The King's Return : Chapter 12

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I will tell you guys the truth, I have hard time to memorize all the in game name, material they drop from mobs, skill name. If you find it please remind me.. also, I will change the schedule of this novel, I will update in Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I want to rest my eyes in weekend, Enjoy your reading ~

Chapter 12: Attack in the Wild

At 08:30 in the morning, several teammates of the Qin Mo fixed team went online one after another.

Seeing Ink Mark and Little Medicine Fairy online, Mirage hurriedly sent a team invitation, surprised: "Isn't the appointment at 9 o' clock? Why are you so early?"

Ink Mark: "I went to the Internet cafe, so I got early."

Mirage: “Oh! In that case, let’s do the group task?”

Ink Mark: "Ok."

The five quickly logged on to the voice system and said excitedly, "Let's get started! Next stop: Jianshen Valley!"

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile opened the rank list and looked at it, he couldn’t help but wonder: “Our level ranking was still in the first three pages when we went offline yesterday. Today we fell to the tenth page. This group of madmen must be stay up all night along!”

Wind Leaves said, "The accounts of the big guild usually upgrading all night long, and there are professional training assistants. How do you compare with them? Have you thought too much?”

"I'm just saying it casually," Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile said with a wry smile.

Five people came to Jianshen Valley while chatting. They were ready to start the task at level 30. As a result, they just entered Jianshen Valley and suddenly a red light flashed in front of them.——

The blood level of Little Medicine Fairy declined rapidly, and in a twinkling of an eye the blood level were emptied and she fell on the ground. Closely followed, Mirage, Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile and Wind Leaves also fall, Qin Mo reacted quickly, in the flash of red that instant he flew with the Qinggong "Flicker"  to high altitude, a few simple ups and downs, quickly away from the PK area, this was a dangerous escape.

At this moment, a pop-up window message appeared in the lower left corner, which was sent from Thousand Miles Ice: "Someone opened PK at the entrance of Jianshen Valley, be careful when entering the map."

"My teammates have been killed. "Qin Mo quickly replied,"Do you know what's going on?"

Thousand Miles Ice: "The wild boss is spawn at nine o'clock, and there is probably a guild clearing field in advance."

Qin Mo immediately understood and his bright eyes suddenly flashed a trace of cold color.

——Want to monopolize boss, also kill other players, the guild's appetite is too big!

Qin Mo Qinggong to a tree not far away and looked carefully at the battle situation at the entrance of Jianshen Valley. There gathered a group of players, with the title of "Sword Song Guild" on the top of their heads. Most of them wore white clothes and held sharp swords. Obviously, most of them were from the Hanhua Sword School. More than a dozen people were in the PK mode, and they were all unified and they should be under command.

Players below level 30 are not allowed to enforce PK under system protection, and there will be no penalty for death, but players above level 30 are no longer protected by newbie protection and can only survive on their own in the wild. The map of Jianshen Valley is just a field area of level 30, which can be freely PK. The two teams are keeping guard at the gate in PK mode, which will really catch the players entering the map off guard.

Little Medicine Fairy was murdered for no reason. She asked doubtfully, "What's happened? Are there any war here?”

Mirage had beta testing experience, and soon came to understand: "This group of people is a guild, they block the entrance to clear of the road."

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile suddenly realized: "By the way, at 9 A.M Gu Shuhang will be spawn ah!"

Little Medicine Fairy asked, "Gu Shuhang?"

Wind Leaves explained: "He is a wild boss that spawn on the map of Jianshen Valley Lake, he will drop a secret book, ‘North Goose Flying South’ it can additionaly learn Jianghu Qinggong, ‘North Goose Flying South’ and the effect is you can fly around in any position in the air like a swallow for a period of time. Not limited by the value of Qinggong power, this skill, Ink Mark you should understand already."

"En, it's a general skill, and it's more difficult to get it than the ‘Sword Rain Fragrance’ that I got earlier. There must be no market for it later." Qin Mo said calmly.

"Yes, That's right!" Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile can't help but get excited. "I saw a master with this secret book before in the beta test. In the arena, he flies in the air, and we can't hit him at all!"

"If the healer takes this Qinggong, while adding blood, it’s so powerful." Wind Leaves lamented, "At present, only two of the secret books for Qinggong, North Goose Flying South and Return of Prodigal Son, both acquire in the wild. The copy versions of the two secret books were stirred up to the price of 100,000 gold coins during the beta test."

