She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 04

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Today daily chapter, sorry for my messy english and i got some difficulty in translating this chapter :(
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Chapter 4
translator & editor: Oyen

Lin Qingqing subconsciously turned to look over.

Only to see a black SUV parked on the other side of the road. A man in a suit in the driver seat came out and trotted to the back and opened the back seat door. From inside, a tall and big man walked down slowly.

He was wearing a brown overcoat, inside it is a straight suit with a suit trousers, a black suit, a white shirt and a black tie. His clothes do not have much decoration, giving a sense of cleanliness, but even a person like her who has no concept of brand can feel that his clothes are of high quality and definitely not the kind that can be seen on the streets.

Lin Qingqing has been living with his father ever since his parents divorced. His father was successful in his career and was paying attention about his clothes. However, his father's taste was different from that of the man in front of him. No matter how his father's pay attention to his looks, it is a kind of nouveau riche vulgarity, but this man exquisite is inadvertent. It seems that he is born like this and the innate temperament and self-confidence in him were difficult to imitate.

His hair is neatly done, and his fringe has been taken care with hair gel to elongate his face, making it look like an immortal. He is very handsome, not the kind of handsome, but with a kind of heroic and fierce handsome, sharp eyebrows, deep eyes, a straight nose, thin as a razor-blade lips, even the lines of the face are sharp and angular.

He walked slowly, the kindergarten teacher saw him, immediately went to the door to greet him respectfully: "Is Mr. Yi here?"

He didn't think highly of himself at all. Instead, he replied humbly: "I'm late, trouble you."

The kindergarten teacher immediately said: "Mr. Yi is very polite." Then waved at Yi Beiyuan. "Xiao Yuan, your daddy is here. Come over."

Yi Beiyuan came running with his little short legs, greeted his father and said goodbye to the teacher. Then he pointed to Lin Qingqing's direction and said: "Dad, that's Auntie Qingqing I told you about. She bought me steamed cakes yesterday. You have to thank her."

The man followed his fingers to see, his face with a warm smile, and his eyes were clear and gave a sincere feeling, but do not know why, when his eyes swept over, Lin Qingqing seems to feel a cold wind from behind, she subconsciously shivered.

This man looks courteous, gentle and approachable, but he has an invisible aura all over him. It seems that the more humble he is, the more respectful he is to her, and the more gentle and approachable he is, the more intimidating he is to her.

So contradictory but so reasonable.

He smiled at her and said: "Hello, Miss Lin."

Lin Qingqing quickly calmed down and smiled at him: "Hello, Mr. Yi."

"I came to pick up Xiao Yuan late yesterday, thank you miss Lin for accompanying him and buying him food, in order to show my gratitude, why don't we invite miss Lin to have a meal?"

Lin Qingqing said in a hurry: "No, Mr. Yi, you are too polite." Lin Qingqing was just about to leave and run away when Yi Beiyuan rushed over and grabbed her by the hand. She leaned back her little head and said to her: "Auntie, will you? I want to have dinner with auntie."

He frowned tightly and looked at her. Somehow, his eyes gave her a feeling that he was longing for his mother's love.

Lin Qingqing could not help thinking that he had lost his mother at such a young age, and that he had just been very considerate in warming her hands.

She couldn't bear to reject him at the thought of it. She looked at the man subconsciously, but saw that he was still looking at her. He had a shallow smile on his face and waited patiently for her answer.

Lin Qingqing finally compromised: "All right then." But Lin Qingqing looked at her little scooter again, the man seemed to see her dilemma, then gave the driver a look, the driver put her little scooter into the trunk, which was wide enough to put her little scooter down.

The man had reached the rear seat and pulled open the door and rushed to said: "Miss Lin, please."

Lin Qingqing also did not shy, thanked him and got on the car.

He closed the door for her, opened the door on the other side, and carried the kid into the car.

Lin Qingqing could see from his clothes and manners that the man must be wealthy and that he could leave all these things to the driver, but he did it himself, so gracious, with a good upbringing, which gave people a feeling of distance, noble, let a person feel beyond reach.

They arrived to a nearby restaurant. Judging from the decoration of the restaurant, the consumption here is definitely not low.

The man and the child were sitting opposite her, the man gave her the menu and smiled: "Miss Lin can order whatever you wants."

Lin Qingqing wouldn't be so impolite. She hurriedly pushed the menu over and said: "Mr. Yi, just order two dishes."

The man said: "Miss Lin is very polite."

