The King's Return : Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

After Qin Mo entered the dungeon, Xiao Han and Shen He followed. Shen He, who was ambushed, was confused: "What was the situation just now q_q?"

He was obviously at a loss, at the sight of his dizzy expression Qin Mo smiled and said: "It's okay. Someone is bored and playing."

Shen He saw that Qin Mo was perfunctory, but he didn't dare to ask more. He obediently followed Qin Mo all the way.

Qin Mo and Xiao Han quickly cleaned up the small mobs and the first two boss. Shen He happily followed for experience when formed a team with the two great gods. He was so happy that he only needed to be a follower and the experience went up.

In front of the last boss, Qin Mo suddenly said: "Xiao He, Xiao Han and I are hitting the boss. You are responsible for aggro-ing the sword spirit."

Shen He, as a soy sauce at last was given a task, immediately said happily: "Ok!"

In fact, Qin Mo and Xiao Han can easily pass a level 20 dungeon, but Qin Mo has assigned Shen He a task, which is obviously to train Shen He's reaction speed. The summoners in this game can summon many mechanicals at the same time, letting several mechanicals to aggro the sword spirit separately is the basic skill the summoners need to master-multi-line operation.

After the challenge began, the five sword spirit has spawn, Shen He immediately summoned five mechanical rats to attack sword spirit. To Qin Mo's relief, although Shen He was somewhat in a hurry to control five pets at the same time, he finally succeeded in pulling away the sword spirits without making any mistakes.

Xiao Han couldn't help asking: "This guy has a fast hand. Is it heredity?"

Qin Mo wondered: "What heredity?"

Xiao Han said: "His cousin Yu Xiangyang used to be a player of our Dragon Song Club. He was born to be fast. Shen He is also a rare fast player, and he will certainly make great achievements if he is well cultivated. "

Qin Mo nodded approvingly: "En, the summoner is the career with the highest speed requirements. Shen He has a very good foundation. I will train him slowly later."

Hearing this, Xiao Han couldn't help looking back at Qin Mo's hands.

His fingers are white and slender, as beautiful as in memory, except that under his hands is no longer a familiar mouse and keyboard, but a large LCD touch panel.

The touch panel in the open state illuminates the blue light effect with a technological design. Sixteen squares below the left hand are the skills shortcuts he has set. There is a sliding area below the right hand to adjust the vision and position of the characters in the game. When he hit the boss, his left hand slides the keys on sixteen squares to release his skills, and his right hand adjusts the vision and position of the Ink Mark in the game by "fast sliding of the index finger".

——As Qin Mo said just now, summoners are the most demanding professions. Without extremely fast hand speed, it is impossible to control multiple pets at the same time and complete complicated multi-line operations.

——So did he stop playing Summoner in the new game because his fingers weren't fast enough?

At the beginning, when he was vice-captain of Wind Color team, although the overall performance of Wind Color team was not as good as before due to the change of lineup, he had to admit that Qin Mo had unique vision and several young players promoted from training camp later became great gods of the first-class rank of professional league. Qin Mo's observation of the players is very detailed and comprehensive, and his handling of the team's daily affairs is also in good order. If the league chooses the best vice captain, Qin Mo definitely deserves it. If he had been able to hold on for some more time, when the newcomers he promoted matured, their achievements would have slowly recovered.

Unfortunately, he chose a group of talented people for Wind Color, but he left in a hurry......

It's kind of like laying a solid foundation for the Wind Color team before leaving, so that he can go at ease.

Looking at the touch screen panel lying flat under his hands, Xiao Han's heart suddenly felt a sharp pain!

He changes his career, how could he even change his operation mode?

A guess suddenly came to his mind.

Xiao Han knows very well what both hands mean to e-sports players.

——That is the most prideful thing for all e-sport players, as precious as life.

If his conjecture is true, then how much pain did Qin Mo suffer in those years? How much courage is it to come back now?

Xiao Han frowned slightly and held the mouse tightly.

There are some things, he can't ask Qin Mo face to face, but he will always think of some way to find out.

