The King's Return : Chapter 06

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Like always, I hate the name of the skill, I suppose there is no normal skill name in Chinese game?  I haven't play chinese style MMORPG. It's not like common game with skill name like fireball, ice wall, and I sometimes forgot each skill name I MTL @@. I simplified some of the skill name. And I change all the internal test to beta test, usually in game they called it close beta, so in this novel I will use beta test for internal test, so here, enjoy this chapter, and don't forget to support my translation ~

Chapter 6: Yongye City (T/N : Eternal Night City)

After Xiao Han left the Novice Village, he was transferred to Yongye City, the sect he chose when he created the characters.

He has been playing assassin, and he has a lot of experience in the flow game of assassins, this time in the new game he picked his old profession as assassins, after all, he shoulders the responsibility of leading the team and chooses the most familiar gameplay to enter the state as soon as possible.

All assassins profession in Peerless Jianghu come from 'Yongye City' sect in the deep Valley of southern Xinjiang.

Because the terrain around the valley is dangerous and have a bottomless valley, it is difficult for outsider to enter, and of course it’s also difficult to discover this secret Underground Castle.

The founder of Yongye City was a beautiful woman who was famous in Jianghu, unfortunately, she fell in love with a hypocrite and betrayed by the other party, her whole family was burned by fire, with strong hatred, she built a huge underground castle in the deep valley of Southern Xinjiang, and studied all kinds of assassination skills. After killing the hypocrite for revenge, she became more and more ruthless, received a wide range of disciples in Jianghu, teaching them all kinds of assassination skills——attacking the enemy with sharp iron claw for close combat or stabbing the enemy in the distance with cold dagger (T/N: Stiletto), these two methods gradually evolved into two different cultivation routes of Yongye City.

Located deep in the valley, the entrance and exit of the Yongye City depend on the wire in the air, to slide down a wire from a high place into a valley is very unfriendly to acrophobic(T/N: afraid of height) players.

Fortunately, Xiao Han didn't feel much about it. He slid quietly along the wire all the way into the Hall of Yongye City and found the leader to watch the skill demonstration video.

From the video, he can see that the biggest difference between the two kinds of cultivation routes is the distance of attack——iron claw on the hand, need close-up attack, the method is more brutal and bloody; dagger can be used as a medium-distance concealed weapon, can also be used as a close-up assassination weapon, it can be used near and far so it's unpredictable, and the movement will be more flexible.

Xiao Han chose a dagger as his weapon, and learned two basic skills, namely 'Darkness Valley' and 'Rainbow Through the Sun'.

Darkness Valley is a general Qinggong skill of Yongye City, which can make people invisible and double the agility in a short period of time, whether it is to wait for an opportunity to assassinate an opponent or to escape in danger, the Qinggong of this school can bring great convenience to the disciples of Yongye City, however, it has a disadvantage that if attacked, it will be in force to appear.

As for Rainbow through the Sun, it is the primary attack skill of dagger flow.

Xiao Han tried out his basic skills while doing tasks, he found that the game's settings were very interesting, in fact, Rainbow through the Sun could hit three successive combo, the first one was to throw a dagger at a designated single target, the second one was to throw three daggers into a fan-shaped small-scale group attack, and the third one was to shoot numerous daggers forward to create a range group attack.

The three-stage combo damage is very considerable, but there are preconditions——it must be followed immediately after a critical strike, otherwise it can only stay in the first stage forever.

Xiao Han experimented several times and soon found out the trick hitting critical strikes——as long as he continuously attacked the target's weakness, critical strikes are not difficult to appear, which is somewhat similar to assassins he used to play.

Just then, a message in golden popped up in the announcement area overhead.——

Chivalrous men [Ink Mark] under the coincidence of chance, get the secret book 'Sword Rain Fragrance' in Kunlun Mountain Snow Cave!

World channel began to talk about how powerful the secret book is.

Xiao Han was attracted by the news, immediately minimize the game, switch to open the website of Peerless Jianghu and search for the secret book information. The forum lists the effects of secret book skills discovered by the players during the beta test, and makes clear the origin of each secret book. Attack, control, healer, defense——the secret books of Peerless Jianghu can also enrich the fighting skills of the arena.