Lin Qingqing thought he meant that she was polite in ordering dishes, but only to find that he took out a business card from his pocket and handed it over. Lin Qingqing hurriedly took it, but it was written on his business card that Yi Zeyan, president of Yicheng Group. Then he continued: "My name is Yi Zeyan. Just call me Zeyan. You don't have to call me Mr. Yi so politely."

Lin Qingqing: "......"

Lin Qingqing glanced at him secretly. He picked up the menu and turned it up. However, there was a kind of natural in his words. It seemed that it was normal for her to call him by his name directly. Lin Qingqing looked at the child next to him again, and the child were also looking at her. In her eyes, he gave her a grin, a meng smile, like a cooked little dumpling.

Is this father and son so familiar?

"The steamed turbot here is the sign dish of the store. How about this?" Mr. Yi asked.

Lin Qingqing said hurriedly: "All right."

What a coincidence, she likes eating fish very much.

Later Yi Zeyan ordered a few more dishes, not much, enough for the three of them.

This child Yi Beiyuan seem to like fish very much, but see him with a large piece of fish, very carefully clean up the thorns, Lin Qingqing is somewhat surprised, did not expect that child that is less than four years old have such a strong self-care ability.

While she was thinking about it, she saw that child, Yi Beiyuan put the fish that had been cleared of its thorns into her bowl.

Lin Qingqing: "......" Lin Qingqing stared blankly for a moment and then said: "Auntie can do this myself."

The child grinned at her, revealing a row of white teeth. He smiled happily and his eyes narrowed: "Auntie eats."

Lin Qingqing looked at the piece of fish in the bowl for a while and felt a lot of emotion. She looked up again, and the little guy across the her grabbed his meal in his mouth. Many children of this age were still being chased by adults to feed the food, but he was so good that he took care of himself to eat.

Yi Zeyan, who was sitting next to him, delayed and reminded him: "Be balanced and eat more vegetables." And the little guy would respond with an "Ok" response every time. Then obediently picked up vegetables to eat.

This is the kind of children that parents in other families say, right? So good, so sweet, Lin Qingqing thought of the little guy saying that his mother didn't like him and wouldn't let him near.

She really didn't understand what kind of mother she was, and didn't like such a good child.

Lin Qingqing was going to leave after the meal, but Yi Zeyan helped her open the car door and said to her: "We're taking Miss Lin home, it's late."

The child, Yi Beiyuan also said: "Daddy and I will not rest assured until auntie arrives home safely."

Anyway, this place is close to her home, so Lin Qingqing has not delay any more.

This time it was Yi Zeyan who drove the car himself. Lin Qingqing and Xiao Yuan still sat in the back seat. When the child got on the car, he began to feel sleepy, and soon fell asleep in his seats. Fortunately, the car was still warm, and Lin Qingqing was not worried that he might catch cold.

As soon as Xiao Yuan fell asleep, she and Yi Zeyan were the only two people in this SUV, don't know if this man's aura is too strong, Lin Qingqing felt a little cramped, and she found that he seemed to drive the car very slowly.

"How was your meal?" He suddenly asked.

"Not ...... not bad."

The environment, which was too quiet and too peaceful, raised the senses countless times, and his voice seemed to have been magnified a lot, and she felt more and more restless when it strike in the car.

Fortunately, he did not speak again after that. Following her guidance, the car finally reached its destination.

At the entrance, elder sister was looking anxiously. Lin Qingqing took out her cell phone and looked at it. Only then did she find that the cell phone was dead, and she didn't know how long she had been waiting here.

Seeing a car approaching, the light at the door was not very bright, but she felt her elder sister's face was a little strange. She stared at the car closely, as if she knew she was sitting in the car.

Yi Zeyan got out of the car. Lin Qingqing jumped down without waiting for him to open the door for her. She stepped forward and said apologetically: "Sorry sister, I forgot to call you just now."

Lin Zhenzhen frowned and scolded: "This late, where have you been? Have you eaten yet?"

"I ... have eaten." She remembered that Yi Zeyan was still standing aside and introduced them to each other.

Lin Zhenzhen glanced at Yi Zeyan and they nodded at each other as a greeting.

"Thank you Mr. Yi for sending me back. It's getting late, Mr. Yi should go home soon."

Yi Zeyan smiled: "Miss Lin is too polite." He said that and got on the car.

Lin Qingqing and her elder sister went in together and told her what had happened in the past two days, fearing that her elder sister was worried that she had met a bad person. However, Lin Zhenzhen did not seem to be too worried or asked more questions.

