The King's Return : Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Battle of Jianshen Valley

Xiao Han and Qin Mo came together to the lake in the northwest corner of Jianshen Valley. In ten minutes, the wild boss would be spawn. Six teams of 30 people were gathered in the Northwest corner, all from the Sword Song Guild. Gu Shuhang, as the 30-level Wild boss of Jianshen Valley Map, is more difficult to fight than the dungeon boss. The Sword Song Guild bring six teams of players here to fight against the boss, which is obviously certain to win the boss.

Xiao Han scanned the profession configuration of the 30 people and quickly came to the conclusion: "Fifteen melee, ten long-range, five healer."

Qin Mo: "Just like before, I control the front row, you kill healer."

Xiao Han: "Ok."

When they said that, they flew up at the same time and quickly came to a tree by the lake, waiting for the opportunity to move.

Sword Song Pipi: "We were wipe out at the Resurrection Point. There are two masters who may try to snatch the boss. Be careful over there!"

Sword Song Ice Rain, who was in charge of the command of the wild boss, received the news and frowned: "Attention everyone. After the boss is spawn later, Snow Eagle pulls the boss at a high speed and healer, add his blood. The front swordsman gives the best output, and the back long-range spreads away remotely. Once someone comes to make trouble, attack and kill immediately!"

As soon as the voice fell, a man in a blue gown with a fan in his hand suddenly appeared in the pavilion in the lake. The name on his head was Gu Shuhang.

Sword Song Ice Rain: "Go!"

Snow Eagle who was in charge of aggro rushed to the front with a broadsword on his shoulder.

"Kuangdao Gate" is the most defensive melee school in the game. It has many skills to protect teammates. Snow Eagle played Kuangdao Gate swordsman during the beta test. He had fight this wild boss before. He was very confident of himself. He flew to the boss with Qinggong, cut his chest at once, and aggro the boss. Then he turned around and ran to the lake!

Boss soon followed him to the lake, and the Sword Song Guild's output began to attack.

The lighting effects of various weapons dazzled people and boss's blood volume began to drop rapidly.

Sword Song Ice Rain, quickly warned: "Prepare for Qinggong and dodge from the big moves!"

Gu Shuhang comes from “Zhuge Family”, a school famous for developing various magical mechanical in Jianghu. According to Gu Shuhang's skill setting, when his blood volume reaches 75%, he will call a large number of mechanical rats around. The mechanical rats will chase and bite the target around, giving the target a weak effect - reducing the target's offensive and defensive power to 10%, almost turning into a waste.

Because the boss needs to read the strips (T/N: I think it similar to casting spell) to summon the mechanical rats, so long as it is not a person with a particularly slow reaction, it is not a problem to use Qinggong to dodge it.

Boss's blood level continued to drop, 76%, 75%...

Just as the Sword Song Ice Rain was about to open his mouth to remind everyone to dodge, the corner of his eye suddenly caught sight of a snow-white man figure swooping down from the air and landing in the middle of the team like a white crane. The sword in the hand quickly swept out a fan-shape arc, the cold light of the tip of the sword flashed in front of the eyes, and the fifteen melee in the front row of the Sword Song Guild were silenced in the same place!

It is the "Heaven Sun Combo" group silence of Hanhua Sword School!

The boss just summoned the mechanical rat at this time. The silent melee could not avoided it with Qinggong. They was in a weak state, and the defense power dropped to 10%!

However, Ink Mark the initiator jumped up with Qinggong at this moment, neatly dodging from the pursuit of the mechanical rats, and then released a group of attack skills from the air towards a group of people——Sword Horizon!

Normally, a swordsman hits a "Sword Horizon" to kill up to 5% of the blood, but now, the front line melee has all been in the "weak" state of the mechanical rat, the defensive force has been reduced to 10% collectively. Ink Mark take this opportunity to release group attack skills, and all of melee blood drop to residual!

—— Unrivaled Sword!

