The King's Return : Chapter 10

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This chapter 10, nothing special happened though, I'm sorry if there are many grammar mistakes, enjoy your reading ~

Chapter 10: Little Fish Internet Café

When Qin Mo walked into the Internet café, he was startled by the special features of the place-on the sea blue wallpaper, there are many vivid fishes pasted in three dimensions, coupled with the soft light rendering on the roof. This place is not like an Internet cafe at all, but rather like an aquarium. The decoration style is so different, which shows that the owner of this Internet cafe has a very unusual personality.

There is a snack area near the counter beside the entrance, there are several groups of soft sofas and tea tables for people to rest, the internet area is only to go further in. There are rows of computers arranged in an orderly manner. Many young men and women are sitting in front of the computer to surf the internet.

Qin Mo took back his sight and walked to the counter and said, "Hello, do you have a private room?"

Hearing the sound, the girl sitting at the counter immediately looked up.

Under the illumination of the light, the young man in front of him had fair skin, beautiful eyebrow eyes and a pair of black eyes. His hands on the counter were especially beautiful. His fingers were slender and his fingertips were round. He could almost be used as a hand model advertisement. However, he has a hint of coldness in his life, which is completely a template for the high-cold male god in the TV series.

The girl stayed in the Internet Cafe for so many days. This young man is the most handsome one she has ever seen.

Qin Mo looked down and found that the girl had a cute little melon-shaped face and big bright eyes. She was staring at him.

Qin Mo puzzled: "What's wrong?"

The girl came back to herself: "Ah, no, nothing. You want a private room, don't you? Let me check ... there is only a double room left. You can pick it for yourself, is it alright?"

” Yes."

"How long?"

“Until 6 P.M."

"Ok, please show me your ID card."

Qin Mo took out his ID card from his wallet and handed it to her. The girl took the ID card and quickly turn on the machine. Then she personally took Qin Mo to the VIP room in the corner.

The private room was very spacious, with a clear view through the French window, with a pair of sofas and a small coffee table by the window. There is a large computer desk in the middle of the room with two high-end desktop computers arranged side by side. The large-size display can make the computer screen appear more clearly in front of us. The whole room is as clean and comfortable as in your own home.

Qin Mo was very satisfied with this place. With the help of girls, she switched on the computer by swiping the card.

On the desktop, there is Peerless Jianghu game icon. Qin Mo saw the girl standing behind him and did not go. He asked, "Is there a light-screen touchpad?"

"Ah? What?" The girl was in dazed.

"I need Peerless Jianghu light screen touchpad. Do you have one here?" Qin Mo patiently repeated.

"Oh! Yes, I'll go and get it for you! " The girl turned actively to get it. In her mind, she wondering, this game is much more convenient to use keyboard than the light screen. The VR game needs to be typed blindly. Keyboard operation only needs to remember and space keys. But the touch control of the light screen requires finger to slide quickly on the LCD panel. The flexibility of the finger is more demanding. If you are not careful, you will go the wrong position. How can this person use the light screen so stubbornly?

However, when the guest needed it, she dutifully brought a brand new board panel from the storage room.

Qin Mo took over the light screen, connected to the computer with the USB port, then put on the special VR glasses and logged into the Peerless Jianghu.

The edge of the high-tech light screen immediately lit up with a luster blue light, the square area on the left side of the screen was divided into 16 small squares of the 4x4 by the blue lines, and the sliding area on the right side was changed accordingly. There are three icons on the upper left of the LCD panel, namely, the Sword Horizon, Sword Rain Remnant and Qinggong skill Flicker,  and what appears in the lower right corner is the secret book skill Sword Rain Fragrance---Obviously, Qin Mo settings in the game before have been automatically saved on the server and synchronized to the new control panel.

The girl wait for a while watched him make the settings quickly and glanced out of the corner to find his game id: Ink Mark impressively written on the upper left corner of the computer screen.

—— Isn't this the most powerful swordsman in the upgrade team yesterday?

The girl was about to ask, but she heard the young man in front of her lightly saying, "Are you Little Medicine Fairy?"

"Ah?" The girl who was recognized was somewhat surprised. "How do you know?"

"The voice is very similar." Qin Mo has long felt that the girl's voice is very familiar, much like the newbie healer that has been upgraded with him yesterday. Later, he thought about it carefully, when he was at the counter, he saw the computer next to her were opening the game Peerless Jianghu. Inside, it was pharmacist in Fangcao Hall, and the id of the Little Medicine Fairy after login.

Qin Mo has always been attentive, especially sensitive to details such as sound and images. Based on these clues, he immediately deduced that this girl was Little Medicine Fairy in the fixed upgrade team.

Since the other party also saw his ID, Qin Mo would no longer hide it, and said it directly.

"Yes! What a coincidence! " The girl who was recognized said excitedly, "My real name is Shen Qi. You can call me Xiao Qi! This Internet cafe is opened by my cousin. I came here to help when I was idle and bored during the holiday. You live nearby, don't you? You can come often when you are free. I'll give you a vip card so that you don't have to pay the internet fee. Also, there is a lot of delicious food in the snack area. Do you want something to eat?"

