The King's Return : Chapter 08

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Chapter 8: A Well Match Opponent

"You stand back." Qin Mo said faintly on the voice channel, "I'll finish him."

The four men immediately move away from the garden, leaving Qin Mo's white swordsman standing alone in the middle, calmly waiting for the challenge of the other side.

Because the big trees in the garden blocked the line of sight, Qin Mo did not see Xiao Han and his team just now, coupled with Xiao Han's assassins can be invisible, Qin Mo will naturally lose the advantage of the first hand, because the first party in 1v1 battle can always play more damage and more control skills, take the lead, and then if the hand does not react in time, it will certainly fall into a passive beating.

The newcomers sitting around Xiao Han thought that the swordsman named 'Ink Mark' will lose——after the captain shows up later, any set of critical attack moves will give him a huge advantages.

Xiao Han did not disappoint the players.

He let Thousand Miles Ice hide behind Ink Mark, and suddenly burst out without the other party's awareness. The cold dagger in his hand shot toward the center of the other side's back in a series of assassination skills——3 consecutive Rainbow Through the Sun!

Crit, Crit, Triple combo!

Beautiful three-strike combo skill smoothly came out. The daggers glittering with cold light changed from one to three, and then to numerous dense dark weapons shot out from Xiao Han's hands and covered the white swordsman in front of him. In an instant, the dense daggers were like rainstorms, dazzling in the light of sunshine, which made people dare not dare to look at them.

Hide in the distance, Mirage could not help exclaiming: "This assassin is an expert!"

Little Medicine Fairy could not understand the situation in the garden, she only thought that the assassin had made a very sharp move, but her heart was still toward her teammates, she could not help saying: "Ink Mark level is 25, Thousand Miles Ice is only level 22, and Ink Mark level is higher than him, he is sure to win!"

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile laughed and said: "That's it, that's it!"

Wind Leaves is more calm, staring at the garden side, he has an intuition, 3 level difference is not big, Ink Mark win is uncertain!

At this time, Xiao Han followed closely the next skill——Meteor!

This skill is a close-up assassination technique, which allows the distant assassin to sneak up behind the enemy in an instant, strike the enemy’s heart to achieve a fatal blow!

The assassin, dressed in black, wearing a mysterious black mask on his face, this movement, people feel only a flash of shadow in front of him, Thousand Miles Ice, which had been in the distance, came to the back of Ink Mark in an instant, the sharp knife in his hand decisively pierced into the heart, Ink Mark blood suddenly dropped from 100% to 50%.

Of course, being knocked off half blood is not the result of this skill, but the total damage caused by the combination of the 'Rainbow Through the Sun' three-hit and the 'Meteor' attack, but because of the quick operation of Thousand Miles Ice, this series of skills released in three seconds. As if cutting off half of the blood of Ink Mark at once, which makes the hearts of people watching from afar extremely shocked!

Even Qin Mo couldn't help being surprised that the assassin came so fast and the offensive was so fierce!

Almost in an instant, he judged that he had met an expert assassin.

The other side blocked his own perspective and successfully launched a sneak attack, seized the first chance, knocked off 50% of his blood at once.

If placed on the arena, this series of simple and sharp operation, if the opponent's psychological quality is slightly poor, it is likely to be directly knocked down by him.

This kind of repressive play can only be achieved by the real expert——to seize the first chance and play a huge advantage, the opponent must bear greater pressure to fight against him, once there is psychological pressure, it is easy to make mistakes, and this person, obviously, will not let go of the chance when opponent's make mistakes.

But who is Qin Mo?

Even when he left the competition circle when he was young, Qin Mo was the trump card of the Wind Color team and also participated in the world competition, his experience is not comparable to that of ordinary people.

He has seen so much of this upstream situation and has long been accustomed to them.

At the moment he was knocked out half-blood, Qin Mo immediately responded, only to see the swordsman in white clothes on the screen suddenly turn around, the sword in his hand flipped left and right flexibly, drawing two beautiful arcs in front of him, followed by inclined stab, and pierce the other side's abdomen sharply——Sword Horizon, Sword Rain Remnant!

It is Heaven Sun Combo that Wind Leaves have seen many times!

Wind Leaves was shocked by the fact that Ink Mark was suddenly turned back and hit violently, his two sword almost hit the same part of he assassin’s body, which created the precondition for the next Heaven Sun Combo.

