The King's Return : Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Patient Guidance

The small mobs experience of the double dungeon is very rich. Qin Mo just have to follow behind Xiao Han to rubbed experience. After the dungeon, both of them were upgrade to level 42, and when they clear the dungeon, they also got several treasure boxes of materials, and opened out more than a dozen kinds of purple materials and golden material. It was an unexpected gain.

Xiao Han handed over all the materials to Qin Mo to deal with. Qin Mo mailed the materials to Little Medicine Fairy and asked her to sort them and store them in the guild warehouse.

It was ten o'clock in the evening and Xiao Han asked: "What time do you sleep?"

Qin Mo said: "Get offline at eleven o'clock."

Qin Mo usually sleeps at 12 o'clock in his home, but today he is in the Internet cafe. He doesn't want to go back too late to delay his bath time.

Xiao Han also didn't ask much and said: "Then we'll keep playing double dungeon and go offline at 11 o'clock."

Qin Mo: “Ok.”

The two continued to sweep small mobs in the dungeon. Qin Mo let Ink Mark automatically follow Thousand Miles Ice. He turned on the guild channel and looked at the situation.

Shen Qi is indeed a careful and responsible girl. The membership review is very strict. There are more than one hundred people on the application list. She chooses the highest-level approval according to different school and different cultivation road. At present, 50 members of the junior guild are full, all of them above 35.

Someone on Guild Channel typed and asked: "Guild leader, can you take us to clear Jianshen Valley dungeon next week?"

Qin Mo said: "Yes."

Another asked: "I saw a lot of gold materials in the guild warehouse! How can I get it?"

Qin Mo said: "In exchange for contribution points, the specific plan will be announced in the guild announcement tomorrow."

According to the system settings, the guild warehouse is open to all members of the guild. The items in the warehouse can be exchanged by the point contributed by the guild. The specific exchange method is set by the guild leader. Qin Mo put all the gold materials in the guild warehouse in order to stimulate everyone's enthusiasm to do guild tasks. Only in this way can the guild develop and expand as soon as possible.

The biggest difference between Peerless Jianghu and the previous game is that the information of online game equipment can be synchronized to competition.

In the past, because league can directly set up full-level equipment accounts, many professional players are lazy to play online games. But now it is different. When the synchronization rules come out, what kind of equipment is Qin Mo's Ink Mark in the online games will be the equipment in the league later. The league account doesn’t set up full-level gold equipment and full set of secret books. Everything depends on your own efforts.

Of course, the league will only start next year, as long as you are willing to work hard, not to mention professional players, that is, ordinary online game players can also make a good set of equipment, get a few secret books that suitable for themselves.

Xiao Han saw the chat message on the guild channel and could not help but ask: "Do you want the Mojue Guild to become a backup support for the future team?"

There is nothing to hide from Xiao Han, Qin Mo said directly: "En."

Xiao Han praised: "It's a good idea to have your own guild. It will be much more convenient to build equipment and collect secret books in the future."

Two people are talking, the bottom left corner suddenly flashed private chat window, Qin Mo opened a look, it’s Drunken River: "God Mo, I have a question to ask you, are you free now?"

Qin Mo replied: "Go ahead, what's the matter?"

Drunken River: "I've reached level 20 and learned to summon mechanical rats and snakes. I find it difficult to operate summoner in this game, I always get stuck in my vision field and can't see where my pets is."

Qin Mo had studied the visual field of the VR game before, thought about it and said: "You go to the Peach Blossom Forest entrance in the western outskirts of Jinling City, I'll show you."

A moment later, Qin Mo went out after clearing the dungeon and saw the Drunken River coming towards this side. This guy was bouncing up and down while walking, with several mechanical rats beside him, looking energetic.

When he saw Qin Mo, he immediately flew over with Qinggong skills and said excitedly: "God Mo! You see, if I walk faster than the pets, I can't see where they are."

Because VR games are the first perspective, players cannot see behind them, that is, there are a lot of blind spots in the game.

Qin Mo said: "VR games have a much larger blind area than previous games. You need to quickly rotate the camera to see 360-degree scenes around, and then judge the location of your pets based on experience."

Drunken River: "Oh, I'll try!"

Shen He immediately followed Qin Mo's instructions and quickly rotated the camera. Because the visual effect of the game is too real, when the camera is turned too fast, his eyes are spinning like a whirlwind. Shen He turned dizzy and almost spit out.

Qin Mo was amused when he saw that the little guy with the mechanical box on his back fell to the ground: "Slow down and get used to it first, try from slow to fast. Don't turn 360 degrees at once."