Lin Qingqing went back to the room and took a bath to sleep. The curtain was not drawn. She went over to draw the curtain. Her eyes unintentionally swept to the street downstairs. She found that the black SUV was still parked downstairs. However,  it was across the street and blocked by a tree,  but she could see it from her perspective.

She saw him leaning against the car and smoking with his head bowed. He was very skilled at smoking. He bowed his head and inhale it and looked up at her, his eyes just looking right in her direction.

Lin Qingqing only felt that his heart had tightened for a while, and almost instinctively closed the curtains.

What is he doing downstairs? Why hasn't he left yet? He doesn't look like a perverted man who follow a girl ah.

Lin Qingqing couldn't figure it out.

She quietly opened the gap between the curtains and looked out, only to find that the car had disappeared and the street was quiet. Occasionally, one or two college students came out to look for food.

As if the car and the man she just saw were just her illusion.

For several days, Lin Qingqing took delivery at the Teachers'College behind the hotel. She was the jockey mainly responsible for area. She had to stay for a few days. She did not go to the University of Aeronautics for a few days, but she missed the child, Xiao Yuan a little.

At noon that day, she was busy in the shop. Suddenly she heard a tender and crisp voice called Auntie. She recognized the voice of Xiao Yuan. She subconsciously looked over and saw Xiao Yuan standing at the door. He was followed by his tall and handsome father.

Unlike the last time he saw Yi Zeyan dressed in a formal and serious suit, today he is dressed casually, with a gray sweater, a lapel shirt inside and a long jacket outside. Below are casual pants and a pair of low-key black leather shoes.

Very fashionable, but not like the a young and inexperienced college students with a kind of unworldly publicity, such a clothes on him but precipitated a unique charm. (T/N: really don't even know what this mean)

He seems to have a very special feeling no matter what he wears.

He followed Yi Beiyuan forward with a slight smile on his lips:  "Xiao Yuan hasn't seen you these days and miss you very much, so he asked me to take him to see you. We came rashly, did we trouble Miss Lin?"

He was still gentle, humble and polite, but Lin Qingqing was still subconsciously respectful when he faced him, saying: "No trouble."

Knowing that the father and son had not eaten yet, Lin Qingqing took the two to a private room on the second floor and ordered the kitchen to prepare some special dishes for them.

When the meal was served, Yi Beiyuan's took her by the hand and said: "Auntie, will you eat with us? Auntie also wants lunch, right? Just eat with us."

The father and son came a little late and had already passed the meal time, so there were not many people in the store and she didn't need any help. Lin Qingqing thought for a moment, then sat down beside him, touched his head and said: "Yes, Auntie will accompany you."

He seemed to enjoy being touched on the head by her, rubbing his head twice in her hand, and then smiled happily with his head tilted.

The child eat completely without worry, and he is not picky eaters, Lin Qingqing watched him bite the rice into his mouth and couldn't help praising him: "Xiao Yuan is really good ah."

"Really?" The little guy was very happy to be praised: "Does auntie really think I am very good?"

Lin Qingqing nodded affirmatively.

The child almost wanted to and did not want to, immediately added: "Since auntie thinks I am very good, how about auntie being my mommy?"

Lin Qingqing: "Cough, cough, cough." She almost choked to death.

Lin Qingqing looked up at him, but he saw that the little guy spoke with a serious face and a pair of big eyes looked at her eagerly. His serious appearance was just like the old professor who taught vocal music in the university. Only the rice grains stained on the corners of his mouth were out of harmony.

What's this kid talking about? Is it possible to say such things as "being a mommy" casually?

She turned to look at Yi Zeyan again, the man just rubbed the head of the little fellow, then lowered his head and smiled, then looked up at her,the naturally sharp eyes with a smile,and the sight of his eyes seemed to be filled with a little tenderness that was not easy to detect.

Suddenly she remembered the car that had been parked downstairs for a long time that day and the way the man looked up when he smoked. It was too dark for her to see his expression, but she knew he was looking in her direction.

Lin Qingqing shook her head hastily. She was embarrassed to death at that time, but she was afraid that her refusal was too direct and would hurt the children. She could only say with a dry smile: "Xiao Yuan, you can't speak carelessly about this."

Xiao Yuan, on the other hand, said firmly, "I don't speak carelessly. I want auntie to be my mommy."

This wimpy kid, does he think become mother is that easy? You have to be his father's wife before you can be his mother. She looked at the father again, he still looked at her, still smiling,it seems that his angular face also brought a layer of soft light because of such a smile.

Lin Qingqing: "......"

It’s simply......

What is he doing? He's the father, don't you need to correct him? Why do you let the little guy speak carelessly? His appearance is simply a misleading.
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