Any swordsman knows that if there is a silent target in front of him, it is easy to take a critical hit at his opponent's weakness.

But when the target is behind him, how does he determine the position?

Before Wind Leaves could think about it, he saw the black-clothed assassin caught of guard and suddenly silenced by Ink Mark, and Ink Mark immediately use Qinggong skill 'Flicker', like a beautiful white bird, flying in the opposite direction, quickly opened the distance with each other!

This scene surprised the players who were watching in the training room.

Under the pressure of Xiao Han, people who are not good enough will be seckilled(T/N: online games term for killing enemy in second) directly without fighting back, but this person......

He actually managed to complete a clean counter-attack?!

When Xiao Han took the first chance to hide behind him and beat half his blood, he did not seem to be in a panic at all. Instead, he seized the opportunity to fight back in an instant and set Xiao Han in place?!

Pei Yu's heart shocked incomparably.

Captain Xiao Han's level is clear to everyone that the season MVP award is not for nothing. On the stage of professional league matches, Xiao Han hasn't met a rival, his assassins are terrible. Not only can he kill his opponent's blood with a quick and sharp attack, but also can he exert great psychological pressure on his opponents with his extremely fast speed, flexible playing methods and erratic movement skills.

Many experts in the professional circle will have a lot of psychological pressure when they are in the game against Xiao Han.

However, this person, called Ink Mark, does not seem to have any psychological pressure.

After countering Xiao Han, he cleverly opened the distance, relying on the superiority of the long sword flow to attack farther than the assassin, and once again released two 'Sword Horizon' in the distance.

Of course, the damage caused by the two attacks is not as high as that caused by the three attacks of 'Rainbow Through the Sun', and Thousand Miles Ice blood level is only reduced to 75% at present.

After three seconds of control is up, Xiao Han immediately returned to pursue——Darkness Valley!

The Qinggong effect of Darkness Valley makes him invisible again, and the agility attribute doubles, and in a twinkling of an eye, he catches up with the other party.

Everyone thought that the captain would once again play a set of combos to take the other party directly, but to everyone's surprise, the moment the Xiao Han finger pressed the keyboard to prepare a combo, It's like Ink Mark eyes growing behind his back, suddenly turning back to use 'Sword Horizon'!

This is a low damage group attack, but it has unexpected effect at this moment.

——The invisible assassin has been hit!

——The combo that just started is also interrupted by this trick!

Then, Ink Mark, like just now, quickly retreated with Qinggong skill 'Flicker', and opened the distance with Xiao Han.

Xiao Han's Qinggong fell into cooldown, coupled with being hit by the other side, can no longer enter the stealth state to interfere with him. In this way, Qin Mo can rest assured to rely on the advantages of distance to gradually reduce the blood gap between the two sides.

But Xiao Han will not stop there, Qinggong is in cooldown, but he has other follow up skills.


The black-clothed assassin, like a ghost, once again instantaneously moved behind Ink Mark, the dagger in his hand rose and fell, and he hit the second strike of Meteor!

If the group attack damage caused by Rainbow Through the Sun three consecutive attacks is considerable, then the two consecutive attacks of Meteor, who was damage with a dagger in close combat single target, caused more terrible damage.

——The amount of Ink Mark blood has dropped to 20%.

This amount of blood seems to be dangerous, but Qin Mo is still not panic, he once again turned around, hit the Heaven Sun combo accurately, silence the assassin in place, and then calmly flew away, opened the distance from the other side for the third time!

It was only at this moment, the expression on Xiao Han's face changed slightly.

The position of the swordsman in white clothes in the distance is extremely flexible, especially the application of Qinggong, which can be called 'attain the acme of perfection'. 

This Ink Mark is an expert, and not an ordinary expert.

He was very sharp and decisive in dealing with people in battle, when he began with half his blood at the start, he was able to withstand the pressure to deal with the next situation, and came up with the most rational way to narrow the blood gap by relying on distance advantage. He chased him fiercely, if he is an ordinary people, he will out of breath a long time ago, but he was calm enough to see an opening, without panic.

Xiao Han can’t help frowning——this feeling is familiar, but he can't say where he feels this familiar feeling.

