The King's Return : Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Learn From Each Other Again

Qin Mo's heart has a very strange intuition - this "Thousand Miles Ice" is too much like Xiao Han.

Although he does not have any language problems in typing and looks fluent in Chinese, the match yesterday always reminds Qin Mo of his youth.

At that time, he was only seventeen years old. He was a disciple of the Wind Color Team Captain. Xiao Han was half a year older than him, he was a disciple of Canglan Team Captain. Their master was a close friend, and he knew Xiao Han well because of this. Master are usually too busy, and the two young apprentices talk on the online game every day. Xiao Han grew up from a rookie to an excellent professional player. Qin Mo, as his "sparring partner", also contributed a lot. Qin Mo knew Xiao Han's personal style naturally.

Yesterday's match, Thousand Miles Ice flexible position and fast catch up with the means of pursuit, is completely a replica of Xiao Han play style.

What's more, "Thousand Miles Ice, Ten Thousand Miles Floating Snow" is a phrase from "Qinyuan Spring • Snow", (T/N : maybe it's some poetry?) which was also taught by Qin Mo to Xiao Han.

If this person is really Xiao Han, then he must bring the club's newcomers to the game to train for next year's professional league, which can also explain why yesterday in Leisurely Villa Treasure Mine, when the captain lost, the other players quickly withdrew without any comments.

Yesterday's encounter, he should be able to guess Ink Mark is a professional player, but he certainly won't think Ink Mark is Qin Mo.

First, Qin Mo has been away from the professional league for three years, and this time he returned without telling anyone. Second, Qin Mo used to play a Summoner, and used to summon all kinds of pet to kite opponents. This time, in the new game, he changed to play swordsman, playing in a different way from the past. Even if Master showed up in person, he might not recognize him.

Of course, the operator behind the "Thousand Miles Ice" is Xiao Han, this is just the feeling and speculation of Qin Mo, and there is no real evidence.

Regardless of whether this speculation is right or wrong, Qin Mo does not want anyone to know his identity for the time being.

As the sun gradually rises, Qingcheng Mountain has beautiful scenery. Looking down from the top of the mountain, the vision will be wider than that on the flat ground. In the game, there will also be slight differences in vision between "looking down" and "looking up", just like the real world.

Qin Mo was carefully calculating the difference in vision from high to low. Just then, a system message suddenly popped up in front of him-chivalrous man [Thousand Miles Ice] asked to duel with you. Do you agree?

Qin Mo asked doubtfully, "Do you want to duel again?"

Thousand Miles Ice: "Just learned a new skill, let’s try it."

Ink Mark, "You can go to the city gate and hit wooden dummy."

Thousand Miles Ice: "Wooden dummy can’t move, let alone use Qinggong."

Ink Mark: "So? You want to use me as a guinea pig for new skills?”

"En.” Thousand Miles Ice answer is very straightforward, “You also learned a new skill for level 30, right? Why don't you try it out too?"

Looking at the duel application that popped up again in front of him, Qin Mo hesitated for a moment and finally pressed "Agree".

----- Just as the other party said, he also just learned the new skills of level 30, just try the actual combat effect then.

At the beginning of the discussion, there was a 5 second countdown on the screen. After the countdown ended, Qin Mo immediately opened a Silent combo of Sword Horizon and Sword Rain Remnant.

It is supposed that if this strike goes on, all hostile targets in the fan-shaped area in front will be silenced by the group skill for 3 seconds.

But Thousand Miles Ice were not under his control.

Yesterday, when he duel for the first time, he was caught off guard by the other side. As a professional player, Xiao Han couldn't have made the same mistake for the second time. Today, during the match, he raised his vigilance. As soon as he saw Ink Mark starting action, he immediately operated Thousand Miles Ice for fast retreat, narrowly avoiding the fan-shaped attack range drawn by Ink Mark and successfully avoiding the silent control.

Qin Mo is not surprised by this. After all, the other party is a master. It is not so easy to control him twice with the same tactic.

Seeing him withdraw, Qin Mo is not in a hurry to pursue, but cautiously keep a distance with him, and continuously hit a number of mid-range group attacks of the sword, and slowly consume the opponent's blood.

Thousand Miles Ice blood soon hit 80%, Xiao Han finally began to counterattack——

A short distance away, the assassin suddenly split up into three black shadows, from the left, right and middle three directions at the same time toward Ink Mark!

The movement of the three black shadow seems to be disorganized, but the master knows that such a position is actually the most difficult to find the flaws. The black shadow generally move quickly and blindly, which makes people confused with the true and false, and even more confused with the direction of his attack.

Before Qin Mo could respond, one of the shadows had come quietly behind him.——

The sharp dagger pierced Ink Mark heart in an instant, and Ink Mark blood dropped to 70%.

Then the three shadows around him disappeared suddenly. Not far away, the assassin in black was standing calmly in his place, seemingly just watching a good show.

Qin Mo: "......"

Splitting the black shadow and attacking quickly, then returning to the original position in an instant, Qin Mo have to say that his operation is very handsome, and the effect of this skill is also very shocking.

But Qin Mo will not admit defeat, the new skills "Unrivaled Sword" attack range is very far, the other side is standing in its attack range. Qin Mo did not hesitate to press down the skill of "Unrivaled Sword". He saw the sharp sword flashing with cold light in his hand suddenly fly out straight to the assassin in black clothes nearby!

Xiao Han saw this scene, immediately controlled Thousand Miles Ice to move around to avoid this skill, but to his surprise, the sword still chasing him, and quickly hit him in the chest!

