The King's Return : Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Internet Café Owner

Qin Mo re-login the Peerless Jianghu. As soon as he went online, he received a private chat from Thousand Miles Ice: "Did you see Little Medicine Fairy's brother? How?"

"The foundation is good, and it is very distinctive." Qin Mo replied, "I have brought him to a new game."

"Very good." Xiao Han sent a thumb, "By the way, have you received any special private chat messages?"

"What messages?"

"For example, the messages that some clubs invite you to join."

As soon as Qin Mo just wanted to say "no." A private chat from a stranger popped up in the lower left corner.

"Hello, expert, I am the head of the Huaxia club players in this area. Are you interested in participating in the professional league next year? If you are interested, feel free to contact me."

Xiao Han's mouth is like a crow's mouth (T/N: jinx). What he say, and it come.

Huaxia Club is one of the comprehensive e-sports clubs in China. It has strong strength, won many trophies in the field of e-sports, and its popularity is very stable. Qin Mo had played many times with the players of the Huaxia Club when he was playing at Miracle. The club's masters were like clouds, not inferior to Xiao Han's Dragon Song Club. (T/N: Huaxia club team is Time in Miracle, team by Tan Shitian and Cheng Wei)

Upon receiving the news, Qin Mo couldn't help but wonder: "Has the Huaxia club already set up in Peerless Jianghu? What is the name?"

Huaxia person replied: "Imperial Team."

The team name is so domineering, it seems that the captain's ambition is not small ah!

However, Qin Mo was not interested in joining the Huaxia Club and replied, "I won’t consider joining Huaxia for the time being."

Huaxia person continued to persuade, "There are many clubs that have entered Peerless Jianghu. According to internal information, the league scale of the new games is comparable to that of international competitions. It is very important to choose a club if you want compete in the professional league next year. Our Huaxia club has a perfect management system and is very strong in all aspects. Only a good club can help you achieve your goal of winning the championship. I hope that the experts will consider it carefully. "

Qin Mo also learned Xiao Han's straightforwardness and answered simply, "I will not join Huaxia, thank you."

The person in charge who was blocked back had to helplessly say: "Ok. If you change your mind one day, you can contact me at any time."

Qin Mo politely sent him away: "Ok, goodbye."

There are many clubs, large and small, that have entered Peerless Jianghu. No matter how great they have achieved in the past, they are now playing new games. All of them are on the same starting line. It is not clear what will happen in the future. Even if the strength of Huaxia is strong, it is normal to stumble in new league matches. The key depends on the captain's ability. A good captain can bring up a second-rate team, while a bad captain can destroy a powerful team. The captain of Huaxia over there hasn’t contacted Qin Mo yet. Naturally, he will not agree to join just because the club is famous.

Thousand Miles Ice: "How? Haven't received it yet?"

"You're right. I just received an invitation from Huaxia." Qin Mo returned to his sense and sent Xiao Han a reply, "But I refused."

"Refused is good." Xiao Han said, "The action of Huaxia is very positive. It is estimated that other clubs will throw branches to you in the near future."

What is throwing a branch? Xiao Han's Chinese is really mixed and unstable ah!

"It's an olive branch." Qin Mo helplessly corrected.

"Oh, olive branch." Xiao Han immediately corrected his grammatical mistakes and went on to say, "Don't listen to those club leaders bragging. They can blow the junk club into an international first class. Anyway, you don't have to worry. Take your time." It is better to refuse all the club's invitations and embrace our Dragon Song-of course, Xiao Han refrain from saying this.

"Well, I upgrade first." Qin Mo turn around to do the task, Xiao Han also took the newcomers to continue to upgrade.

The two occasionally exchanged their experiences during the upgrade process, and by about 6 in the evening, everyone collectively upgraded to level 40.

Mirage suggested: "Would you like to have dinner first?"

Ink Mark: "Ok, rest for one and a half hours, and meet again at 7: 30."

