The King's Return : Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: 10-Member Team Dungeon

Are you willing? These words usually appear when proposing marriage, but also to hold flowers, kneel on one knee. Xiao Han laid down this sentence to invite the other side to join the team, which made Qin Mo don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It seems that Xiao Han is not particularly proficient in the special context and usage of some words.

After three years, Xiao Han has become more and more straightforward. As soon as he recognized him, he simply sent an invitation to join the team.

But Qin Mo cannot answer "I’m willing"——because Qin Mo does not want to join Xiao Han's or anyone's team for the time being.

Going back to Peerless Jianghu was a decision he had thought over and over again, and it was a new opportunity for himself. At present, he is not really familiar with the game, and he is not sure whether he can play at the same level in the professional league. After all, there is so much difference between VR games and traditional games. The light screen touch mode he chose is also completely different from the keyboard and mouse mode of the past, and everything needs to be adapted from scratch. In this case, it is unreasonable to join any team rashly.

Even if he want to join a team, with the pride of Qin Mo, he will only join as a top player when he is strong enough.

Not now.

Before being sure, Qin Mo didn't want to make a rash decision. He had to reply, "Thank you for your kindness. I can't give you an answer right now."

"I understand." Xiao Han understands, "The choice of clubs is very important for professional players, and you are right to be cautious."

"En, I'd like to wait and see." Qin Mo said.

"Don't forget to consider my suggestion." Xiao Han went on to say, "Dragon Song ranks first in the comprehensive e-sports clubs in China, the club management system is perfect, and all aspects of the conditions are very good. Our dormitories are double rooms, each has a separate bedroom, the training room is equipped with advanced equipment, the contracted players food is covered, the canteen food is also delicious, different food in a week. In terms of software, we will establish a professional database to analyze the characteristics of other team players, and can produce various training tools, according to the players' personal style to develop professional training plans, so that all players win at the starting line.”

"......" Qin Mo was speechless: "Where did you learn such official words?"

Xiao Han said honestly, "The boss sent it to me."

"......" Qin Mo really didn't want to comment on the thick-skin boss.

"Qin Mo, I promise, as long as you come here, the club will give you the best conditions for signing. I have changed a lot of partners in recent years, but the most tacit partner in my heart will always be you. If you are willing to come with me, I will really be very happy." The message from Xiao Han appears again in the lower left corner.

Such a long paragraph, unexpectedly, there are no obvious grammatical errors, He can't believe it was typed by Xiao Han.

—— The most tacit partner in my heart will always be you.

Looking at this line of small characters, Qin Mo could not help feeling a little touched. Probably because they were young at that time, the feelings between them were very pure. They are rivals, friends and confidants. Although they had been separated for three years, Qin Mo was relieved that Xiao Han's friendship with him had not faded.

"I will consider it, but not now." Qin Mo replied.

The two were chatting when suddenly there came the voice of Mirage in the earphone: "At this rate, can we reach level 35 this morning?"

Wind Leaves asked, "Would you like to go to the team dungeon?"

"Let's go to lunch first, and then do the team dungeon in the afternoon......Ink Mark, Little Medicine Fairy, what do you think?”

Qin Mo listened to the other side ask his opinion, then replied: "No problem, play again in the afternoon."

Looking down at the time, it was already ten o'clock in the morning. when Qin Mo saw that several teammates wanted to change places to upgrade, he sent Xiao Han a message: "I went to upgrade first. my teammates were calling me."

"En, I'll upgrade too. Keep in touch." Seeing that he had something to do, Xiao Han simply closed the dialogue window.

Just now, although he sincerely invite Qin Mo to join the club, Xiao Han knew that Qin Mo could not promise right away. Just like college students who choose their work place after graduation, they must make a decision after careful consideration. He did not want to force Qin Mo to promise right away. As Master said, Qin Mo is a man of high self-esteem, forcing him too hard will only backfire. Now that Qin Mo has come back, add team things can take time. As long as he is sincere, he does not believe Qin Mo will be indifferent.

Just then, Pei Yu's voice suddenly came: "Captain, shall we play a team dungeon of level 35?"

"Do you mean a dungeon of the ten-member team 'Jianshen Valley Ruins'?" Xiao Han flipped through the upgrade guidelines and did find a new dungeon of Level 35 waiting to be explored.

“En, the team dungeon was not opened during the beta test period. It is said that the experience is very rich, and the precious materials and blueprint will be dropped.”

"Is there any special reward for the first team in the game to clear a dungeon?" Xiao Han asked.

"Yes, public announcements, double the rewards for the first team to pass, and the top ten team who clear the dungeon will be permanently recorded on the list."

"If our ten professional players go to clear the dungeon, once they are recorded in the list, our identities will all be exposed." Xiao Han bowed his head and thought for a moment, then said: "Pei Yu, you should take five people from the 2nd team and call a few passers-by in the world to gather up enough ten people to clear this dungeon. At your level, it should not be a problem to take a few passers-by to clear the dungeon."

"I understand." Pei Yu nodded in agreement, "Ten professional players are really too big. Our team has more remote and summoners, so it is easy to be guessed."

"What about our team 1? Also go to the world to shout for a few passersby?" He Beiguang asked doubtfully.

