She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 03

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Chapter 3

Lin Qingqing adapted to the life after five years in a short time and became familiar with the surrounding environment.

Elder sister told her that her life had been very bad before that, and been muddleheaded all the time. Lin Qingqing probably guessed it, but she could not understand it. If she could accept the worst things now, why couldn't she accept it when she suffered these things five years ago?

But it doesn't matter anymore. What she needs to do now is to adjust her condition as soon as possible.

After a short adjustment, she began to help her elder sister with the job. Speaking of which, elder sister also paid a lot for the restaurant. When their mother passed away, elder sister was busy with the judicial examination. She was a top law student. However, after their mother passed away, she took over the restaurant in the family. The restaurant was run by their grandfather and was of special significance to their family. Elder sister didn't want the restaurant to be closed in her hand, so she gave up her ideal and took over the job.

Elder sister sacrificed so much, so what face does she have to continue to be ignorance?

No matter how she used to be, she must now cheer up. On the one hand, she can give her elder sister some help, and on the other hand, she can rest assured when she gets better.

Peace Restaurant has a good geographical location and several universities around it. Nowadays, the takeout industry is unprecedentedly developed. There are especially many people who take-out when they come to the restaurant. Sometimes when the takeout little brother can't deliver, Lin Qingqing will help deliver the takeout.

She is mainly responsible for the Beicheng Aeronautical Engineering Institute across the restaurant. Every morning, she helps her elder sister with the restaurant affairs, and then helps to manage the accounts. In the afternoon, she goes to take-out, her life is very full.

Almost all the students in the university order take-out food, and almost all the receiving places are in the student dormitory, so in the afternoon she basically runs back and forth from the restaurant to the student dormitory at 2:00 p.m.

She will pass a kindergarten when she go to the student dormitory. On that day, Lin Qingqing accidentally looked at the kindergarten when she pass it with her scooter and her take out. However, she saw a child staring at her from the iron railing of the kindergarten.

It was a little boy. He was wearing a long white down jacket with the hem almost reaching his ankles. Inside the down jacket was a black turtleneck sweater. It looked cool and handsome, but because he was small size, this one looks with a cute feeling.

He was white and tender, with large, watery eyes that stared at her, and she felt as if she had been caught, and could not help looking more.

Such a distraction, she didn't notice a big pit on the ground, the scooter drove in and shook for a moment. She didn't hold it steady for a while and then both of the scooter and her fell down.

Really...... Embarassing!

It was not a heavy fall. She got up quickly and took a look at the takeaway. Fortunately, the takeaway was okay. She was just about to get up with a sigh of relief, and heard a jog. Lin Qingqing subconsciously looked up and saw the child who had just stared at her running out of the kindergarten. His little face was worried, probably blown by the cold wind, and his cheeks were covered with a small flush of red, which made him even more lovely.

He stood beside her, but did not approach too closely, keeping within a certain distance. His little eyebrows rise up gently and asked: "Are you all right, Auntie?"

The kindergarten teacher anxiously ran after him and said: "Xiao Yuan, you can't run out until your dad comes to pick you up."

The child named Xiao Yuan pointed to Lin Qingqing who was still squatting on the ground and said: "Auntie is injured."

The kindergarten teacher held Lin Qingqing up and asked with concern: "Are you all right?"

Lin Qingqing laughed and said: "It's all right, it's just a scratch."

"Auntie, please buy a band-aid later. Don't let the wound get wet." The little boy added.

But did not expect a child still understand these, Lin Qingqing was in a hurry to deliver things and was not able to stay any longer. She only said to him: "Auntie remember, thank you." Lin Qingqing said and rode away on her scooter.

Lin Qingqing took a look again at the kindergarten subconsciously when she thought of the little boy she had just met. To her surprise, the little boy was still standing inside the railing, still looking at her through the railing with big eyes.

It's so late. Hasn't his parents come to pick him up yet?

Don't know if it's because he has a pair of bright, watery eyes. When he looks at people, she always feels that his eyes are showing some kind of expectation, which also shows a kind of pitiful taste.

Lin Qingqing stopped and park at the roadside and went to the railings to squat down. Before she could speak, the little boy took a band-aid from his bag and rushed to her: "Auntie, please stretch out your hand and I'll stick it on for you."

Lin Qingqing: "......"

Lin Qingqing glanced at his skinny wrist and then watched him clumsily tear the bandage with his tender, fleshy little hand, she surprise and said: "You didn't wait for me here with the band-aid, did you?"

He nodded his little head, then squatted down, stretched out his little fat hand from the railing and gently pressed the bandage on her wrist. His movements were awkward and not very smooth. Then he gently held the fold on the folded bandage with his fleshy little hand, which seemed to smooth the fold.

His hands are really soft and warm, and he is also too loving to wait for her here with band-aid.

Whose child, ah, have been taught so well. Lin Qingqing held her knees in her hands and put her chin on her arm. She smiled at him with her head tilted and asked him in a very gentle and tender voice: "Your name is Xiao Yuan?" She just heard the kindergarten teacher call him that.

Somehow, he seemed to look at her smile in a daze. He looked adorable. Lin Qingqing put up with the impulse to poke him twice in the face and said: "Auntie asks you. Is your name Xiao Yuan?"

