The King's Return : Chapter 19

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Daily chapter ~ just about the dungeon clearing stuff, nothing much :(

Chapter 19: Sword Altar

Due to the generous rewards given for the first team to clear, it took Qin Mo several minutes to sort out the drop of the first stage. The boss drop of the Jianshen Valley ruins is very generous, in addition to a large number of experience rewards, he also dropped ten pieces of purple equipment at one time. Qin Mo didn't want to covet these things and divided the equipment directly by profession.

Five armor, soft armor to the long-range professional Heaven Quail, Fireworks Burning, Mirage, hard armor to the melee profession Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile and Wind Leaves. The three weapons are broadsword, gold needle and white umbrella, which are distributed to the Northern Lights, gold needle to Little Medicine Fairy, and white umbrella to Soundless. Qin Mo and Xiao Han have a pair of shoes left over.

This kind of distribution plan has taken care of the whole group. Everyone has gained something. Everyone has a hard time, and they are naturally happy when they get the equipment.

When Xiao Han saw the distribution plan, he sent a private chat: "I said that I don't want it, why do you give them?"

Qin Mo replied: "I take it just for money, give it to them, so they can upgrade faster."

Xiao Han: "You take all the materials."

Boss dropped a lot of materials, a lot of purple materials, and gold materials including rare jadeite and 100-year-old rosewood. Qin Mo put all the materials into his own package and said, "It's too troublesome to divide the materials. I'll keep them for the time being. Later, when everyone builds equipment, come to me for any materials you lack."

"All right!" Everyone had no comment on this and happily went to the second stage.

From the first stage to the second stage, there is a long canyon. The experience of the small mobs along the way is very rich. They cleaned up the small mobs all the way. After half an hour, they avatar lit up and they upgrade to level 37.

Mirage is very excited: "upgrading in team dungeon is so fast that it has already been level up two levels!"

Wind Leaves sighed: "We used to have to do an afternoon task from level 35 to 37 ..."

-----follow the master have meat to eat, they really deeply realized the meaning of this sentence today.

In a twinkling of an eye, everyone came to the depths of the Jianshen Valley, and a broken wooden door appeared again in front of them. Qin Mo stepped forward to engage in dialogue, opening the challenge of the second stage "Sword Altar".

As the wooden door slowly opened, an altar suspended high in the air appeared in front of everyone. There were a lot of stones in a messy ladder-like arrangement under the altar. Looking up from the ground, one could see that the shape of the altar was square. As for what was above the altar, it was still impossible to infer.

Qin Mo said: "Everyone wait here, I will go up with Ice to have a look."

As soon as the voice fell, they saw two figures, one black and one white, and quickly jumped to the altar with Qinggong.

To Qin Mo’s surprise, the altar in the second stage is very simple compared to the five-element sword array in the first stage -- only a long sword stands in the middle.

The name of the sword was "broken ice," and it was as white as snow. There is nothing on the altar except the "broken ice sword". Obviously, this sword is the boss in the second stage, but we still have to explore how to fight it.

Qin Mo said, "Try it once."

Thousand Miles Ice: "En."

Xiao Han's dagger had just been shot out, and there was a loud "bang" in his ear. The altar at the foot of Xiao Han quickly split into ten small suspended stones, while the ground suddenly appeared thickly dotted with spikes. The newcomers of Dragon Song responded quickly and immediately flew to the top of the ladder flying with Qinggong skills. However, the four members of Qin Mo's team were not so conscious and were stung into hedgehogs.

As a corpse, Mirage concluded: "once the boss on the altar is activated, we can’t stand on the ground, it is full of spikes!"

Little Medicine Fairy who had been stabbed also said, "En, the spikes stabbing directly in a seconds, can't add blood."

Qin Mo looked down and saw that the dense thorns on the ground had not disappeared. This is very much like the "death" map of the competition. As long as you fall from the air, you will definitely be stabbed to death.

The altar in the air is divided into ten suspended stones, which have no access to each other and can only jump with Qinggong. The distance between the ten pumice stone and the middle boss is different, the nearest one meter and the farthest twenty meters.

Xiao Han and Qin Mo stood on the pumice and did not move. Fifteen seconds later, there was a loud bang in their ears. Ten pieces of pumice moved randomly. Xiao Han, who was two meters away from the boss, was moved to a distance, while Qin Mo, who was far away, was moved near the boss.

Qin Mo said, "You try to jump here."

At this time, Thousand Miles Ice on the pumice in the southeast corner, far from Ink Mark. Hear the voice of the Qin Mo, Xiao Han leaping with Qinggong skill immediately, jumped two or three times to to Qin Mo pumice, as a result, two people just stand together barely three seconds, and the broken ice sword in the middle burst into cold light. A cold white sword slammed into the position where they stood, directly smashing the pairs!

Qin Mo: "…..."

Xiao Han: "…..."

