The King's Return : Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Unexpected Meeting

In addition to Ink Mark, Shen He saw an assassin in the team list who was "Thousand Miles Ice", and he was curious, talk to Ink Mark privately: "This Thousand Miles Ice, my sister said that he is also a master, is he a professional player?"

Qin Mo replied: "Yes."

Shen He boldly guessed: "Can't it be Xiao Han?"

Qin Mo was somewhat surprised: "How did you guess? He hasn't done anything."

Shen He sent out a line of smiling faces: "Hey hey, everyone knows Xiao Han has the best relationship with you, and he happens to be an assassin o (n_n) o ~"

Qin Mo: “……”

What makes everyone thinks that Xiao Han has the best relationship with him?

The ellipsis represents that he guessed right. Shen He excitedly typed on the team channel: "Hello God Han!"

Xiao Han, who was recognized, was very calm: "Hello. It's a good move, and you need more practice in vision more."

Shen He excitedly said: "Thank you for the guidance of the two great gods! I won't disturb you two people world. Continue to upgrade. Bye-bye!"

Qin Mo: “……”

Wait a minute. What's a two-people world? He and Xiao Han just team up to clearing double dungeon!

Shen He run away like a streak of smoke, Xiao Han could not help but praise: "The little guy is very smart."

Qin Mo was too lazy to explain and said: "I'll go offline first."

Thousand Miles Ice: "En, see you tomorrow."

Ink Mark: “See you tomorrow.”

Qin Mo said see you tomorrow, means that he would see him in game tomorrow, but did not expect Xiao Han will really appear in front of him.

When Xiao Han got offline, he called all the newcomers to the training room: "I have something urgent to go to Nanjing. From tomorrow, you will still assemble at 8:30 in the morning and upgrade as usual. If there is something, I will tell you in the game."

Although the newcomers were curious about the reason why the captain suddenly went to Nanjing, they did not dare to ask more questions. They listened and said: "Understand!"

When Xiao Han settled down his team members, he immediately went back to his dormitory to pack up his bags and take a bath to sleep —— thinking that he would see Qin Mo tomorrow, he was so excited that he couldn't sleep at once.

Xiao Han left for the airport at 5:30 on his 7 a.m. flight.

Although it's a vacation for the Miracle Professional League, Xiao Han's popularity is very high in this area. If he is recognized by fans or reporters, he will definitely cause trouble to the club. So Xiao Han went out fully armed, with large sunglasses covering half of his face, and his unique blond hair hidden under his hat.

But even if the appearance is covered up by 70%, the sexy lips and beautiful chin lines under the sunglasses still can not hide the perfect facial outline of the youth, coupled with his tall and slender stature, carrying luggage and walking quickly, still attracted the attention of many passers-by.

Sunglasses and hats must be removed during security checks. The security officer, seeing the young man's handsome appearance, was wondering if he was a star.

Xiao Han passed the security check quickly. When he was in the waiting hall, he took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Liu Chuan, manager of the club: "Boss, I'm going to Nanjing for personal reasons. I will leave the team for about a week. The training camp has been arranged and will come back as soon as possible after handling my personal affairs."

Unexpectedly, Liu Chuan got up so early and he received a reply within half a minute after the text message was sent: "Okay, the team has not been established yet. You don't need to stay at the club every day, do your own thing." Just as he was about to put away his mobile phone, another message popped up: "By the way, the e-sport reporter in Nanjing has been quite active recently, pay attention to your safety at the airport."

"I know." Xiao Han could not help wondering after replied the text message.

The reason why the e-sport reporters in Nanjing are active is only related to one club —— National Grace.

National Grace Club was established three years ago. It combines Red Fox and National Beauty teams. Although the overall size and strength of the club are not comparable to those of Huaxia, Dragon Song and Wind Color, the popularity of the club is very high because it is a club composed of pure female players. From the club owner, to the person in charge of the players, the manager, the team captain and the team members, all of them were female and there was no man in sight. Therefore, this club is also known as "Country of e-sport Daughter". Over the past few years, there have been several female e-sport player with good standards. The popularity of this club has been steadily rising.

Since Liu Chuan reminded Xiao Han to pay attention to the reporters in Nanjing, it is obvious that the players of the National Grace Club will probably also go to the airport.

Xiao Han's guess was indeed true. As soon as he walked out of the airport, he saw a group of reporters rushing around a tall woman of over 1.7 meters and hand over the microphone to her. "Manager Xu, may I know which players the National Grace Club has sent into the Jianghu?" "Manager Xu, can you tell me whether this time the new team was sent or whether transfer the pass master from other team?" "Manager Xu, please answer my question ......"

