The King's Return : Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: White Piano

Xiao Han wanted to understand a lot of things, but also realized that he was very slow. Maybe it was because he was too young, he didn't know how to express his attention to a person. When he was young, he would only annoyed Qin Mo and feel very cute when he saw Qin Mo angry and frustrated.

It was not until Qin Mo left, that strong yearning began to accumulate, Qin Mo's name is also more deeply rooted in the heart.

Now meet again, looking at Qin Mo, which has changed a lot but is still familiar with, Xiao Han finally understood that it was all because of "like".

With this in mind, Xiao Han's heart became more firm.

——Since Qin Mo is back, they can start all over again, both in competition and relationship.

——This time, he will not be as stupid as he was when he was young. He will protect this person well in his own way.

Take a deep breath to calm down. Xiao Han looked back at Qin Mo, gently put his arms around the other party's shoulder and said: "I don't quite understand the usage of some words, we are friends, don't be angry, okay?"

Hearing what he said, Qin Mo was relieved and smiled: "It's okay, I don't mind. Your Chinese is much better than it used to be. Learn it slowly."

"En, I need more advice from you in the future." Xiao Han said this in his mouth, but in his heart he thought, starting from a friend, let Qin Mo slowly accept his approach, which is a good choice. Qin Mo is a typical soft-hearted character. The more you forces him, the more he will not yield. On the contrary, if you treat him sincerely, he will certainly remember it.

The two men took a break on the tenth floor, and then climbed to the 17th floor in one breath. Qin Mo took out the key to open the door and found Xiao Han a pair of slippers.

Xiao Han changed his shoes and entered the door and found that the house was decorated very well. The sofa in the living room looked soft and comfortable. The color of curtains and furniture complemented each other. The table was also covered with elegant tablecloths matched by colors. There is a flower stand on the balcony, on which various plants are placed. Some green branches and leaves almost fall to the ground, and some pots of flowers are blossoming. Obviously, they are well taken care of by their owners.

Qin Mo is a person who can live well. The house is clean and neat, there is no trace of miscellaneous items on the sight.

"Put the suitcase in the study for the time being, and then clean it up after dinner." Qin Mo helped Xiao Han pick up his luggage, and Xiao Han followed him to the study.

The study room is relatively simple. There is only one wall bookshelf in addition to the computer and the desk. There are some books and some e-sports-related souvenirs, including the championship medals won by Xiao Han and Qin Mo in the world champion together, the handbooks given to him by fans, the commemorative of Wind Color Club, and so on, it is full of memories. It can be seen that Qin Mo has not been able to forget the years when he was an e-sport player, so he kept all this things as treasure.

Qin Mo put the box on the ground and said: "You can use your mobile phone to surf the Internet first while I cook."

"Let me help you." Xiao Han was not interested in surfing the Internet and followed Qin Mo to the kitchen to help him.

Qin Mo rolled up his sleeves and put on an apron when he went to the kitchen. The water supply was cut off during the day. Fortunately, he took a few pots of water in advance and put them aside, which was just right for washing vegetables. When Xiao Han came to help, he arranged a task for Xiao Han: "You go and wash the broccoli."

"Oh." Xiao Han put a large broccoli into the basin and turned it over......

"That's not how it was washed." Seeing the mixed-race handsome boy fumbling with the broccoli, Qin Mo said helplessly: "Forget it, you don't help me, I'll do it."

After saying this, he took the broccoli and quickly cut it with a knife along the root, he cut it into small flowers about 3cm long and washed it twice, turned on the gas, and boiled them in water. Then he quickly peeled the bamboo shoot, cut it into thin shreds, cut open its wings and boil them in another pot.

Xiao Han didn't help, so he leaned against the kitchen door to watch him busy.

Qin Mo, who bowed his head to cook, did not look as indifferent as usual. On the contrary, he showed some gentleness under the sunlight. Washing vegetables, cutting vegetables and boiling water are in orderly way. Xiao Han likes it more and more. He really wants to walk over and hug him tightly from behind——Of course, Xiao Han only dares to think in his mind. If he does, he is afraid that the kitchen knife in Qin Mo's hands will greet him.

Qin Mo made broccoli with sauce, hot and sour bamboo shoots, a plate of fried chicken wings, several steamed flower rolls bought from restaurant. He handed Xiao Han a pair of chopsticks and said: "I am a mediocre cook, so make do with it."

Xiao Han picked up a piece of chicken wing and tasted it. It was soft and sweet. He couldn't help praising: "You're too modest. This chicken wing is very delicious. It's comparable to the skill of a five-star chef."

"Really?" Qin Mo found Xiao Han has a sweet tongued. He smiled and said: "Eat more, I only cooked three dishes, eat all of them. Don't leave any."

"Ok." Xiao Han immediately picked up his chopsticks and began to eat.

In fact, Qin Mo's cooking is not as professional as the cooks in the Dragon Song Club canteen, let alone the five-star chefs. But Xiao Han felt that Qin Mo was sitting in front of him, and his mood was so good that he couldn't describe it. In addition, it was Qin Mo's own cooking, and his appetite improved, even if he was eat burnt dishes now, he could eat them without changing color.

Xiao Han watched Qin Mo as he ate. He found that Qin Mo’s eating is very elegant. He picked up the food and put it into his mouth. Then he chewed it slowly. His face was calm. Unlike some boys in the club who ate a meal, devoured it like a starving ghost. Qin Mo's eating is really "pleasing to the eye". If there was a camera next to him, it could even be directly filmed as a film.

Aware that Xiao Han's eyes were on him, Qin Mo could not help wondering: "Why, is there something on my face?"

Xiao Han said seriously: "No, I just think you look better as you grow."

