The King's Return : Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Establishment of Guild

Fangcao Hall dungeon is one of the eight school dungeon that were opened during the beta test, and the difficulty is not high. Mirage, Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile and Wind Leaves are very familiar with this dungeon as the veteran of beta test. Besides, Qin Mo was equipped with a seven-star artifact "Broken Ice Sword" and the output exploded. It took only 15 minutes for five people to enter the dungeon and kill three boss in a row. In the end, the boss dropped the "Heart Sutra Fragment" and Qin Mo got everyone's consent and give all five fragments to the Little Medicine Fairy.

After five dungeon in a row, Shen Qi got 25 pieces of fragments. That is to say, if she clear five more dungeon tomorrow, she could collect all the fragments to exchange secret books. That is the advantage of having relatives and friends.

The fragment dropped by the passerby team are usually divided into one for each person, and only the relatives and friends will take care of her like this.

Shen Qi laid a row of "thank you" on the team channel and was very moved by everyone's care.

Seeing that it was still early, Qin Mo asked: "Wind Leaves, do you want to change the secret book of Sword Rain Fragrance?"

Wind Leaves said: "En, this secret book is a must for swordsmen."

Qin Mo said: "Then clear the Kunlun Mountain Snow Cave five times, and all the fragments will be given to you."

Wind Leaves is very excited: "Great!"

When the secret book of "Sword Rain Fragrance" fell from the Kunlun Mountain Snow Cave, they gave it directly to Ink Mark. Qin Mo naturally remembered the kindness of his teammates. Now that everyone is in level 40, it is easy to clear Kunlun Mountain dungeon. Qin Mo took them to clear the Snow Cave five times and distributed all the fallen fragments to Wind Leaves.

Wind Leaves suddenly felt that it was a very lucky thing to meet Ink Mark in the new area. Ink mark not only personal level is very high, but also very helpful. What's more, he doesn't look down on others just because he is an expert. Instead, he is honest with all his teammates. Thought of here, Wind Leaves couldn’t help to suggest: "Ink Mark, I think you can set up a guild, guild task begins at level 45, a lot of experience and materials reward, easy to upgrade, and after we get the material can also be placed in the guild warehouse, you have made the weapons Broken Ice, other materials we can help you to receive and place it at guild warehouse."

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile immediately agrees: "That's right! We'll set up a small guild. Ink Mark, you can be the guild leader!"

Mirage also agreed: "Leaves and Dagger are right. It will be very difficult to go to the arena alone in the later part of the game. If you want to make a top-grade gold suit, you must have professional guild businessmen to help you buy materials. It's too much trouble to collect the materials you need yourself."

Qin Mo thought about it and felt that everyone's suggestion was reasonable. He now has a lot of materials in his package, but only "Broken Ice" is a seven-star artifact, all other equipment are purple suit from dungeon, later into the arena, full-body gold suit need a lot of gold materials, he can not rely on his own to find one by one. If there is a guild, it will be better for everyone to gather the materials and take what they need.

Thinking of this, Qin Mo found the guild administrator of Jinling City and paid a 10,000 gold coin to set up a small guild.

At first, only a first-level guild can be created, which can accommodate up to fifty guild members and only fifty storage space in the guild warehouse, to upgrade guild level need members to contribute points, max level 7, guild can accommodate up to 5000 guild member. Members can get contribution points by doing guild tasks and clearing dungeon. At present, the first-level guilds will be enough for Qin Mo, and the points will be accumulated slowly after upgrading the guild.

Qin Mo asked: "What are your suggestions for the name of the guild?"

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile: "I am incompetent in naming ah!"

Mirage: "I also can't think a good name, what about younger sister?"

Little Medicine Fairy: "I can only think of kindergartens names, fruit guild, and like other food names kind of names…..."

The team-mates couldn't come up with any good suggestions, so Qin Mo had to think for himself and said: "Call it Mojue. What do you think?"

Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile clapped at once: "This is good, antique, it matches with the game setting, and it sounds easy!"

Qin Mo said: “Ok, it will be Mojue.”

Enter the name of the guild and pay for it, and a prompt will pop up immediately—[Ink Mark] has successfully established the {Mojue Guild} in Jinling city, all Jianghu chivalrous men can join the guild. Guild ID: 666.

Mirage: "What a coincidence! Our guild is the 666th guild in this server. That's a lucky number!"

Qin Mo also thought this number was good. He set Little Medicine Fairy as the deputy leader and chatted with her privately. "Xiao Qi, I may not be able to manage the guild, can you help me to manage it?"

Shen Qi answered: "No problem!"

Girls are more careful, and he already met Shen Qi in real life, she also Shen He's big sister, the guild will be handed over to Shen Qi to manage and Qin Mo is also very assured. Next, he set up Mirage, Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile and Wind Leaves as Hall Owner. This hall owner and above position can access the material in the guild warehouse and issue the guild task. (T/N: maybe it's like Officer)

The three men were so happy that they immediately offered to help Little Medicine Fairy manage the guild.

Qin Mo opened the list of guild applications. Just now, the server issued the announcement of the establishment of the guild. Within half a minute, the list of applications exceeded 100 people. The ID at the top of the list made him very familiar – Thousand Miles Ice.

Xiao Han this guy, also use his fastest hand speed for guild application?

"What are you doing apply to my guild?" Qin Mo send a private chat to ask.

