The King's Return : Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Five Elements Sword Array

After getting rid of the front mobs, they went together to the depths of the valley.

There is only one path in the narrow valley, and according to Qin Mo's allocation, Northern Lights walk in the front, followed by the others. The small mobs here are very easy to fight, but the leader mobs will put long range group attack skill, and the damage is quite high. Fortunately, Qin Mo has arranged the teams and healer in advance. Coupled with his and Xiao Han's emergencies to deal with unexpected situations, everyone walk in danger all the way. Ten minutes later, they finally arrived at the first stage.

There is a broken wooden door in front of them. In front of the wooden door stands a guide. Qin Mo moves forward to talk to him and opens the challenge of "Five Elements Sword Array" which is the first checkpoint of Jianshen Valley Ruins.

The wooden door opened slowly, and a pentagonal square appeared in front of everyone, deserted and moss grew among the stones. There are five swords on the five corners around the square, which are gold, green, blue, red and brown, representing five attributes of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. In the middle of the square sat a grey-haired old man, whose name was "Sword Craze" on his head. The old man's eyes were closed and his body flowing with white sword spirit. Obviously, the old man was the boss of this checkpoint.

Wind Leaves said: "At present, there is no team to clear this stage, it seems that it will be very difficult to fight."

Mirage has some doubts: "I looked at it, the blood level of the five swords is 50,000 and the blood level of the boss is 300,000. Should we hit the sword or the boss first?"

Qin Mo thought about it, and quickly made several number marks on the ground, saying, "This pass may be to eliminate five swords at the same time and hit the boss in the middle. Let's try this strategy first. I am in charge of the golden sword in position 1; the blue sword in position 2 is Thousand Miles Ice; the red sword in position 3 is Mirage and Northern Lights; the brown sword in position 4 is Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile and Fireworks Burning; the green sword in position 5 in Wind Leaves and Heaven Quail. The healer and auxiliary station is at position 6.

Qin Mo assigned the professional players and online gamers for each sword, which can balance the output. He himself and Xiao Han are responsible for a single sword, and can handle unexpected situations in the most flexible way. This kind of distribution is considered very well, and Xiao Han can't help but appreciate Qin Mo carefulness.

According to the position assigned by Qin Mo, everyone quickly stood up and officially opened the challenge of the first stage.

Five-element swords in five corners immediately shine and connect to each other in the shape of a pentagonal array. Everyone started attacking the sword in front of them. As a result, a sharp sound of sword sounded in their ears. The light on the middle of the boss suddenly rose. A white chill covered the whole screen instantly. A loud noise of "boom" made all ten people fall to the ground!


The whole team was killed in an instant, and everyone was in a daze.

Qin Mo, commander in chief, calmly typed: "The method of attacking the five-element sword at the same time won't work. Instead, the Northern Lights will pull the boss."

He Beiguang immediately typed: "Understand!"

As a professional main T, it is a piece of cake for him to hold the boss. After they were resurrected, they began to challenge again. He Beiguang, carrying a broadsword, rushed to the boss and raised his hand to cut the boss's chest with his weapon. However, the white-haired old man did not move at all. Instead, the five swords around him collectively shot at the Northern Lights, he instantly fell to the ground.

Northern Lights has been stab like a hedgehog and died innocently, and the others, too late to run, were once again poked to death by flying five-element swords.

.——It seems that the sword array that has killed countless guilds is not that simple.

Qin Mo looked down and thought carefully. Attack nearby swords, and the boss goes berserk. If you attack the boss, the swords around him will turn back on you. In other words, this is not a simple as to hit. Since neither sword nor boss can attack directly, there is only one possibility -- the breakthrough of sword array lies in the colorful connection between swords.

Thinking of this, Qin Mo immediately opened his mouth: "everybody stands outside sword array, Thousand Miles Ice encircles sword array to look, together with me, I am in charge of gold and wood. You are in charge of water, fire and earth. Write down the state of the body."

Thousand Miles Ice: "Understand."

This sword array is unusual. Qin Mo asked everyone to look on first. He and Xiao Han groped for a solution to the sword array so as not to be destroyed again and again.

With the beginning of the third challenge, there was a dazzling light on the five swords, and a colored line quickly appeared between the swords. Qin Mo and Xiao Han turned around the sword array at a very fast speed, and Xiao Han's assassin was faster after use Qinggong, so he circle the three swords of water, fire and earth within five seconds, while Qin Mo circles the gold and wood sword.

Three seconds later, Ink Mark and Thousand Miles Ice in the sword array were once again killed by the boss.

Two people lay on the ground and began to exchange information.

Qin Mo typed, "The state is glittering gold and green wood." (T/N : ehm I don’t understand this.. “我身上是烁金之利,青木之源”- “Wǒ shēnshang shì shuò jīn zhī lì, qīngmù zhī yuán.”)

Thousand Miles Ice: "My side is the meaning of running water, the heart of fire, the protection of earth." (T/N : also this.. “我这边是流水之意,烈火之心,厚土之护。”- “Wǒ zhè biān shì liúshuǐ zhī yì, lièhuǒ zhī xīn, hòu tǔ zhī hù.”)

