The King's Return : Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Doubt

At last, the advertisement of the channel was finished and the words ‘E-sports through train’ popped up on the screen, followed by a capable female host (T/N: It’s also an anchor, should I use anchor instead?) with short hair appeared in the TV.

"Good evening, dear viewers. I'm Yao Shan, host of ‘e-sports through Train.’ The biggest news in the field of e-sport league recently is that people have been looking forward to the official public test of the new VR game ‘Peerless Jianghu’. According to reliable sources from the e-sports League, ‘Peerless Jianghu’ will launch a formal professional league next year. For this reason, we specially invited Mr. Gao Yong’an, the game planning director of ‘Peerless Jianghu’."

Next to the female host, a slightly fat man in a blue shirt smiled and said: "Hello everyone, I am Gao Yong’an, the planning director of the Peerless Jianghu."

Yao Shan asked: "Mr. Gao, the popularity of Peerless Jianghu is very high. It is said that at present, a number of clubs have officially entered the new district, and many people are concerned about whether the secret books and equipment will have an impact on the competitive balance in the later period. Can you give us a brief introduction?"

Gao Yong’an explained: "In Peerless Jianghu, you can copy the secret books. It is not particularly difficult to obtain the secret books. In online games, you can choose the secret books you like to learn skills and play freely. However, in later professional league, secret books can be banned. For example, if a team especially hates the skill of the secret book "Sword Rain Fragrance", the team leader can ban the secret book so that the opponent cannot bring the secret book on the arena. This ensures the balance of the competition to a certain extent."

"So, the selection and prohibition of secret books will also become a tactic in competition?"

"Yes, the competition mode of this game is fair to both sides and there are many things worth studying." Gao Yong’an said with a smile, "As for the equipment, we will strictly control the basic data of self-made equipment. It is impossible for equipment with adverse data to affect the arena balance, but many variables have been added in terms of additional attributes, allowing everyone to choose freely."

Yao Shan went on to ask: "What is the requirement for professional players? Will VR games be different from previous games?"

Gao Yong’an said: "In addition to the keyboard and mouse mode, we have introduced a new touch screen control mode. This requires less speed than traditional online games. Games are no longer faster than whose hands, but smarter than whose brain. In the latter stage, the game is not necessarily about playing fast. There are a lot of tactical ideas that can be explored by using vision, secret books and equipment, as long as the awareness and reaction can keep up, it does not matter if the hand speed is slower. This game greatly reduces the threshold of professional players, but also prolongs their career."

Yao Shan said: "So, as long as professional players have a deep understanding of the game and a first-class awareness, even if they are slower, they can still survive in this competitive game."

Upon hearing this, Xiao Han subconsciously looked down at Qin Mo's hands.

When he saw Qin Mo using the touch screen mode in the Internet cafe, he guessed that Qin Mo's retirement might be related to the drop in hand speed. Now, after listening to the official planning and carefully analyzing the characteristics of the new game, this kind of speculation comes to mind again, and Qin Mo's piano at home——the piano just can also train finger sensitivity.

"What are you looking at?" When he sensed that Xiao Han was looking at him, Qin Mo could not help but look back and asked.

"Nothing." Xiao Han quietly removed his gaze.

The "E-sports through Train" program often invites officials from the e-sports league and the games to give detailed explanations to the audience. Today, they happen to invite the chief planner of the "Peerless Jianghu" project, the host and guests made clear the difference between the new game and the traditional online games, as well as some rules of the later arena.

After the program ended, the e-sports channel a publicity film featuring a Peerless Jianghu and a detailed introduction of each school.

The two watched TV and saw that it’s already at 11 o'clock in the evening, Qin Mo let Xiao Han take a shower first.

The master bedroom has a large bathroom with a large bathtub and a shower beside it. Xiao Han naturally would not use Qin Mo's bathtub casually. He simply open the shower nozzle and took a shower.

As soon as he came out of the shower, he saw Qin Mo making a phone call on the balcony: "I know, Dr. Jiang, I will go to Shanghai in a few days......"

Seems to be worried about Xiao Han heard, he deliberately lowered his voice, but Xiao Han still keenly heard the last sentence.

The word "doctor", let Xiao Han heart suddenly jump up.

Seeing Qin Mo hung up the phone, Xiao Han immediately turned and walked into the bedroom, pretending to know nothing, holding a towel to wipe his hair.

Qin Mo returned to the bedroom and found a hairdryer for Xiao Han and said: "Blow dry your hair."

Xiao Han took the hair dryer and casually blew his hair. Qin Mo took his pajamas to take a bath and put his mobile phone on the bedside table. Moments later, the phone rang again and the name in the caller ID was Zhou Xuewei.

—— Yes, Zhou Xuewei, Xiao Han almost forgot this key figure.

Three years ago, the members of the Wind Color team changed a lot. Several newcomers were debuted in succession, probably in order to hone the newcomers. Qin Mo sat under the stage most of the time to rest, and occasionally appeared in several matches. However, Zhou Xuewei made rapid progress under the guidance of Qin Mo. In the season when the overall performance of Wind Color was unusually low, she performed exceptionally well and won the Best Newcomer of the Year award.