Just then, a sharp sword suddenly flew straight out of his hand, aiming at the main T —— Snow Eagle!

Even if Snow Eagle is a rough-skinned Kuangdao Gate player, he still be killed instantly by the skill of "Unrivaled Sword" under the condition of weaken state.

When main T fell down, the Boss lost his target and immediately started running around.

Gu Shuhang not only summoned the mechanical rat, but his fan also very harmful. He attacked the front row in close combat with the fan in his hand, and soon killed several people with residual blood. And Ink Mark also use secret book skill, "Sword Rain Fragrance", at the end of the silence control effect in 3 seconds, immediately connected with dizziness control, and continue to control a group of residual blood player in place.

—— He's going to take advantage of Boss to get rid of all the front-row melee?!

Sword Song Ice Rain felt cold from the bottom of his heart, he immediately said, "Pay attention to  the back row to dispersed, and the healer quickly add blood."

Pharmacists in Fangchao Hall has the ability to release the control. As long as there are healer in the team that can remove the control effect in time, they can attack and killed Ink Mark.

But what drives Sword Song Ice Rain crazy is that none of the five healer has helped to get rid of it - because they are can hardly survive themselves!

Xiao Han's attack speed is very fast, he stealth to the back row, with the "Thousand Step of Ghost Walk" skill suddenly split into five shadow, killing five healer. Everyone saw a large black image, like the wind, drifting quickly from the eyes. The sound of daggers piercing the skin and flesh was constantly ringing in the ears – the shadow shook, blood splashing. This scene looks like it makes people hair stand on their backs! _________

In a blink of eye, all five healer fell!

Sword Song Ice Rain almost collapsed: "What happened? Can’t the five healer add blood?"

A straightforward sister said directly, "Don't scold the healer. The assassin is so fast that we can't see where he is and he's killed us! You can try and come!"

Other healer chimed in: "Right ah! What about the long-range? Don't you know how to help when the healer is attacked?"

A long range said weakly, "I wanted to help, but I couldn't see where he was."

At this point in the debate, Ink Mark have killed all the melee with the boss. There are still ten long-range left in the team. Sword Song Ice Rain immediately said, "Long-range quick and group attack to kill the assassin!"

With so many remote profession putting together a group attack, they can definitely kill the assassin.

And at the moment when all the people released their group attack skills, they suddenly lost track of the black-clothed assassin-it was the assassin's stealth skills!

Sword Song Ice Rain said hastily, "He is invisible! Front, back, left and right group attack coverage! Kill him quickly!"

A series of group attacks is dropped...

Then there's no more.

Only Qin Mo, a teammate, could see that Thousand Miles Ice had moved to one of the shadows at the last minute. He confused the other party with his stealth skills, and the Sword Song Ice Rain thought his invisible position was in everyone's range. In fact, he had already left the area. His target is not those long-range players, but the ignored boss——Gu Shuhang!

Rainbow Through the Sun! Rainbow Through the Sun! Meteor!

Thousands Miles Ice detour to the back of the boss, decisive hit the combo of Rainbow Through the Sun and Meteor.

Qin Mo is not willing to lag behind, immediately catch up with the Sword Horizon combo and Unrivaled Sword single attack skills.

The two seemed to be fighting at the same speed, and in a few seconds, they broke out a terrible combo damage.

The main T Snow Eagle who was responsible for aggro-ing the boss has been killed by Qin Mo. The boss has no target. He was critical hit by two people and immediately turned his head and focused his attention on the two.

"Go!" Xiao Han laid a word, Qin Mo understood, two people one after another, left the lake at a very fast speed.

The people of the Sword Song Guild launched a half-day group attack without beating out Thousand Miles Ice. As a result, when they looked back, they found that——the boss had run away! They pulled him away!

"Holy sh*t!" Sword Song Ice Rain really wants to smash the keyboard, "Chase, chase quickly!"

A group of people started chasing the boss back in a hurry.