Qin Mo looks at these condition, after thinking for a moment, just say: "it should be related to the principle of the five elements, let's try again."

Thousand Miles Ice: "Ok."

Qin Mo added: "typing will be too late, everyone open voice, into the team voice channel."

Because the dungeon needs to be adjusted at any time, voice command is the most convenient. Anyway, Xiao Han has recognized him, and Qin Mo is not worried about identity exposure.

They turned on the voice system, and as soon as they arrived, they heard a cool and pleasant voice in their ears: "Judging from the information obtained so far, the five-element swords cannot attack at the same time, nor can the boss directly attack. The connection between the five-element swords is the breakthrough point for the first stage of the sword array. I will try to fight with Thousand Miles Ice first, and if we succeed, we will start again."

Xiao Han heard these words, the surface is very calm, the in the mind is very excited---because, It is the voice of Qin Mo, he has not heard for three years!

The memory of Qin Mo is still young and its voice is very soft just after the voice change period. But now, the mature Qin Mo's voice has become more and more interesting. The unique sound is just like a stream flowing in the mountains after the spring rain, revealing a refreshing scent. The more Xiao Han listened, the better he felt. He really wanted to record and repeat it.

At that moment, Qin Mo's voice sounded again in his ear: "Ice, you can hit whichever sword you want to hit."

"No problem." Xiao Han typed immediately.

The two men returned to the sword array again, after the connection appeared, Qin Mo went through the theory of five elements opposing each other in his mind and then said, "lead the state of the source of green wood and attack the earth sword."

Xiao Han immediately stood in front of the wooden sword for a second and let himself appear as the "source of green wood", then jumped into the middle of the square, turned around and threw three daggers in the direction of the earth sword. With this attack, the line between the earth sword and the gold sword suddenly disappeared!

Qin Mo’s eyes brightened and continued: “The heart of the fire, attacking the metal sword!”

Xiao Han quickly did it, and solved the connection in less than three seconds.

"The meaning of running water, attacking the fire sword!"

"The protection of earth, attack the water sword!"

"The source of glittering gold, attack the wooden sword!"

Every time Qin Mo finished speaking, Xiao Han immediately completed the task. One commander, one action, in 15 seconds, all the lines between the five swords disappeared.

At this moment, the white-haired old man who was sitting in the middle suddenly stood up and began to read the words in his mouth: "Hey, my cultivation method will never be wrong, Why should I taste the suffering of this broken meridian? Good Heaven!"

There was a loud bang in his ear. Qin Mo immediately responded, "Breaking the array is just a prelude. Now we're officially began to fight the boss. Let's continue to observe. Everybody continues to observe, I see the circumstance of this boss with Ice first.”

The boss's lines are a bit long, probably telling the story of the past when he practiced his sword and the bloody battle that took place in the Jianshen Valley. After he finished speaking, there was a "weak" state on his body. Qin Mo put a combo with "Sword Horizon" and "Sword Rain Remnant", and the boss did not take silent control, but the blood level dropped to 95%.

Just then, a green line appeared again between the wooden sword and boss, and with the appearance of the connection, the blood level of boss returned to 100%.

Is this adding blood? Qin Mo immediately said: "get the gold sword state to hit the wooden sword!"

Xiao Han immediately did it, and the connection disappeared again.

Next, Qin Mo issued instructions and Xiao Han took action. They continued to test the boss and soon understood the role of these five swords.——

The green connection of the wooden sword will add blood to the boss; the brown connection of the earth sword will give the boss an 800% damage reflect; the blue connection of the water sword will give the boss a moving speed, once connected to the boss, it will run around; The golden line of the  gold sword adds 800% attack power to the boss, which causes extremely high damage after being connected; the red connection effect of the fire sword is the most terrible, the boss will put a range of full-screen big moves, the whole group will drop a lot of blood, it is easy to be wipe out.

After this trial, Qin Mo has clearly understood the way of Five Elements Sword Array.

The white-haired old man in the middle is the ultimate boss. The other five swords are used to assist him. Once the connection appears, the supporting role should be cancelled out by the opposing side. For example, if the fire sword goes to assist the boss to generate a red line, then go to the water sword to attack the fire sword with a state of "running water". When the water overcomes the fire and the line disappears, the boss return to the original state.

After the resurrection, Qin Mo calmly said: "I re-adjusted, the Northern Lights pulled the boss in the middle, Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile, Wind Leaves two melee to fight the boss. Others stood in front of the five swords, I am gold, Ice red, Mirage blue, Fireworks Burning brown, Heaven Quail green. Healer and Auxiliary maintain a distance of 10 meters with the boss." With the calm voice of Qin Mo, everyone immediately adjusted the position. Qin Mo also stressed: "As soon as the boss is connected with the brown sword, there will be an 800% damage reflect. The person who hit the boss will stop immediately after listening to my instructions. Don't mess when other connections appear. I will let you hit which one to hit. When you don't have to hit it, you can hit the boss."

