The King's Return : Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Exploring New Dungeon

As soon as Qin Mo quit the game, he heard a knock on the door outside the private room and he stood up to open the door. The girl standing outside the door was Shen Qi, whom he just met today. Her height was less than 1.6 meters. Qin Mo needed to look down at her to see her face clearly. When Qin Mo's look at her, Shen Qi immediately smiled and said, "Let's have lunch together."

"Ok." Qin Mo nodded and turned to follow her out.

The rain has stopped outside, and the air is very fresh after the rain. Qin Mo's lives nearby, but he usually cooks at home and seldom goes out to eat. He is not familiar with the restaurant nearby, so he can only follow Shen Qi. Shen Qi took him to a quiet restaurant and sat down near the window. She said enthusiastically, "This restaurant has just opened recently. I've been here before. The dishes are plenty and delicious. We should order three dishes." Then he handed the menu to Qin Mo. "What would you like to eat?"

"Whatever." Qin mo pushed the menu back, "you just order it."

"Then I'm not polite." Shen Qi ordered three dishes and handed them to the waiter. She smiled and said, "I have been playing games for several years. It's the first time that I have met a net friend in real life. It's really a coincidence today."

"En." Qin Mo faintly responded, "The power outage happened in community."

"No wonder you come to Internet cafe to online." the young man in front of her was very good-looking, his clothes were clean and tidy, and he looked indifferent. He was not at all like the sloppy otaku who used to hang out in Internet cafes. He suddenly came to the Internet cafe today. It turned out that it was the power outage at home. Shen Qi asked curiously, "Is the a power outage in your community just for today?"

"There will be a power outage for three days."

"Then you'll come to the Internet Cafe tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I'll leave you a private room in advance. You can find me directly at the front desk."

"All right."

The waiter served the dishes one by one, and Qin Mo kindly handed her the chopsticks: "let's eat first."

"Thank you." Shen Qi is a foodie, as soon as she sees delicious food, her eyes shine, her mouth can no longer talk, Qin Mo likes to be quiet, of course, he will not look for a topic. After lunch in silence, Qin Mo took the initiative to pay, and it was polite to pay for dinner with girls, but Shen Qi was very embarrassed and said, "You come to our Internet cafe, and I should treat you."

"That's all right. You're still a student. I'll treat you." Qin Mo calmly retrieved his wallet. "Let’s go back."

"En." Shen Qi noticed that there was a photo in his wallet, which seemed to be a photo of him and a person, but she didn't see who it was, and the other party closed the wallet. Shen Qi took her eyes back, looked down at her watch and said: "It's still early. The sofa in the private room is the bed after it is unfolded. You can go back to sleep for a while!"

"Good." After returning to the Internet cafe, Qin Mo unfold the sofa as a bed according to Shen Qi.

The quality of the sofa is very good, soft and comfortable. Qin Mo lay down for a few minutes and fell asleep unconsciously. Shen Qi wanted to bring him something to drink. He opened the door and saw that he had already fallen asleep on the sofa. The young man's body curled up slightly, and his back looked very thin. Shen Qi suddenly felt that the man lying alone in the Internet cafe had an unspeakable loneliness.

There must be a lot of stories about him, right? The cold expression seems hard to approach, and I don't know who can make him put down his guard and go into his heart...

Perhaps only the person in the photo can occupy the most important part in his heart.

Shen Qi sighed, put the drink on the table, turned and left the private room.

At 1:20, the alarm clock rang and Qin Mo woke up on time.

Although the half-hour sleep was a little short, it quickly restored his spirit. Qin Mo turned and walked to the front of the computer, put on VR glasses, and logged on to the Peerless Jianghu game again.

Xiao Han didn't take a nap. He sat in front of the computer all the time studying the field of vision of the new game. When he saw Ink Mark online, he immediately sent a private chat window: "Back?"

Ink Mark: "En."

Thousand Miles Ice: "My team members have arrived, gather at dungeon?"

Ink mark: "Ok."

They came to the dungeon entrance on the northwest side of the map, followed by a conversation and entered the ruins of the Jianshen Valley.

As soon as they entered the dungeon, the scene changed immediately. The light inside the dungeon was dim. There were ruins in the front, and there were a lot of messy tombstones around and the music in the ear became extremely sad. It was a mass grave. Timid girls were expected to be scared. Fortunately, Shen Qi was bold enough to look at the dimly lit mass graves without any response.

As it was an unknown new dungeon, no one knew what was ahead, and they stood quietly at the door and did not dare to move.

After a while, Qin Mo asked in the team channel: "How to fight?"

Thousand Miles Ice: "You take command, and everything is up to you."

In the past, when he was with Xiao Han, while teaching the mixed-race to learn Chinese, Qin Mo also accompanied him to practice in the arena. Sometimes Xiao Han is not familiar with a certain moves, Qin Mo will become his sparring partner, and, when practicing with him, he can't stand where he is. It is necessary to move flexibly and avoid quickly in order to improve the training level of Xiao Han-Qin Mo deeply feels that his position is simply the bottom of the food chain. Master's words did not dare to refute, also did not dare to offend Xiao Han, when angry, the greatest resistance can only be offline.

But now, Xiao Han actually said "everything is up to you". Qin Mo suddenly felt like a slave turning over to be a master. He couldn't help typing and asked, "are you sure you want to listen to me?"

Thousand Miles Ice: "En, listen to you."

Ink Mark: "I haven't played this dungeon."

Thousand Miles Ice: "I believe you can find out how to clear it as soon as possible."

Ink Mark: "don't blame me for the wipe out then."