Qin Mo was also very shocked at this time, the assassin in front of him was too sharp and aggressive. In the face of his lightning-fast pursuit of assassination, he would be killed by a set of outbreaks when he did not pay attention. Although Qin Mo situation was stabilized with extremely fast response and neat operation, there was a layer of sweat in the palm of the hand.

——He has not fought so fiercely with people for a long time.

Just now he even took out the concentration and caution in the past match, in order to avoid the other side's critical strike.

But he knows that if it goes on like this, he will still overwhelmed.

——Because the other party is too fast!

Qin Mo wanted to open up the distance and slowly reduce the blood of the other party, but obviously, the assassin was very smart, knowing that the difference between the two attacking distances would be disadvantageous to him, so he has been following the principle of 'quick battle and decision', making use of the skills of Meteor to advance chasing Qin Mo repeatedly.

Ink marks now have 20% of blood, while the other party's blood is around 50%.

It's not a way to drag it down, think of it here, Qin Mo’s look is cold, and he will decisively slide his finger to the position of the lower left corner of the blue touch screen.

The spectators saw the sword in the hands of the white swordsman suddenly stand up in front of him, followed by countless White Sword Spirit descended from the sky and surrounded the black-clothed assassin.——

Sword Rain Fragrance!

He use the secret book skill with a 3 minutes cooldown!

Xiao Han had no time to guard against it, and was directly dizzy by the Sword Spirit, while Qin Mo took advantage of the three seconds of dizzy state, burst out the highest speed, and once again hit with Sword Horizon and Sword Rain Remnant combo!

So, after Sword Spirit 3 seconds dizziness is over, he keeps up with the 3 seconds silence control.

"He unexpectedly use a seamless control?!" Pei Yu opened his eyes in surprise and stared at the captain's computer screen, his face unbelievable.

The so-called seamless control is the control time for the high-end players to calculate the two skills, when the previous skill control effect is about to end, immediately pick up the latter control skill.

—— Ink Mark actually rely on this set of gorgeous operation, in a second Xiao Han's Thousand Miles Ice stunned directly!

He used a series of skills to hit nearly 50% of the blood damage, which seems to be the most powerful counterattack to Xiao Han's 50% blood.

When the captain seized the first chance and pressed the other side's blood, he was killed by the other side's residual blood at the last moment.

The atmosphere in the training room suddenly became extremely awkward.

At the beginning, we all thought that the captain had abused the players in the online games for only a minute. Everyone was thinking that Ink Mark would be abused and crying, no one thought at all......Xiao Han could lose.

A group of people looked at each other and wondered how to break the weird silence.

Fortunately, Pei Yu was smart enough to immediately reflect the key to the match, euphemistically saying: "Ink Mark are two levels higher than the captain, and he has learned an extra secret book skill. Moreover, swordsmen below 30 have all kinds of control skills, but the assassins are unable to control, and their skills are too weak......"

Pei Yu has a good point, but Xiao Han is a professional player after all. The gap between his level and the skill is nothing in the eyes of the players.

Xiao Han opened his mouth and said: "If I lose, then lose, don't have to make excuses."

His indifferent attitude made the newcomers feel a little relieved, Pei Yu immediately changed the topic: "Captain, what's the origin of this Ink Mark ah?"

Xiao Han said: "It should be a professional player."

This man must have very rich experience in dealing with assassins. Otherwise, he could not have predicted the position of the assassin after his stealth skill, let alone be so calm in the face of the assassin's fast pursuit.

Xiao Han couldn't think of any other explanation except professional players.

"Which team will it be?" Pei Yu asked curiously.

"There are so many teams in the new game that it is impossible to judge yet." Xiao Han thought for a moment and said, "I don't want him to be suspicious of us, so pretend not to know for the time being."


In the game, Ink Mark sent a sentence on the dungeon channel: "I won. According to the agreement, you lead the team to withdraw and the treasure belongs to me."

"No problem." Xiao Han resolutely took the team back, followed by adding the other party as a friend, but received a prompt from the system.——

The other party rejected your friend's application.

"Why refuse?" Xiao Han wondered, "We can learn from each other when we are free."

"No need." Qin Mo said bluntly, "I have the advantage of secret book skill, it is not fair to you, there is no need to continue to learn."

"......" Xiao Han can only helplessly send an ellipsis.

The newcomers in the training room looked at each other.

Unexpectedly, the captain today in front of this person, speechless, finally even a friend request is rejected......
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