Qin Mo knocked on his bowl with chopsticks: "Eat well, don't talk nonsense."

Xiao Han thought, this sentence is clearly the truth, you are good-looking...... But with a slightly reprimand look of Qin Mo, Xiao Han swallowed this sentence immediately and bowed his head to eat.

The three dishes were all eaten up. Xiao Han followed Qin Mo satisfactorily to the kitchen to tidy up. Qin Mo was in charge of washing dishes. Xiao Han took the initiative to clean the table and sweep the floor, the two soon finished cleaning, suddenly there was a "ding" sound in their ears, and the electric thermos lamp in the kitchen lit up.

"Finally." Qin Mo turned on the lights in the dining room, all the lights he chose were warm tones. The whole room was more warm under the light.

"It's quite inconvenient to have a power outage at high-rise building. How long is it?" Xiao Han asked: "You can't climb the stairs everyday, can’t you?"

"There was a power outage during the day. The electricity came on at 6 PM. Tomorrow is the last day." Qin Mo said as he filled the thermos with water: "Fortunately, I live on the 17th floor. If I live on the 33rd floor, I would be half dead by climbing the stairs."

"The 17th floor has a good view." Xiao Han looked out of the french window of the dining room and asked: "What's the size of your house?"

"140 square meters, three rooms and two halls."

"You live in three rooms alone. What's the use of one room besides the study and bedroom?" Xiao Han said and went inside.

There are two rooms at the end of the front door. The main bedroom is on the sunny side. The door is open. Inside, you can see a large two-person bed, beside the bed is a wardrobe at a whole wall. There is also a room opposite the master bedroom. The door is just closed. Xiao Han walked over and pushed open the door gently. However, to his surprise, this room was not decorated as a guest room-the room was very empty and only a white grand piano was placed inside. The piano was not covered with cloth. The black and white keys in a row were very clean. Obviously, it is played often.

Xiao Han did not hear anyone mention that Qin Mo can play the piano. Seeing the piano suddenly appeared in his house, he couldn't help wondering: "Do you also can play the piano?"

"I learned it for a while when I was a kid." Qin Mo walked into the room and said: "This piano was a birthday gift from my parents when I was ten years old. I moved here a few years ago. "

"Oh." Xiao Han nodded thoughtfully and pressed the keys lightly with his right finger. Indeed as expected, he heard crisp and melodious notes in his ear. Grand piano is generally more expensive than upright piano. The tone of the piano is very good. Looking at the brand, it should be imported from Germany, which is valuable. Xiao Han also learned piano when he was young. He knows a little about the piano brand. According to preliminary estimates, the price of this piano is more than one million. He said the piano was from his parents, indicating that his family was quite rich.

Xiao Han suddenly discovered that his understanding of Qin Mo was far from enough. When he met Qin Mo at the age of 17, Qin Mo was the apprentice of the captain of the Wind Color team and was called the "little prince". His impression of Qin Mo also remained at the level of "e-sport player". As for Qin Mo's family background, it was completely unclear. But it is different now. Since he like this person, it is necessary to know the other party more comprehensively.

"That's right." Xiao Han suddenly said: "My father is a lawyer and my mother is Caucasian. My parents divorced when I was young. I have been living with my father. Do you know that?"

"I know." Xiao Han is a Chinese-American mixed race.. When he returned to China, his life story was stripped out by reporters. It is not a secret in the professional circle, and Qin Mo naturally knows it.

"It was when I saw this piano that I realized how hidden you were. You've never told anyone about your parents, are you not the rich second generation?" Xiao Han joked.

"No." Qin Mo said, "My father used to be quite rich, but later he lost a lot in the stock market. Now he is also doing some small business. My mother is a dancer…..." He suddenly stopped here, his eyes seemed a little lost. After a moment of silence, he continued: "They are traveling abroad and usually do not live with me."

"Oh." When he realized that Qin Mo's mood was not right, Xiao Han did not ask any more questions.

"There are very few guests at home. I don't have a guest room, only one bedroom." Qin Mo looked at Xiao Han and asked: "Can you sleep with me at night?"

"…..." Sleep with me, he didn't know, what expression he use to said this.

Xiao Han thought happily——that's really great.

Of course, he can't show this joy too clearly, touching his nose and pretending to calmly say: "I think that bed is big enough to sleep together."

"As long as you don't mind." Qin Mo turned to take Xiao Han's luggage to his bedroom and asked: "The computer in the study is equipped with Peerless Jianghu. Do you want to play?"

"No. "Xiao Han rubbed his temple. "VR games will hurt your eyes if you play for too long. take a rest tonight, there is no need to play hard like that."

"I think so too." Qin Mo turn on the TV in the living room: "It's still early, watch TV for a while. What do you want to see? Change the channel yourself. The remote control is on the table. "

"Ok." Xiao Han took the remote control and switched to the e-sport league channel. As a result, the e-sport channel is broadcasting advertisements. Qin Mo went to the kitchen to bring a plate of fruit and poked a pineapple with a toothpick to Xiao Han.

Xiao Han did not take the toothpick, but bowed his head and bit the pineapple, just like Qin Mo was feeding him.

Qin Mo reluctantly let go: "Bad habits have not changed."

In the past, when eating fruit, Xiao Han liked to bite on Qin Mo's hand. On one occasion, he almost bit Qin Mo's finger. Qin Mo angrily scolded him: "Are you a dog?" Xiao Han said innocently: "I am a dog. "

Recalling the past, Xiao Han smiled and swallowed the pineapple.

A lot of details about getting along with Qin Mo in the past can now be recalled to warm his heart.

There was once a period of pure youth between them. Xiao Han believed that their memories would only grow more and more beautiful in the future.
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