The King's Return : Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Mysterious Team

Fortunately for Xiao Han, there is a flight to Nanjing at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning. Although only high-priced tickets are left, Xiao Han bought the tickets without hesitation——he can't wait to see Qin Mo. The thought of tomorrow can see Qin Mo, Xiao Han mood suddenly have a kind of unspeakable excitement in his heart.

The Ink Mark in the game was just online. Xiao Han immediately sent him a message: "Have you finished your dinner? Let's go to the peach blossom forest together."

Qin Mo wondered: "What is a peach blossom forest?"

Xiao Han: "Level 40 open up a dungeon for double team."

Double dungeon is also a new way to play in this public test. Similar to the "couple task" of other games, 2-members teams are required to enter. There are a lot of mobs and mob leaders in the dungeon. Killing will gain a lot of experience. There are random material rewards after each clearance. It is a good place to upgrade.

The max level of Peerless Jianghu is level 80, the higher the level, the harder the upgrade. According to the normal upgrade speed during the beta test, it is said that it will take as long as one month to reach the max level. This public test has opened up the team dungeon, the experience has soared, but unfortunately there is a limit on the number of entries per week. Although the experience given by the double dungeon is not as good as that given by the team dungeon, the advantage is that there is no limit for entries. Therefore, Xiao Han wants to form a team with Qin Mo to upgrade the double dungeon.

Qin Mo opened the system prompt, sure enough, there are upgrade guidelines——congratulations to chivalrous men to reach level 40, The following options are available: 1. Go to Jinling City to do the main tasks, gain upgrading experience and basic equipment; 2. challenge five-person dungeon [Fangcao Hall Pharmacy] to gain experience, equipment, and secret book awards; 3. Challenge the new double dungeon [Peach Blossom Forest], get experience and random material awards.

The three upgrades are optional, which also takes into account the preferences of different players.

At this time, the world channel suddenly make an announcement —— congratulations to the chivalrous men [Snow Mountain] in Fangcao Hall Pharmacy dungeon to obtain the Jianghu secret book “Heart Sutra”!

There are a total of eight school dungeon in Peerless Jianghu, and there are eight secret book drop from the dungeon, but usually only fragments will be dropped. The drop probability of the whole secret book is as low as 0.1%. It seems that this player is very lucky and gets the whole secret book directly after clearing the dungeon.

Little Medicine Fairy is very envious: "Is the Heart Sutra a secret book for healer?"

Mirage: "Yes, you can learn a very strong group add blood skills, full screen range of friendly targets instantly full of blood."

Little Medicine Fairy: "So powerful! I want it, too……"

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile comforted: "Sister do not worry, you can save fragments slowly to change it later, you will have it!"

Wind Leaves asked: "Ink Mark, shall we go to the level 40 Fangcao Hall school dungeon?"

Qin Mo said: "Wait a minute, I'll reply my friend message first."

Just then Xiao Han sent another message: "How about it? Do you want a double dungeon?"

Qin Mo replied: "I'll take them to clear a dungeon of the school first, and then go with you after five times clearance."

These teammates are not like Xiao Han's team members and do not have the standards of professional players. Since Qin Mo has formed a fixed team with them, he cannot leave them alone. Without Qin Mo, the four of them would certainly not have been able to clear the dungeon. Xiao Han understood this very well: "OK, tell me when you finish."

"Don’t you want to go and see Fangcao Hall dungeon?" Qin Mo asked.

"Of course I want to go."

"Then why did you ask me to go a double dungeon?"

"Advance reservations, to avoid you to be taken away." Xiao Han answered with confidence.

Qin Mo really didn't know how to deal with Xiao Han's straight-forward style of speaking, so he said, "Okay, I'll tell you when I finish."

Fangcao Hall is located in the south of the Yangtze River, near the mountains and rivers, the scenery is very beautiful.

