The King's Return : Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Drunken River

10-member team dungeon can only be entered once a week. Since the dungeon have been cleared, there is no need to continue to team up. Qin Mo chatted privately with Xiao Han and said, "Let's dissolve the 10-member team first."

"Ok." Xiao Han simply withdrew from the team and let all four newcomers of Dragon Song retire, "What are you going to do next? Continue the task?"

"No hurry, I want to see the younger brother of Little Medicine Fairy first."

"Go ahead, wait for your messages." Said Xiao Han.

Just now when the dungeon was finished, Little Medicine Fairy went offline and went online again. Maybe the operator changed Shen Qi again. Qin Mo sent her a private chat to confirm: "Shen Qi?"

"En, it is me!"

"Where's your brother?"

"The computer beside me."

"Does he enjoy playing games?"

"Do you see it?" Shen Qi said excitedly, "He is very good at playing games. When he was a child, he want to be an e-sport player like my cousin. He also rushed to the club for an interview excitedly. After being rejected by the club, he came back to school honestly. However, my brother has been very smart since he was young. The school courses are very simple for him. He still plays games in his spare time and probably hasn't given up yet." Shen Qi spoke of her younger brother with a hint of pride in her tone. "By the way, I told him that the command of the dungeon was in our Internet cafe just now. He was excited and wanted to meet you, is it okay?"

"No problem. Call him over."

Soon, there was a knock on the door outside. Qin Mo stood up and opened the door. He found Shen Qi was followed by a teenager about 1.7 meters tall. The teenager was sunny and handsome, with a brilliant smile. When he laughed, he would show two lovely tiger teeth. However, because he was too young, it was hard to hide youth and tenderness in his face.

Shen Qi drew his younger brother to the front and said, "Ink Mark, this is my younger brother, Shen He."

To Qin Mo's surprise, the teenager suddenly rushed to him excitedly: "Oh my god! Are you Qin Mo, the great god of the Wind Color Team?"

"......" one word said his origin, Qin Mo face can’t help but have a slight change.

Shen He hurriedly explained: "Don't get me wrong, I am not a paparazzi, and I won't tell anyone that I have seen you here! In fact, I have been playing Miracle for several years and have been playing summoners all the time. I am a loyal fan of Wind Color Team. My favorite player is you. I think your style of play is especially handsome!"

The youth in front of him is more stable than his memory of Qin Mo, the features become more exquisite after long time, and his eyes are much better than when he was a teenager. It's just that he looks so cold that he doesn't seem to be as talkative as Qin Mo before. To his indifferent eyes, Shen he suddenly worried, was he too abrupt?

Qin Mo completely didn't expect to meet fans of the Wind Color team in the Internet cafe, since recognized by the other party, Qin Mo also don't want to find excuses to hide, and Shen He a face of joy to see idol, looks no malicious. Qin Mo's look eased slightly, nodded to him and said, "Hello, come in and sit down."

Shen He followed Qin Mo and went into the private room. He was so excited that he didn't know where to put it. He looked like a fool.

Shen Qi did not understand the situation, knowing that she could not insert words, she consciously ran to bring fruit to the two.

Qin Mo sat back in front of the computer and calmly asked, "Listening to your sister, you went to the club for an interview, but you were rejected?"

Shen He scratched his back head embarrassingly and his ears turned red. "Well, I've always wanted to be an e-sport player like my cousin. When you retired, the team didn’t do very well. I dared to go to the Wind Color team for an interview to try whether I could join the training camp, but... I’ve got rejected. They say I'm too young and not talented to be an e-sport player. Later, I went to Huaxia, Dragon Song and other clubs for interviews, and all of them rejected me…..” At this point, the teenager can not help but drop his head in frustration.

—— Rejected by so many clubs? Is his level really not good?

Qin Mo asked: "How old are you this year?"

Shen He replied, "I am 18 years old this year. I was only 15 when I went to the interview."

Qin Mo was also 15 years old when he joined the Wind Color Team. At a very young age, he was very fortunate to be appreciated by Ling Xuefeng, captain of Wind Color Team. Ling Xuefeng not only let him join the training camp, but also accepted him as an apprentice. Under the guidance of Master, Qin Mo made rapid progress, officially made his debut at the age of 16 and won the Best Newcomer Award of the season.

Shen He is not so lucky as Qin Mo, when he went to the interview, he was rejected many times. Speaking of the past, there was a distinct look of loss on his face, and it was obvious that he was not reconciled to it.

Qin Mo looked at Shen He head hanging down in frustration and could not help asking, "Do you really want to be an e-sport player?"

"En!" Shen he said earnestly, "I have been fond of e-sport matches since I was a child. I never missed a match of Wind Color Team."

"Let me see you in a few fights." Qin Mo stood up, turned off the game interface of "Peerless Jianghu", opened the "Miracle" from the desktop, and said, "If you have the talent to be an e-sport player, at your age, it is still not too late to receive formal training. If you don't have the talent, you can get over it and do something else.”

"Good!" Shen He felt that Qin Mo's words were particularly reasonable, and immediately sat excitedly in front of the computer and quickly logged in to the account.

The familiar game interface is exactly the game "Miracle" that Qin Mo played before. Shen He has a summoners account in it. After logging in to the Freedom Zone in the arena, Shen He casually found a platform to go with the person to PK. As a result, he was killed by the other party in a series of moves before he could react.

Shen He's face was a little embarrassed, and he blushed and said, "Cough, I haven't played for a long time, and I'm a little rusty ......"

The teenager was quite shy. Qin Mo stood behind him and looked at his slender fingers. He said calmly, "It doesn't matter. Get familiar with it and play a few more rounds."