—— It turned out to be a locking skill.

With the sound of a sharp sword piercing the skin, a mass of blood suddenly burst from the Thousand Miles Ice chest. The blood level dropped by 30%. Obviously, the damage caused by this skill is considerable.

After the pursuit was over, the sword was like a spiritual being and returned to the hands of Ink Mark.

—— The sword flew out to hit the target and quickly returned to the owner's hand. The effect of this skill looks very handsome.

Xiao Han stopped Thousand Miles Ice, typed quickly and asked, "This is a new skill of swordsman at level 30?"

Seeing that the other party did not mean to continue fighting, Qin Mo also stopped and answered, "Unrivaled Sword, pursuing and locking the target, and cannot be evaded."

Xiao Han praised: "This skill is easy to use. Locking attack can harvest head in the arena."

"Yes." Qin Mo asked, "What is your skill?"

"Assassin's level 30 skill is a Thousand Step of Ghost Walk." Xiao Han answered, "Improve agility and split the shadow to attack the enemy."

"How many shadows can be split at most?"

"In theory, it can split as many as you want, but the skill lasts only three seconds, and the slow hand can't split too much."

"How many can you split at your speed?"

"At present, I can handle three skillfully. The vision of this game is very limited. I'm still practicing it." Xiao Han said honestly.

"Does the shadow return to its original position after attacking the target?" Qin Mo has some curiosity about the setting of this skill.

"You can also choose not to return to the original position, and instantaneously move to the location where one of the shadow is located." Xiao Han carefully explained, "This skill is very flexible. Thousand Step of Ghost Walk, together with the pursuit of Meteor, can instantly complete the long-distance movement, making up for the shortage of the assassin's attack distance.”

"Looks like this game's cold dagger Assassins are different from other game's close combat assassins. They are better at fast-moving combat?"

"Yes. The attack distance can be close and far, and there are many displacement skills."

"The operation is more complicated, isn't it?"

"En, if you don't react fast enough, you'll be stunned by yourself."

As they chatted, they began to analyze the data and effect of various skills and also how to utilize them, just like old friends who hadn't seen for years.

As soon as the newcomers of Dragon Song Club came online, they saw such a strange scene.——

In the sunny morning, in a clearing on the top of Qingcheng Mountain, the swordsman in white clothes pointed his sword straight at his opponent's chest, while the assassin in black clothes, the dagger hidden behind him, flashed with terrifying blood. Both of them were in a state of residual blood, apparently after a fierce battle, but at this moment, their movements stopped, and instead of continuing, they stood there talking as if no one was there.

Ink Mark: "The judgment system of the combo skill is very complicated. If there are more skills in the future, this system will be further studied."

Thousand Miles Ice: "Skill cooldown will have an impact on the combo. People with slow speed won’t hit the combo at all."

Ink Mark: "Have you figured out any rules?"

Thousand Miles Ice: "There is an error range of 0.2 seconds in system judgment, as long as the next skill is knocked out in this range, the combo can continue."

Ink mark: "It's the same as I calculated."

See two people talking about the very high-end topics, newcomers dare not speak, can only silently watch them chat.

A moment later, Qin Mo found a few familiar IDs around the Thousand Miles Ice, just the ones he saw in the Leisurely Villa Treasure Mine yesterday. Obviously, his teammates have waked up and went online. Judging from the simultaneous launching of four people, his speculation about them being in the club is proven.

Qin Mo changed the subject: "Your teammates are here."

Xiao Han looked back and found that the newcomers had been sitting quietly in the training room, waiting for his arrangement. Looking down at his watch, at 8: 30 in the morning, it was the set time agreed last night. To Xiao Han's surprise, he didn't even hear the footsteps of the newcomers entering the training room, and he didn't even notice of them appeared behind Thousand Miles Ice in the game.

——This is obviously due to the fact that he is to engrossed in the conversation just now.

For a long time, he had never met anyone who could talk so agreeable with himself.

In the past few years, in the team, as a captain, no one dares to refute his opinions. In addition, he usually talk less, and the people who can talk to him is very few.

But today, he actually said so many words with Ink Mark in online games.

There are many interesting discoveries in the new game that he would like to share with each other. The other side also told him a lot about the scope of vision, which is what he needs most at present.

—— What he want to say is exactly what the other side wants to ask; what he want to ask is what the other side wants to say next.

—— It's like meeting old friends he has known for years.

This strange tacit understanding makes Xiao Han feel very comfortable chatting with each other, and even reminds him of the past of talking with Qin Mo all night when he was young.

If it hadn't been for his teammates to go online, he would probably have spent the whole morning chatting with Ink Mark on the top of the mountain.

As the first VR real perspective game in China, there are so many unknown things that they need to explore. It is a very rare blessing to meet a friend of the same kind as him to study together.

If it's a simple online game, maybe he can watch the scenery with Ink Mark while slowly studying the details of the game. Unfortunately, the burden on Xiao Han's shoulders is not light. It's too late for the Dragon Song Club to enter Peerless Jianghu. He must study the game thoroughly with the fastest speed, and select a group of excellent newcomers from the training camp to form a new team to deal with next year's professional league.

Thinking of this, Xiao Han sent a private chat message: "I'm going to upgrade. I'll talk to you later."

Ink Mark said: "Me too, goodbye."

Xiao Han sent a friend request, this time, the other party did not refuse.

Looking at the first name "Ink Mark" appeared in the friendlist, Xiao Han felt a little happy and smiled at the other side, and then he led the team away from Qingcheng Mountain.
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