It is said that Mr. Mei Lao, a famous doctor in Jianghu, accidentally discovered this treasure land when picking herbs. Because of the climate, it is very suitable for the growth of various medicinal herbs. Mr. Mei Lao moved his hospital nearby to facilitate the collection and planting of herbs. Later, many apprentices came to study medicine, and Mr. Mei Lao founded the "Fangcao Hall" school, which became a holy place for Chinese medicine practitioners to save the world. Because of the danger of Jianghu, pharmacists who can't defend themselves may not be able to go far, so Fangcao Hall's disciples have another choice —— to learn various toxicology and become poison master who kill people with drugs.

Little Medicine Fairy and Mirage in Qin Mo's team are disciples of Fangcao Hall two cultivation road. Little Medicine Fairy majors in healing and Mirage majors in poison attack.

The two were familiar with the road and took everyone to the entrance of school dungeon.

Just as Qin Mo expected, there were not many people at the gate of the dungeon. At present, there are no more than 100 players from Xijiang Moon server that reach level 40.

As soon as Qin Mo was about to enter the dungeon, he saw a team of five people suddenly come out of the dungeon. One of the IDs was called "Snow Mountain". It was the person who just got the secret book from the server announcement. He ignored these people and went on, but suddenly his eyes turned red and a system alarm sounded in his ears —— the player [Dead Soul] opened a PK to you!

As soon as the voice fell, four wooden mechanical rats suddenly appeared at his feet, and Ink Mark were immediately bitten out of the "weak" state by the mechanical rats.

—— Cross Encirclement!

This is the most basic and classic pet operation of summoning flow.

Originally thought that only online game players bored to open PK, but unexpectedly met a master.

Qin Mo's spirit was boosted, and his finger immediately slid in the upper left corner of the LCD panel. The swordsman in white clothes swept forward with a long sword, use “Sword Horizon” skill, he attacked the four mechanical rats for two consecutive strokes.

When the mechanical rat died, the other party immediately summoned two mechanical snakes, one on the left and the other on the right, to quickly flank Qin Mo.

Zhuge Family is famous for its mechanical skills in the Jianghu. The wooden mechanical they developed are lifelike. The two mechanical snakes are made of fine rosewood. Under the tongue is the highly toxic hidden weapons. There are countless poisonous barbs hidden in the body. No matter they are wound up close or hit by hidden weapons from a long distance, they will suffer a lot of toxic injuries.

Two wooden snakes move very fast, and it is left and right S-shaped walk directly blocked the retreat of Qin Mo. Obviously, this person named "Dead Soul" has first-class consciousness.

Qin Mo's eyes were fixed on the snake which surrounded him quickly in the distance. His left index finger moved to the lower left corner of the LCD panel immediately. At the moment when the two snakes climbed to his feet, the school Qinggong skill "Flicker" was pressed accurately. The swordsman in white suddenly flew up into the air like a great hawk spreading his wings, and then swooped down, releasing "Sword Horizon" and "Sword Rain Remnant" in succession, silencing the two wooden snakes in place!

The other party did not panic, but actually summoned four huge mechanical chariots.

Qin Mo had just learned the wild boss of summoning class before, and he knew the way of summoning flow very well. At the moment when the chariot appeared, he immediately use the secret book skills "Sword Rain Fragrance". A large number of white sword spirit came down from the sky, and stun all the chariots and Dead Soul in their places.

—— As Qin Mo expected, the mechanical summoned by the disciples of Zhuge family are also controlled by the skill, just like the pets of the summoner in other games.

But what Qin Mo did not expect was that the moment he stun his opponent's mechanical, a Fangcao Hall player next to "Dead Soul" called "Poison Little Demon" suddenly shot at him——Red Crown Crane! Mandrake!

The other party throws in all the poison powder of Fangcao Hall characteristic.

As the other party immediately connected to the "Mandrake" at the moment when "Red Crown Crane" hit a crit, Ink Mark suddenly "blind" under the influence of two poisons, and the sight became dark.

