The King's Return : Chapter 28

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Today daily chapter ~ more of their interaction xD

Chapter 28: Feast

The moment he embraced Qin Mo, Xiao Han realized that his heart had been empty for three years because Qin Mo was not around. Now, embracing the man in his arms and feeling the temperature of his body, Xiao Han suddenly felt that the empty place in his heart was finally filled.

Holding him in his arms, he felt very warm and comfortable, which made Xiao Han reluctant to let go.

Qin Mo was embarrassed and could not help pushing him gently: "Okay, you let go first."

Xiao Han reluctantly let go of him, but his eyes still fell on Qin Mo's face.

Qin Mo tidied up his slightly disheveled shirt, stood up and asked: "Did Yu Xiangyang tell you I was here?"

"En, everyone in our club knows about his Internet cafe. He said that you were in Little Fish Internet cafe, and I'll book an flight to come and find you right away." Xiao Han answered honestly.

"Aren't you too capricious?" Qin Mo looked at him with one eye. "How about your team? You're also the captain of the team. How come you leave them?”

"It doesn't matter. I already make an arrangement. They will continue to organize and upgrade." Xiao Han smiled and said: "I think it's more important to see you than anything else. I miss you so much."

"……" Listening to his straightforward reply, Qin Mo's ears can't help getting a little hot, and he is also has been staring at him. Qin Mo can't help but move his eyes embarrassingly and cough a little, saying: "Xiao Han, Chinese is not like English, no one will talk about 'I Miss you' every day, later you...... Don't say that again. It sounds strange."

"Oh. How should I expressed the statement then? With action?" Xiao Han said and stretched out his arms to hug Qin Mo, Qin Mo immediately avoid him, seriously said: "Don’t hug either. Just meet, say hello and shake hands. Don't bring in the habits you formed in the United States."

"But you used to hug me when you saw me." Xiao Han's tone is innocent.

"That's because we are still teenager, and now we are both in our twenties. It is easy to misunderstand when two adults embracing each other." Qin Mo try to persuade Xiao Han.

Seeing his stiff face and serious expression, Xiao Han suddenly felt that Qin Mo, who was so serious and preaching, was very cute, so he obediently took his arm back, smiled and said: "Got it."

Then Xiao Han reached out and touched Qin Mo's head, saying seriously: "Why are you shorter than me?"

"......" Qin Mo is about to be angry by him.

When they were teenagers, they were about the same height, but the genes of mixed-race children were really strong. It was said that Xiao Han's mother was white and her height was more than 1.78 meters. His father was Chinese and his height was over 1.88 meters. Xiao Han had his mother's height when he was seventeen years old. In recent years, he was much taller than Qin Mo. Now Xiao Han is ten centimeters taller than Qin Mo.

"Yes ah, shorter than you. Who told me that I’m not a mixed-race gene?" Qin Mo said in cold appearance.

"Your angry expression has not changed." Xiao Han's lips have a deeper smile. In the past, he often provoked Qin Mo to be angry, just because Qin Mo was furious and particularly cute when he couldn't help it. When he was young, he didn't quite understand what this meant. Now when he sees the person in front of him again, Xiao Han understands——in fact, he does that. Just to get the attention of Qin Mo.

"By the way, have you had lunch?" Qin Mo didn't really angry, looked down at his watch and asked.

"No." Xiao Han touched his stomach and said: "The plane meal was not good, I didn't touch it, and I was a little bit hungry."

"I haven't eaten either, let's take you to lunch first." Qin Mo looked downstairs through the French window and looked back at Xiao Han, saying: "There should be no e-sport reporter around here. You don't need to wear sunglasses and masks. Just wear a hat to cover your hair. Otherwise, you can easily be watched in the street with masked and sunglasses."

"I know." Qin Mo is really careful and considerate for himself. Xiao Han immediately put his sunglasses and mask on the table and put down his suitcase.

"Do you want to stay in Nanjing for a long time with all this luggage?" Qin Mo look at his suitcase and asked.

"En, I plan to stay for a week."

"Has the hotel been booked yet?"

"No." Xiao Han looked at Qin Mo seriously. "I came so far to find you, you should let me live in your house. This is called hospitality, right?"

"......" Relying on his poor Chinese, he is really good at learning in Dragon Song! Hospitality? Well, there is some truth in it. Besides, there are really not very good hotels nearby. Xiao Han would be wronged if he was allowed to stay in a three-star hotel. Qin Mo thought for a moment and said: "Ok, you can stay in my house for the time being, go and eat first."

