The King's Return : Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Snow Mountain

Just now, when he met with the Dead Soul, Qin Mo realized that this person was not simple.

That person knows most about the way of summoning flow, can summon mechanical in an orderly and continuous manner, and that person is not in a panic after the mechanical's death. The psychological quality must be very strong. Moreover, that person PK experience is also very rich, mechanical of all kinds of encirclement, gear is more handy.

Because the operation of the summoner is too complex, there are not many plays it in the online games, but in the professional field of e-sports, there is still no shortage of Summoner master, Qin Mo can not infer which team this person is. As for the Poison Little Demon, it is impossible to find out. The Peerless Jianghu poison attack combo is so different from other games that players who play long-range in other games are likely to go to Peerless Jianghu to choose the new method of "poison attack flow".

However, Snow Mountain the healer gave Qin Mo a strange sense of familiarity......

Since the live broadcast of the e-sports competition started, men have rarely played female character, because once male players play female character, they are easily sprayed by netizens, saying that they are too girly to choose a female. There is a lot of haters in the e-sport league circle. In order to avoid being criticized, players usually choose accounts that match their gender.

Snow Mountain is a female character, which does not rule out the possibility of male players playing side account. After all, this is an online game.

But what if she is really a female player?

Qin Mo's heart flashed a name, and then combined with the operation of the summoner of the Dead Soul……

The answer is almost obvious.

Just then, a line of small words suddenly appeared on the private chat channel: "Hello, you should not have been a swordsman before?" The sender is the Snow Mountain.

Ink Mark: "Why do you say that?"

Snow Mountain: "Most of the melee players like to fight head-on with their opponents, but you have a good grasp of the distance when you compete with the Dead Soul. Generally speaking, long-range players like to control the distance and kite opponent, you put the long-range play into the melee, suddenly open the distance, and suddenly close, hit the silent control, let the Dead Soul be taken by surprise."

Qin Mo noticed that the healer had been calmly standing on the sidelines in the distance until he finally rescued his teammates.

If she really wanted to fight more and less, she could have shot earlier, but she waited until her teammate was almost die before she stepped into the rescue. This was obviously just to ensure that her teammate would not be killed——with that Poison Little Demon is alive and kicking to sneak attack, in case if he really killed by Xiao Han, maybe she will come back to open group war.

This healer is very careful, very calm and intelligent. What's more, her intelligence does not make people feel strong and dazzling, on the contrary, it is so restrained that people can hardly notice her.

Qin Mo sighed in his heart, typed and asked: "Zhou Xuewei of Wind Color Team?"

The other party was very surprised: "How did you guess?"

Qin Mo said: "There are not many women in the e-sport league circle, not to mention excellent healer, plus the snow character in your ID."

Zhou Xuewei frowned slightly: "You seem to know me very well?"

That is of course —— because Zhou Xuewei is a player who has been pulled up by Qin Mo.

In those days, the overall lineup of the Wind Color team was relatively stable after the Wind Color team captain Ling Xuefeng retired. However, it was not long before the healer had to leave due to the sudden reason that his father was seriously ill. Qin Mo went to the training camp as a vice captain to select a new person to replace the healer. He still remembered the little girl, who was thin and small. She stood in the corner and did not speak, but her eyes were very bright.

Seeing Qin Mo's eyes fixed on her, the player's chief take an initiative to introduce: "Vice-captain, her name is Zhou Xuewei. The little girl has just arrived at the club and only trained for a month."

Qin Mo nodded: "What is her profession?"

The player’s chief replied, "It is also healer."

"Vice Captain, can I try in the selection test?" The girl suddenly opened her mouth and asked, her voice a little tender, but her eyes were firm.

Among all the players in the training camp, she was not outstanding, but it was her firm eyes that moved Qin Mo.

"Well, you can try it too." Qin Mo nodded to her.

"I am the youngest, can I play last?" The girl asked earnestly.

"Yes." The order of appearance is not important. It is not a problem to properly take care of the newcomers. Qin Mo did not care about her proposal at that time. Until the end, Zhou Xuewei sat in front of the computer and started a one-on-one fight with Qin Mo. Qin Mo only realized the cleverness of the little girl.

The requirement of selection test is the healer have to survive for more than one minute under Qin Mo's fierce attack. After all, survival is the most important thing for healer. As Qin Mo showed no mercy to the newcomers in the training camp and did the most damage, only two of the previous players who played healer could hold on for more than one minute.

