The King's Return : Chapter 09

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This chapter is mostly about some flashback scene of Qin Mo and Xiao Han in the past (/ε\*). don't forget to support me, enjoy your reading ~

Chapter 9: Reminiscence

Lost to an expert in online games, but also rejected his friend request, the other captain may not be unable to back down, but Xiao Han did not mind this, calmly said: "Everyone pay close attention to this Ink Mark, any news at any time, report to me."

The newcomers suddenly realized——the captain was eyeing this Ink Mark ah!

Pei Yu was the most considerate among the newcomers, he immediately smiled and said: "Captain, could this man be the great god who knows you?"

"He made me feel familiar, I must have met him before." Xiao Han paused and frowned. "I can't think which swordsman he is in the league, keep your eyes on him, maybe you will find out."

"Ink Mark depends on 'Sword Rain Fragrance' secret book skill in the first place for this result, otherwise tomorrow wait for us to also have a dozen secret books, and try again to fight him?" Pei Yu suggested.

"Good." Xiao Han turned to him and asked, "When will the wild boss spawn tomorrow?"

"Nine o'clock in the morning, in Jianshen Valley."

"How difficult is this boss?"

"It's harder than dungeon boss and easier than world boss, with teamwork, it can be killed."

Xiao Han nodded and explained: "Tonight, everyone will work harder, rise to level 30 and then sleep, tomorrow at 8.30 A.M, we will go to Jianshen Valley to fight wild boss."

"Understand!" They immediately finishing the task to upgrade.

As the other team withdraws from the dungeon and automatically abandons the treasure, the reward for the treasure box of the leisurely villa was successfully won by Qin Mo, and the reward doubled so that five people went up one level again, reaching level 26.

Little Medicine Fairy was very happy, and praised: "Ink Mark is really powerful! Just now the man said that he wanted us to give up the treasure, and the result, he was killed by Ink Mark!"

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smiled echoed: "That’s it that’s it, he is no match for Ink Mark at all!"

Relatively speaking, Mirage and Wind Leaves are much calmer, chatting with each other privately——

"The level of Thousand Miles Ice is not low, I feel that for Ink Mark to win in the end, the secret book skills play a very important role," said Wind Leaves.

"Well, that person play is fast and fierce, if it's me, he'll start off with a set of assaults." Mirage is a little ashamed, "Ink Mark equal to him, they are experts, much more powerful than us......"

"Today we offended Thousand Miles Ice, will he not find us trouble later?" Wind Leaves worries about it. After all, the self-esteem of the expert is stronger than that of the ordinary people, if he loses in front of so many people, he may hold a grudge, and if he finds trouble later, several of them are not his opponents at all.

"Probably not?" Mirage said, "After losing, he resolutely took his team to withdraw, he seemed to be a relatively straightforward person, not so petty as to come to us to revenge."

"I hope so." Wind Leaves sighed, "Anyway, let’s go upgrade to level 30 tonight."

The two ended their private chat and continued to take on difficult tasks with their teammates, by about 12 A.M, they had successfully risen to level 30.

Most of the players in the game are just at level 20, and their level are so much far ahead from others.

Mirage sighs: "This is level 30 ah!"

Last time, it took him 20 hours to reach level 30 all night. Today, it only takes 12 hours to reach level 30, with the addition of Ink Mark, the speed of upgrading has indeed become very fast.

Qin Mo looked at the time and said: "I sleep first. Good night, everyone."

Mirage immediately said: "Good night everyone! See you at 9 in the morning!"

After turning off the computer, Qin Mo rubbed his sore eyes and got up to the bathroom. Playing VR games for a long time is also a great test for the eyes, the fatigue brought by too real scenes will be double, and the combination of work and rest is also very necessary.

Qin Mo lay in the big bathtub, closed his eyes to relax himself and took a good bath.

After taking a bath, Qin Mo went to his bedroom and lay down. He planned to have a good sleep, but he turned around again and again, couldn’t fall asleep.

His mind was always filled with the scene of the assassin who had just fighting him in the Leisurely Villa Treasure Mine secret dungeon.

Thousand Miles Ice play gave him a strange sense of familiarity——he could not help thinking of a person.

That man became a professional player when he was young, he played with great spirit and sharpness. What's more, he is flexible in his thinking on the field, sometimes he will suddenly launch an attack to kill his opponents. Sometimes he will continue to be invisible to find opportunities and play a beautiful maneuver, he will adjust his fighting ideas according to different opponents, playing in mysterious way and unpredictable, have high winning percentage in single match, which is why he won the Best Newcomer Award of the year.

Qin Mo also won the Best Newcomer Award, one year earlier than him.

He made his debut later than Qin Mo, but he made rapid progress and soon caught up with Qin Mo. Although Qin Mo did not say it, his level was highly recognized in his heart.

What's more, they were once so close when they were young. Xiao Han even said publicly in an interview: "Qin Mo is my best friend."

The two men are similar in age and highly gifted, what's more, their masters are the captains of strong and powerful teams. They were trained as successors, as a result they both have the nickname 'Little Prince'. In addition, Xiao Han always openly says "Qin Mo is my best friend". Fans named them 'Twin Star', which means "the two most promising young stars in the professional league”.

Reporters often put them together for discussion, and fans are expecting that after their master retires, they will be the successors of their respective teams. Will they become the two top gods of the new generation and play countless matches on the field?

Unfortunately, Qin Mo left too early and the match that everyone expected did not appear.

Think of the scene of parting at the beginning, Qin Mo's heart is a little upset, simply buried his face in the pillow, forced himself to fall asleep as soon as possible.

It was not until 3 A.M that Qin Mo finally fell asleep. However, the scene of that year appeared again in his dream.

