She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 02

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Chapter 2 - How Is This Five Years Later?
translator: Oyen  editor: Larkspur

Lin Qingqing was utterly overwhelmed. In her muddle-headedness, she was pulled in by Lin Zhenzhen. She then put on a down jacket on her (LQQ), stuffed her into the car, and took her to the hospital for examination.

"How could this be? How come it is the year 2018? No, no, it must be a dream." She muttered to herself and slapped her cheeks with her hands, but she could clearly feel the pain on her face.

Thinking of something, Lin Qingqing asked, "Jie, what's happened to my voice?"

"Five years ago, before you went to the competition, you bought a cup of boba milk tea to drink. There was a piece of glass residue in the boba milk tea. You drank the glass residue together with the pearls and it cut your throat. However, the wound was not properly treated, caused inflammation, and affected the vocal cords," Lin Zhenzhen said.

Lin Qingqing was like being struck by lightning, losing her soul. It took a long time for her to speak again. "So, in the end, I failed to take part in the competition?"

Lin Zhenzhen nodded.

This is terrible! Why is it like this? Five years ago, there was no such possibility in the path she had planned for herself.

She was born with a good voice, loved singing since childhood, and also had a talent for music. So her parents focused on her music from a very young age.

She could play many kinds of musical instruments, except string instruments- she could only play the guitar. In the university, she was admitted to the best conservatory of music, and because of her talent and hard work, she performed very well in the school.

Everybody thought that she had the most promising future, what's more, even she felt that way.

She would become the best singer in the country- stand in front of people with radiant light and sing in a heavenly voice at a venue of ten thousand people.

This was her dream. 

Since childhood, she had been working hard to realize her dreams. She firmly believed that she could achieve it because of her talent and hard work. She could do it!

But why would her voice be ruined? This was what she cherished the most; her voice was very pleasant, it was her pride. She’d loved singing from an early age and was obsessed with music. If her voice were destroyed, her soul would be almost shattered.

"Can it be cured, Jiejie, can my voice be cured?" She cried, her heart was broken.

Glancing at her little sister's face full of tears, Lin Zhenzhen was very distressed. Even though she (LQQ) was really out of shape these last few years, at this moment, she seemed very helpless and pitiful. So, she (LZZ) didn't know how to answer her, for no matter which answer, it was cruel to her.

Understanding her sister’s silence, Lin Qingqing cried even more and was even more broken-hearted.

Lin Zhenzhen brought her to the nearest hospital. Lin Qingqing looked listless because of her voice. She was taken by a nurse for various examinations just like a klutz. Finally, the doctor came to a conclusion. 

"Judging from the preliminary results, she should have selective amnesia caused by functional reasons."

Lin Zhenzhen looked solemn and hurriedly asked, "Can she still regain her memories?"

"This is not clear, maybe she can remember it, maybe she can't remember it at all," the doctor replied.

Lin Zhenzhen took her out of the doctor's office. Unlike her sister's solemn face, Lin Qingqing was like a klutz all the way. Any kind of amnesia was nothing compared to her ruined voice.

As soon as she came out, Lin Zhenzhen's phone rang. Taking a look at it, she subconsciously looked in the direction of Lin Qingqing. The girl had her head down, thoroughly depressed, and wasn’t paying any mind to her. She felt relieved and said, "Sit here for a while and I'll answer the phone."

Lin Qingqing dazedly nodded and sat down in the corridor.

Had she really lost her memory? However, she had no impression of the past five years at all. She didn't believe that she had lost her memory. Perhaps she traveled through time and woke up five years later?

But why was her future like this?

Sitting here for a long time, Lin Qingqing didn't see her sister coming back. She remembered that she had just answered the phone in the corridor. She looked in the direction of the corridor and walked to the door of the corridor and saw Lin Zhenzhen inside. 

She called out: "Jiejie."

Lin Zhenzhen didn't know who called her, hearing the voice, she subconsciously turned her head and saw that it was Lin Qingqing. She hurriedly said something to the man. As Lin Qingqing passed, she only saw a tall man walking down the stairs, but she couldn't see what he looked like.

"Who were you talking to?"

"No one, let's go."

Lin Qingqing did not ask more. As Lin Zhenzhen came out of the hospital, there was a square opposite the hospital. A large LED screen was standing on the square. At the moment, an advertisement was playing on the screen. It was a lollipop advertisement. The girl in the commercial was wearing a pink skirt and was eating lollipops while singing. Her singing was sweet, and the song she sang was as sweet as lollipops.

Lin Qingqing recognized the person in the advertisement at a glance. "It's Liang Xin, Jiejie, that's Liang Xin!" Lin Qingqing was a little excited. "Is Liang Xin a star now?"

"En, she has become a star." The elder sister replied expressionlessly.

Lin Zhenzhen, like her in the beginning, hated the mother-daughter pair deeply. Because she (LZZ) did not get along with Liang Xin, there was no change in her attitude, and it was not surprising that she was so indifferent to her (LX).

"I'm going to look for her. Jiejie, will you take me to look for her?" Lin Qingqing said.

"Looking for her?" Lin Zhenzhen snorted coldly. "You lost your memory, so you forgot that she got together with Xiang Huayang when your voice was destroyed and your life fell to a low point."

"Wha- what?" Lin Qingqing couldn't believe her ears. "How can it be? Liang Xin and Xiang Huayang?" She didn't believe these two people would betray her!