Seeing this, Xiao Han opened his mouth and said: "After level 20, everyone complete dungeon every day, saving fragments for secret books, I want to collect all the secret books."

"What is the secret book?" He Beiguang, who has been playing modern setting online games (T/N: I think it’s like online game in western, where there is magician, swordsman, priest, etc), knows nothing about ancient setting games and asks curiously, scratching his head.

Pei Yu, who was next to him, explained softly: "Additional skills can be learned at will, regardless of the sects and weapons."

He Beiguang suddenly realized, "Oh! That's interesting. A warrior with a priest's healing skills would be terrific!"

Pei Yu ignored him and turned to Xiao Han. "Captain, you need to collect a lot of secret books, is it to prepare for the future match of the arena lineup?"

Xiao Han nodded: "En."

Peerless Jianghu Merit Ranking in the upper right corner is flashing, obviously, there are data updates, Xiao Han opened it up and found that 'Ink Mark' of the Hanhua Sword Sect ranked first in the Power Value Ranking.

Since Ink Mark are the first person on the server to learn secret book skills, it's not surprising that he is ranked first temporarily. Later, after everyone learns the secret books, the impact of the secret books on personal strength will become weaker, the key point lies in the choice and matching of skills by the whole team.

Xiao Han shut down the website window and continued to do the main task, he quickly rose to level 20 and sent to Ming Zhou City.

At this time, Qin Mo team has left Ming Zhou, came to the next map Qingcheng Mountain to upgrade.

The task level of Qingcheng Mountain is 20-30, compared with the main task of Ming Zhou City, the task difficulty here has obviously increased.

The first one received by Mirage was a four-star delivery task——Qu Linger asked the chivalrous men to send the secret letter to the East Pavilion and hand it to the recipient there.

This mission rewards a lot of experience, and the difficulty of four stars is obviously not very easy to do.

Mirage said: "The game screen is 3D and the chat is floating, my eyes are dizzy after look it for a long time ah! Ink Mark, Little Medicine Fairy, can you open the Voice System and talk directly?"

Little Medicine Fairy: "Okay ah!"

There is a built-in voice system in the game, you can log in directly, after login, you can hear the voice of people nearby, of course, when there are too many players nearby, you can choose to block the voice of strangers, only hear the voice of teammates. You can also set up a voice room by yourself, inviting friends from a far distance to join the room and talk to each other.

Qin Mo logged in to the game's built-in voice system, and immediately heard a girl's voice coming from his ear, it sounded very lively: "You three are all here ah! Has Ink Mark come?"

This should be Little Medicine Fairy, Qin Mo calmly said: "Hello, I am Ink Mark."

Suddenly there was silence around——the voice transmitted through the headphones was very clear and pleasant, even if it was Mirage, he has to admit that this kind of cold voice popular with younger sisters, the voice of Ink Mark exactly like a cold male god, everyone is quiet and seems to be waiting for his next instructions.

After a long time of silence on the voice channel, Qin Mo went on to ask: "What should we pay attention on this task?"

Only then Mirage realize——I am a veteran ah!

Although Ink Mark is very powerful, he do not seem familiar with the game, thinking of this, Mirage actively introduced: "Qu Linger's real identity is the daughter of the leader of Wulin alliance, she bought a secret letter to Qingcheng Mountain, fearing that she might lose the secret letter when her identity was exposed, so we were entrusted with delivering the secret letter into the hand of the recipient."

Little Medicine Fairy praised Mirage: "Mirage, you are very familiar with the plot stories in the game!"

Mirage laughed and said: "I played three beta tests, and the plot of the task was almost memorized."

Little Medicine Fairy wondered: "It’s just delivering the letter, It shouldn't be difficult."

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile couldn’t help interrupting: "This is not a delivery mission in Novice Village, the assassins will intercept us in the middle of mission, once attacked, the letter will fall and the task will fail."

Little Medicine Fairy shocked: "So, we need to dodge from the assassins?"

Jinghua Shuiyue teach: "Generally, the secret letter will be handed over to a person who has a better Qinggong operation, others are responsible for protecting him, as long as the messenger is not attacked, and quickly reach the destination is fine." He paused and added, "Brother Ink Mark, will you take this secret letter? Your operation is the best among us."

Qin Mo said: "No problem."