Encountered Fangcao Hall's real posion master attack, Qin Mo realized the terrible place of poison attack flow in this game——the blind effect of VR game has more serious impact on people than traditional online games. Traditional games only have black display screen, while VR game is black at the moment and nothing can be seen!

Dead Soul took advantage of Ink Mark blindness, called four mechanical rats, and surrounded Ink Mark again!

Just then, a short line of words suddenly appeared on the nearby channel: "You two people fight with one Ink Mark, is that appropriate?"

Sender: Thousand Miles Ice

With the emergence of small character, a black shadow suddenly involved in the battlefield like a whirlwind, the dagger in his hand flashed blood, Rainbow Through the Sun hit three times, the dense dagger like rain shot towards "Posion Little Demon" rapidly!

Poison Little Demon immediately jumped back and dodge, Xiao Han would not let him go, followed by a "Meteor" instantly moved close to him, the dagger in his hand fell sharply into his chest stabbing down!

When Qin Mo restored his vision, he saw such a scene: the Poison Little Demon who had just attacked him was being chased and beaten by Xiao Han. The Qinggong of the Poison Little Demon was very good, but Xiao Han's ability to chase and kill people was world-class. Soon, the Poison Little Demon was completely suppressed by Xiao Han, and the blood level dropped to half in an instant.

And Qin Mo, who has lifted his blindness, has unhesitatingly come up with "Unrivaled Sword" to target the Poison Little Demon and beat the him into residual blood in one breath.

Xiao Han thought of a move to kill him, just at this critical moment, Poison Little Demon body suddenly shines a soft green light —— Magic Acupuncture, Suspense Pulse!

It's the cure.

It is also this set of critical moment skill to cure critical blows, allowing Poison Demon to instantly return to full blood.

Qin Mo moved his eyes not far away "Snow Mountain" that adding blood to her teammates, a female avatar, light green dress, small and exquisite figure, in the hands of two glittering gold needles, the game Fangcao Hall female pharmacists are all in this design. However, this healer is very calm when dealing with emergencies, and the calculation of the amount of adding blood just now is quite accurate, and there is hardly a trace of healing spillover.

Thousand Miles Ice: "The healer also help? Why don't the two next to you go up together and go straight to 5v2."

Snow Mountain: "We just want to learn from each other. Don't get me wrong."

Thousand Miles Ice: "Is learning is by this 2v1 sneak attack?"

Xiao Han's tone is very bad, because he is really very angry. When he came to the entrance of Fangcao Hall dungeon and saw Qin Mo being besieged by the other two, he was furious. As a result, the other person's healer also came to help! These people cooperate with each other and well coordinated. Everyone has strong consciousness and operation. Obviously, they are professional players. It’s alright if just picking up Qin Mo on 1v1, but with a many versus one, even a sneak attack? Bullying Qin Mo at the dungeon entrance with nobody helping him?

Dead Soul: “……”

Posion Little Demon: “……”

By Xiao Han word broke the key, two people's face obviously feel ashamed.

"Continue the dungeon" The captain Dead Soul dropped a sentence, call the mechanical back and took the team into the copy.

Qin Mo noticed Xiao Han was angry and chatted privately: "Forget it, they are obviously testing me, and several of them are trying to see my actual strength."

Seeing this, Xiao Han's anger subsided slightly and answered earnestly: “These people should be professional players of a certain team. Today’s system announcement has shout the names of Ink Mark several times. You are already very famous in this server, there may be many people from the team coming to test your identity, and you must be careful in the field."

Qin Mo knew that he was concerned about himself and could not help feeling warm. He answered: "I know, you are so annoying."

Xiao Han looked innocent: "Am I annoying?"

Qin Mo smiled and said: "Go and clear the dungeon, the teams are still waiting."

Finding that Qin Mo didn't care about the sneak attack, Xiao Han feel relieved and said: "Okay, I'll see you later."
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