"Copy version?" Little Medicine Fairy curiously asked, "Can secret books be copied?"

"En, Copied secret book can be traded, but only for close friends with friendliness of more than seven stars." Wind Leaves explained.

"Oh!" Little Medicine Fairy said, "As you said just now such a rare secret book, some people will take out the copy version and sell it?"

"Yes." Wind Leaves said, "The original secret books can be copied up to three copies. If they are sold, they will definitely become local tyrants."

"There are two teams from the Sword Song Guild intercepting and killing people at the entrance. The other teams should be at the lake to guard the boss." Said Mirage.

“What shall we do then?" Little Medicine Fairy asked the key to the question, "Will we continue to lie dead at the entrance?"

After four people were killed, they had been lying on the ground chatting. The question of Little Medicine Fairy brought everyone back to their senses. After thinking about it, Mirage said, "Come to resurrection point nearby and continue to do task."

Suddenly, Ink Mark opens his mouth and says, "Don't resurrect. Someone is guarding at the resurrection point."

This is the news that has just come from Thousand Miles Ice. He used the stealth skills of assassins to go to the Resurrection Point and found someone waiting there. It seems that today's command is quite professional. To arrange people to wait at the resurrection point is to prevent the other party from coming back to life and beating them.

From the descriptions Mirage and Wind Leaves, the secret book in Peerless Jianghu are very rare. Some of the cheats are dropped in the dungeon. For example, the "Sword Rain Fragrance" that Qin Mo had obtained in the dungeon of the Kunlun Mountain Snow Cave is the secret book of the fixed output. If you take the time to play this dungeon, you will always find enough fragments to redeem this secret book.

But there are still many secret books that fall on Jianghu instead of clearing dungeon. Among them, the secret books that dropped from wild boss are the most difficult to obtain.

Thinking of this, Qin Mo sent a private chat to Thousand Miles Ice: "Are you interested in the secret book and materials?"

Thousand Miles Ice: "Of course, cooperation?"

Ink Mark: "How does we distributed the item dropped from the boss?"

Thousand Miles Ice: "The secret books belong to me, all the rare materials belong to you, how about it?"

Qin Mo originally wanted this secret book, but on second thought, since the secret book can be copied, as long as you earn enough money in the game, it is not particularly difficult to buy a favorite secret book later, and it is not in a hurry. On the contrary, Qin Mo does not have much information about rare materials at present. He only gets one of the purple material cryolite and one of the purple gold sand from the dungeon of the Kunlun Mountain Snow Cave. How to use it is not very clear. He just takes the opportunity to study it.

Thinking of this, Qin Mo simply said: "No problem."

Xiao Han appreciated his frankness and replied: "I heard that secret book can be copied. After I get it, I will copy one for you?"

Qin Mo said: "Don't worry, finish off the boss first, then we'll talk about it later."

Dragon Song Club Training Room.

Xiao Han's four newcomers were beaten to death by the group attack skills of the Sword Song Guild because they were unprepared when they entered the Jianshen Valley. This is also due to their inexperience in fighting and their reaction was not as quick as Xiao Han's.

Team 2's newcomers are still in Qingcheng Mountain, Pei Yu learned that his companions were killed, and asked, "Captain, should we want to go to Jianshen Valley to help?"

"No, it's easy to see your origins with so many professional players acting together." At present, the situation in the new district is complicated. Xiao Han, and other newcomers of the Dragon Song Club, does not want to exposing themselves for the time being. "Pei Yu, you should stay in Qingcheng Mountain and bring someone back after Jianshen Valley is safe. Four dead people from the first team, wait for my news to resurrect, and continue to do the task after the resurrection.”

Pei Yu said "Oh" and wondered, "What about you, Captain?"

"I will withdraw from the team and go to the resurrection point to see." Xiao Han said that he immediately withdrew from the team.

At the same time, Qin Mo quickly operate Ink Mark and flew to the nearest resurrection point. Sure enough, the people of Sword Song Guild were hiding at the resurrection point. Because of their invisibility, he could not see the other party position.

"Where are you?" Qin Mo sent a message and asked.

"You withdraw from the team first, and you can see it when you team up with me."

Qin Mo withdrew from the team and sent him an invitation to form a team. Sure enough, when they became teammates, Qin Mo immediately saw a black-clothed assassin standing beside him - his invisible position was just under the tree.

Thousand Miles Ice: "You left, me right, clear the resurrection point first?"

Ink Mark: “Ok.”

Needless to say, Qin Mo immediately understood the other party's intentions.