"It's too much trouble to send an undercover, so I just came over myself." Xiao Han answered straightforwardly.

"...…"Qin Mo neither laugh nor cry, conveniently approved the Thousand Miles Ice guild application.

——Welcome [Thousand Miles Ice] to join the Mojue Guild.

Thousand Miles Ice: "The guild is just the five of you? Hasn't anyone else's application been approved yet?"

Thousand Miles Ice: "It seems that I was the first to be put in by Ink Mark, I feel very honored."

Ink Mark: "Don’t talk much. See you at the entrance of the Peach Blossom Forest.”

Thousand Miles Ice: "Oh, let's go."

Qin Mo turned and walked towards the Peach Blossom Forest. By the way, he said: "Today the dungeon has been finished. You should also go to the Peach Blossom Forest in two teams to upgrade. It is said that you get a lot of experience." Then he chat Little Medicine Fairy privately, "It's hard for you to manage guild application list. You can close it down and only add those above level 35. It's convenient for you to do guild work in the future."

Little Medicine Fairy immediately replied: "Got it!"

Xiao Han and Qin Mo came to the entrance of the Peach Blossom Forest on the outskirts of Jinling together to engage in dialogue and enter the double team dungeon.

This double team dungeon has a very good scenery. Peach blossoms are blooming all over the mountain. The place where they enter is pink. There are still many petals falling with the wind on the road. It is definitely a good place for lovers to date.

Qin Mo was not in the mood to enjoy the beautiful scenery here. After entering the dungeon, he immediately stepped forward and raised his sword to stab the thief under the tree. He killed with one sword and gained 300 points of experience.

Thousand Miles Ice: "The experience of the mobs here is very rich."

Ink Mark: “En.”

Xiao Han found that after they formed a team, each time they killed a small mobs, their intimacy would increase a little. The secret books in the Jianghu can be copied, but it must be sent to close friends with intimacy more than seven stars. That's why Xiao Han wants to do double dungeon with Qin Mo. He promised Qin Mo to copy a Qinggong secret book, which he always remembered.

Peach Blossom Forest's mobs defense is very weak and very easy to kill. The game plan provides players with a dungeon of this welfare experience and to allow lovers to cultivate their feelings.

Xiao Han saw that he had missed one on the right in the process of killing the mobs. He could not help asking: "Are you in a bad mood?"

Ink Mark: "No."

Thousand Miles Ice: "At your normal level, you shouldn't miss the mobs in your field of vision. And there's a deviation in the angle of your battle."

He knew himself so well that Qin Mo knew that he could not hide it. He had to perfunctorily say: "I'm a little tired after playing games all day."

Thousand Miles Ice: "Lying again, you are in a bad mood."

Ink Mark: “……”

Thousand Miles Ice: "Qin Mo, you can tell me about things you upset about, I should be a trustworthy listener, right?"

Ink Mark: “……”

Just now, he have been suppressing the pain in his heart, forced to calm down by finishing dungeon and create a guild. Now he is alone with Xiao Han in this Peach Blossom Forest. His tense nerves suddenly relax, and his heart's precautions are unwittingly put down. Continuous mistakes have been revealed by Xiao Han. Maybe his subconscious is trusting Xiao Han, so he will forget to camouflage it in front of Xiao Han.

Qin Mo took a deep breath and exhale, open the input chat menu on the LCD panel and typed quickly: "I guessed the origin of the professional team just now."

Xiao Han asked: "Is it the Wind Color Team?"

Qin Mo was helpless: "Are you the roundworm in my stomach? I can't seem to conceal anything when talking to you….."

Xiao Han smiled and thought, that's because I know you well enough and care enough.

—— The only team that can affect your mood in the league circle is the Wind Color Team.

Thinking of the scene of Qin Mo leaving the Wind Color team alone, Xiao Han couldn't help feeling distressed and asked: "You are so sure, who do you recognize?"

Qin Mo said: "Snow Mountain is Zhou Xuewei."

Xiao Han frowned slightly. Zhou Xuewei was impressive. After all, it was the player Qin Mo brought up himself. She was a very calm and intelligent healer. Zhou Xuewei is the main healer of Wind Color Team in Miracle, and her coming to the game Peerless Jianghu is not a good sign——this proves that Wind Color Club attaches great importance to the new game. Besides Zhou Xuewei, they may also send other masters.

Qin Mo was not in a good mood, apparently because the appearance of this group of people make him recall some bad memories.

Xiao Han was silent for a moment before comforting him: "Don't think much of it. Now that the Wind Color has entered the new game, you and them will meet one day. It is better to meet early, or at least know truth earlier."

Ink Mark: “En.”

Thousand Miles Ice: "Just follow me."

Ink Mark: “What?”

Thousand Miles Ice: "I'll get you the experience, you have a rest."

Since Xiao Han wanted to be a labourer to take him, Qin Mo wasn’t polite anymore, he simply called out the system menu and chose "follow the current teammates."

Xiao Han immediately operated Thousand Miles Ice to start killing monsters. The heads of the two avatar constantly came up with experience numbers. Qin Mo didn’t care about anything, just follow him and get experience.

Looking at the assassin who kill mobs in front with his hand and feet, Qin Mo’s heart gradually trace a familiar warmth.

In the past three years, the e-sports circle has changed. Many players have changed, but Xiao Han has never changed for him.

——Xiao Han, it's good to meet you when I come back this time.
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