The voice of the young man sounded a bit cold, and the command style was very decisive. Even the professional players of the Dragon Song Club couldn't help but admire it .—— a simple three-time trial, he actually figured out how to clear this sword array?

Facts have proved that Qin Mo's ability to analyze dungeon is indeed very strong. After sorting out ideas, the next battle of boss immediately became smooth.

"Hold off, Heaven Quail get the source of glittering gold to hit the wooden sword!"

"Fireworks Burning water swords!"

"Ice hit golden swords!"

His calm voice kept ringing on the voice channel, with a clear command issued one after another, the continuous connection on the pentagon was almost eliminated within three seconds, and the blood level of the boss continued to drop...

When the boss's blood volume dropped to 60%, suddenly three lines appeared on the field, and the whole team began to lose a lot of blood. All of a sudden, everyone was in a panic!

However, Qin Mo remained calm as before: "Everyone stay away from the connection, and the healer quickly add blood! Ice hit gold, I wood, Fireworks Burning water sword!"

The correct way of fighting makes the three thin lines disappear one after another. Little Medicine Fairy hastily added the blood to them. At last, everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Dragon Song Club's newcomers can't help wondering .—— what kind of brain does this person have? How could he react so quickly? When three lines suddenly appeared and the whole group lost a lot of blood, everyone was at a loss, but he immediately analyzed the principle of "five elements" and gave the correct instructions at a time.

The dungeon using many connections and a whole group blood loss to make it difficult for players, but it was easily resolve by him.

Due to Qin Mo's quick response, the second level went smoothly. The speed of the three connections is getting more frequent and faster. Qin Mo resolve them quickly at a time and the boss's blood level has been down to 20%.

At that moment, the connection disappeared, and suddenly the five swords began to shake violently!

Qin Mo immediately opened his mouth and said, "stop hitting boss, the people in front of sword quick hit it, and when the swords hit 5000 blood or so, knocked 1 on team channel!" (T/N : this, I don’t understand)

According to his inference, the five auxiliary swords suddenly began to vibrate violently, which is a sign to save the boss, and it is likely that the linkage of the five swords will directly lead to the mass destruction.

Hearing Qin Mo's calm voice, everyone immediately burst their hands and output five lines of swords. However, due to the different output speeds, Xiao Han and Qin Mo's swords quickly lost their blood. The two professional players, Heaven Quail and Fireworks Burning, were 5 seconds late, and the speed of Mirage was the slowest. Qin Mo ran over to help him hit several times. A moment later, a word appeared on the team channel one after another, and the blood volume of the five swords all dropped to about 5,000 points.

Qin Mo said, "Ice, red and blue belong to me, the other three belong to you, counting down three seconds!"

Thousand Miles Ice: "Understand."

It is not easy to kill all the swords at the same time, but Qin Mo believes that Xiao Han's tacit understanding with him can definitely do this.

After counting down three seconds, Qin Mo immediately launched the combo of Sword Horizon and Sword Rain Remnant, the large-scale group attack covered two swords. Xiao Han also launched the 3 combo Rainbow Through the Sun, and the dagger in his hand shot out rapidly. There was a loud bang in people's ears. Five swords fell down at the same time——that is to say, their brainwaves were synchronized at that moment, and the time difference could hardly be distinguished by the naked eye!

With the disappearance of the five swords, the boss who lost protection appeared again in a "weak" state, and the defense value dropped sharply. Everyone immediately attack the boss. Within half a minute, the blood of the Sword Craze was zero.

—— Congratulations to [Ink Mark] team on taking the lead in passing through the Jianshen Valley Ruins [Five Sword Array] stage!

—— Captain [Ink Mark], team members [Thousand Miles Ice], [Mirage], [Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile], [Wind Leaves], [Little Medicine Fairy], [Soundless], [Northern Lights], [Fireworks Burning], [Heaven Quail]!

—— The second stage of the Jianshen Valley Ruins, "Sword Altar" was unlocked!

This news immediately makes the players in the server enthusiastic!

There is a setting in Peerless Jianghu that the second stage of the dungeon will not be opened if the first boss of the dungeon isn’t clear yet, and the small mobs can’t be eliminate either. However, once someone in this server clear the first stage, the second stage will be opened to all players, so with the help of master who clear the first stage, other players who can't pass the first stage can enter the second stage to upgrade.

World Channel began to spam the screen crazily. Many people are thanking this master named "Ink Mark" for his welfare.

Even Xiao Han couldn't help sending a thumb on the team channel: "Great."

He does not understand the restriction of five elements, such as water can control fire and so on. He only knows that Qin Mo knows these things, and listening to Qin Mo will never be wrong.

Three years no see, Qin Mo is still the same as his impression, quick response, quick thinking, brilliant, dazzling...

Xiao Han really wants to use all the praise idioms he learned on Qin Mo.

Looking at the white swordsman standing calmly in the middle of the pentagon, Xiao Han suddenly couldn't move his eyes.
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