The King's Return : Chapter 05

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Ughh, like I said before, my English is not so good, and I can't read Chinese, so I have a hard time MTL ing long sentence.. but I try my best to MTL it and post 1 chapter/ 2 days. So, here chapter 5, hope you enjoy, and don't forget to support me (/ε\*)

Chapter 5: Sword Rain Fragrance

Mirage, Wind Leaves and Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile stand together according to Qin Mo instruction, Little Medicine Fairy stand in a distance, and Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile is in charge of pulling the boss.

Frost Flower suddenly read a line: "Who dares to rush into my secret territory of Kunlun Mountain!"

As soon as the voice fell, 5 Sword Spirits appeared, launching mad attacks on them.

Little Medicine Fairy wants to add blood to her teammates, but the Sword Spirit behind has been attacking her. At the moment of her distraught, the swordsman Ink Mark suddenly jump behind her, and the sharp sword in Ink Mark’s hand stabbed straight out, hit the chest of the Sword Spirit accurately. Then he quickly flicker to the Mirage, Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile and Wind Leaves and attacked the 3 Sword Spirits accurately with a fan-shaped attack skill 'Sword Horizon'.

The attacked Sword Spirit immediately turned their head, seemingly attracted by Ink Mark, Qin Mo's slender finger slid quickly on the touch screen panel, and the swordsman's body flying 10 feet backwards elegantly, the Sword Spirit attracted to him by enmity immediately turned back and chase him.

Seeing Ink Mark flying out of scope of her healing, Little Medicine Fairy hurriedly typed: "Ink Mark, I can’t add your blood ah!"

Ink Mark said: "No need."

—— Simple word, calm but with strong self-confidence!

And Little Medicine Fairy soon found out that Ink Mark in the distance did not need blood at all, he once again silences the 5 Sword Spirits in place with 2 successive strokes of Sword Horizon and Sword Rain Remnant!

Really…… Controlled?!!

Wind Leaves, Mirage and Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile are all shocked.

When doing the task before, they had seen the high-end operation of 'Heaven Sun Combo' played by Ink Mark, but unexpectedly, Ink Mark mastered the combo skill so accurately and precisely——he could calculate the 3 seconds when the Sword Spirit released dizzy skill, stuck at that moment and immediately silence the 5 Sword Spirit, then he flew away with Qinggong.

——Like Floating Cloud and Flowing Water!!! (T/N : Natural and Smooth)

Apart for this word, they had no idea of a better proverb to describe his operation.

20 seconds later, the second batch of Sword Spirit refreshed, Ink Mark suddenly turned around and flew behind Little Medicine Fairy. First, a sword stabbed Sword Spirit behind her, followed by another 'Sword Horizon' to hit several other Sword Spirit that just refreshed, decisively hit several Sword Horizon until triggered a critical strike, and then followed the Sword Rain Remnant——5 newly Sword Spirits were silent on the spot.

The first five followed closely, Ink Mark turned around and flew away, he began to circle around the field, and behind him, a whole ten swords gradually gathered!

This spectacular scene shocked his teammates.

Wind Leaves even forgot to hit the boss, but watched at the operation of Ink Mark with complicated look——he was also a swordsman, how can the difference between them is so great?

Due to precise calculation of the distance and the cooldown of the skill, Ink Mark did not shed much blood, and by the time he hit again, the first batch of Sword Spirit chasing him has been eliminate and fell down to the ground almost at the same time, the Sword Spirit behind him naturally changed into 5, even the damage of the skill can be calculated so accurately…...

The teammates were stunned.

5 Sword Spirits were pulled first, then 5 more were pulled after 20 seconds, when Sword Spirit behind him reached 10, 5 of the previous batch were about to die.

With this cycle, and smooth operation, it’s no longer a problem to pass through the ordeal.

As long as the Sword Spirit is handled well, the boss itself is not very difficult, the others just need to free hit the boss.

The boss battle, which destroyed countless of newbie team, gradually turned into a one-man performance by Ink Mark…………

However, when the boss's blood volume was nearly 30%, Ink Mark that had been pulling the monster suddenly went wrong, because a skill was not triggered, he was stunned in place by the Sword Spirit!

Fortunately, Little Medicine Fairy reaction is very timely and immediately give him a single add blood skill.

Ink Mark blood was raised up, Qin Mo immediately release his hand and type quickly: "Don’t have blue, who has blue medicine?"

Professional Leagues are not allowed to take restorative medicines, therefore if you want to get back blood, you can only rely on healer (T/N: should I use treatment or healer?). However, in online games, you can take all kinds of blood and blue medicine. Qin Mo is used to playing in professional league, so he forgot to bring medicine out. Just now, due to the continuous release of a large number of skills, his blue dropped below 10, he can't release any skills, so he has to type to find relief from his teammates.