There is a scene of him joining the Wind Color Team when he was fifteen years old and was taken as an apprentice by the captain Ling Xuefeng; Scenes where he finally won the Best Newcomer Award at the award ceremony after many setbacks; Scenes where he met Xiao Han for the first time, a teenager with blond hair and black eyes, he was amazed by his appearance; There were also scenes of him following his master in the World Competition and fiercely battle with the world's elites......

At the end of the dream, it was the scene of the press conference that year.

With a heavy heart, he bowed to the reporters as a teenager to apologize, saying with a chocked voice: "I'm sorry for disappointing my friends who liked and supported me."

The reporters rush forward to ask all kinds of sharp questions, the cameraman quickly presses shutter to him, constantly photographing his downcast appearance, Qin Mo even felt like gorilla being watched in the zoo. The chill in his heart made his whole body feel like he was in an ice cellar, his legs were numb and his head was blank.

He did not remember how he left the press conference, but he clearly remembered that Xiao Han suddenly stopped him.

Backstage of the press conference, the blond hair teenager quickly caught up with himself and said with a clear voice, "I'll wait for you to come back! When we meet again one day, you can defeat me with your own hands!"

This sentence hit Qin Mo's heart like a heavy hammer, waking him up from his dream in an instant.

At dawn, Qin Mo, dressed in a black pajamas, got up and came to the window.

The drizzle outside the window made the city look particularly hazy. It was like the rainy night when he left the Team. The rain blurred his vision, he looked up, but he could not see the two beautiful characters of 'Wind Color'.

At the beginning, when he left the Wind Color Team alone at the age less than 18 years old, no one could understand his sadness and helplessness at that time.

Over the past few years, those fragmented dreams always tormented him repeatedly. He knew he couldn't let go, so he gave himself a new chance to start over.

Qin Mo likes the game of Peerless Jianghu, it's also a rare opportunity for him to start over here.

Qin Mo took a deep breath and washed his face with cold water in the bathroom to sober himself up thoroughly.

He went to the kitchen to turn on the microwave to heat a cup of milk, only to find that the microwave did not respond. Qin Mo turned on the light and the light was not on, it seemed that there was a power outage at home, he call the property to ask, sure enough, the property response said: "The community need to rectify its circuits, the power will be cut off from 8 A.M to 4 P.M everyday for eight hours, starting today for three consecutive day."

A notice was posted in the elevator before, Qin Mo didn’t pay attention, that’s so great, no water and electricity at home, he had no choice but to take his wallet downstairs for breakfast.

It was drizzling early in the morning, and today was the weekend. There were not many pedestrians on the street. Fortunately, several breakfast shops were already open. Qin Mo propped up a large black umbrella and came to the soybean milk shop across the street to ask for a bowl of soybean milk and a meat bun.

While eating, he suddenly remembered that Xiao Han came to visit him during a vacation that year, he also ordered meat buns when he took Xiao Han to breakfast.

Xiao Han had never eaten this kind of food before, he took the meat bun and asked doubtfully: "It's clear that there is meat in the bun, why not call it bun with meat instead of meat bun?"

Qin Mo explained: "Meat bun, it means meat in steamed bun."

"Oh." Xiao Han nodded and pointed to the scallion cake beside him. "Is this called scallion steamed bun?"

"……" Qin Mo nearly sprayed the soy milk out.

Another time, Qin Mo took him to drink coffee, accidentally mentioning 'sprinkling salt on the wound'. Xiao Han asked him what this meant. Qin Mo patiently explained to him, "Sprinkle salt on the wound is a metaphor, describing that you mention of a sad topic, which makes people sadder. It's like someone else has a wound, which is very painful. If you sprinkle a handful of salt on the wound, it will hurt even more."

"Oh." Xiao Han seems to understand, "Why salt? Can't you say sugar? It also hurts to put sugar on the wound.”

"……" Qin Mo almost spurted out the coffee again. It took a long time to think of a reasonable explanation, "Sugar has a sweet meaning in Chinese, can’t be associated with pain, which has something to do with the context."

"Oh, context." Xiao Han leaned his head over for a moment and then said, "It's sweet to have coffee with you."

"......" Someone at the next table looked at it curiously, and Qin Mo wished he could hit him dead.

Xiao Han likes to use one thing against the other when he studies Chinese, but he always tells some strange misconceptions. As he grew up abroad, he was curious about everything at China after returning home, and his poor Chinese proficiency often made people laugh and cry. Every time he took him out, he felt very humiliated, because he always asked many strange questions, and his knowledge of grammar was too bad to be evaluated.

In fact, Qin Mo disliked Xiao Han in his mouth, but he is willing to bring him, because the time with him is always full of fun.

——It was a little bit of warmth in the strict training and cruel competition in his youth.

At that time, none of them were adults, and their ideas were very simple. They only knew how to train carefully and play well under the guidance of their master. They are about the same age and often get together. They usually play on the game with a side account and travel together during the holiday. Although they are in different teams, the relationship is better than their teammates on the same team.

Xiao Han has publicly stated many times that Qin Mo is his best friend. Although Qin Mo did not say this, his heart has already regarded the other as the most precious friend.

Think of those interesting things with Xiao Han when he was young, Qin Mo's cold face has become a lot softer.

After Qin Mo finished eating the meat bun, he took a paper towel and carefully wiped his fingers. Then he walked into the street with the umbrella.

At 07:30 in the morning, many shops were closed and the streets looked a little lonely.

There was no electricity or water in the community. He had nothing to do when he came home. Looking up, he saw a big sign on the second floor at the end of the street. There was a row of cute Q-version small fish painted on the sign. In the middle, there are four big blue characters in the cartoon style of 'Little Fish Internet Cafe'.

When Qin Mo thought about it, he turned and walked toward the Internet cafe.
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