Little Medicine Fairy immediately actively chatted with him privately: "Ink Mark, I didn't expect you to be the great god of e-sport league. You treat me for lunch and I treat you for dinner!"

Qin Mo was about to refuse, when Shen He stood up beside him and said, "God Mo, my sister said that your fixed team has dissolved and rested. Let's have dinner together. it's my treat!"

Two brothers and sisters rushed to treat him. Qin Mo didn't want to eat fast food alone anyway, so he promised to come.

In the Internet area lobby, just before Shen Qi offline, she saw a young man passing by, knocking on her partition glass and asking, "Xiao Qi, are you going to dinner?"

"I have an appointment with someone." Said Shen Qi while she switched off the computer quickly and stood up.

"With whom? It's not a boyfriend, is it? "

"Brother, don't talk nonsense. I just met an online friend in the new game." Shen Qi explained, "He happened to come to our Internet cafe to online today. Xiao He just recognized that he was once a great god of the Wind Color Team. Like you, he used to be an e-sport player."

"The Wind Color team?" The young man asked curiously, "What's his name?"

"His name is Qin Mo, who seems to be Shen He's favorite player."

"Oh, what a coincidence." The young man smiled and bent his eyes. "I'll go with you, and I'll pay the bill."

Qin Mo did not expect that one more person would eat dinner with them.

Shen Qi took the initiative to introduce: "This is my cousin, the owner of Little Fish Internet café I mentioned to you before. He used to be an e-sport player, when he heard that you are, too, he wanted to have dinner with us to reminisce with you. "

Looking at the smiling young man standing in front, Qin Mo suddenly had a headache-what he reminisce about? They aren't in the same team, not the same game, and they never met before.

Sure enough, since Shen He recognized him, his identity was completely exposed.

The other party actively held out his hand and said, "Hello, my name is Yu Xiangyang."

"Hello, Qin Mo." Qin Mo also politely reached out and shook hands with him.

"I know your name is Qin Mo. I used to hear Xiao Han mention you."

Qin Mo could not help but feel awkward when he heard this sentence. Fortunately, Yu Xiangyang did not say much, and the four turned out of the Internet bar together.

Shen Qi choose restaurant that is not far from the Internet cafe. It takes five minutes to get there. The newly opened restaurant has a very good environment. The four of them followed the waiter to the second floor and took a seat by the window. There was an i-pad on the table, which listed many exquisite dishes. Shen Qi actively picked up the i-pad and asked, "Here is the online order. Which of you would like to order first?"

"You choose the place you know best. You can order it." Yu Xiangyang said.

"Alright, I'll order it." Shen Qi's finger picked six dishes and four bowls of rice in succession on it, then pressed the confirmation button and said with a smile, "Look, if it is not enough, add more."

Qin Mo skimmed through the sumptuous menu and did not say much. He didn't like talking to people very much. However, Yu Xiangyang is a talkative person. He handed the menu to his younger sister and then said, "After retiring from the league, many e-sport player will change their profession to become commentator, transfer e-sport league or go to various game companies. I am not interested in those positions. I went out to work alone and opened an Internet cafe myself. Fortunately, my business is still good. What a coincidence to meet you in an internet cafe, haha!"

"En, your Internet Cafe decoration style is very unique." Qin Mo politely praised him.

"Yes! Now every household in the big city has a computer. Internet cafes must have their own characteristics to survive. I think I have a good eye for business, hahaha”

"......" Qin Mo is helpless. It is said that the Dragon Song Club people are good at bragging. It seems that this rumor is true.

"By the way, if I remember correctly, you retired three years ago, didn't you? Have you changed your career in the past few years?" After all, both of them are retired players, and it's normal to ask each other about the arrangements after retiring. However, Qin Mo doesn't know how to answer this question. He can't say that he has retired, but his heart has always been in the professional league, right?