Zhou Xuewei was the last one to appear and sat solemnly in front of the computer beside Qin Mo.

The girl's fingers are very slender, and she is also very thin, but to Qin Mo's surprise, she is calmer than many contestants.

Qin Mo broke out of the highest hand speed and thought of a set of moves for her. As a result, she relied on flexible walking and precise blood-adding skills to support a full 1 minute and thirty seconds under Qin Mo's hands. The previous male player's highest record was one minute and twenty-five seconds. Zhou Xuewei should have counted the time, only five seconds more than them. This result will not make others too embarrassed, that’s why choose the last appearance.

——Because she knew that once she was the first to appear, no one else would have to compete.

"Choose her." At the end of PK, Qin Mo immediately decided to appoint her as a healer substitute. Qin Mo appreciated the girl's restrained intelligence.

"But she has just arrived, according to the regulations, the newcomers have to practice for at least six months in the training camp before they can play ......"

"The rules are dead, people are alive, special circumstances can be treated specially." Qin Mo stood up and said seriously, "Our main healer will retire soon, we must find a substitute as soon as possible. Zhou Xuewei's talent is good, the response is also very fast. Let her follow the team to play next week, and you will inform the team leader to help her arrange the ticket and hotel as soon as possible."

"......" The player's chief seemed to want to say something else, but Qin Mo's attitude was very firm. He stopped talking and turned away at Zhou Xuewei.

Zhou Xuewei came to Qin Mo. Because of her happiness, the little girl's eyes were a little red. She tried to sniff her nose calmly, looked up to Qin Mo and said, "Vice-captain, I'm sure I won't let you down."

Qin Mo patted her on the shoulder with a smile: "En, good luck."

A 16-year-old female player suddenly appeared in the Wind Color team. The news caused quite a stir in the e-sport league circle. Some even questioned whether Zhou Xuewei took the position by unspoken rule or had any strong background.

Qin Mo was young at that time, but he knew that the voices of these doubts were very terrible for a girl, and she was still so young. He tried his best to help Zhou Xuewei clarify in front of reporters, and said publicly that Zhou Xuewei was indeed selected only after her outstanding performance in the test selection.

At that time, Zhou Xuewei was under great pressure from outsider, fans and even teammates. But she didn't say anything, she never cried, she just stayed in the training room every day to practice hand speed, watch videos, and analyze competitions...... Sometimes, staying up until 3 o'clock in the middle of the night and getting up on time at 7 o'clock in the morning do not seem tired at all.

The team even joked that the little girl was like an energetic little monster.

Later, the little monster grew up and won the Best Newcomer of the Year award. Qin Mo was the first person she thanked at the awards ceremony.

That year, the performance of the Wind Color team was not good, and the appearance of Zhou Xuewei also failed to save the overall downturn of Wind Color team. Then Qin Mo retired. It was also the first time Qin Mo saw Zhou Xuewei shed tears.

She only kept silent when questioned by reporters and stayed up late in the training room when she was bombarded by fans. But when she knew that Qin Mo was retiring, she cried her eyes out. Qin Mo was also miserable at that time, and he did not know how to comfort others. For Qin Mo, this little monster who trained very hard was like his little sister. He watched her grow up with his own eyes, but he could not continue to watch her shine.

What Qin Mo did not expect that Zhou Xuewei came to the new game of Peerless Jianghu. It can be seen that the Wind Color club also attaches great importance to the new game.

Snow Mountain: "Who are you?"

Seeing the message, Qin Mo took a deep breath, suppressed the surging memories in his mind and calmly answered, "It doesn't matter who I am. Go back and tell your team leader not to test my identity again."

Snow Mountain: "You are so familiar with the Wind Color team, you must have been a miracle professional league player before, right?"

Qin Mo did not reply.

——He was not only a professional player in the Miracle League, but also a vice-captain of the Wind Color team.

Seeing the familiar word "Wind Color", three years passed, things have changed, and Qin Mo’s heart suddenly has a kind of sadness that cannot be said.

He closed the dialogue window with Zhou Xuewei, blocked the private chat from strangers and turned into the dungeon.

Mirage and the others have been waiting for him in the dungeon, see him come in, can't help wondering: "What happened just now? See your blood level keep dropping?"

Little Medicine Fairy said: "I was just about to go out and add blood to you, and you got into the dungeon! Are you PK with someone?"

Qin Mo said: "It’s nothing. Let’s clear the dungeon."
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