Due to the extremely fast output speed of Qin Mo and Xiao Han, Shen He was able to control the sword spirit and it only took 40 minutes to quickly finish the dungeon five times. After the Kunlun Mountains clear five times, Xiao Han took Qin Mo to clear level 40 dungeon of Fangcao Hall five times. It was 5: 30 p.m. and Xiao Han suggested: "You upgrade your weapons first, and then we'll eat."

"Okay." Qin Mo open the equipment upgrade panel, put the broken ice sword in the middle box, and then turned out other purple equipment from the package to feed it. The blade of the Broken Ice sword began to shine soft white light. As the low-level equipment was swallowed by it one after another, the bar of experience began to grow rapidly, and the Broken Ice sword went up from level 35 to level 45 all the way.

[Broken Ice]

[Seven Star Artifact]

[Type: Long Sword]

[Creator: Ink Mark]

[Basic attack 2100-2350, attack distance 0-16 meters, attack speed 12]

[Hit 12; all targets slowed down by 30% for 3 seconds when hit]

With the upgrading of the level, the basic data of this weapon has also increased correspondingly. The advantage of seven-star equipment is here——the basic attribute is high, and the growth attribute obtained when upgrading is also higher than other equipment. The same level 45 sword, purple equipment attacks 1500 at the maximum, and the five-star gold-plated sword attacks 2000 or so, but the seven-star Broken Ice sword attacks 2350 at the maximum.

It seems that the seven-star golden equipment will be the entrance ticket for professional players to enter the professional league. If they didn’t a seven-star equipment, they will embarrassed to go to the league.

Qin Mo now has a weapon, but Xiao Han is still a miserable purple dagger, thinking of what Xiao Han had done to build his equipment, Qin Mo said: "Where did the assassin's weapon blueprint come from, do you know?"

Xiao Han said: "I checked the official database, in addition to the team dungeon dropped blueprint, the weapon merchants of the major school will sell some blueprint, the main city will release blueprint related tasks, Guild tasks also have probability drop blueprint, there are many ways to get the blueprint, the key depends on how to put the material to get the properties you want."

Qin Mo thought for a moment, then turned back and asked: "What additional attributes do you want? Is it the same as before?"

"En, you know me." Xiao Han nodded and said: "I'll give it to you as soon as I get the blueprint, and you can help me to study it. The whole body is equipped with a critical strike, and the final critical strike rate is more than 80% in order to maximize the output."

"I understand." Qin Mo said: "Get the blueprint first and say, let’s go have a dinner first."

"Continue eating out?"

"I've been eating out for two consecutive days." Qin Mo stood up and said: "Go to the supermarket to buy some ingredients and go home to cook."

"Good." Xiao Han carried the suitcase and followed Qin Mo to went out.

The two men came to a nearby supermarket. Qin Mo walked in front of him to pick vegetables while Xiao Han pushed the cart behind him. Due to the blackout during the day, Qin Mo didn't want to buy too much, he just bought something to eat tonight——some chicken wings, a bamboo shoot and broccoli, he went to the cooked food area and bought some Flower Rolls, he said: "Just ate rice at noon, let’s eat this as main dish at evening."

Xiao Han said: "This is called ‘Flower Roll’, isn't it?"

Qin Mo praised: "You have improves, you have finally stopped calling it Flower Mantou."

Xiao Han smiled and pushed the shopping cart to the check out at the exit with Qin Mo.

Opposite the supermarket is the residential area where Qin Mo lives. This community should be a newly built high-rise building in recent years. The environment is very quiet.

Xiao Han followed him to the building 7th: "Which floor do you live on?"

"17th floors." Qin Mo looked at his watch. "Electricity is not available until 6:30. The elevator is not working yet. It seems that we have to climb up. Can you climb?"

"Of course." Xiao Han said: "I play ball  game every time when I am free, and my physical strength is good."

"What kind of ball game?" Qin Mo curiously ask.

"Tennis, I’ve known it since I was a kid." Xiao Han said as he walked into the stairwell and climbed up one by one.

The 17th floor is not too high for two young men in their early twenties. They climbed the stairs while chatting. At dusk, golden sunlight sprinkled through the staircase window. Xiao Han lifted up his head and looked at Qin Mo as if he were covered with a layer of golden shadow. Suddenly, he could not move his eyes.