Only then did he return to his sense. He scratched his little face with his little fat paws, lit up his little head, and said in a tender voice: "My name is Yi Beiyuan. Auntie can call me Xiao Yuan."

Yi Beiyuan? That's a nice name ah.

"My name is Lin Qingqing. You can call me Auntie Qingqing."

"Auntie Qingqing." He gave a sweet sound.

His voice was so sweet that it softened one's heart.

"It’s so late, your parent have not come to pick you up?" Lin Qingqing asked him again.

"Dad has a meeting."

"What about mom?"

His face was gloomy, his head hung down and his voice was low, which made people feel like he was going to cry the next moment: "Mom has gone to a very far place."

Lin Qingqing: "......"

Lin Qingqing recalled that when her grandfather died at the age of 10, she asked her mother where her grandfather had gone and her mother told her that her grandfather had gone far away.

Far away is ambiguous, sad word used to comfort children.

He said that his mother had gone to a very far place, and maybe his mother was no longer alive.

What a pity. He looks like he's only four years old at most. He lost his mom at such a young age.

Lin Qingqing did not want to ask him any more questions to make him sad. She looked at the snack bar across the street and said to him: "Are you hungry? The steamed cakes over there are delicious. Shall I buy one for you?"

He raised his head, looked at the other side with his big eyes and then stared at her. He seemed to nod very cleverly without considering how long, said with meng voice: "Okay."

Lin Qingqing went to buy a steamed cake and handed it to him. He took the steamed cake, pouted his small mouth, blew it a few times and took a bite.

So unguarded? Even if his mother was gone, didn't his father teach him to be wary of strangers?

"Don't eat anything given to you by people you don't know in the future, do you understand?"

He frowned slightly and pursed his small mouth. He took another bite of steamed cake carefully for fear of scalding his mouth. When he heard this, he nodded in a puzzle way. He responded very well and obediently: "Okay." Then he thought of something and said: "Auntie is a good person, can eat what auntie give."


What if this little kid get cheated in the future? So naive and easy to cheat, what if he meet bad people?

"Auntie, quick go home for dinner."

Lin Qingqing laughed and said: "That's all right. I'm here to wait for your dad."

The little kid shook his head and said: "I will wait for myself. It's so cold here. Girls can't get blow to much cold wind."


So gentle and considerate? He is simply a little warm boy, right? What if a 25-year-old aunt was pulled by a four-year-old child?

Later, at the insistence of the child, Lin Qingqing was finally "driven away".

The next afternoon Lin Qingqing was still delivering food to the Aeronautical University She did not forget the little meng she met yesterday. When she passed by the kindergarten, she looked at the iron railing yesterday. She did not expect to see him at a glance. He still stood there with big eyes looking at her. When she saw him, she grinned at her with a very bright smile.

Rosy lips and pretty white teeth, jade snow lovely, directly hit the heart of 25-year-old auntie, Lin Qingqing stopped the scooter and rushed to him: "Auntie will do the delivery first and then accompany you?"

He nodded heavily and his eyes were unbelievably bright.

Don't know if she want to have a little kid waiting for her to play with him. Today, Lin Qingqing delivers goods very quickly. When she comes to kindergarten, he still stands there and smiles at her when he sees her from afar.

Lin Qingqing went to the iron railing and squatted down: "Is your dad having a meeting again today?"

"En." The clear little voice answered, then he looked at her hands for a moment and asked her: "Auntie, can you give me your hand?"

Whether it was her illusion or not, but she felt a cautious tone in his questioning.

Lin Qingqing did not think too much and generously stretched out her hands.

She saw his eyes shining, as if a little delighted, and then he reached out his fat little hands and held her hands in his fat palms. Then he lowered his head and blew a warm breath on her finger and said: "Auntie hands are cold, I'll warm you up."

OMG, is this little thing want this old auntie life?

He gently rubbed his small hand on the back of her hand with some awkwardness, which might not be enough. He pulled her hand and put it on his face. His skin was tender, smooth and warm. When her palm touched it, a warm current immediately flowed into her heart.

Dead ah dead, I’m so dead.

However, Lin Qingqing was also afraid that she would make the children laugh if she was lose control. She perked up and said to him: "Why are you so sweet? If your mom has a child like you, she'll wake up laughing in her dreams."

Hearing her words, the little child somewhat hung his head, a face of depression, and said in a low voice: "My mom doesn't like me. My mom never lets me come near."


Hearing this answer, Lin Qingqing was surprised. She simply could not understand: "How could it be? Why doesn't your mom like you when you are so good?"

He immediately raised his little head again. His dark eyes were brighter and more cautious. With a little expectation, he asked: "Does auntie really think I am very good?"

Good, it simply impossible to be not good, right? She nodded without thinking and could not help rubbing his little head and added: "Of course! Xiao Yuan is very good!"

He seemed satisfied, laughing in a low voice and rubbing unconsciously into the palm of her hand.

It's so meng ah, Lin Qingqing couldn't help rubbing it a few more times.

The little guy giggled twice and suddenly looked behind her and said: "Daddy is coming."
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