The King's Return : Chapter 07

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Chapter 7: Two Way Tasks

The newcomers of the club quickly rose to level 20, Xiao Han looked at the upgrade guide and said: "I'll reassign the personnel for the level 20 Kunlun Mountain dungeon, team 1 consist of 2 range attack, 2 other range attack in team 2 with me, finish it first to get some equipment."

Hearing this, Pei Yu, who is in charge of team 2 immediately disband his team and create another party with captain and another range attack member.

Xiao Han said: "I've checked the strategy of this dungeon, we are not well equipped, the output is not enough, so we can't fight according to the strategy, can only rely on skill to complete it. There is no healer in the team, when the Sword Spirit refresh use your Qinggong skill to dodge, walk around with the Sword Spirit while kitting the boss, let me see your operation."

They understood at once.

After all everyone is a professional players, after staying in the training camp for a period of time, their basic skills are very solid, although there are many Sword Spirit to eliminate, and there are much pressure to walk around, fortunately the output speed of 4 long-range and assassin are extremely fast, before everyone blood drop to the end, the boss almost die.

But, it's just almost!

The boss still has 5% of blood, while the long ranges in the team were chased and chopped to death by the sword spirit.

Everyone looks at the gray screen and feels embarrassed. If the news that a group of professional players in Dragon Song Club have died in the new 20-level dungeon goes out, it will be disgraced!

Fortunately, Xiao Han is still alive.

When he saw his teammate died, he immediately pressed the three keyboard clicks quickly——Darkness Valley, Rainbow through the Sun, Meteor!

The black-clothed assassin on the screen suddenly disappeared.

The Sword Spirit lost their targets and began to run around, at this moment, the assassin suddenly appeared behind the boss, the dagger in his hand fell sharply. The two successive attacks of Rainbow through the Sun and Meteor directly hit the boss in triggered negative state of 'bleeding'. Then, he quickly pressed down the three successive attacks of Rainbow through the Sun, in critical hit, and the output damage was terrible.

After a string of smooth combo skill, the boss fell to the ground.

Xiao Han calmly walked up to the boss and picked up a pile of equipment, then walk out the dungeon.

The players stared at the scene, as if they had not recovered from the cool scene where the captain killed Boss.

Until Xiao Han's voice came to their ear: "What are you doing in daze? Take out and distribute the dungeon equipment."

"Oh!" Only then did the group return to their sense, got up from the ground in dismay and divided the equipment by their profession at the dungeon door.

With the addition of equipment, they complete the next dungeon very smoothly, killing the final boss in less than ten minutes. Everyone quickly finished all the five dungeon of the day, and got many fragments of secret books and various materials, the fragments could not be traded and had to be held by themselves, but the materials were all concentrated in the captain's warehouse, for later distribution.

Pei Yu looked at Xiao Han's calm face from beginning to end, and suddenly felt a little emotion in his heart.

Xiao Han took over as captain at a young age, which attracted many doubts from the outside world, but, Xiao Han grew up at an amazing speed in recent years, in a short year, the young mixed-raced boy who spoke Chinese very awkwardly and had a very introverted personality became the captain who is not smiling but steady and reliable nowadays.

It is said that Xiao Han was called 'Little Prince' in his teenager day, and Qin Mo, the little prince of the Wind Color Team, was known as 'Twin Star'. Both of them were trained as successors of the team, and their predecessors had high expectations for them. Unfortunately, Qin Mo, another of the Twin Star, they had no chance to see him, because that person left the professional league very early.

It seems that in the year of Qin Mo's left, Xiao Han grew up to a new generation of great gods at terrible speed and became a very responsible captain.

In Pei Yu's impression, Xiao Han rarely speak, it is said that this has something to do with his growing up abroad and his poor Chinese.

But as long as he talks, that’s definitely the right thing to say.

The personnel allocation at the time of dungeon just now seems simple. In fact, Xiao Han has already sorted out the job configuration of ten people, selected the most suitable line-up for clearing the dungeon, collect the equipment at the fastest speed, which also makes the process of upgrading the most quickly.

——Such a big picture view is beyond the reach of the newcomers.