Qin Mo walked in front and climbed the stairs, his long legs were close at hand. His straight and long legs were wrapped in tailored trousers, which made him look particularly sexy. Because of sweating, his shirt was attached to his body, showing a slim and beautiful waist curve——even if he was not an e-sport player, he would be a perfect figure to be a model.

Aware of Xiao Han's sudden silence behind him, Qin Mo thought he was tired and suggested: "There are still five floors left. Take a rest first."

"Ok, take a ten-minute break." Xiao Han put the suitcase on the ground and took over the grocery from Qin Mo hand and put them on the suitcase. Qin Mo sweated a lot. The sweat on his forehead dripped down his jaw and slid into the collar of his shirt. The shirt opened a button. From Xiao Han's point of view, he could see his delicate and beautiful clavicle and his white chest under his shirt.

Xiao Han suddenly felt a burst of thirsty, immediately remove the line of sight, looked out of the window.

The view here is very good, you can overlook the whole picture of the community, the community is first-class in greening, the distance between buildings is very wide, and it is the pattern of north-south that show fully, the house price is not expected to be cheap. However, it is normal for Qin Mo to have a certain amount of savings as a popular e-sport player in those days. Moreover, Xiao Han did not know about his family, only that Qin Mo's parents lived in Nanjing.

Qin Mo looked back at Xiao Han and found that his face was calm, and it seemed that he was not tired when he climbed ten floors.

"Are mixed-race physically better than the average person?" Qin Mo said curiously: "I heard that when genes of different races are combined, inferior genes will be eliminated and superior genes will be preserved. Therefore, mixed race are generally smarter and healthier than ordinary people."

"There is such a saying." Xiao Han looked back at him and asked, "Do you think I am smart?"

"Very smart."


"En, you can eat well with your face."

"Do you like me?"

"……" Qin Mo was stunned and did not know how to answer.

As soon as this sentence was uttered, the atmosphere changed, and even the temperature of the surrounding air seemed to be rising.

In the quiet corridor, Qin Mo could hear each other's breathing and his heart suddenly beating faster.

In response to his deep and gentle eyes, Qin Mo looked away in embarrassment and said: "Don't use the word like casually. Chinese is not like English. In foreign countries, friends can directly say i like you when expressing their appreciation to each other, but in China, 'I like you' is used for confession. Friends ... Don't talk nonsense."

"Oh, I see." Xiao Han quietly removed his gaze.

Xiao Han clearly understood the meaning of "like" in Chinese, when he first returned to China a few years ago, he said "I like you very much" when he saw someone he admired, master once reminded him that he could not say this in the future, it is easy to be misunderstood. I like you only for future lovers.

Just now, the warm light of dusk shone on Qin Mo's face. Xiao Han's sentence suddenly blurted out, and he say it without thinking, only after saying it, he realized that it was wrong.

But if he think about it carefully, there is nothing wrong with it.

As a teenager, Xiao Han liked to be with Qin Mo best. He has many friends in China, but Qin Mo is the most special one for him and also the one he cares most about.

During the three years since Qin Mo left, he has been dreaming of him, using one word to describe him, that is, "missing him all the time." He has never had such strong feelings for anyone, not even for his most respected master.

He always wondered where Qin Mo had gone and what he was doing. How are you? Will you come back?

During the holidays, he personally went to the tourist spots where they had been visited before, hoping to meet Qin Mo.

Before going to bed every day, he always habitually opens the dialogue window with Qin Mo, knowing that he will not receive a reply, but he still perseveres in sending messages to Qin Mo——today he is not in a good mood after losing the competition, and the players upset him. He have won the MVP award of the season, and the club wants him to lead a team to Peerless Jianghu——No matter what, Xiao Han's first thought to tell is always Qin Mo.

After knowing Qin Mo's address, he did not hesitate to buy a plane ticket to fly directly to him. Finally, he was able to see each other's, in happy mood, which made him insomnia all night.

When he saw Qin Mo, he couldn't help to hug him and didn't want to let go. He always wanted to be closer to Qin Mo.

Qin Mo was his closest friend when he was young and his most cherished friend.

But besides these, perhaps the word he blurted out just now is the real reason for all his actions.


Chapter 30: Like
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