The news was like a thunderbolt to her at this moment, but she knew that her elder sister would not lie to her.

After a brief shock, there was a surge of unstoppable anger. "I'm going to find them and ask them clearly! Why did they do this to me?"

Lin Zhenzhen grabbed her and said, "What will you do? That was five years ago, but now the time has changed, and people will only think you are ridiculous if you make a fuss!"

Lin Qingqing suddenly woke up from a dream. Yeah, it's 2018 now. That was five years ago.

Why, why did everything change after she woke up? 

She and Liang Xin had planned to move out of the house after earning money the other day, leaving the house completely; but why, when she woke up, everything was no longer what it used to be?

Also, Xiang Huayang looked cold and indifferent, but he was a person with a cold outside and warm inside personality. His gentleness had always been only for her, and she always thought that he was the right person for her.

Suddenly thinking of something, Lin Qingqing asked, "What about Dad? Liang Xin did such a thing to me, doesn't Dad care?" Also, she lived with her father, and she should have woken up at his house. Why was she here with Jiejie?

Lin Zhenzhen sneered. "Dad? That good father has been protecting Liang Xin since you had an accident because he favors her mother. You broke off your relationship with him when you’re heartbroken."

At those words, Lin Qingqing took a step back as if she had been struck by lightning.

Did her father protect Liang Xin when she did such a thing? She had always felt that her father loved her no matter what. After all, she was his flesh and blood.

She really couldn't believe it, couldn't believe it!

Seeing that she had suddenly stilled, Lin Zhenzhen felt a little distressed and patted her comfortingly. "All right, let's go home and I'll make you steamed egg custard."

Lin Qingqing followed her sister home, but she wasn't in the mood and had no appetite to eat. Lin Zhenzhen asked her to lie in bed for a while.

Lin Qingqing sat down beside the bed, looking dejected. Lin Zhenzhen squatted down to help her take off her shoes. Only then did she react and said, "I'll do it myself."

Pushing her elder sister's hand away, she pulled up her trouser leg and took off her shoes. It was only then that she found a large tattoo on her calf. It was a witch with red eyes wearing a magnificent holy robe and a staff in her hand. It looked strange and enchanting.

Lin Qingqing soon found that there seemed to be some scars under the tattoo, and asked, "Why is there such a big scar on my leg?" She had very good skin that she cherished from an early age, she could not tolerate leaving any scars on her body.

"This is what you accidentally burned. You got a tattoo on it because you didn't like the scar."

Lin Qingqing: "—"

It was probably that she experienced too many twists and turns today. If she had seen this scar at ordinary times, she would be miserable to death. But at the moment, she did not have much reaction to hearing Lin Zhenzhen say so.

She just nodded dully and laid down on the bed, hoping that everything in front of her was just a dream. When she woke up, she would return to reality. None of this would exist. She would still be a college student with ideal and ambition. Liang Xin and Xiang Huayang would also be beside her as well.

Seeing her lying down, Lin Zhenzhen went out, but Lin Qingqing tossed and turned for a long time without falling asleep. She took out her cell phone and logged on to her social account. There used to be many contacts on the account. But now, many of them were gone- college classmates, and net friends who she had chatted with in the past.

Is it true that times have changed?

No, no, just fall asleep and wake up, it will all be fine.

Later, Lin Qingqing really fell asleep and woke up in the afternoon. At dusk, the crab-yellow light shone through the window, lending the whole room a hazy and blurred air, like a dreamland.

She was still in her room in Beicheng. She went to the mirror and sat down. In front of the mirror, her head was wrapped with gauze and her face was a little pale.

However, even if she was pale, she was still beautiful with an enviable palm-sized face, large and bright eyes, an exquisite nose, and high brow bone that made her beautiful with an exotic demeanor.

The pair of sisters had largely inherited their looks from their father. Hailing from the countryside, he came to Beicheng to work alone when young. He moved to the Peace Restaurant and became an apprentice. Perhaps because he was good-looking, he was favored by the daughter of the restaurant owner and finally married into the family. (T/N: marry into and live with one's bride's family)

Their father was also brilliant, growing the restaurant, making the business bigger and bigger. When he made a fortune, he opened a branch in Xianghai City and managed it even in an even better manner. He turned the small restaurant into the Peace Hotel, which later became a grand hotel. (T/N: this hotel/restaurant, I don't know anymore, because the translation said fàndiàn - 饭店, and it means hotel and also restaurant, my head went crazy T^T)

After their father succeeded, Liang Feifei, who had once abandoned him in a village and left him because he was poor, sought him again. Both of them quickly rekindled their old love and made a secret deal. At that time, their father had already done a great deal of work. For Liang Feifei, he had to give up half of his property to divorce their mother.

Both she and her elder sister hated their father, but they had to give their father a lot of credit for their beauty.

Nothing in front of her had changed. She hadn't woken up and hadn't returned to her eventful and vigorous 20-year-old self.

Five years later, she found herself like this. Without a voice, lover and friends... not only did she have nothing but her life was a mess.

Everything looked to be so despairing.

What should she do? How could she accept waking up at night to be like this?

And it seemed that there was no way to go back!

She slowly raised her head and stared at the haggard but beautiful woman in the mirror. However, after five years, she also came over right? There was no retreat, no choice, she could only go forward.

Since the 'changes' could not defeat the ‘her’ from five years ago, they wouldn't defeat the ‘her’ who came from five years ago.


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