The team of 30 people, all healer are dead. The main T was killed by Ink Mark in a second, and the melee was killed by the boss. Now there are only ten long-range players left.

Ten people came after two people in the field, which should be a battle without suspense, but Sword Song Ice Rain was depressed to find that when they desperately Qinggong to the back of the boss, the boss just released a big move- a loud noise of "boom" can be heard, the earth began to shake violently, several huge mechanical chariots galloped from a distance, wipe out the team as they passed!

In a blink of eye, half of the ten men were die, and the remaining half were in residual blood.

"You output, I cut it off." Xiao Han knocked a line of words on the team channel, immediately jumped behind the boss with Qinggong, and hit "Rainbow Through the Sun" skill three times in a row, and then a dense dagger shooting out like a rainstorm, which covered five long-range. The world in front of the Sword Song Ice Rain turned into a desperate black-and-white tone in an instant.

——The long-range that came with him also die.

A white swordsman Ink Mark in the distance are attacking the boss quickly.

Four huge chariots, front, back, left and right, did not harm him. He leaped lightly in the air, stabbing Gu Shuhang head with a long sword in his hand, and even attacking him in critical hit!

When people saw this scene, their faces were somewhat frightened.

Sword Song Ice Rain has participated in so many beta tests, and has never seen two people actually able to cooperate and fight with the boss!

Gu Shuhang’s blood level dropped to 25%, and a group of mechanical hawks were summoned.

The mechanical hawk is the most powerful weapon of this boss. The wooden mechanical hawk can fly in the air and incite its wings to pour down a large sharp silver needle, causing a lot of damage to the players on the ground. Mechanical hawk will not attack the ground around Gu Shuhang in a foot range, so as to avoid injuring its own owners. This setting is also convenient for players to use boss to avoid the damage of mechanical hawk.

However, this is only valid in theory. In actual operation, because Gu Shuhang was running around, few people could run to him to avoid the airborne attack. Generally, it is only through healer and forced adding blood that one can pass this stage.

Sword Song Ice Rain thought, there are so many hawk in the sky, boss is also crazy and run around, they did not bring healer. This time they should be dead, right?!

However, Ink Mark and Thousand Miles Ice are still alive.

—— They kept up with Boss at a very fast speed. They stood within a foot of Boss and successfully avoided the dense silver needles on top of their heads!

How fast is this reaction speed, in order to catch up with a boss running around in the first place?

Gu Shuhang went farther and farther away from the field of they vision, Ink Mark and Thousand Miles Ice, one black and one white figure soon disappeared to the deep forest of Jianshen Valley.

Sword Song Ice Rain looked at the back of the two people dully, just like watching an unreal fantasy movie.

Someone on the voice channel asked, "Sword Song Ice Rain, shall we resurrect and fight again?"

"What a fart!" Sword Song Ice Rain can not help but burst out rude words,"These two people are too sick."

He could not think of a more appropriate adjective to describe the operation of Ink Mark and Thousand Miles Ice. He was only conscious that the level of the two men could kill him 18 streets (T/N: this I don’t understand 十八条街, means drop dead?) in a seconds.

"Didn't fight the boss?" someone was reluctant and said, "Just give up?"

"Where are they now? The brothers who saw, report the coordinates." Sword Song Ice Rain asked in the voice room.

"I saw them pulling the boss to the forest in the east. The boss stuck in the middle of the two trees and couldn't move, and the blood was only 5%!" said the guild member who saw the scene after the resurrection.

"......" Sword Song Ice Rain took a deep breath and said, "Withdraw. I'll explain to the leader. With their output, the boss is not far from death.”

As soon as the voice fell, a line of golden letters appeared in the announcement area overhead.——

Congratulations to the Chevalier Men [Ink Mark], [Thousand Miles Ice] successfully defeated Gu Shuhang in Jianshen Valley, and obtained the secret book "North Goose Flying South" and rare material treasure chest x10 presented by Gu Shuhang!

All server players were stunned - two people killed the boss? That's incredible!
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