. In this way, the rich can buy many secret books directly, isn’t they will much better than the others?"

"No, because there are restrictions on the skills of secret book, each person can only use one."

"Only one? What if you learn wrong?"

Mirage helplessly answer this younger sister question, explaining in one breath: "If you learn wrong, you can choose to forget, the forgotten secret skill won’t disappear, but will be kept as a book in bookshelf. The skill bar can only put one secret skill, but the bookshelf can keep many secret books, and you can learn it anytime to cope with different lineups in arena."

"I see!" Little Medicine Fairy said excitedly, "So, you can keep a lot of secret books on the bookshelf for later use, and then choose which one to bring according to your opponent’s lineup, right?"

"That’s right, there are plenty secret books in this game."

"How much is secret book ah? I also want to keep and learn more book."

"The cheapest secret book is cost 10 thousand gold coins."

Little Medicine Fairy looked at the pitiful 100 gold coins in her possessions and suddenly stopped talking.

"Eldest brother, I think we should give up the last boss, and come back again to eliminate it after full level." Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile said.

At that moment, the silent Ink Mark suddenly asked in team channel: "How do we fight the Secret Boss? Maybe we can try."

Mirage shocked, he didn’t expect this newcomer interested in hitting the difficult boss. Since the other side asked in the team channel, he said directly: "Kunlun Mountain Snow Cave secret boss will continue to summon Sword Spirit to attack the players around. At first it called five, and follow people separately, after that it will continue to summon five every 20 seconds, Sword Spirit also give out dizzy state every 3 seconds."

Ink Mark: "In other words, the Sword Spirit must be eliminate within the 20 seconds, otherwise it will be increase more and more?"

Mirage: "That’s right, it’s very difficult for newbie team with poor equipment to beat it."

Ink Mark: "Is Sword Spirit controllable?"

Mirage: "That’s possible in theory, but general newbie will give up to hit the boss, and they will come back to beat it once in high level with good equipment."

Ink Mark: "Let’s try."

Mirage: "……"

In the voice channel, the always calm Wind Leaves is not calm this time: "He really want to hit this boss ah?"

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile laughed and said: "If he want to hit, then hit, anyway below level 30, he won’t lose experience if he die, he will be good after die several times."

Mirage said helplessly: "Then, try it."

Five people entered the dungeon of the Kunlun Mountain Snow Cave.

This snow cave Qin Mo used to pass by when doing the task before, but at that time the level was too low to go in, now when he enter, it can be seen that there is hidden beautiful scenery inside it. Various shape icicle hang on the top of the cave, like a beautiful pendant made of crystal, it surrounded by countless night pearls, the icicle sparkle under the light, glittering and translucent, the lifelike visual effect makes people stop in awe.

Little Medicine Fairy said excitedly: "It’s so beautiful!"

Qin Mo saw the lifelike picture in the snow cave, couldn’t help but admiring the technical level of the game. He believe that, soon, many people who don’t play the online games will also be attracted by beautiful scenery in Peerless Jianghu, buy an ID card, recharge some times, and then wear VR glasses, as if travel through the time, this is actually very cost-effective.

Mirage already seen this spectacular view in beta testing, so he doesn’t feel so surprising like the first time, typing: "Let’s kill the first two boss."

The 4 people followed him forward, along the way, there were a lot of small monsters gathered in twos and threes, which is easy to fight, before long, there was a swordsman with a purple name on top of his head.

Purple name means this swordsman is a boss, Mirage didn't given much information and goes directly to fight the boss, this boss is obviously doesn't need any information, as the first boss in Novice stage, the difficulty is not worth mentioning, within the 3 minutes, being hit by the team, he fell down and dropped a bunch of blue equipment for level 20.

Further ahead, a boss named Demonized Swordsman appeared, which is a little harder than the first one, he can use a group attack skill, but as long as you can dodge well, killing it will be no problem.

Generally, after fighting the 2 boss, newbie will be on the way out of the dungeon, because Mirage already promise to hit the 3rd boss, he had to take everyone to the depth of the cave.

They walked into the depth of the snow cave, and saw a woman in white sitting on a thousand year ice, the name above her head said 'Frost Flower' (T/N : Shuāng huá), she is muttering herself, seems that her mind is clouded.

Mirage asked: "Hit?"

Ink Mark said: "Try it."

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile send a row of smiley: "Expert, how do we fight it?"

The sarcasm of this sentence is very obvious, Qin Mo ignored it and said: "The 3 outputs stand close, and the healer take some distance, after the Sword Spirit refresh, ignore it, just focus to attack the boss."

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile can’t help but laugh aloud: "Brother, 5 Sword Spirits damage is very high, and healing won’t catch up, no matter what, we all will die."

Ink Mark: "I’ll pull it. (T/N : I think this is called aggroing in game term)"

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile shocked: "Are you kidding me? 5 Sword Spirits? Can you handle it?"

Ink Mark: "En, I’ll pull the Sword Spirit, you all hit the boss."

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile: "…………………………………"

The faces of the three veteran players were embarrassed, because they all felt that the words Ink Mark were simply fantastic and impossible to achieve. But on the contrary, when Ink Mark utter this sentence, it is not like joking at all. His tone is very calm, as if to say: I eat rice, you eat noodles.

The team channel had an awkward silence for a moment, Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile sneering: "All right then, you pull the Sword Spirit, we’ll hit the boss,"

Mirage also smile, look forward to watch a good drama, step forward to poke the boss.

Only Wind Leaves didn’t speak.

As the same player of Hanhua Sword Sect, Wind Leaves knows very well if the swordsman's operation is strong enough, it is possible to continuously knockout the group control effect of 'Heaven Sun Combo'. But the question is, isn't this Ink Mark a newbie who falls off a cliff and died, doesn't even know the way and doesn’t open up a Resurrection Point?! Clearly a newbie, but not ashamed to say that he can control five moving Sword Spirit at one time?

What exactly is his background?

Wind Leaves touched his chin thoughtfully and focused on the screen in front of him.
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