Qin Mo felt dizzy when he first entered the game, so he slowed down and stayed in Newbie Village for more than an hour to adapt to environmental changes. Shen He was obviously anxious to upgrade and didn't specially train for the adjustment of vision. As a result, he turned 360 degrees at once and passed out directly. His fingers probably didn't react as he threw himself on the ground.

Xiao Han stepped out of the dungeon and saw Drunken River kneel in front of Ink Mark. He wondered: "What is he doing? Kneel down to you?"

"It’s not kneeling." Qin Mo helplessly said: "He is the younger brother of Little Medicine Fairy."

"Oh." Xiao Han thought about it. Before, in the dungeon, Little Medicine Fairy's younger brother swam around and add blood at a high speed. He was a summoner, no wonder he had such a fast speed. Seeing Qin Mo earnestly instructing Drunken River how to adjust the blind area of vision, Xiao Han looked on for a moment and couldn't help asking: "You teach him so patiently, do you recognize him as an apprentice?"

Qin Mo said: "I did not accept him as an apprentice."

Xiao Han said, "It's no problem to accept apprentice at your level. Your master would be very happy if he knew you have an apprentice."

Qin Mo was silent. He did not think about accepting Shen He as an apprentice. He just thought that the summoner’s flow play should be passed down and could not be broken in his hands. Shen He is only 18 years old, with a good foundation, first-class learning ability, smart and a firm belief in becoming an e-sports player. Therefore, Qin Mo wants to do his best to help him.

Seeing Qin Mo silent, Xiao Han then asked: "I've been wondering why you didn't play the summoner? Instead, change careers and play swordsman.”

Qin Mo replied: "It's a bit boring to play same profession for too long, so I'll change it in this new game."

This is obviously a perfunctory move. It is rare for an e-sport players to change his career halfway, because it is equivalent to abandoning the experiences accumulated in the past and exploring a new way of playing from scratch. Qin Mo's summoners have played wonderful matches in world competitions and even won praise from many foreign e-sport league reporters. If he continues to play summoners in new games, it will definitely be easier to use than swordsmen. In future competitions, he can also apply his past experience of playing games with various professions to new games.

It can be said that it is not wise for Qin Mo to abandon his summoner and play swordsman instead.

It is obvious, the reason why Qin Mo abandoned the summoner was not as simple as he said. How much did he love summoners before? His master is also a summoner. How can he change his profession at casually?

There must be some reasons for this, plus his sudden retirement at that time......

The more Xiao Han thought about it, the more he felt wrong. However, Qin Mo's self-esteem was so strong that he never spoke out his difficulties. Xiao Han could not ask directly. He had to temporarily suppress his doubts and typed: "That's all right. You can play swordsman very well."

Qin Mo said: "I will fought with Xiao He once. You stand aside and watch his operation."

Xiao Han said: "Okay."

Qin Mo and Shen He began to duel. Shen He responded quickly, at the moment after the countdown, he immediately summon four mechanical rats to surround Ink Mark. However, Qin Mo deliberately drove around with Qinggong skills and came to Shen He's blind spot. Shen He could not see Qin Mo and he doesn’t know where to put his pets.

Qin Mo typed: "Rotate rear left 90 degrees."

Shen he did so, and sure enough, the figure of Ink Mark appeared again in his field of vision.

Next, Qin Mo use Qinggong and detour in the opposite direction, so that Shen He's vision has been following him around.

After three minutes in a row, Shen He finally found out the rule: "I see! Once the summoner gives an instruction, the pets can automatically follow the enemy. I can judge the opponent's approximate position according to the direction of the pet's movement, and then adjust the vision as fast as possible, right?"

Qin Mo praised: "Yes, that is the rule."

Shen He said excitedly: "If I meet a melee opponent, I can do this, but if I meet a long-range opponent with extremely fast movement speed, if he repeatedly moves away to my blind spot, I can only predict by experience! Take the distance between my opponent and me as a radius, the distance the opponent moves in Qinggong skill as a circular arc, and the calculated included angle is the angle I need to adjust. With more experience in the match-up, this angle can probably be estimated!"

"Yes, you're smart." Qin Mo was very pleased that Shen He not only had a strong imitation ability, but also an extraordinary ability to learn and comprehend. He could teach him a little, and he could figure out ten points by himself. It was a pity that he was rejected by the interviewers of the big clubs. But on second thought, it is precisely because of the short-sighted interviewers of those clubs that Qin Mo found such rare talents.

Qin Mo did not notice that, not far behind him, Fangcao Hall pharmacist, dressed in green dress and small in stature, was standing behind a peach blossom tree and staring at the three of them.

In the training room of the Wind Color Club, Zhou Xuewei looked at the scene in front of her and suddenly clenched her finger tightly.

The scene where Ink Mark guide Drunken River to summon pets made her feel particularly familiar.

——Ink Mark, can it be that person?
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