Mirage immediately said: "I have 10 panacea, is it enough?"

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile: "I have 5!"

Wind Leaves: "I have 3!"

Looking at the small character appeared on the team channel almost at the same time, all three were embarrassed. Just now, they were laughing at him in private on the voice channel, waiting to see his jokes, but now, three people are rushing to give him the blue medicine——from ridicule to worship, this feeling is really hard to say!

Mirage throw out 10 panacea on the grounds, Ink Mark ran to pick it up, after drink the medicine his blue slightly recovered, and he can continue to put skills to control the Sword Spirit.

The next process became alarming, and Boss's blood volume continued to decline, leaving a trace of blood soon.

Little Medicine Fairy laughed and typed: "Is this boss actually not that difficult?"

Mirage embarrassed, he would like to say, sister, you do not know how miserable the other newbie team in this regiment! You think it's simple, because we have an expert in the team!

It is not so easy to pull 10 Sword Spirits alone, at least it is impossible for swordsman Wind Leaves to do it. As for the rookie problems such as 'falling off a cliff and die', 'I don’t know how to open up the resurrection point', 'I can’t find my way,' which are committed by Ink Mark in the game, cannot be explained yet, but Mirage still has a keen sense of smell——this person is absolutely not simple.

Just as Mirage was absent-minded, a golden message popped up in the announcement overhead: "Chivalrous men [Ink Mark] under the coincidence of chance, get the secret book 'Sword Rain Fragrance' in Kunlun Mountain Snow Cave!"

This announcement immediately caused a sensation in the entire server, many old players who took part in the beta test all knew the value of the secret book in Peerless Jianghu, the world channel started a spam of chat ——

"The secret boss of level 20 has been dropped? Is this the first secret book of the new district?!"

"No announcement has been made before, it should be the first one! This brother luck is good ah!"

"Newbie ask, what is <Sword Rain Fragrance>?"

"You can learn the skill, it summon Sword Spirit to attack targets within range and stun the target for 3 seconds, very powerful group attack skills, especially useful in arena!"

At the same time, Qin Mo’s private chat channel was also spam by chat——

"Brother, do you want to sell the secret book? How much?"

"Sell me the secret book for 1,000? If not, 2,000!"

"Do you sell the secret book?"

Little Medicine Fairy is obviously very excited: "Isn’t it a 1% probability that the secret book will be dropped? Aren’t we lucky?!"

At last, Mirage came back to his senses and said on the team channel: "Yes, it usually only drops fragments. Later, it takes more than ten days to cleared the dungeon and have enough of fragment to exchange for secret books, we are really lucky today!"

In addition to the secret books, Boss also dropped the purple material 'Cryolite x5' and 'Purple Gold Sand x5'.

Mirage said: "Cryolite and Purple Gold Sand are necessary materials for later equipment, dropped five, let's split them equally."

Ink Mark asked: "What about the secret book?"

Just now, when the boss died, he was just nearby and he pickup the treasure that the boss dropped and draw out the secret book with good luck, therefore the world channel announce his name. But in fact, the secret book are result of the entire team, the distribution of item is also in the captain's authority, Qin Mo knows the rules of online games, even if his contribution in this dungeon is the greatest it is impossible for him to swallow the item alone.

In the voice room, Wind Leaves also asked: "Eldest brother, what to do with the secret book? Do we have to sell it?"

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile: "Sell it! Sell for 10,000 gold, and we can get 2,000 each!"

Mirage silent for a moment and said: "The secret book is suitable for swordsman, I'll give it directly to Ink Mark."

"No way?!" Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile is obviously reluctant, laughing, "Although he has made great contribution, he can’t get through the dungeon, without us hitting the boss, let alone to draw out the secret book. Besides, Wind Leaves also a swordsman, even if it is given out, we should give the books to our own people…..."

Mirage calmly interrupted him: "You don’t see it? This Ink Mark is no ordinary expert, at our level, it is difficult to make friend with an expert, don't just focus on the small profits in front of you."

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile laughter was blocked by this sentence, for a moment he didn’t know what to say.

It was Wind Leaves who was more rational, he can distinguish gain and loss, and said: "Give it to him, the secret book 'Sword Rain Fragrance' is really suitable for swordsmen, the price of 10,000 gold coins now look like a lot, and it will be nothing after reaching the full level, I will exchange my secret book by gather the fragment later." He paused and added, "I’ve seen this person's operation carefully, except when his blue depleted, he never make mistake, every time the Sword Spirit refreshes, he can quickly control the 5 in 3 seconds and then pull it away, it's almost 100% accuracy, it’s terrible…...Such a technique, it's not a problem if placed among the top 10 experts in Hanhua Sword Sect, I think this Ink Mark is not simple, so no harm with befriending him."

