The King's Return : Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Another Sneak Attack

Qin Mo finally came out of the bathroom. Xiao Han was waiting for him at the restaurant door. Qin Mo was embarrassed to look at him. Xiao Han didn't mention the photo problem any more, he put his arm around his shoulder with a smile and said: "Let’s go."

"En." Qin Mo pretended to put his wallet into his pocket as if nothing had happened and turned to go out with Xiao Han.

The two returned to the Internet cafe together. Qin Mo wanted to let Xiao Han put the luggage home first. Xiao Han said: "No hurry, let’s go at night, I will accompany you here online in the afternoon."

Qin Mo accepted Xiao Han's suggestion and called Shen Qi to turn on the computer next to him.

Shen Qi just heard from his younger brother, this Thousand Miles Ice was the great god that was as famous as Qin Mo. The two were once called "Twin Stars" by fans. Although she was not very familiar with the e-sport circle, she could hear Shen He's hype. She probably knew how powerful the two men were and was said to have won prizes in the world champion.

Such a great god came to the internet cafe, naturally can't be neglected, Shen Qi busy around, help Xiao Han opened the computer, also actively brought the two a lot of fruits and snacks.

Xiao Han felt that the little girl was quick and efficient, and could not help praising: "It's a good idea for you to let her manage the guild."

Qin Mo nodded in agreement: "Xiao Qi is really responsible."

Xiao Han login to the game to open the Mojue Guild, Little Medicine Fairy is really very careful, approved the member application according to school, each kind of school cultivation road has more than three people, in the future to do guild tasks do not have to worry about the configuration of the lineup. The warehouse was also classified by her, and the materials were very neatly. Qin Mo was able to find such a powerful little helper. Xiao Han was also very happy for him.

After Qin Mo went online, he received a private chat from Mirage: "Boss, there are many guild tasks, which may appear randomly. Give me your email address, and I will sort out the strategies and send them to you."

Ink Mark: "En, you work hard."

Mirage: "Don't mention it! The people in the guild will be able to get to level 45 by tomorrow at the latest. I asked, most people online in the evening. Would you like to start the guild task tomorrow evening?"

Ink Mark: "Yes."

Wind Leaves sent another private chat: "Guild leader, many people are asking how to exchange the materials in the guild warehouse. I referred to the practices of other guild. Generally, 100 points can exchange a purple material and 1000 points can exchange a golden material. We also set it up like this. Do you think it's OK?"

Ink Mark: "No problem, you can arrange it."

Looking at the guild being managed by these people in perfect order, Qin Mo's heart was very gratified. These small partners are the first people he knew in the game. Although the level of playing the game cannot be compared with that of the expert, they have rich experience in managing the guild and can help Qin Mo. What's more, they really want to help Qin Mo manage the guild.

Dragon Song's newcomers saw the captain online. Although they were curious, they were smart enough not to disturb by sending messages.

Xiao Han sent a private chat to Pei Yu: "I have arrived in Nanjing, you tell everyone, these days first upgrade themselves, and then tell me when something happens."

Pei Yu said hastily: "I know! We're working in two teams. The captain can rest assured!"

Xiao Han was reassured by several newcomers. He closed the window dialogue with Pei Yu and asked Qin Mo: "What are you going to do this afternoon?"

Qin Mo said: "Let's go double dungeon up to level 45. This time I'll take you, and you'll follow the me for experience."

Xiao Han smiled and said: "Okay."

He got up early this morning and flew to Nanjing. He wasn’t online in the morning. His level was two levels lower than Qin Mo.

After arriving at the dungeon of the peach blossom forest, Qin Mo asked Xiao Han to follow automatically, while he walked in front of him to quickly clean up the mobs. Xiao Han followed him and checked his equipment. At present, Qin Mo only has a seven-star artifact called "Broken Ice." The other equipment is a very common dungeon purple armor. Because "Broken Ice" is a level 35 dungeon of Jianshen Valley Ruin blueprint, the resulting equipment level is also level 35.

In the game, the "grade" of self-made gold equipments represents rarity and is evaluated by stars. For example, the "seven-star artifact" created by Qin Mo is the highest grade and the stars will not change. The level of equipment can be upgraded step by step from level 1 to level 80. Broken Ice Sword is now level 35. If you want to upgrade, you must feed other equipment to it. It will gain upgrade experience after devouring other equipment, similar to the upgrade method of characters.

Xiao Han asked: "You are already level 45. Why is the Broken Ice Sword still level 35? Don't you upgrade it?"

Qin Mo looked at his weapon and said: "I plan to raise it again at night. The equipment in the warehouse may not be enough."

"I'll accompany you to clear several dungeon of the school later and collect more equipment."