Reporters swarmed, and the women in sunglasses looked indifferent, leaving only one sentence: "Sorry, no comment."

The girls who followed her were all wearing masks and sunglasses. A group of people rushed out of the encirclement and each took out the speed of the 100-meter race.

The sisters of the National Grace Club have already experienced escape from reporters. They ran away at a very fast speed. They followed the manager and disappeared in a twinkling of an eye.

Xiao Han stood in the crowd and watched the reporters disappear from the view. He was relieved. He took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to Liu Chuan: "I saw many reporters in Nanjing, and Xu Lin, manager of the National Grace Club. They acted collectively. What happened?"

Liu Chuan replied: "Manager Xu took the e-sport player tour abroad. Today they flight return home was leaked in the news and was caught by reporters at the airport."

Xiao Han wondered: "Traveling abroad? Don't they need to form a new team for Peerless Jianghu?“

"These girls always move half slower than we do :)" Liu Chuan smiled happily. "I guess they won't prepare for this until they get back."

The manager of National Grace Club has a very special character. She seldom deals with other clubs. She always takes slow and half steps in all aspects and never likes to go ahead. However, their team is not slow in the league. The team made up of pure girls is very fierce. Xiao Han fought with the Red Fox team of this club before in Miracles. The strength of the girls is no worse than that of the male players.

It seems that the National Grace Club would be the last team to enter Peerless Jianghu. They are always the last to move. As long as they move into the new area, other clubs will surface and the situation in the new area will gradually become clearer.

Xiao Han put away the mobile phone, bypassed the reporter in front, went to the parking lot to find the cab he arranged in advance, and let the driver send him to the Little Fish Internet Cafe.

Qin Mo's home had a power outage, so he went downstairs to eat breakfast and went to the Little Fish Internet Cafe.

Today is Monday. There are fewer people in the Internet Cafe than yesterday. Qin Mo walked quickly to the front desk. Shen Qi was still on duty at the front desk. When she saw him, she immediately waved to him with a smile and said in a soft voice: "Ink Mark, are you still going to the yesterday private room? No one was there."

"En, where is Shen He?" Didn't see the young man with a pair of small tiger teeth, Qin Mo could not help but ask.

"He stayed up late last night to upgrade. He didn't sleep until he reached level 30 and still sleeping upstairs." Shen Qi laughed. "It is estimated that he will not get up until afternoon."

"Oh, let him sleep little longer, I will go online first." Qin Mo took the card handed down by Shen Qi and turned to the private room.

At 8: 30 in the morning, Mirage, Wind Leaves and Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile all went online actively, but account Thousand Miles Ice was not online. Is it that Dragon Song club doesn't need training today? Qin Mo opened the player search box and searched the accounts of the Northern Lights, Silent and Heavenly Quail who clear the dungeon together yesterday. As a result, all of them were online.

Confused, Qin Mo chatted privately about it to the Northern Lights and asked: "Where is your captain? Not coming today?"

He Beiguang was forming a team task with his teammates at that time. When he saw the private chat from Ink Mark, he immediately chatted excitedly to Pei Yu: "Xiao Pei Xiao Pei, what should I do? The Vice captain chat me!"

Pei Yu wondered: "Vice Captain? Where did we get the vice captain?"

He Beiguang said: "Ddn't you say so, Ink Mark may become the vice captain in the future!"

Pei Yu reacted and said helplessly: "I only said it was possible. He's not a Vice Captain now. Why are you so excited?"

"What should I do?" He Beiguang said anxiously: "He chatted with me and asked where the captain had gone. Should I tell him honestly that he had gone to Nanjing?"

Pei Yu thought about it and said: "I think it is better for you to keep your mouth shut. We'd better not interfere in the personal affairs between him and the captain, or the captain will scold you later."

"Oh!" He Beiguang immediately agreed to nod, "It makes sense!"

After closing the chat window with Pei Yu, He Beiguang replied to Ink Mark: "I'm sorry, Great God Ink Mark, we also don't know where the captain went. it seems that the boss sent him to perform the task. he just went out this morning." Making up an excuse casually, He Beiguang couldn't help admiring his wit.

When Qin Mo saw such a reply, he did not ask more. After all, he did not know the internal affairs of Dragon Song. It is also possible that Xiao Han was sent to accept an interview with reporters.