Thinking of this, Pei Yu could not help looking back at the captain, and found that his face was still not expression, but the corners of his mouth moved, and he said: "What's wrong?"

Pei Yu smiled awkwardly and said: "Captain, in fact, I secretly played the beta test before."

Xiao Han: "I know."

Pei Yu stared in surprise and said: "Ah? How did you know?

Xiao Han: "When you mentioned the secret book just now, you know so much, obviously you have played this game before."

Unexpectedly, his observation was amazing, even this detail was found, Pei Yu scratched his head embarrassingly and said: "Captain, I took time to play after I returned to my dormitory at night......"

The voice of the teenager was very soft, with a touch of pleading tone, it seems to want to express 'I did not abandon training, the captain must not punish me'.

Xiao Han said: "I will not pursue it, what you want to do outside of training time is your freedom."

Pei Yu breathed a sigh of relief and came up and said: "Actually, there is another way to get the secret books for this game." Since the captain did not investigate him for secretly playing the new game, Pei Yu boldly said, "After level 30, Jianghu Warrior will be spawn randomly in the field map. After the successful challenge, there will be a lot of experience, secret books and rare materials will also be dropped."

"The wild boss?"

"En. The wild boss of level 30 is refreshed in Jianshen Valley, we can't reach level 30 tonight, we can visit it after we reach the level tomorrow."


"Now......Would you like to upgrade in Qingcheng Mountain first?”

"En, you take the team 2 to continue the task."

After arriving at Qingcheng Mountain, Xiao Han first browsed the task distribution on the minimap in the upper right corner.

In the southeastern part of Qingcheng Mountain, there are several difficult tasks that mark four stars to five stars. He took several players to the southeast corner and selected a five-star difficult task, The Treasure Map of the Leisurely Villa."

This is a chain tasks, the experience of rewards is extremely rich, and many rare materials will be rewarded.

The first part of the task is to Qinggong to the top of the mountain in front of you and find the fragments of the first treasure map. This requires very skillful Qinggong operation, otherwise you can’t fly at all, of course, for Xiao Han this is a piece of cake.

The second part of the task is to kill the thieves in the woods and find the fragments of the second treasure map. The number of thieves is very large, but Xiao Han team is all professional players, killing a group of small monsters is a matter of minutes.

At the beginning of the third part, the difficulty of the task increased significantly, requiring players to hide in the leisurely villa and steal the fragments of the third treasure map while the owner slept soundly.

This third task is a special test of movement skills, because there are many guards patrolling the villa with lanterns, as long as you appear in front of the guards within 10 feet will be found by the guards, and then the task directly failed. And all stealth skills in this task will be disabled——this is also to prevent the assassin player from using stealth all the way through.

A large number guard patrol the villa back and forth. Xiao Han hides under the trees in the corner of the wall and observes carefully for a moment. He soon discovers the regular pattern of guard and the scope of vision.

The two guards on the main road on the front of the villa will go from left to right, because of the long distance, the road will be very safe as long as they go. However, the side roads are very short, the guards move back and forth quite frequently, and they will bump into each other if they are not careful. This naturally requires the players to be quick-sighted, grasp the distance with the guards, and rush into the next safe place immediately when the guards are back to them.

Xiao Han looked carefully at the terrain of the villa and said: "Go, follow me."

He aimed at the turning point of the guard and jumped straight to the next intersection. At the moment the guard is approaching at the front intersection, he immediately step back and keep a safe distance until the guard turns around before proceeding further.

—— Flexible movement, moderate advance and retreat.

The terrain of Leisurely Villa is very complicated, but the team members found that the captain easily passed the maze formation composed of guards in less than a minute.

They came to the interior of the villa and lurked in the villa owner's chamber, as a matter of fact, the villa owner was sleep soundly.

However, at the moment when Xiao Han wanted to get the fragments of the treasure map from the treasure box on the table, that Villa owner suddenly opened his eyes and shouted: "What a bold man! How dare you steal my baby?!" After that, he picked up the big knife at his hand and chopped it into the position where Xiao Han stood, Xiao Han immediately retreated a few steps to avoid the Villa owner rage attack.

This is the monster leader, the difficulty is not low, the yard guards heard his roar and all came in to help, it is very troublesome to solve a group of monster.