The Resurrection Point happens to be a small hillside, and a pincer attack from left to right is the best way.

Qin Mo move upward to the left side with Qinggong. The swordsman can't hide himself. The people on the hillside soon find him.

"Kill the swordsman!" the leader of the team, called Sword Song Pipi, immediately issued an order on the team channel.

The crowd quickly gathered on the left hillside, the long-range put control skills toward Ink Mark, and the melee swordsmen rushed forward.

But to their surprise, the long-range control skills were smoothly avoided by Ink Mark in a weird S-shaped movement. In a twinkling of an eye, the white-dressed swordsman rushed to the hillside with Qinggong. The sharp sword in his hand drew two beautiful fan shaped skill attack, and then connected with the control skill Sword Rain Remnant. Only a white light flashed through, and the people rushing to the front row were silent and standstill, couldn’t release any skill!

"Healer, quick, add blood!" Someone shouted on the team channel.

As soon as the healer sister was about to press her blood-adding skills, she suddenly saw three fast-moving shadows at the corner of her eye. Before she could respond, she was hit by a dagger shining with a cold light behind her.

——Thousand Step of Ghost Walk! Meteor!

Xiao Han's moves were extremely fast, and a series of critical strikes directly gave the second strike before the healer could respond.

"There's an assassin behind!" The healer sister who was killed in a seconds was greatly astonished and immediately typed a reminder on the team channel.

"Holy sh*t, it’s a sneak attack!" Sword Song Pipi was angry and roared, at the same time as he quickly pressed his skills. "Quick, kill them!"

However, before he could release his skills or even see clearly the whereabouts of the black assassin, the avatar of two people on the team channel suddenly darkened!

——This is simply killing people in stealth!

Sword Song Pipi suddenly felt chill on his back.

He intuitively think that the assassin behind him not a big deal, but the silence of the front swordsman makes the whole team particularly uncomfortable and must be resolved as soon as possible. Thinking of this, Sword Song Pipi gritted his teeth and said: "Attack the swordsman, kill Ink Mark fist!" As long as Ink Mark are killed, there is no interference in control skills, and there is no pressure for everyone to go back and kill the assassin.

His idea is correct, but unfortunately, the swordsman he met today is Qin Mo.

Qin Mo's movement can be described as "irregular". The swordsman in white who use his Qinggong skill is like a flexible white crane. He flies left and right, near and far. People want to attack him, but they can't touch his clothes. They can only decrease some of his blood by locking skills. Instead, they are kept silent again and again by him.

——Sword Horizon, Sword Rain Remnant!

It was Tianyang Erlian of Hanhua Sword School. The group was silent for 3 seconds, and the front melee was hit again.

Sword Song Pipi more and more agitated, looking at the teammates that can’t move, he would like to crawl directly into the game to strangle Ink Mark!

The restraint of Qin Mo in the front row gives Xiao Han an excellent output for free hit. Xiao Han's assassins cut into the back row is like fish in water -- "Thousand Step of Ghost Walk" fragmentation, the single attack of "Meteor", the group attack of "Rainbow Through the Sun", one skill after another without hindrance, the blood level of the whole group of the other is instantly pressed below half!

When Qin Mo saw this, he immediately pressed the group attack of "Swords Horizon", and then lowered the blood level of the whole group again, and quickly used the "Unrivalled Sword" locking skill to quickly drop two individual sharply!

In the twinkling of an eye, the ten-man team that was originally guard here had only four melee left with residual blood.

Sword Song Pipi sensed that something was wrong and immediately said, "Withdraw! Retreat! Get out of here!"

Qin Mo found that they were going to leave, and without hesitation launched a big move "Sword Rain Fragrance", only to see a group of snow-white sword spirits falling from the sky, the sword in hand decisively stabbed the four running away, stun them in place, can’t move!

Xiao Han reacted very quickly, and immediately followed the "Rainbow Through the Sun" three combos group attack, killing a few residual blood melee!

—— In a twinkling of an eye, ten people died!

Looking at a large body lying on the ground, Sword Song Pipi only felt the numb at his scalp.

Ink Mark in the front row control the melee, Thousand Miles Ice make a mess at the back row……

The two men's tacit cooperation instantly disrupted the formation of their ten-member team and directly destroyed them.

Where on earth did such a master come from?!

Sword Song Pipi took a deep breath and immediately sent a message to the commander of another group: "We were killed at the resurrection point. Two masters may go to grab the boss, be careful!"
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