Shen He nodded, put a round of skills on the wooden stick in the square at the entrance of the main city, got familiar with it and went into the arena again, and finally won the next game.

He played the summoner, Qin Mo's originally favorite profession.

Summoners are the third most difficult in all professions. They need to use multi-line operation to control several pets at the same time. They need to react quickly and keep pace with each other. Shen He had a hard time playing because he hadn't touched the game for a long time at first, but his adaptability was very strong and he could easily crush his opponents in the fifth round.

—— No wonder he has the confidence to go to the club for an interview. Obviously, his winning rate in online games is very high.

Qin Mo carefully observed his operation and became more familiar with it. Especially, the classic "cross encirclement" and "pet killing" are almost identical to Qin Mo's operation style. This guy is obviously learning Qin Mo's playing style, and he has also learned it in a good way. People who don't know it may think he is Qin Mo when playing games with him. Even Qin Mo himself has the illusion of looking back at the game video in a trance.

—— His ability to imitate is terrible, and it even look genuine!

Qin Mo heart suddenly felt some regret. Such a special talent has been rejected by many clubs? Obviously, the interviewers did not seriously consider Shen He's potential. Perhaps they felt that there were so many online games players like him who only knew how to imitate the great god, and because he was too young, they turned him down.

Indeed, players who only imitate a great god will not only have no way out, but will also be laughed at in the competition.

But Shen He is different.

In the match just now, he not only imitated Qin Mo's pet killing operation, but also imitated the classic play of many great god summoners.

Shen He has a very high malleable. He can imitate any player and do it perfectly. This also proves that his learning ability, adaptability and ability to integrate different styles of play are very strong. If he uses these abilities properly, his opponents will definitely be dazzled and have no idea of his style of play.

Many e-sports players in the professional circle have their own style of play, but Shen He can be ever-changing.have variety style.

—— This is his greatest characteristic.

If Qin Mo had been an interviewer of the club, it is absolutely impossible to let such a talent. Perhaps the current Shen He has become a new generation of great gods in the professional circle. Unfortunately, the initial interviewers were short-sighted and delayed the teenager for three full years, almost making Shen He missed the e-sport league.

After watching him win ten matches in a row in the challenge arena, the more courageous he was in the Veteran War, Qin Mo interrupted him: "That's ok."

Shen He immediately withdrew his slender fingers, scratched the back of his head, blushed and said, "In fact, I learned this game by watching videos, and I didn't learn it very well ......"

"Learning very well."

"Really?" The praised Shen He's eyes lit up immediately. "But when I went to the interview, they all said that I could only imitate others and would not have good future."

"It is certainly not good to imitate only one person, but players who can imitate 10 or 20 people will be very terrible on the league." Qin Mo paused and asked, "Do you still want to be an e-sport player?"

"Yes ah! I really want to." Shen He looked at Qin Mo eagerly: "Do I still have hope?"

There is a strong expectation in the eyes of teenager. Qin Mo understands this kind of mood. It is the best expectation for the future that talents who have not experienced too many twists and turns will have. The same was true of him once. He entered the first-class rank of professional players through his own efforts. Although he had to retire after some experiences, Qin Mo never regretted his original choice.

He believes that the future Shen He will not regret it.

"Shen He, I give you a suggestion. Whether to listen or not is up to you." Qin Mo give a rare gentle expression, looking at the teenager, seriously said, "Miracle over there, professional league has been internationalized, master gathered, newcomers want to come out is not easy. Moreover, you should know that the summoner flow of miracles requires the absolute cooperation of teammates. As long as summoners appear in a team, the summoners must be the core. Judging from many clubs rejected you, they are not willing to take risks to change the tactical system for your sake. Do you understand what I mean? "

"En, I know." Shen He lowered his head and was somewhat depressed. In fact, he knows very well that no club is willing to try to change tactics for a newcomer like him. Most clubs do not need to cooperate with complicated summoners, and those clubs that need summoners do not look at him. Over the past few years, he has repeatedly hit a brick wall during interviews and has become accustomed to being ruthlessly rejected by major clubs. Although he was rejected many times, he still did not give up hope. But at the moment, listening to Qin Mo clearly explain the reason, his heart is still a little uncomfortable.

"There is a new opportunity in front of you." Qin Mo patted the teenager on the shoulder and said, "The professional league tournament will start next year if you play Peerless Jianghu. At present, everyone is on the same starting line. Moreover, the new game will have a higher acceptance of all kinds of games and lineups, and it will be relatively easy to integrate the summoner flow game into the team system. With your talent, if you come here to develop, you will definitely debut in the future."

“I understand!" When Shen He heard the hope, he stood up excitedly. "I'm going to build an account in the new server!" Just as Shen Qi came in with fruit, Shen He rushed to her and actively said, "Sister, please find me an ID card. I'm going to build a new account at Peerless Jianghu new server!"

Shen Qi, of course, was delighted when his younger brother came to the new server to play. He immediately turned around and brought him an ID card, opened the computer beside Qin Mo and brought his younger brother a pair of VR glasses.

Shen He sat down in front of the computer beside Qin Mo and logged in to the game. When choosing his profession, he turned back and asked, "God Mo, what school do you think I should choose?"

"Since you like summoners, then choose Zhuge Family."

"Ok." Shen He did not hesitate to choose Zhuge Family school and gave his in game name-Drunken River.

Looking at Shen He a face of excitement, Qin Mo have a rare smile on his face.

This teenager is optimistic and lively. Although he has been rejected many times by big clubs, he still hasn't given up and insists on the dream of being an e-sport player. Since he harbors dreams, Qin Mo is also willing to give him a chance.

Qin Mo believes that with Shen He's learning speed and adaptability, next year's professional league will definitely become a stage for him to shine.
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