Since Xiao Han was not online, Qin Mo had to put several other teammates together to do the task. After rising up to level 45 in the morning, he was a little tired and lay down on the sofa to rest.

At 12 noon, Shen He was playing games while on duty at the front desk. Suddenly, a young man's voice came from above his head.

"Hello, I'm looking for someone. Which room is Qin Mo in?" His voice is very pleasant and his attitude is polite.

Shen He raised his head and was immediately stunned: "God, God ... are you God ... God Han?!"

Although the other party was wearing sunglasses and a hat, he could be regarded as a loyal fan of the e-sport circle who often watched the league. Shen He recognized him at a glance!

Hearing the familiar title of "God Han", thinking of the summoner who kneeling in the game last night, and Qin Mo's saying that he met Shen Qi's brother himself in the Internet cafe and dragged him to Peerless Jianghu, Xiao Han immediately guessed the identity of the teenager in front of him: "Are you a Drunken River?"

Shen He stood up excitedly and nodded like a chicken pecking rice: "Yes, yes! God Han, why are you here? "

Xiao Han said: "I come to find Qin Mo. Where is he?"

Shen He said hastily: "He is in the private room over there. I'll show you the way!"

Xiao Han followed Shen He to the private room, pushed the door and saw a young man lying on the sofa taking a nap.

The sunshine gently sprinkled on him through the French window, making him look warm and harmonious. His skin is very white, even more tender and delicate when exposed to the sunshine. His nose and thin lips make his facial contour very delicate, but a pair of beautiful knife-shaped eyebrows add a somewhat cold and imposing manner to him.

Xiao Han lightened his footstep and went to the sofa next to him to sit down.

Close observation shows that Qin Mo is getting better and good looking as he grows. His thick eyelashes cover his eyelids like a fan. His body is curled up slightly with his hands at his side. His sleeping appearance is very quiet, making people suddenly feel an urge to hold him tightly…...

Xiao Han pressed down the impulse, took off his coat and gently covered Qin Mo's body.

Standing at the door, Shen He just wanted to speak. As a result, he saw Xiao Han cover Qin Mo with his coat gently. He immediately closed his mouth, closed the door lightly, and turned away from the private room.

There were only two people in the room, so quiet that they could even hear each other’s breathing.

Xiao Han sat next to him, his eyes staring softly at Qin Mo, as if he didn't see enough.

This man, whom he remembered for three years, often appeared in his dreams. They knew each other when they were young. They supported each other and talked about everything. Although they changed a lot after the goodbye, the feeling that Qin Mo gave Xiao Han was as familiar as in his memory.

The appearance of his quiet sleep made Xiao Han's heart soften.

Qin Mo slept soundly until the alarm clock rang. He slowly opened his eyes.

In front of him was not the ceiling, but the face of a young man who was kind of familiar with him —— a man with a straight nose, deep eyebrows and a light smile on his lips. His distinctive blond hair was almost shining in the sunshine. His eyes were black as ink, and he was looking at him intently.

Qin Mo was in a trance and thought he was dreaming.

But take a closer look——this blond hair and black-eyed handsome mixed race, why, a bit like Xiao Han?

In surprise, Qin Mo suddenly sat up. As a result, Xiao Han's forehead bumped into his forehead with a “bang” sound.

The intense pain sobered Qin Mo thoroughly, and finally realized that it was not a dream at all, but a reality —— Xiao Han actually came!

Xiao Han immediately stretched out his hand, gently rubbed Qin Mo's red forehead, smiled and said, "Did it hurt?"

Qin Mo has a thin skin, and it will turn red when it is bump a little, but Xiao Han has a thick skin, was also hit and didn't feel too much.

Xiao Han's finger rubbed gently on his forehead. His fingertip had a thin layer of calluses. When he slid across the skin, he felt slightly paralyzed. It was like an electric current flowing under the skin.

Qin mo shook his hand uneasily and asked: "Why are you here?"

Xiao Han said frankly: "I know your address, so I came."

Qin Mo: "…..."

Is there such a reason? If you know the address, you can come without thinking about anything else?

Qin Mo said helplessly: "You are too sudden. Why don't you give notice in advance?"

Xiao Han looked at Qin Mo, his voice was very earnest and gentle: "Because I really miss you, I want to see you soon."

Before he could respond, his body was suddenly embraced by him.

Qin Mo: "…..."

Is this guy kidding me? Speak very directly and the action is also so direct?!
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