The King's Return : Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Summon Flow Master

In the Dragon Song Club, the expression on the face of the newcomer who saw this news was somewhat complicated.

Unexpectedly, the captain let them continue to upgrade, but he teamed up with Ink Mark to kill the wild boss.

However, although everyone was surprised, no one dared to ask aloud.

Xiao Han has a good temper and never gets angry and curses, but he is a little facial paralysis and doesn't like to talk very much. Apart from the few players who started out with him in those days who can chat with him freely, the junior newcomer never dare to talk much in front of him. Even if everyone is extremely curious, at this time they can only pretend not to know and continue to bury themselves in the task.

There was not so much scruple in Mirage. When he saw the news, he immediately got excited and said, "Ink Mark, you actually killed the boss ah! How awesome!”

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile hurriedly asked: "Did you get the secret book? Open it for us to see!"

Qin Mo said: "Secret book belong to him, I took the materials."

Wind Leaves said: "The materials dropped by wild boss are also very valuable! You've really made it!"

Although the level of these people is not enough to fight the boss, they can see that Ink Mark killed the boss, and everyone is happy for him.

Because of this news, many people on the World Channel spam at the world chat to ask the origin of the two people, but Qin Mo and Xiao Han were hiding in the woods at this time-busy sharing the spoils.

According to the previous agreement, "North Goose Flying South" this secret book belongs to Xiao Han, all the materials belong to Qin Mo.

Qin Mo had checked Gu Shuhang's killing strategy before, which said that Gu Shuhang would surely drop the secret book "North Goose Flying South" and five high-level material treasure chests. But today Gu Shuhang dropped 10 treasure chests of materials in addition to its secret books. Obviously, because they are the first players to kill Gu Shuhang in the server, Boss has kindly doubled the material awards. The treasure chest has changed from five to ten, and the other party will suffer if he take it all by himself.

Thinking of this, Qin Mo sent a line of words: "10 treasure chests of materials, do you want me to give you half?"

Thousands Miles Ice: "Ok."

Qin Mo: "... You're welcome."

Thousands Miles Ice: "En, free of charge."

This guy is very honest and frank, Qin Mo gladly give him five treasure chests.

Two men sat under the tree and opened the treasure chest.

Excellent silk x5, cold iron fragments x5, natural jadeite x5, pure cryolite x3, Millennium Ganoderma x3, Tianshan snow lotus x2, Black Pearl x1...

This time, the goods are very abundant and the materials are dazzling.

Most of what came out of the treasure chest was purple material, among them, which is millennium ganoderma, Tianshan snow lotus and black pearl were all shining gold material, it is obviously more precious than purple material. Two people in the team channel sent a list of materials, purple material is similar, for golden material Qin Mo get a black pearl, Xiao Han didn't get the black pearl but got two "dragon bone".

Qin Mo didn't know much about the material system, just as Mirage played the beta test, Qin Mo directly asked, "What do you do with millennium ganoderma and black pearl?"

Mirage immediately excited: “These are valuable golden materials! In the game, from level 35, you can create your own equipment. Golden material is necessary for making the best equipment!”

"Do you need to learn life skills to create equipment?"

"No, this game is different from other games. The equipment system is completely open. If you get the blueprint(T/N : this is actually atlas/map in MTL, but I change it to blueprint), you can use the corresponding materials to create the equipment. The blueprint is dropped in the raid dungeon of more than 10 people, and the school is also sold it. There is a lot of room for choice."

It seems that the golden material is not less precious than the secret books of Jianghu. Qin Mo thought about it and asked, "Where did the lowest level equipment blueprint drop?"

Without the blueprint, he did not know how to create the equipment. If he wanted to study it in detail, he would have to practice it in person.

Mirage said: "A dungeon of the 10-person team of level 35 will drop the blueprint, and the treasure map series tasks after the level 35 also have the probability to get the blueprint."

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile interrupted: "The 10-person team dungeon was not opened during the beta test. There is no strategy at the moment. How to fight ah?"

Wind Leaves said calmly, "There is a master, it worth to try and open the dungeon, the so-called exploration, that is, online games players enter a new secret realm to explore, because there is no previous experience, we do not know anything there, it is easy to die again and again. Of course, it is more fun to do a new dungeon than doing an old dungeon.”

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile immediately reacted and said happily: "Yes, Ink Mark, take us to open up the new dungeon!"

Qin Mo said: "No problem."

Everybody immediately sent out a line of hugs, kisses and flowers on the Team Channel.

Mirage is simply an "encyclopedia of Peerless Jianghu". Qin Mo can ask him any questions directly. It is wise to form a fixed team with them.

After getting the materials, Xiao Han minimize the game interface directly and searched for the uses of these materials on the internet. He found that the golden material "dragon bone" obtained this time is a super rare material with low drop rate and cannot be synthesized from low-grade animal bones, which can be used to build a weapon---bone fan.

Bone fan is a weapon used by players of the "Zhuge Family" school. When the fans are closed, they seem to pose no threat. Once they are deployed, all the bones of the fans will become sharp tusks, cutting the enemy's throat in an instant.

As one of the eight main schools in the game, the Zhuge family also has two kinds of cultivation road like other schools. The first one is "Bone Fan Flow", which is a very violent close-combat profession, attacking enemies at close range with sharp fan bones, and the other one is "Mechanism Flow", which is also called "Mechanic Box".

The play of mechanism flow is actually a summoner. The Zhuge family has developed institutions for generations, and up to now, their mechanical skills have reached the point of perfection. From mechanical rats, mechanical snakes, to mechanical hawks, mechanical chariots, all kinds of magical wooden mechanical contain terrible power, make other school in Jianghu to stand back——this is an introduction to the Zhuge family on the Internet.

Xiao Han looked at these descriptions and couldn't help thinking of boss Gu Shuhang just now.

Gu Shuhang happened to be from the Zhuge family. In the process of playing the boss, he constantly summoned the mechanical rats, mechanical hawks, and mechanical chariots......

This kind of summoning boss is actually very difficult to fight.

However, Ink Mark took advantage of Boss's summoning mechanical to kill all 15 melee of the Sword Song Guild.

At that time, Xiao Han was in the back row to kill the healer. His vision was able to observe the operation of Ink Mark. Ink Mark first used the combo skill to control the melee, let all 15 melee eat the weak state of the mechanical rats, then put a group of attack to beat them to death, then used the locking skill in a second to drop the thick skin of the main T, then, he made an operation that surprised Xiao Han very much——taking boss out of position and using boss's hand to kill the melee.

Gu Shuhang was led around by him, stabbing a large number of people with his bone fan.

Peerless Jianghu is a brand new game, everyone's understanding of this game is still very shallow, and Ink Mark can actually make the right use of boss skills to kill 15 melee at one time?

Unless he has a very deep understanding of summoning boss, it is very difficult for even professional players to do this!

Later, Gu Shuhang summoned the mechanical chariot.

The position of the four chariots is the most typical call flow operation of "cross encirclement", that is, to let the summoned mechanism quickly encircle the target from the front, back, left and right "cross" directions, blocking each other's movement and leaving the target nowhere to dodge.

Cross encirclement is difficult to avoid, but Ink Mark immediately dodge. Obviously, his understanding of the summon flow has reached a very professional level, even if he had never seen this boss, he can also respond to the "cross encirclement" at the moment of its emergence.

In the current professional circle of e-sports, the originator of summon play is Liu Chuan, the founder of the Dragon Song Club. At that time, he called seven puppets to play the "Seven Kill Array", which was once popular and was emulated by countless people. Li Cangyu's mass pet killing "cataclysm" and Ling Xuefeng's "demon fury" cooperate with each other onc,e defeated foreign players in the World Champion leaving a classic double summons legend.

However, those great gods have already retired and disappeared from the professional arena.

In recent years, the most gifted player in the summoning flow is Qin Mo of the Wind Color Team.

Qin Mo, a disciple of Ling Xuefeng, was also guided by Li Cangyu. He combines the skills of two world-class summoners and can manipulate all kinds of pets freely. Xiao Han still remembers that Qin Mo once played the gorgeous operation of summoning pets, exploding pets and intercepting enemies in many directions on the field, which directly dazzled his opponents, just like being in a maze of pets. Therefore, when the news of Qin Mo's retirement came, Xiao Han couldn't believe it. He booked a high-priced ticket for the day and flew to the scene of the conference of the Wind Color Team, only to see the teenager bow and apologize to the reporters.

Such a talented player left the e-sports circle at the peak of 18 years old, and Xiao Han could not accept it.

Since Qin Mo left, the summoning flow style has also declined. In the past few years, there has never been a successful summoner players at the moment.

For Qin Mo, the cross encirclement is so simple that it can be categorized as a simple basic operation.

Ink Mark have just flexibly avoided Boss's cross encirclement. Obviously, they have a lot of experience in the way of summoning flows…..So, does this person have anything to do with Qin Mo?

Xiao Han's right hand clenched the mouse tightly, and the sudden thought in his heart made his fingers tremble uncontrollably.

Qin Mo's departure is his biggest regret, he has been looking forward to that person to come back, but he is not sure whether Qin Mo will come back in the end. In his memory, has been clearly engraved with a back——when the young Qin Mo left alone, thin but proud back.

In recent years, Xiao Han has matured a lot since he became captain. He has experienced countless large and small tournaments and played a lot of wonderful cooperation with his teammates, but today, he worked with Ink Mark for the first time in online games. Although there is only the shortest written chat between the two, Xiao Han feels that the tacit understanding between him and Ink Mark is no less than the first-class partner of the professional league.

He wanted to cut into the back row for healer, and Ink Mark cleverly restrained the front row.

If he wants to reduce the team's blood level, Ink Mark will be released a small group attack skill.

When he wants to keep people, Ink Mark will control them properly......

Without said anything, but can do what the other party thinks, this is the best partner Xiao Han dreams of.

Could it be that person?

For the first time in the game, have a strange familiarity with him, the speculation when chatting with him, the tacit understanding of today's cooperation, and his very professional understanding of the summoning boss......

If the other party is really Qin Mo, then all these can get the most reasonable explanation.

Thinking of this, Xiao Han immediately turned off the web page, switched back to the game interface, and quickly sent a message to Ink Mark: "Qin Mo, is that you?"
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