In the game, Mirage traded the secret letter to Ink Mark, and transmit the team leader to him immediately, the task countdown appears in the upper right corner, the time limit is 5 minutes.

It turned out to be a limited-time task.

Qin Mo understood this point, and immediately turned around and quickly move along the path on the hillside, the effect of Qinggong skill 'Flicker' made him move like a wind.

Of course, the teammates are not fools, they are following Qin Mo closely, and they are also speeding up with their Qinggong skills.

When they arrived at the fork in front of them, a group of black masked people suddenly appeared around them, without saying a word, they rushed over, Qin Mo's right index finger slide slightly on the touch screen panel, Ink Mark in the game immediately moved sideway cleverly, avoiding the assassin's sword.

Mirage also cleverly takes out a bag of medicinal herbs from his medicine basket, sprinkled out all over the place——Heartbroken Grass!

The thick green fog spread around, poisoned all the assassins, Mirage used group poisoning skills to quickly pull the hatred of these assassins, quickly said: "Ink Mark you run first, if you encounter small monsters on the way, use your secret book skills or Heaven Sun combo to silence them, you go ahead and let us solve the small monsters!"

Qin Mo nodded: "Understand."

Time-limited tasks must be completed in a timely way, if all five people stay in the same place to fight monsters, they may not be able to complete the task within 5 minutes. It's reasonable to give the secret letter to the person who has the best Qinggong operation, when the small monsters appear, he will use the control skills to silence it and leave it to the person behind him to solve it, in this way, the person who in charged for secret letter can reach the end point as quickly as possible.

Of course, there is a premise for all of this——people who have the secret letter not only do better with their Qinggong, but also need to respond quickly, otherwise, the mission will fail if the secret letter falls when small monster attacks him in the front.

It was obvious that Mirage could trust Ink Mark, and he certainly did not disappoint him.

After a few steps, another group of monsters besieged him, Qin Mo flew forward five feet with his Qinggong skill, then he turned back sharply and sent out 'Sword Rain Fragrance' skill immediately, countless white Sword Spirit fell from the sky, stabbing the assassins with their sharp swords accurately, and causing 3 seconds of stun state to all the assassins.

——It's 100% stun.

'Sword Rain Fragrance' is also the most powerful secret book skills, it is not a 'certain probability' trigger control, but 100% trigger control. In the arena, this kind of 'absolute control' skill is quite domineering, and it is also the easiest to turn the situation around at the critical moment.

Qin Mo liked this newly learned secret book skill very much, seeing that all the assassins were stun, he no longer paid attention to these small monsters, he turned and went forward.

On the way, there were many assassins who interfered with him, they were all controlled by Qin Mo with two combos.

The speed of the four people cleaning up the monsters is also very fast, the five people cooperated very well, when there was 1 minute left in the countdown, Qin Mo finally reached the target location and sent the secret letter to the mysterious old man in the pavilion.

——Congratulations on the successful completion of the challenge task, task completion score: five stars.

Little Medicine Fairy was surprised and said: "It's give a score!"

Mirage said excitedly: "High-difficulty tasks will have completion score, five-star score is the highest, the higher the score, the more rewards!"

It was the first time that he got five stars in the game after so long. Sure enough, the reward experience is very high when handing in tasks, five people have been rose from level 22 to level 23, and one task directly give a 1 level upgrade!

Little Medicine Fairy is also excited: "It's fun to do this difficult task, and it's give more experience!"

That's because we have an expert in our team......Silently thinking, it was wise of me, cheekily to keep Ink Mark in the fixed team. With him, the task is quick and easy, rising to 30 today is definitely not a problem, thinking of this, Mirage is more energetic, and the sound is also excited: "Well, since we are getting better and better together, then, let's pick a difficult star task to finish?"

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile laughed and said: "In this way, we will upgrade faster than the average person!"

Little Medicine Fairy: "Okay, good ah!"

Mirage asks Ink Mark opinions: "Ink Mark, what do you think?"

Qin Mo said lightly: "Yes, we will do the most difficult task."

At the same time, the Dragon Song Club training room.

"The task of the game have divided difficulty, only choose the difficult one." Xiao Han said, "It's meaningless to do too simple tasks, you need to upgrade as soon as possible."

"Understand!" The newcomers heard this and immediately ran to the place where the star-rated task was.
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