Thousand Miles Ice: "It's all right. There's will be a wipe out when exploring new dungeon. You can rest assured that no one will have any objections, right?"

As soon as the captain spoke, the newcomers of the Dragon Song Club immediately affirmed, "Yes, no problem!" "After all, it's a new dungeon..."

Since everyone had no objection, Qin Mo simply said, "Well, I take a look at profession allocation, let's try it first."

On the team list, there are signs of schools and cultivation routes under the heads of ten people. In the fixed team of Qin Mo, Mirage is the poison master of Fangcao Hall. Little Medicine Fairy is the healer of Fangcao Hall. Wind Leaves is the same as him. The swordsman of the Hanhua Sword School, Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile is the melee of the Kuangdao Gate. In the team brought by Xiao Han, in addition to Xiao Han’s assassin’s “Thousand Miles Ice”, there are four other people namely “Northern Lights” of the Kuangdao Gate, “Soundless” of the Tingyu Tower, and the two of the Zhuge family: the Summoner "Fireworks Burning" and "Heaven Quail".

Qin Mo more or less engage with other schools. It was the first time he heard about the Tingyu tower. The weapon in Soundless hand was a white umbrella. From the information he had learned before, it should be an auxiliary school.

Xiao Han sent Qin Mo a private chat window: "Northern Lights used to play Berserker. After changing the game, he chose Kuangdao Gate. He is good at violent close combat and can also serve as main T. Soundless, he has been playing auxiliary games, but the flow of Tingyu Tower is relatively new and he is still studying it. Fireworks Burning and Heaven Quail are summoners. Northern Lights is 16 years old, Soundless 17 years old, and the remaining two are both 18 years old this year. "

Looking at a lot of words he sent, Qin Mo could not help but frown: "Why are you telling me about this?"

"I'll tell you about some of the newcomers at the club, and you can give me some advice on who's more talented."

"That's what you should worry about when you're captain, isn’t it?" Qin Mo wondered, "Why should I advice?"

"Because your opinion is very important to me." Xiao Han said earnestly.

"......" Every time he lets him do things, he has such good reasons.

Seeing a string of familiar ellipsis from Ink Mark, Xiao Han couldn't help smiling: "just give me some advice. Your consideration will often be more careful and comprehensive than mine."

When he said this, Qin Mo was embarrassed to refuse, so he said, "First, clear the dungeon, and I'll see how their level is."

Xiao Han said: "Good."

At this time when chatting with Xiao Han, Qin Mo has a general understanding of the terrain of the dungeon from the minimaps in the upper right corner-the ruins of the Jianshen Valley are a narrow valley, according to the data, the dungeon has two levels, namely, the Five Elements Sword Array and Sword Altar, there are numerous small mobs and elite mobs on the way to the boss, killing them can obtain rich experience.

At present, all the elite guilds in this area have failed to conquer the Five Elements Sword Array at the first level. The group of passers-by is a "dungeon tour group". They only kill small mobs to take experience and to see the scenery.

Xiao Han brought professional players plus Qin Mo's fixed team, the strength of this ten-member party is still quite strong, as long as they find the strategy, they will be able to clear the dungeon.

Qin Mo regrouped ten people and arranged them, he type quickly on the team channel: "During the fight against the mobs, the Northern Lights, Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile, and Wind Leaves are in the same team for the melee and with Little Medicine Fairy. The Northern Lights are responsible for pulling the mobs. Little Medicine Fairy will give priority to adding the blood of main T and then take care of the other three. Four long-distance teams, namely, Mirage, Fireworks Burning, Heaven Quail and Soundless, Soundless will assisted for protection. I formed a single formation with Thousand Miles Ice and handled emergencies. Do you understand?"

Mirage, Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile, Wind Leaves and Little Medicine Fairy were originally teammates of the Qin Mo fixed team. They used to hear his words. They naturally had no objections on his arrangement and immediately made a row of "understand". However, the professional players of the Dragon Song Club are in a complicated mood - apart from the captain's words, this is the first time they have to listen to other people's instructions. How can they not feel strange?

Thousand Miles Ice: "Understand."

The captain took the lead in typing, and the other four had to follow him: "Understand!"

When Qin Mo was planning to start, Xiao Han suddenly sent out a private chat window.

Thousand Miles Ice: "for the first time to see your command in dungeon, I do not know why, I feel very happy."


Thousand Miles Ice: "I have missed you everyday in the past few years. It is really good for you to come back."

When Qin Mo saw this sentence, his ears became hot and he quickly typed, "Don't talk about missing you everyday. Don't you know what it mean to be implicit?”

Thousand Miles Ice: "I learned about implicit word, but I think implicit expression is hard to understand, it is better to point directly. I do miss you everyday. Isn't it easier for you to understand it when I say directly?"

"…..." When it comes to misinterpretation, is it true that the Chinese language has passed level 8?

Qin Mo found himself unable to speak of him, so he had to change the subject and said, "Stop talking and clear the dungeon first!"

Thousand Miles Ice: "Oh."

"Thousand Miles Ice, you go to clear the front mobs." Qin Mo ordered in the team channel.

"All right." Xiao Han immediately rushed forward stealthily, Rainbow Through the Sun three consecutive attacks, the dense dagger rapidly shot ahead, quickly killed the front mobs.

Dragon Song's newcomers were suddenly a little lifeless——our captain, how could he be so obedient?!
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  2. In the team brought by Xiao Han, in addition to Xiao Han’s assassin’s “Thousand Miles Ice”, there are four other people namely “Northern Lights” of the Kuangdao Men, “Soundless” of the Tingyu Tower, and the two of the Zhuge family. The Summoner "Fireworks Burning" and "Heaven Quail".

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