"You hit the villa owner, I'll drag the guards away." Xiao Han said it and quickly retreated outside the door, pressing 'Rainbow through the Sun' three times in a row!

Countless cold daggers shot out of his hand, accurately enveloping the guards in front of him, and the guard who were attracted, immediately turned and chased him, Xiao Han dragged and kitting them in the yard.

Without the interference of the guards, the other four soon knocked down the villa owner and the fragments of the treasure map came to hand smoothly.

Xiao Han breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that the task was finally over, but a hint popped up in front of him.——

"The chivalrous man has collected three pieces of treasure map, which can be returned directly to me in exchange for rewards, or the fragments can be pieced together into a complete treasure map to open a treasure map dungeon of the Leisurely Villa. Note: This dungeon is a two-way dungeon. The reward is doubled, but the difficulty is very high. Please do your best."

At the same time, Qin Mo's screen also popped up the announcement.

Several of them are now at level 25 and have just finished the task of collecting fragments of treasure maps.

Qin Mo asked doubtfully: "What is a two-way dungeon?"

Mirage actively explained: "The treasure map series tasks of this game are two-way dungeon, which means that, there are two teams pass in dungeon, everyone PK in the dungeon and can only take the treasure after killing the other team. This two-way dungeon is very difficult, because we don't know what the strength of incoming team."

Little Medicine Fairy excitedly said: "2 teams rob the treasure, it’s sound very interesting ah!"

Wind Leaves said: "We have been doing difficult tasks, now we have reached level 25, with Ink Mark, we can try this dungeon."

Since the completion of Qingcheng Mountain delivery task, they have completed several difficult tasks, such as escorting NPC, killing thieves, and have received the completion evaluation of five stars, rewards have doubled many times, the five people upgraded very fast, has successfully squeezed into the top three of the regional ranking list, no wonder Wind Leaves is so confident about team PK in the treasure map dungeon.

Since the reward doubled, Qin Mo naturally would like to try: "Let’s try then."

He chose the second option, and the fragments of the three treasure maps in the package were instantly synthesized into a complete treasure map, followed by a whole new dungeon.

——Leisurely Villa Treasure Mine.

The Secret Dungeon Map is the same as the Leisurely Villa just now, but when he went to steal the fragment, the scene of the Villa was night, and now it has become day. The vision is much clearer than that at night.

As the Villa Owner was killed, there was no guard in the villa. Qin Mo took his teammates to the backyard of the villa smoothly. In the middle of the backyard pond, there was an obvious mechanism. Qin Mo went forward to open the mechanism——an underground passageway appeared in front of him. This should be the location of the treasure.

Just as Qin Mo was about to enter the secret passage, a line of characters suddenly flashed out in the chat area in the lower left corner: "Friends, let us have the treasure, I don't want to kill you."

Sender: Thousand Miles Ice.

Qin Mo was stunned and responded that the other party was the captain of another team whose two-way dungeon sent in, he immediately sent a message and answered. "Why do I have to give it to you? If you have the ability, then get it yourself."

The players in the Dragon Song training room were all shocked!

Never seen anyone dare to talk to the captain like that!

This Ink Mark is really 'refuse a toast to drink' (T/N : refuse to submit). Let our captain take it by himself, don't cry and beg for mercy later…...

The other side refused to give in, Xiao Han had to say. "Do you want to by one or group PVP?"

Give the other the right to choose is also Xiao Han's demeanor as a professional player. After all, it is not a glorious thing for him to take a group of professional players to fight with online game players, solving the problem alone is the most time-saving.

And this is exactly match the intention of Qin Mo.

Mirage, Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile and Wind Leaves are not at a high level player, Little Medicine Fairy is still a newbie, and it is very frustrating to fight with the other five. On the contrary, Qin Mo has an advantage, since the other side is willing to let him make a choice, Qin Mo naturally won't be polite, he says: "Come here and fight one by one, the loser leads the team out."

Xiao Han simply said: "Okay."

As soon as he said that, he pressed the stealth skill of the 'Darkness Valley' and rushed directly to the backyard of the villa where the treasure was located at the speed of lightning!
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