"Ok, I was just about to go to the dungeon."

The two chatted while eliminate the mobs. The speed of clearing the mobs was very fast. By about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, Qin Mo had reached level 47 and Xiao Han had finally reached level 45.

Xiao Han asked: "To the Kunlun Mountains level 20 dungeon or the Fangcao Hall level 40 dungeon?"

Qin Mo said: "Wait a minute. I'll bring Shen He in and take him to Kunlun Mountain."

As soon as the voice falls, the system pops up a prompt-chivalrous man [Drunken River] joined the team!

The team channel was followed by a message from a Drunken River: "Hello God Mo, Hello God Han! I'll team up with you again. Don't give me a hard time o(n_n)o~"

Xiao Han said: "Hello, I don't mind."

Qin Mo said: "Xiao He, you wait for us at the entrance of Snow Cave in Kunlun Mountain. You don't have a regular team, so I'll take you to clear the dungeon 5 times."

Drunken River: "I know, thank you God Mo! What a privilege!"

Qin Mo and Xiao Han were directly transported to the Hanhua Sword School and came to the dungeon entrance of the Snow Cave in Kunlun Mountains. As soon as they reached the entrance, the blood level of Shen He suddenly began to plummet!

When they came closer, it turned out that someone was attacking Shen He —— it was Poison Little Demon!

Shen He had just arrived at the entrance of the dungeon when suddenly a poison master from Fangcao Hall sprang up beside him. To him, he was use a highly toxic "Red Crown Crane" and "Mandrake" combo. Shen He was directly poisoned to blindness and was in darkness at the moment.

Knowing that he had been ambushed, Shen he responded quickly and immediately pressed Zhuge Family's Qinggong skill "Autumn Wind" to retreat quickly!

Drunken River only half blood left, Poison Little Demon of course will not miss this opportunity, use Qinggong to catch up.

However, he was just about to release the big move of poison master "Deadly □□" to crush Shen He's blood level, only to see a white swordsman suddenly come from a distance, his sword swept forward, with extremely fast speed hit "Sword Horizon" and "Sword Rain Remnant" two consecutive skills and Poison Little Demon silence in place! Then, Qin Mo use another single blow skill "Unrivaled Sword", which brought the blood level of Poison Little Demon to 20%!

Just when Poison Little Demon thought he was going to be killed, a small character appeared on the private chat channel: "Level 45 attack Level 35, you are really getting more and more better. Did you bring any healer this time?"

Poison Little Demon: "……"

On the other side of the computer, Zhao Xingchen's back was cold. He was surprised and said: "Elder Sister Xuewei, how did he know that I had brought healer? Aren't you hiding behind a tree?"

Zhou Xuewei, who was about to come out from behind the tree to add blood, made a move and asked doubtfully: "He didn’t kill you?"

Zhao Xingchen also felt strange: "Beat me into residual blood, but did not kill me."

Zhou Xuewei's eyebrows wrinkled slightly: "What about the Drunken River? Did you see anything when you confronted him?"

Zhao Xingchen shook his head: "He press Qinggong skill in his blind state, the reaction is very fast, do not see anything else."

Zhou Xuewei looked on from behind the tree for a moment and saw nothing——Poison Little Demon was interrupted by Ink Mark before Drunken River could summon a pet. Zhou Xuewei believed that her hiding place could not be found by Ink Mark, but Ink Mark actually asked if Poison Little Demon had brought any healer.

It seems that he is very familiar with the Wind Color Team, not only guessed her identity, and even has guessed the identity of Zhao Xingchen.

Associated with the scene of Ink Mark guiding Drunken River to adjust their perspectives, Zhou Xuewei gripped her mouse and said: "Xiao Chen, I'll help you out, you fight with Ink Mark!"

Zhao Xingchen looked puzzled: "Thousand Miles Ice is nearby. If we are 2v1, he will certainly come to help."

"2v2 then." Zhou Xuewei's eyes were calm and firm. "Go!"

In the game, the Snow Mountain directly use the secret book skill "Heart Sutra" and the teammate's Poison Little Demon was immediately full of blood.

Poison Little Demon made a decisive move——Red Crown Crane! Mandrake!

Again, it is highly toxic skills, and all the poisonous powder is sprinkled on Ink Mark.

Qin Mo was poisoned and blinded by him once before. Naturally, he would not make the same mistake. As soon as the Qinggong Skill "Flicker" started, he immediately retreated to avoid the attack range of poison powder!

The Poison Little Demon chased him up with his Qinggong skill, and directly turned on the locking skill——Blood Blocking Throat!

The blood of Ink Mark was hit to 70% at one breath. Qin Mo immediately turned back and released the big move of "Sword Rain Fragrance". The white sword spirit fell from the sky, Snow Mountain and Poison Little Demon were dizzy in the same place!