"Team 1 merges with Ink Mark’s team, exactly ten people." Xiao Han said.

"......" The newcomers looked at each other instantly.

Merge with the Ink Mark team?! When did the captain become so familiar with Ink Mark? Is it hit the boss and friendship come later?

After that, Xiao Han immediately sent Qin Mo a private chat: "A level 35 team dungeon, will you go or not?"

Qin Mo said: "It is said that the experience reward is very rich, and they will also drop blueprint. Of course I will go."

Xiao Han said: "Team up."

Qin Mo said: "What do you mean?"

Xiao Han said, "10-member team dungeon, five people on your side and five people on my side. Isn't it just right to get together?"

Qin Mo: "......"

This guy's wishful thinking is really loud.
(T/N : I really don’t know what it’s mean 这家伙的如意算盘打得还真响 Zhè jiāhuo de rúyì suànpán dǎ dé hái zhēn xiǎng.)

Xiao Han followed up and added: "The drop of boss is all for you, I don't want any materials, equipments, and blueprints."

Qin Mo was surprised and said, "So good?"

Xiao Han thought to himself: You'll return to me.
(T/N: actually in some MTL 你人归我就行了- Nǐ rén guī wǒ jiùxíngle is translate into you’ll belong to me or you’ll be mine, but I think Xiao Han still doesn’t know his feeling yet, but I don’t know the real meaning of this word..)

—— As long as you come to my side, what are these?

"If you give me all the materials, the team member won't have any objections?" Qin Mo typed and asked.

"No. The players I bring now are club newcomers, not the final lineup." Xiao Han explained, "First let them familiarize themselves with the game. After the max level, I will pass the assessment to determine the line up."

Xiao Han does look like a captain now. This selection mode is very reasonable for the new game. After all, players who perform well in traditional online games may not necessarily adapt to VR mode. Xiao Han will take everyone to upgrade first and then conduct another assessment. It is also the fairest way to decide whether to stay or not according to their adaptation to new games.

Originally he still hesitated to join him, since Xiao Han said so, Qin Mo dispelled his concerns. Anyway, five of them can't do the team dungeon. They may have been team up with superb rookie if they shout at world channel. However, the material dropped by the boss is a big problem to be divided. Qin Mo has no time to deal with these trivial matters.

Thinking of this, Qin Mo replied: "Then join the team and don't reveal my identity to your team."

Xiao Han said: "That is of course."

The two men led the team to do tasks on the map of Jianshen Valley, and all of them rose to level 35 around 12:00 noon. Xiao Han immediately disbanded his team, applied to join Ink Mark team, followed by several other members, the two teams merged, the number on the team quickly became ten.

Xiao Han open his mouth and said, "I want to tell you in advance that all the things dropped by the boss this time are Ink Mark’s, we just get the experience."

"Yes." No one objected.

Xiao Han added: "After entering the dungeon, everyone listens to Ink Mark command."

The newcomers opened their eyes wide in shock-not only let the material go but also the command?!

He Beiguang was a straight-tempered man and asked directly, "Captain, aren’t you in charge?"

Xiao Han said: "His ability to interpret the dungeon is better than mine. Everyone listens to his command."

Everyone: "......"

At that moment, a line of small words from Ink Mark appeared on the team channel: "Let's have lunch first."

Thousand Miles Ice: "En, how about gather at 01:30?"

Ink Mark: "Yes."

Xiao Han turned back and said, "Let's go to lunch first and come back before 1:30."

The newcomers looked at each other and went to the canteen.

Dragon Song Club, in the canteen.

Pei Yu and He Beiguang are fellow townsmen and have a better relationship. They naturally sat together when they eat. He Beiguang said that both sides had joined the team. Pei Yu was also surprised: "All the materials were given to Ink Mark, and the command also listen to Ink Mark, don't you think our captain is a little too good to this Ink Mark?"

He Beiguang rolled his eyes and said, "I just told you that something was wrong."

Pei Yu touched his chin and thought for a moment. He said softly, "I have a hunch that a super great god will come to our team."

He Beiguang asked doubtfully, "Super Great God? What level?"

Pei Yu said, "The kind that can sit on an equal footing with our captain."

He Beiguang immediately became energetic: "So powerful?"

"En. It can be seen that the captain attaches great importance to him. If he wants to join our team, the position of the vice-captain must be his. Pei Yu carefully analyzed it.

"The future vice-captain?" He Beiguang asked excitedly, "Do you guess who he is?"

"I can't guess who it is for the time being." Pei Yu paused,"the other side should be the miracle alliance master, the captain must have recognized him, his attitude to him change 180 degrees. When you do the dungeon later, you perform well and make a good impression with Ink Mark, and his opinion is likely to affect the captain's judgment. Anyway, don't offend."

"I see!" He Beiguang is not a fool, from the captain's attitude, Ink Mark are likely to become the future vice-captain, as a newcomer, he must be respectful to the god.

It is said that the vice-captain of a certain team told the captain one day: "Xiao Zhang has not been in good condition recently, change him for the next game." The captain nodded immediately: "No problem."

He Beiguang is not sure whether Xiao Han will become such a captain in the future or not.

But he had a strange premonition——that anyone who had offended the great god Ink Mark would die a terrible death.
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