Seeing that Qin Mo was not willing to answer this question, Yu Xiangyang immediately changed his words tactfully: "Cough, I remember Xiao Han was less than 17 years old when he was at the Dragon Song Club. The players' training rooms for different games in our club are separate, but we often meet at the canteen. Xiao Han is a mixed-race with blond hair and black eyes. He is very cute. We like to sit with him every day for dinner. It's especially fun to hear him speak awkward Chinese."

Since career topics can not be talked about, Yu Xiangyang has to bring the topic back to Xiao Han. After all, the legendary relationship between Twin Stars is very good.

Sure enough, Qin Mo's face improved a lot after mentioning Xiao Han, and his tight side face lines softened. He smiled and said, "When Xiao Han first returned home, his Chinese was very bad."

"Yes, he likes to use idioms indiscriminately. As a result, he makes jokes every day!" Recalling the scene of that year, Yu Xiangyang laughed happily. "He often mentioned you and said that Qin Mo was his best friend and his Chinese teacher. Every time we tease him and tell him that a certain word is wrong, he still doesn't believe us and has to go back to ask Qin Mo at night. He especially believes you."

Listening to Yu Xiangyang's words, Qin Mo's eyes feel hot-Xiao Han's complete trust in him made him suddenly feel a little sad.

At the beginning, he promised Xiao Han that he would accompany him to participate in the World Competition and become Xiao Han's strongest opponent. Xiao Han must believe in these promises, right?

But in the end, he failed to do anything.

Qin Mo gently clenched his fingers under the table. Fortunately, when the meal was served, Yu Xiangyang finally stopped talking and said enthusiastically, "Eat, it is also a fate to see you here!"

Shen He also enthusiastically put ribs in front of Qin Mo: "Don't be polite, eat more!" Then he turned to Yu Xiangyang and said, "Brother, God Mo tell me that there is more chance to develop new games. I have built an account in Peerless Jianghu. This time, I must practice well and strive to participate in next year's professional league!"

Yu Xiangyang praised: "Yes, you boy has finally found a way out."

Shen He proudly said: "Of course, there are so many trophies in your home, wait for me to put a few more with yours."

Shen Qi smiled and said: "You all go to be e-sports players, if I go to be an e-sports reporter after graduation, we can become an e-sports family......"

Brothers and sisters chatted very happily, and from time to time gave Qin Mo food, a dinner was very lively, but Qin Mo was somewhat uneasy, he always felt that Yu Xiangyang might reveal his whereabouts to Xiao Han, with Xiao Han's temper, will he directly find him? It shouldn’t be right? Xiao Han is also responsible for the training of the newcomers. He has no time to come to Nanjing.

He don't know whether he want to see him or not. Qin Mo's mood suddenly has some contradictions.

After dinner, Yu Xiangyang rushed to pay for the bill, returned to the Internet cafe and immediately set up a free VIP membership card for Qin Mo. He said enthusiastically, "Come often in the future!"

"Thank you." Qin Mo took the card and said goodbye to him, turned and returned to the private room.

Yu Xiangyang looked at his back and touched his chin thoughtfully.

Since Qin Mo did not tell him that he could not tell Xiao Han, that is to say, he could tell Xiao Han about it, right? After all, Qin Mo is Xiao Han's best friend, isn't he?

Thought of here, Yu Xiangyang immediately took out his cell phone and sent Xiao Han a WeChat: "Xiao Han, I have important news to tell you. Say, how can you thank me?"

Xiao Han replied: "It depends on what kind of news it is."

Yu Xiangyang laid down a row of smiling faces: "A rare visitor came to my Internet cafe today. He is exactly the bestfriend you used to talk about everyday, Qin Mo."

Xiao Han immediately got up from his seat and typed quickly with his fingers: "Tell me the address."

Yu Xiangyang sent the address to him. After a moment, he came back to his sense and said in surprise: "Why do you ask the address? Don’t tell me you will fly straight over here, do you?”

Xiao Han didn't have time to reply because he was searching for a flight to Nanjing tomorrow morning-yes, he just wanted to fly straight there.
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