But Zhou Xuewei reacted very quickly. The pharmacist's skill of "Strengthening Body Resistance" was immediately pressed, and the negative state on her body was completely eliminated, which was almost a wonderful solution to the state!

Poison Demon using "Deadly □□", a large range of fog formed by white □□ came head-on towards Qin Mo, fortunately Qin Mo had expected him to use a big move, and suddenly shift horizontally at the moment of the other party's starting action. He just avoided this skill.

Seeing that Qin Mo was besieged by two people, Xiao Han stepped forward to help. Qin Mo calmly said: "Don't strike."

Xiao Han was shocked and immediately understood Qin Mo's thoughts.

Last night, when Ink Mark were guiding Drunken River to change his vision at the entrance of peach blossom forest, Zhou Xuewei stood behind the tree. Qin Mo did not see her, but Xiao Han saw her.

With Zhou Xuewei's intelligence, she must have thought of something. This is why she deliberately ambushed at the entrance of the Snow Cave in Kunlun Mountain to wait for the level 35 Drunken River to clear the dungeon. She may have guessed now that Ink Mark is related to Qin Mo. If he strike, then she may even be able to guess the Dragon Song Club.

Thinking of this, Xiao Han stepped back and stood by to watch the battle.

Poison Little Demon continued to chase after Ink Mark, throwing out all kinds of powder in his hand. Qin Mo retreated to the edge of the cliff of Kunlun Mountain. At that moment, he suddenly stopped, flew behind Poison Little Demon with Qinggong, and turned back to use big move——Sword Horizon, Sword into the River!

Suddenly, a white sword like a river flew out in front of Ink Mark and hit Poison Little Demon back accurately, and with the effect of this move, Poison Little Demon was instantly shot——fall off the cliff!

Poison Demon: "Shit shit shit shit!!”

There was a tragic roar from someone under the cliff.

Ink Mark: "When you are in the game, you don't look at the terrain first. The fault has not changed."

Leaving this sentence behind, Qin Mo turned and entered the dungeon.

Zhao Xingchen almost bleeds on his face: "Your Mother! How do I know there is a cliff here? I am not familiar with Hanhua Sword School ah!"

Zhou Xuewei: "……"

Zhou Xuewei was also very helpless when looking at Poison Little Demon shot down by Ink Mark. Even if she was a cow, she could not save her pig teammate who fell off the cliff.

Zhao Xingchen is especially excited when PK with people, and his playing style is also very radical, so he often forgets behind him. Only those who know him well know this problem. Why Ink Mark is so clear? Also, when he spoke to Zhao Xingchen tone seems to be lecturing people, but hit the nail on the head to point out the shortage of Zhao Xingchen——is he really that person?

Zhao Xingchen fell off the cliff became a meat pie. He resurrected to the main city with an ashen face and asked doubtfully: "Elder Sister Xuewei, I think this person seems to know me? Who do you think he could be?"

Zhou Xuewei was silent for a moment and wrote two words: "Qin Mo."

"Ah? Vice Captain Qin?" Zhao Xingchen blinked in surprise. "How is it possible?"

Zhou Xuewei took a deep breath: "I'm just guessing, there is no evidence yet."

While the two were chatting, a stern voice suddenly came from behind: "Have you all had a rest? Continue to upgrade to peach blossom forest. "

"Captain, we …..." Just as Zhao Xingchen was about to tell the story, Zhou Xuewei suddenly tugged at his sleeve and typed four small words on the private chat channel: "Don't say it for the time being".

Knowing this, Zhao Xingchen immediately changed his voice and said: "We just went to the Kunlun Mountains to sweep for some equipment. Cough, immediately come over."

Recalling the scene just now, Zhao Xingchen only felt frightened.

When Qin Mo was vice captain, Zhou Xuewei had just started his career, and Zhao Xingchen was still a newcomer in the training camp. Qin Mo often goes to the training camp to watch the newcomer's training. He will point out in private who does not do well. He never curses but patiently instructs everyone how to correct some mistakes. Newcomer have special respect and admiration for Qin Mo, the vice captain. Zhao Xingchen was one of the most talented players in that group. Later, when the main team was retired, Qin Mo brought Zhao Xingchen up as a substitute.

—— Level 45 sneak attack on Level 35, you're really getting more and more better. Did you bring any healer this time?

—— When the game is played, the terrain is not observed first, and the fault has not been changed.

Think of Ink Mark two words, Zhao Xingchen immediately flushed with shame. If Ink Mark is really vice captain Qin, then he just ran to sneak attack and was mercilessly kicked off the cliff and fell to death, which is too shameful!
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