The two men who were killed easily lay in the air looked at each other, speechless.

Mirage jokingly said: "Haha, you two are too powerful together, the boss can't stand it!"

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile chimed: "That's right! When Boss saw two masters standing together, he got angry and said nothing but directly killed them…”

Qin Mo resurrected helplessly and returned to the entrance of the stage, carefully analyzing: "If two people stand together for more than 3 seconds, they will be killed by boss. In other words, only one person can stand on a pumice."

Xiao Han agreed: "En, this level should be an aerial combat, which is very testing on movement."

Boss is a sword that stands in the middle all the time. This boss has no fixed aggro and only needs to give full output. The difficulty lies in the fact that the pumice at the foot always changes its position randomly. Moreover, a pumice can only stand for one person. The pumice is close to and far from the boss. If you want to attack the boss, you must move quickly in the air, which tests the level of movement of the whole team.

Qin Mo thought for a moment, marked ten positions on the altar and regrouped: "Let's try. Everyone, according to the order of the team list, stand well at positions 1-10 marked by me and keep a distance of more than five meters between each other. Adjust your positions according to my arrangement later. Be careful not to fall down ... Ice, hit the sword after 3 seconds countdown."

Thousand Miles Ice:"Understand."

Three seconds later, Xiao Han's shot at the broken ice sword with the dagger in his hand, the second stage challenge officially began!

Everyone tried their best to output. When the time of 15 seconds arrived, the altar at the foot quickly split into ten pieces. On the ten pieces of pumice, there were exactly 1-10 numbers marked by Qin Mo. Obviously, when he just tried to fight, he calculated the approximate area of each pumice, so that everyone could keep a distance from each other and occupy just one pumice.

Due to the movement of pumice, melee was moved to a distance where the boss could not be reached, while the long-range was moved to the boss's side.

Qin Mo give instructions immediately: "Wind Leaves and Fireworks Burning change position, Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile and Heaven Quail change position, other people don’t move."

With the clear voice ringing in the ear, the named person immediately began to shift their positions with Qinggong. In this way, everyone can attack the boss again. Everyone worshiped Ink Mark command---- In such a short time, he can calculate the distance between the whole team and the boss and the attacking distance of all the main school, so as to adjust the position. It's really amazing!

Fifteen seconds later, the pumice under their feet moved again, Qin Mo glanced at everyone's position and continued to make adjustments: "Ice to No. 9, Northern Lights to No. 5, Mirage and Little Medicine Fairy change position!"

They transposed according to the instructions, and the boss's blood level was smoothly pressed to 80%. At this moment, suddenly ten purple lightning strikes in the sky, just aiming at the position where ten people stand. Little Medicine Fairy and Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile cannot avoid it, killed directly in a seconds. The blood level of other people who avoid in time is also dropped to 50% at one time, while ten scattered pumice gather in the middle and merged into the shape of the original square altar.

Qin Mo calmly said, "Don't worry, keep fighting."

Fifteen seconds later, the pumice separated again, the blood level of the broken ice sword dropped to 70%, and purple lightning strike once again, killing all the people with 50% blood level.

Since all the settings of the new dungeon are unknown, it is normal to be wipe out. The key is to draw lessons from the destruction and summarize the strategy to clear the stage.

Through this trial, Qin Mo has analyzed the law of pumice splitting and merging - according to time calculation, pumice change every 15 seconds, splitting twice, merging once, splitting and merging infinite cycle. However, purple lightning is a big move of the boss itself. According to the calculation of the boss's blood amount, it will be triggered when the boss's blood amount is 80%, 70% and 60%.

The purple lightning can’t be dodge, and the blood still drop 50% if dodge in time, the whole team can get away with it twice. And the combination of stones is just for the convenience of healer to add blood to everyone, that is to say, when hitting boss, time and blood level must be covered. Sometimes, in order to wait for the combination of stones, everyone has to stop hitting boss.

This requires the commander to have a comprehensive judgment on factors such as time, boss's blood level and output timing, which is much more difficult than the first stage.

Of course, for Qin Mo, who once directed professional league matches, who once directed professional league matches, can handle this difficulty, but what worries him is that...... Can the healer keep up with adding blood for 50%?

Everyone resurrected to the entrance of the checkpoint for a moment, Qin Mo said: "Go on the altar. I will remind you of the purple lightning, remember to dodge."

This time, when boss released purple lightning in 80% blood level, Qin Mo warned in advance that the whole team barely dodge it. However, the setting of purple lightning was somewhat rogue, it can’t be dodge and will have 50% blood loss, which was very uncomfortable. Then, when ten pumice merged into a square altar, and Little Medicine Fairy must add up all the blood in 15 seconds, otherwise, the whole team will die in the next purple lightning strike.

In fact, it is very difficult for healer to add blood of the team without any group add blood skill. Even if she used the fastest speed to concentrate adding blood, this time was only enough for her to fill up the blood of five people.