"Good." Xiao Han happily followed Qin Mo to go out and smoothly put his arm around Qin Mo's shoulder. "What's for lunch?"

He didn't want to take advantage of Qin Mo. He just missed him so much.

There was a gap of three years between them. He didn't know where Qin Mo had gone and what he had done in the past three years. Now he had a hard time meeting. He always wanted to be closer to this person. The boys expressed their closeness, usually with their arms around their shoulders. He felt that his action was still appropriate. Sure enough, Qin Mo did not avoid it.

When they came to the front, they happened to meet Shen Qi's siblings. Shen Qi stood up and said: "Ink Mark, are you going to eat? I invite......"

Before the words were finished, Shen He quickly grabbed her and said: "Sister, please invite me to eat hot pot. Haha, God Mo wants to have dinner with his friend, let's not interfere."

Xiao Han gave Shen He a thumbs up in his heart, looked back at the small girl standing next to him, and He took the initiative to say: "Little Medicine Fairy, right? Hello, I'm Thousand Miles Ice.”

Shen Qi suddenly stunned —— the master who played the dungeon together yesterday appeared in front of her, is this person learned to teleport?!

"He, Hello......" Shen Qi looked blankly at Qin Mo.

Qin Mo explained: "He's my former friend. He just came from the airport. I'll take him to eat first."

Shen Qi suddenly realized: "Oh oh, you go!"

Qin Mo asked: "By the way, is there a better Sichuan restaurant nearby?"

Shen Qi was quite familiar with the place to eat, and immediately said: "Turn right across the street and walk about 100 meters. There is a Sichuan restaurant called ‘Tianfu Family’. It tastes good."

Qin Mo nodded: "Thank you."

When the two went out together, Xiao Han suddenly leaned into Qin Mo's ear and asked softly: "Do you still remember that I like Sichuan food?"

Qin Mo looked back at him: "Yes, you have eaten western food for so many years abroad. After returning to China, it was your first time to eat Sichuan food. It was so spicy that you cried. Later, I took you through all kinds of cuisines. Your favorite dish was Sichuan food. The favorite dish was called 'Fuqi Feipian' (T/N : husband and wife lung pieces, it’s weird, it’s a Sichuan cuisine, served cold or at room temperature, which is made of thinly sliced beef and beef offal), right?"

Xiao Han couldn't help but smile: "En. I like this dish. Besides it is delicious, actually there is another reason."

Qin mo doubts: "What reason?"

Xiao Han said earnestly: "Its name is very interesting, Fuqi Feipian, sounds very suitable for husband and wife to eat it together."

Qin Mo: "……"

I knew he had nothing good to say.

Qin Mo was too lazy to argue with him. He took him forward and turned right across the street. He saw four big characters of Tianfu Family not far ahead. As he approached, the front of the restaurant was carved with sandalwood, and the tables and stools were all solid wood colors, typical Chinese style decoration.

They went to the second floor to find an elegant room and sat down. On the door was a delicate wooden carving sign with the name "Butterfly Love Flowers" written on it.

Xiao Han said: "I know this butterfly love flower is the poetry lyric of Dynasty Song right?"

Qin Mo looked back at him in surprise: "Do you even know the poetry lyric? You really grown up."

Xiao Han smile and said:"In the past few years, I will also look at Tang and Song poetry. Chinese culture is extensive and profound. My father is Chinese. I can't just learn everyday spoken English, but also learn more about these historical literacy. For example, If love lasts for a long time, from morning till dusk. This poem means that as long as two people have deep feelings, they will not forget each other even if they do not meet every day. I think this sentence is quite appropriate to describe our relationship." (T/N : I really don’t know about Chinese poems, so I really don’t understand this sentence)

“......You'd better not use poems at random." Qin Mo helplessly corrected: "This word comes from Qin Guan's Magpie Bridge Fairy, which uses the legend of Cowherd and Weaver Girl to describe the feelings between couples. If love lasts for a long time, from morning till dusk, It means that as long as lovers love each other deeply, even if they are separated for a long time, their feelings will remain unchanged until death. Not between friends."

"Really?" Xiao Han was somewhat surprised. "What are Cowherd and Weaver Girl?"