"I've had breakfast, thank you." This younger sister is very enthusiastic, but Qin Mo gave a polite and cold look.

"Then I'll get you a plate of fruit." The girl ran happily to bring a large plate of fruits, including cut apples, pears, pineapples, kiwi fruit, dragon fruit, watermelon … colorful and very rich. She put the fruit bowl directly on the table, then turned around and brought two bottles of drinks. She smiled and said, "It's really rare to meet online friend here. I treat you, no need to be polite! "

Now that she had brought it, Qin Mo had no choice but to accept, took the drink and said, "Thank you."

The girl did not leave and looked curiously at Qin Mo's light screen.

Qin Mo said, "What's wrong?"

Shen Qi scratched his head embarrassedly and said, "You are the first guest in the Internet cafe who requires to use the light screen of Peerless Jianghu. My cousin said that in the arena, keyboard control will be easier than the light screen, because the mechanical keyboard can ensure fast and conflict-free keys, but if the light screen slides continuously, it is easy to make mistakes, so he refused to purchase more, the internet cafe currently has less than 10 light screen touchpad ... This one of yours is still unsealed. “

Qin Mo looked back and asked, "Does your cousin understand game very well?"

Shen Qi smiled and said, "En. He used to be a professional player, but later, instead of playing games, he opened the Internet cafe.”

"Professional players?" Qin Mo became curious. "What's his id?"

"Fish Swim in Water." Shen Qi said.

This ID Qin Mo felt very familiar with it. He remembered it only after careful consideration. This man was once the main healer of the Dragon Song Club. Qin Mo and Xiao Han competed in a "Miracle" game that year. In addition to the Miracle, there are many large-scale games with professional leagues in China. There is basically no communication between players in different games. The "Fish Swimming in Water" is a player in other game. It happens to serve in Dragon Song Club. Qin Mo has never seen him before. He just heard Xiao Han mention it and has some impression on this ID.

Today, he went to the Internet cafe across the street due to power outage and it turned out to be a coincidence that I walked into an Internet cafe run by e-sports player, which happened to be related to Xiao Han's Dragon Song Club. Qin Mo's heart suddenly has a kind of premonition, he feel that this trip to the Internet cafe may disrupt his original peaceful life.

At that moment, the pager in Shen Qi’s pocket suddenly rang. Shen Qi busily said, "There may be customers calling for food. I'll go to the front desk first and see if you have something to call me directly from the telephone inside."

Qin Mo nods: "Ok, you go get your thing done first."

Several other teammates have not online, Qin Mo then handle his swordsman point, open skill tree to learn the skills of level 30.

Hanhua Sword School level 30 skill is called "Unrivaled Sword". It is an independent skill, it cannot trigger the effect of combo with other skills, but its advantage is that it can lock the target to launch attacks, cannot be evaded, and can hit higher single damage, can kill the remaining blood target in the critical moment.

Qin Mo was studying his new skills when a message suddenly appeared in the private chat window in the lower right corner with a simple word: "Morning."

Sender: Thousand Miles Ice. It was the assassin from yesterday.

Qin Mo has a very strange intuition that this man's playing style is like Xiao Han, but he has no evidence to confirm at present. Looking back, he happened to see him standing next to him. Obviously, he was also in level 30. He had just finished his assignment and came right in front of the NPC.

Qin Mo replied:"Morning."

Thousand Miles Ice: "Upgrade together?"

Ink Mark: "No, I'm waiting for my teammates."

Thousand Miles Ice: "Okay, then I'll wait for my teammates too."

Then, naturally, he sat down beside Ink Mark.

Qin Mo wanted to study the skill effect, it happened that he was sitting, this way they sat side by side on the top of the hill.

It was early in the morning in the game, the sky on the top of the hill is clear blue, and the chirping of birds are heard from time to time.

The sun in the east has just risen, and the surrounding clouds flow with the wind. The light from the sun shines a golden red color, and the visual effect is extremely realistic. At the foot of the mountain is the bustling Mingzhou City. The ancient buildings stand neatly. Outside the Mingzhou City, there are four small roads in the east, south, west and north, extending to the unknown.

This scene of the rising sun in the game world, quiet and peaceful, seems to be far away from the disturbance of the world, even more beautiful than the real world.

Thousand Miles Ice: "The scenery here is good."

Qin Mo agreed: "Yes."

Thousand Miles Ice: "What games have you played before?"

Ink Mark: “Do you want to trick me to tell the truth?”

Thousand Miles Ice: "En, I was found out."

This man is very straightforward and knows nothing about beating around the bush.

Remembering the mixed-race teenager in his memory who always spoke bluntly and did not understand what "beating around the bush" mean, Qin Mo gave a rare gentle look, and he quickly sent a line saying, "Don't use the same old saying from me, it doesn't matter who I am, you can't find it out, take your teammates to upgrade as soon as possible."

Xiao Han couldn't help being shocked when he saw this line of small characters. It seems that the other side has already seen that he is a professional player, but didn’t say anything. Is this meant to keep distance and not interfere with each other?

After a moment's silence, Xiao Han said, "Okay. Since you don't want to say it, I won't ask.”

But in his heart, He's thinking - if he doesn't want to say it now, He'll let him obediently confessed one day!
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