Fifteen seconds later, the pumice split again, and Little Medicine Fairy was moved to the far southeast corner, unable to add blood to a faraway teammates. Shen Qi was very anxious and wanted a big move to fill everyone's blood, but she didn't have such skills. Qin Mo had to make another choice: "Everyone stop and wait for the pumice to merge."

Originally, they could continue to hit boss, but because the healer can’t keep up, Qin Mo did not dare to hit boss to 70% blood and open a big move, can only wait.

After fifteen seconds, the pumice was randomly move, and 15 seconds later, the pumice was merged. Little Medicine Fairy immediately ran to give everyone blood, until all the blood was above 80%. Qin Mo said: "Hit!"

The blood of the boss was pressed to 70%, the purple lightning appeared, and the whole group lost 50% blood again.

The Little Medicine Fairy simply wanted to cry, she couldn't add blood at all, and her blue was almost gone ...

Sure enough, due to the long waiting time, boss went berserk and the whole team was easily wipe out again.

Little Medicine Fairy sent out a line of tears and Mirage comforted her by saying, "It's all right. Before level 40, there was no group add blood skills. It's really stressful to heal with single add blood skill for ten people..."

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile: "That is, it is not your fault."

Although her teammates were comforting her, Shen Qi felt very uncomfortable. She is a newbie, but she also understood, according to the dungeon setting, if the healer is strong enough, can guarantee the whole group full of blood within 15 seconds when the pumice merger, in this way, 30 seconds when everyone split, they can free hit the boss, such as the next pumice merger healer continue to add full of blood, fight rhythm will be very fast. But because she failed to fill up the blood, the commander could only make the whole team stop hitting, waiting for her, after a long time, boss became berserk.

-------That is to say, because her blood adding is not enough, it is difficult to pass this stage.

Qin Mo know Little Medicine Fairy simply can't add ten people's blood, if we want to clear this stage, can only replace her. But Shen Qi is a girl, substitution in the middle of the stage is too hurtful to her self-esteem …...

Think about it, the private chat channel suddenly pops up, which is sent by Little Medicine Fairy: "Ink Mark, I'm really sorry, I'm a newbie, aerial combat make me dizzy, let alone add blood to everyone. If the healer can't keep up with it, it's very difficult to pass. Otherwise, I'll ask my brother to play for me.”

Qin Mo was a little surprised: "Your brother?"

Shen Qi said: "Well, my brother is a veteran who has played the beta, the level is much higher than me. Wait a minute, I let him aid."

The avatar of the Little Medicine Fairy darkened and lit up again a moment later. Others don't know what's going on, only Qin Mo knows-----the operator has changed.

"Shen Qi's younger brother?" Qin Mo asked in private chat.

"Well, I am not a professional healer. I helped her play for an hour when she was eating with someone at noon. My sister asked me to help with the blood. What's going on? Is there a lot of blood adding here?"

Did he only play healer for an hour? The younger brother doesn't look very reliable either. However, since Shen Qi said that his younger brother was much better than her, Qin Mo was willing to believe him once and immediately chatted privately, "Have you seen the altar in front of you? After the challenge starts, the altar will be divided into ten pumice, which will change position every 15 seconds according to the setting. Your task is to quickly add and fill the whole team blood within 15 seconds after the pumice is merged."

"Oh, only when stones merge can blood be added?" The little medicine fairy looked up at the altar in the sky and said, "I'll try."

"All right, everyone, get ready to go to the altar and start over."

Following Qin Mo's instructions, people immediately jumped onto the altar and smoothly pressed Boss's blood level to 80%, purple lightning appeared and the whole group bled 50%, followed by the pumice merging. Then they saw an amazing scene-only a little girl in a light green dress and a pair of gold needles in her hand swam swiftly in the middle of the queue like a flexible fish. Where she passed, the blood level of all the people began to rise rapidly. When she walked clockwise for a round trip, all the people were full of blood!

Mirage was dumbfounded: "Is healer younger sister suddenly inject chicken blood?!”

Wind Leaves wondered, "Why does it seem like a different person?"

Little Medicine Fairy: "Hello everyone, I am the younger brother of Little Medicine Fairy o(n_n)o~"

Everyone: "......"

Is it appropriate for you as a boy to use this expression?

Xiao Han looked at the picture of Little Medicine Fairy walking around and adding blood. he immediately sent Qin Mo a private chat: "the s-type sliding position. plus blood buff and healer crit, the hand speed is at least 300apm."

Qin Mo replied, "He is really a fast player. He said that he is not a professional healer and only helped his sister play for an hour."

"One hour?" Xiao Han was somewhat surprised. "It is not easy to study the healer profession in such a short time."

Qin Mo certainly discovered this, but the pumice will soon split again. He had to withdraw his doubts about Shen Qi's younger brother and said, "Prepare to hit boss."
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