The King's Return : Chapter 33-1

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Today daily chapter~ will revealed the cause of Qin Mo retirement, and also I don't know why but the author have two chapter 33, so I will label this as chapter 33-1 and the one I will post in monday is chapter 33-2, enjoy your reading ^_^

Chapter 33: Investigation

The two chatted for a while and slept in Qin Mo's bed.

It was not the first time they had shared a bed. They had traveled together as teenagers. Sometimes the hotel only had a big bed room, and the two teenagers had crowded together. But now, the mood is different, the feeling is also completely different. Xiao Han turned sideways and looked at the back of Qin Mo. He could not fall asleep, he had to have great self-control to control himself and not to embrace the person in front of him.

A moment later, Qin Mo breathed evenly and seemed to have fallen asleep, but Xiao Han was not sleepy at all.

Xiao Han helped Qin Mo to cover up with the quilt gently, got up and got out of bed, came to the balcony of the bedroom, took out his mobile phone and sent Zhou Xuewei a WeChat: "Have you slept?"

Zhou Xuewei was about to go to sleep when a message popped up on her mobile phone. When she saw Xiao Han as the sender, Zhou Xuewei couldn't help but wonder——she and Xiao Han added WeChat friends to each other during a certain match, but the two seldom chatted and only sent WeChat greetings on holidays. In the middle of the night, she suddenly received a private chat from Xiao Han. Zhou Xuewei's first reaction was: "Stolen number? Want to borrow money from me?"

This girl's guard is very heavy, Xiao Han reply: "No stolen number. I'm Xiao Han. I want to ask you something."

Zhou Xuewei was very surprised: "What's the matter?"

Xiao Han said: "You have been in Shanghai for so many years, are there any doctors who are familiar with you? My second uncle wanted to go to the hospital to see a doctor. His left hand joint suddenly couldn't move, so he didn't know which department to register with." He won't be foolish enough to ask directly why Qin Mo retire in those days, Zhou Xuewei certainly won't say. So Xiao Han used a roundabout way to investigate.

Zhou Xuewei thought Xiao Han's second uncle was really sick, and immediately reply: "I happen to know an expert. I'll give you his contact information. You can let your uncle go and find him directly." After that, she sent a business card. Xiao Han looked at it. The doctor happened to be Jiang, the chief doctor of a third-class hospital in Shanghai, and a doctor returned from abroad. He was young and promising. Would he be "Jiang Doctor" in Qin Mo's phone?

"Thank you. I will treat you to dinner in Shanghai when I have the opportunity." Xiao Han replied, "Good Night."

"You're welcome. Good night."

Xiao Han held his mobile phone for a moment, and then sent a message to another person: "Uncle Lin, I want to check with surgeon Jiang Shuo of Shanghai's Hospital. Is there anyone named Qin Mo among the patients he received three years ago."

The message soon received a reply: "You asked me to check this person, did your father know?"

Xiao Han's father is a well-known lawyer, often involved in all kinds of strange cases, so he has some contacts in the private detective circle. This man surname Lin is a very powerful private detective, and he has helped Xiao Han's father in some difficult cases. He had come to Xiao Han house to be a guest, and they exchange number.

"My father did not know, this is my private affair and is not involved in any criminal cases." Xiao Han answered: "I just want to find out if a friend was sick."

The other party finally calmed down and said: "Okay, give you an answer tomorrow, leave me an email address."

Xiao Han sent him his email address, withdrew his mobile phone and turned to lie down on bed.

Qin Mo has fallen asleep, but he is not sleeping well, his brow is frown slightly, and he seems to be having a nightmare.

Xiao Han looked at his frown brow, finally could not help but stretch out his arm and gently held him into his arms.

The use of private detectives to look up the past three years ago is not honorable, but Xiao Han can't think of any other way. Qin Mo won't say it if asked face to face. It is no use looking for the doctor Jiang, doctors must keep the patient's information confidential. Zhou Xuewei wouldn't even say that she was as tight-lipped as Qin Mo. Only detectives can find out what happened in those days.

At the thought of the pain Qin Mo might have endured, Xiao Han was in a state of turmoil. He really hoped that all his guesses were wrong. Qin Mo retired only because of his declining state.

When he woke up the next morning, Qin Mo found himself in Xiao Han's arms, with his cheeks on Xiao Han's chest.

The temperature from the other side made Qin Mo heartbeat suddenly missed half a beat. He got up immediately in a panic and hit Xiao Han's forehead with a bang. Xiao Han also woke up and saw Qin Mo was knocked dizzy. He immediately rubbed Qin Mo's red forehead and asked in a low voice: "Did it hurt? Why are you so careless……"

Just after waking up, Xiao Han’s voice was a little sexy and husky, and the tone sounded extraordinarily gentle. The pajamas opened up because of the movements, and they just showed a strong chest and eight distinct abdominal muscles. Qin Mo’s heartbeat was getting faster and faster, so he had to calmly turn over and get out of the bed to the bathroom and wash his face with cold water.

Xiao Han got up and went to the balcony to get some air. Suddenly, a text message popped up: "The information you want has been found and sent to your email."

"Thank you uncle." Xiao Han immediately opened his mobile phone to receive e-mail. The attachment contained a complete case, and the words on it were shocking——

Qin Mo, who was seriously injured in a car accident an hour ago, was taken to the emergency department of our hospital by ambulance. He was unconscious when he was admitted to the hospital and multiple comminuted fracture of both hands......

Xiao Han knows all those words, but at this time he is more and more blurred in his eyes. The truth revealed by this case almost suffocates his heart.

The date on the case is the League holiday three years ago.

In that spring league, former Wind Color captain Ling Xuefeng retired. Ling Xuefeng left a stable team. Under the leadership of new team captain Yan Ruiwen and vice-captain Qin Mo, the team reached the semi-finals. Their opponent in the semi-finals was Xiao Han's Canglan team. Qin Mo lost to Xiao Han in the arena and lost by a breathtaking 1 point.

At that time, the atmosphere of the Wind Color was very good. After all, the captain had just retired and it was very rare to reach the semi-finals. Qin Mo also took the initiative to shake hands with Xiao Han and said seriously: "I will definitely beat you next season!"

Xiao Han smiled and hugged him: "Okay, I'll wait."

That season Wind Color finally won the third place and Canglan won the second place. Both teams were at a critical moment when the former captain retired. It was very good to reach the top four. Media reporters gave a lot of positive comments to the new generation of successors. They also greatly appreciated the performance of "Twin Star" Xiao Han and Qin Mo.

At the end of the spring season, the league gave all the players a month's holiday as usual. