The King's Return : Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: The First Invitation

As if there is a connection, after this cooperation, Qin Mo can also be sure that Thousand Miles Ice is Xiao Han.

At that moment, a line of small words suddenly appeared in the private chat window: "Qin Mo, is that you?"

This sentence gives Qin Mo the strongest evidence for his inference.

——The person familiar with him the most in the professional circle is Xiao Han, and the person who can analyze his identity so quickly is only Xiao Han.

But now, Qin Mo doesn't know how to face his best friend when he was a teenager.

In those days, like Xiao Han, he had a good master, who was the focus of the team's training. He was the favored one and enjoyed unlimited scenery. The two men were originally on the same starting line, but their fate was very different afterwards——Xiao Han succeeded Canglan as team captain smoothly, led Canglan team to win the championship of the season, won the award of the most valuable player of the season at one stroke, and his popularity was rising steadily. And Qin Mo, not only failed to inherit the master's legacy, even let the performance of the Wind Color Team decline again and again, finally left the Wind Color Team in a difficult position…...

Qin Mo was embarrassed to admit his identity and returned calmly, "Who is Qin Mo?"

Thousands Miles Ice: "Is it not you?"

Ink Mark: "No, I don't know."

Thousands Miles Ice: "Shall we have another round of duel?"

Ink Mark: "No need for that."

Thousands Miles Ice: "Why? Are you afraid I'll recognize you once you do it?"

Thousands Miles Ice: "I guess you want to hit ellipsis."

Ink Mark: “……”

Qin Mo's ellipsis and Xiao Han's sentence came out almost at the same time. Qin Mo was also very helpless about Xiao Han's divine prophecy. Xiao Han knew him too well and this guy is stubborn, once identified one thing, want to deny it is not so easy. How can he dispel such doubts? After thinking for a moment, Qin Mo pretended to type calmly and said, "I am not Qin Mo. As far as I know, a player named Qin Mo is summoner, but I play swordsman."

Thousands Miles Ice: "If you play the summoner, I can recognize it at first glance, why wait until now?"

Ink Mark: “……”

Thousands Miles Ice: "I guess it is an ellipsis again."

Qin Mo, who is guessed right once again by Xiao Han, was speechless. It was a bad feeling to be stripped face to face.

Xiao Han slightly smiled in front of the computer and thought: His little habit of typing ellipsis has not changed.

He remember when they were young, whenever Xiao Han said a question that was difficult for Qin Mo to answer, Qin Mo liked to answer it with an ellipsis. Qin Mo also told Xiao Han that it was mean "very speechless" to use ellipsis when chatting.

The simple six points, three years away, now reappear in front of Xiao Han's eyes. Xiao Han couldn't help feeling a little feverish. he took a deep breath and typed quickly: "Qin Mo, you don't need to feel any pressure. I won't ask why you left at the beginning or why you came back this time. When you want to tell me one day, I will listen carefully."

Qin Mo corrected: "It is listen respectfully."

The familiar dialogue pattern filled Xiao Han's heart with warmth.

He likes to correct his grammatical errors as much as he did when he was young. Every time he talked to him before, when Xiao Han used wrong words, Qin Mo would correct them first so as not to make jokes in front of reporters. In fact, Xiao Han used the word "listen respectfully" long ago. He made a deliberate mistake just now, and the other party also corrected it habitually.

Xiao Han couldn't help but smile and quickly typed: "Qin Mo, I miss you very much all these years."

"……"Qin Mo knew for a long time that he could not pretend anymore, but he did not expect that Xiao Han would say" I miss you very much "directly. He doesn’t know how to reply to this sentence.

Xiao Han added another sentence: "Do you miss me?"

"......" This guys, how can he say like that so directly?!

Qin Mo quickly changed the topic to say: "I want to do task with my teammate, chat with you later."

After saying it, he left the team and disappeared without a trace.

Xiao Han looked at the white figure flying away quickly with Qinggong, and suddenly thought of an idiom he had recently learned: be defeated and flee.

Qin Mo is this be defeated and flee? Was he scared away because he say too directly?

Xiao Han was somewhat helpless, but he couldn't say how happy he was —— he admitted that he was Qin Mo! Qin Mo is finally back!!

In fact, Xiao Han would like to ask why Qin Mo retired, but he knows that Qin Mo is certainly not willing to answer this question. If he had asked him at that time, would he not have cut open his wound and sprinkled a handful of salt on it? Therefore, Xiao Han wisely chose not to ask anything.

——As long as he is coming back, everything else can be talked slowly.

Qin Mo is very sensitive and he was especially proud to his bones. The retiring of that year was definitely a big blow to him. Maybe these experiences have made him much indifferent than before. But Xiao Han believes that even if he becomes more indifferent, he still has a place in his heart.

They used to be an innocent playmates, childhood sweetheart, that pure relationship can’t be forgotten.

Qin Mo this time into Peerless Jianghu public test new district is obviously not casually to play online games, but related to next year's professional league. According to the information that Xiao Han has learned at present, the team on Wind Color has long been set up, and the four people, namely, Mirage, Wind Leaves, Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile, and Little Medicine Fairy, are a normal players, and they are not professional players. It should be Qin Mo temporarily upgrade team in the game. The clubs generally let the players act in a team. Since Qin Mo came alone, it shows that he has nothing to do with the clubs.

In other words, he is still free.

Then, he can do his best to win over Qin Mo.

When he promised Liu Chuan to lead the team by himself, Xiao Han was actually holding the idea of "trying a new game". Now, unexpectedly met Qin Mo in the game, which is a very unexpected gain for him, and it is the most amazing gain so far.

In the training room of Dragon Song Club, Xiao Han got up and went outside to find a familiar number in his mobile phone and dialed it.

Soon there was a lazy voice came in the ear: "Hello, who ah?" the other side seem doesn’t wake up yet.

Xiao Han went to the corner and whispered, "Master, it's me."

Li Cangyu was sleeping. He answered the phone without looking at the caller ID. He woke up after hearing his disciple voice and said with a smile: "Oh, Xiao Han ah, suddenly called me, what happened?"

Xiao Han said: "Master, the club has decided to let me lead the team to Peerless Jianghu. Do you know about this?"

"I know, Liu Chuan told me before... You're still young. It's good to go to a new game, to enrich your experience.”

"I met Qin Mo in the new district."

Li Cangyu sat up in surprise and said, "Xiao Mo? He also went to the new game?”

"En, and he changed his career to play swordsman." Xiao Han said," at first I did not expect that the swordsman would be him until today, to see that he does not play summon flow, the change is really too big."

"Change to play swordsman..." Li Cangyu lost in thought.

"Master, do you know why he left the Wind Color Team?" Xiao Han asked straightforwardly.

"Ai, Qin Mo is not as straightforward as you are. He never tells anyone what he has on his mind. Even his master Ling Xuefeng doesn't know what he's thinking. "Li Cangyu's tone is somewhat helpless. "When Ling Xuefeng heard that he was going to retire, he flew directly to the club to find him, but as a result, he could not find anyone at all. Later, Ling Xuefeng investigated the reasons in the Wind Color Team, the team members said Qin Mo, because the state of serious decline, do not want to drag down the team and choose to retire. We do not believe it, on that period of time we download the game video, found that Xiao Mo made a lot of mistakes on the field, the state is really not as good as before."

Xiao Han clearly remembered that during that time, the Wind Color team ranked high and low in the regular season scoreboard, with very serious fluctuations. There were many voices of doubt on the Internet, and fans were also in panic. However, strictly speaking, Qin Mo was not the only one responsible for the failure of the Wind Color Team matches, but because the Wind Color Team was replaced by several young players who were still getting used to it, especially the new summoners couldn't keep up with Qin Mo's pace, and there were serious problems in the cooperation and tactics of the whole team.

Qin Mo's sudden announcement of retirement at that time was equivalent to a person carrying all the black pot, the anger of reporters and fans all went to him, and there was a lot of cursing on Weibo. But in fact, after Qin Mo left, the Wind Color team still did not improve in a period of time, and has not won the championship in the past few years.

When I think of the picture of the young man under the age of 18 leaving the club alone, Xiao Han suddenly felt a little distressed.

—— He is also the captain's disciple, but he has been much smoother than Qin Mo in recent years.

Xiao Han always felt that Qin Mo left the Wind Color team is not because of "state decline." Moreover, as can be seen from the fact that Qin Mo is hiding from his master, he certainly does not want his most respected master to know the reason, then the reason cannot be as simple as "state decline."

Aware of Xiao Han's silence, Li Cangyu went on to say: "Xiao Mo self-esteem is very strong, you do not rush to get to the bottom of it, take your time. The two of you have been talking about everything since childhood, and perhaps only you can untie his knot. "

"I know." Xiao Han came to his senses and asked, "When will master go back to China? Is the tour over?”

"I will go back to Changsha this Spring Festival. See you then."

"Ok, I'll try to bring Qin Mo over as well."

After hanging up the phone, Xiao Han's questions remained unanswered. Since neither master knows the inside story, it seems that Qin Mo does have an unsolved knot in his heart. But no matter what reason he left the team, Xiao Han only knows that now that he is back, this is a new beginning.

When they were young, they used to accompany each other and grow up together.

In the future, they should also work together to get through all the difficulties.

——Qin Mo, I will never let you go alone again.

Thinking of this, Xiao Han immediately strode to his place to sit down, open the game interface, find Ink Mark from the friendlist, and send a private chat window.

"You're coming back this time to prepare for next year's professional league, aren't you?"

"I sincerely invite you to join the Dragon Song Club. Let's play together and win the championship together.”

"Qin Mo, are you willing?"
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