Mirage praised: "Leaves idea is good, classmate Dagger, you have to learn more from him."

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile said angrily: "All right, it’s up to you, but what about Little Medicine Fairy? How are you going to explain it to this sister?"

Mirage: "I'll tell her, it's no big deal to give her some money as compensation."

After everyone agreed, Mirage talk to Little Medicine Fairy in private: "Today's dungeon, Ink Mark have the greatest contribution, the secret book is just suitable for swordsman, I want to directly give it to him, ask your opinion."

He was prepared to give her some money, he didn't expect this sister had a big heart and answer directly: "Okay okay! Just give it to him!"

Mirage's impression of Little Medicine Fairy immediately changed, although she likes to ask all kinds of rookie questions, make small rookie mistakes from time to time, at least she is not a kind of stingy girl.

——Captain [Mirage] assigned <Sword Rain Fragrance> to [Ink Mark].

Qin Mo looked at the team channel, puzzled: "What do you mean?"

Mirage: "Today's dungeon cannot be passed without you, you should take this secret book, add friend with me, later we should go to dungeon together again."

Mirage tries his best to make his tone seems not like to kiss up to him, but Qin Mo still saw through his idea at a glance.

Of course, the other party took the initiative to send the secret book, there is not without a reason, Qin Mo accepted it politely and replied: "Thank you."

Mirage took the opportunity to send a friend's request to him, and it was accepted.

Qin Mo opened the secret book and learned the skill of 'Sword Rain Fragrance' and placed it at the lower left of the 16 skill bar.

After pressing the skill, the range designation icon will appear in front of you, Qin Mo gently slide his fingers——see the overwhelming white Sword Spirit descend from the sky, so dazzling like a celestial. The white Sword Spirit held a sharp sword in his hands, since there were no hostile targets within the range designated by Qin Mo, the Sword Spirit disappeared after make an 'assassinate' action.

Little Medicine Fairy exclaimed: "So handsome ah!"

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile could not help but drool: "The secret book skill effect is really good, the white Sword Spirit is really cool!"

Mirage also sigh, the scene of Ink Mark use this skill is really handsome, after he learned this secret book, his strength has increased greatly, coupled with the sharp operation of his, fighting with small monster is absolutely as easy as cutting vegetables. If we can form a fixed team with him, we should not worry about upgrading, but how do we say it?

After thinking for a moment Mirage thickening his face and shyly said: "By the way, after level 20, the main task is not easy, and many tasks need to be in team to pass. Why don't we form a fixed team to upgrade?"

Little Medicine Fairy immediately said: "Okay ah! I’ll be your exclusive milk mom. (T/N : healer/nurse)"

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile and Wind Leaves naturally didn't have to say much, the 3 of them are already together originally, hence, they are all look at Ink Mark.

After waiting for a moment, Ink Mark still didn't respond, and Mirage once again typed with thick skin: "Cough, Ink Mark, what's your opinion?"

Qin Mo just studying his newly learn secret skill, he discover the cooldown of 'Sword Rain Fragrance' is 3 minutes. That is to say, although the secret book skills are powerful, but the skill cooldown is 3 minutes, in the arena must find the right time to release for the maximum effect.

Looking back, he noticed the chat from Mirage, Qin Mo then said, "A fix team for upgrade? How about your online time?"

Finally, when there is a reply, he was surprised and said: "I, Dagger and Leaves are university classmates, online everyday during summer holiday!"

Little Medicine Fairy: "I’m also a part of University, have a holiday everyday~"

Ink Mark: "Well, sleep at 12 p.m. and gather at 9 a.m. How about that?"

Mirage: "No problem!"

Litlle Medicine Fairy: "I also no problem!"

Qin Mo knows that the skill level of these people is not high, but the most common veterans and newbie in online games, but, if he is alone in this new game, he does the task upgrade too slowly, he has to check in internet if he encounter problems, which is a waste of time. At least Mirage is a veteran who has participated in beta testing several times, he can help him to familiarize with the game as soon as possible, since the other side intends to make friends with him, it is good for both sides to push the boat along (T/N: make use for) to form a team with them to do the task.

With Qin Mo controlling the Sword Spirit, the Secret Boss became very simple, five people skillfully get the number of fragments of today's Kunlun Mountain Snow Cave, rose to level 22, and then the team transmitted to the next map——Qingcheng Mountain.

What Qin Mo didn't know was, because he was the first person in the new district to learn the secret book skills of 'Sword Rain Fragrance', on the Peerless Jianghu Power Value ranking list of Xijiang Moon server, the name of 'Ink Mark' suddenly jumped to the first place.
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