"It is a lover in myths and legends. The two are far apart. Every year Qixi Festival can only meet at Magpie Bridge. "Qin Mo explained.

"Oh." Xiao Han seems to understand, "Your Chinese is good, continue to be my teacher."

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows: "Do you invite teachers like this?"

Xiao Han immediately brought a cup of tea and respectfully handed it to Qin Mo: "Teacher, have a cup of tea."

Qin Mo was amused by his earnest expression and took a sip. Xiao Han watched him raise his chin with pride, and his red lips wet with tea. His heart beat a little faster.

Did he really misuse the sentence just now?

But why is that, when he first learned the word, his mind was full of Qin Mo.

Just then, the waiter came over with the menu and smiled: "May I take your order, sir?"

Qin Mo took the menu, glanced at it and said: "Fuqi Feipian, spicy chicken cubes, mapo tofu, and some fried vegetable, fish-flavored shredded meat, and two bowls of rice. Thank you."

Xiao Han was touched when he ordered the familiar dishes.

——Separated for three years, he still remembered his favorite dishes, which showed that he was thinking of him.

Qin Mo looks a bit indifferent, but he is actually a very careful and emotional person. He will certainly remember those who are kind to him.

A moment later, the waiter serve the meal.

Knowing that Qin Mo didn't like spicy food, Xiao Han changed the fried vegetable with the spicy chicken cubes in front of him. Qin Mo looked up at Xiao Han. The two smiled at each other and began to eat with tacit understanding——Qin Mo used to take Xiao Han to taste delicious food everywhere during holidays. They knew each other's eating habits well.

The food in this restaurant is really delicious. In addition, both of them were hungry and ate while chatting. Soon the whole table was swept away.

Xiao Han stood up and took out his wallet to take the initiative to pay the bill. Qin Mo immediately stopped him: "You came all the way to find me, and I should pay the bill."

"Ok." Xiao Han also did not polite to him, saying: "I'll treat you later."

Anyway, there are many opportunities for them to eat together in the future, so there is no need to entangle with this time.

Qin Mo opened his wallet and handed the credit card to the waiter. Xiao Han found a photo in his wallet.

That photo looks very familiar, because Xiao Han also has one.

——It was the photo of the two who went to the United States to take part in the Miracle World Champion. He remember taking this photo at that time, Xiao Han also said to Qin Mo: "I hope we can take part in the World Champion together every year in the future." Qin Mo nodded seriously: "En, take back a few more championship."

Unfortunately, they only participated in that World Champion, and Qin Mo rush to retire before the beginning of the second World Champion.

Aware of Xiao Han's gaze, Qin Mo close his wallet immediately. As a result, Xiao Han's hand was faster than him and grabbed his wallet. He opened Qin Mo wallet and looked at the two teenagers standing side by side in the photo. At that time, they were still the same height and their faces were young and immature. Together, they won the championship trophy of the national team. The background was clear sky, white clouds and a huge statue in front of the main stadium of the First Miracle World Champion.

The crowd coming and going around threw curious eyes at them, but the two teenagers looked straight at the camera in front of them like no one else, and their eyes could not hide the joy of winning the championship.

Xiao Han looked back at Qin Mo and said earnestly: "I didn't expect you had this picture with you all the time. In these three years, you miss me too, don't you?"

Qin Mo's face was slightly red, the thin red had spread to the ear, his red ears were particularly nice to see.

"Shy?" Xiao Han came up to his ear and said: "Think about it, what's embarrassing about it? We used to have such a good relationship."

"Enough!" Qin Mo grabbed his wallet and turned downstairs, ignoring Xiao Han, who laughed happily behind him.

Xiao Han was overjoyed and thought to himself: Is this another case of becoming angry from embarrassment, be defeated and flee?

It is very appropriate to use these two newly learned idioms to describe Qin Mo's current action.

Qin Mo's heart was still stalling when he went downstairs. He ran all the way to the bathroom, washed his face with cold water and took a deep breath, which calmed him down.

He don't know why, when Xiao Han saw this photo just now, his heart had a kind of embarrassment that his secret had been seen through.

——Put the photo in the wallet, but it was discovered by the other party. This kind of thing is really embarrassing.

Qin Mo cherishes this photo not only because he misses this childhood friend, but also because he has been using this photo to warn and inspire himself——Once you, standing at the top of the world, holding the supreme Championship trophy. How can you give up now?
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