Qin Mo changed his mobile phone number after he retired. Xiao Han also didn't know his number. He didn't expect Zhou Xuewei to call. In other words, she has been keeping in touch with Qin Mo.

Xiao Han's heart suddenly rose a trace of anger —— you have contact with Zhou Xuewei, why never return my message? Am I less important than that girl in your heart?

When Qin Mo returned to his bedroom after bathing, he noticed Xiao Han's face was very bad. He picked up his mobile phone and saw Zhou Xuewei's incoming call. Qin Mo said lightly: "You saw it?"

Xiao Han, with a heavy face, asked solemnly: "You have been in contact with Zhou Xuewei. Do you like her?"

Qin Mo said: "Don't talk nonsense. How can I like her?"

Xiao Han suddenly stood up and said: "Then why do you only keep in touch with her?"

This tone of questioning made Qin Mo uncomfortable. He frowned and said coldly: "Do I need your consent to keep in touch with whom?"

Xiao Han was stunned, and aware of his tone just now is too harsh. Qin Mo's personality is like this. When others are fierce to him, he will return it with no hesitation. If others are gentle to him, his attitude will soften, with a typical temper of "yield to the soft approach but reject force".

Take a deep breath and try to keep calm. Xiao Han relented and said softly: "Don't be angry. I didn't say you need to ask me who you are in contact with. I'm just...... feel a little uncomfortable. You keep in touch with Zhou Xuewei, but you always ignore me. Is it because you don't care about me at all?"

Qin Mo heard this sentence, and then looked at his lost appearance, his heart suddenly softened, explaining: "Of course not, after I retired, I wanted to completely cut off the relationship with the professional circle, so I’m not told my new number to anyone, including you, and my master, do not know my new number. Zhou Xuewei knows the number, just by coincidence."

Xiao Han doubt: "What coincidence?"

Qin Mo was silent for a moment before he said: "Because I am actually her relatives."

Xiao Han was surprised: "Relatives? How come you never mentioned it?"

"Xuewei was too young when she started her career, and she was a girl. The reporters are guessing that she is relying on her background. If I tell everyone that she is my sister, her ability will definitely be questioned." Qin Mo patiently explained, "She went to the Wind Color Club, which was recommended by my mother. However, she has a strong personality and has never told me. I did not know her identity at the beginning. When she won the Best Newcomer award, my mother told me that she was actually the daughter of my mother's cousin. The family moved to Harbin many years ago, and I seldom met them, so I don't know Zhou Xuewei…... My mother's surname is Zhou. Do you understand?"

Listening to Qin Mo explain to him carefully, Xiao Han finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The daughter of his mother's cousin, is a cousin. Xiao Han touched his nose and said: "Cough, I understand...... I didn't expect her to be your sister."

Qin Mo picked up his mobile phone and said: "I'll send her a reply. She should recognize me in the game."

Xiao Han asked: "Are you going to admit it?"

Qin Mo calmly said: "She will soon know, and there is no need to hide it." After that, he sent a message to Zhou Xuewei: "Xuewei, Ink Mark is me."

Zhou Xuewei excitedly threw the mobile phone onto the bed, picked it up quickly and typed quickly: "Great! Do you want to take part in Peerless Jianghu professional league next year?"

Qin Mo: "I have this plan."

Zhou Xuewei asked: "Will you return to the Wind Color Team?"

Qin Mo did not answer this question. Zhou Xuewei actually knew that even if he was going to play in the league, he probably wouldn't return to the Wind Color...... Suddenly, her eyes felt a little sour. Zhou Xuewei took a deep breath and didn't ask any more questions. She said earnestly, "It's good to see you come back, good luck, look forward to the day you return to the league."

Qin Mo: "Don't tell your captain about this for the time being."

Zhou Xuewei: "Understood, at present only I know, Xiao Chen also guessed something, others I will not say."

Qin Mo was relieved and retrieve his mobile phone. Looking back at Xiao Han, he found that the man who had just stood up angrily and questioned him before was smiling, as if nothing had happened. Qin Mo said doubtfully: "What were you so angry about just now?"

Xiao Han casually made an excuse: "Oh, I thought you valued girl over friendship."

Qin Mo was helpless: "No. I didn't want to contact you at the time. It was... I didn't think I could come back."

Xiao Han gently wrapped around Qin Mo's shoulder: "Then why did you come back this time?"

Qin Mo pretended to be calm: "Just trying the public test of the new game."

Xiao Han saw at a glance that he was lying. Every time he lied, he would shift his eyes uneasily——that is to say, he had completely cut off contact with the e-sport circle and he really planned to never come back. However, the new operating mode of the game of "Peerless Jianghu" gave him a chance, so he came back.

Knowing Zhou Xuewei's relationship with Qin Mo, Xiao Han's sour taste in his heart dissipated completely. He suddenly thought that since Zhou Xuewei was Qin Mo's sister, perhaps he could get some answers from Zhou Xuewei.
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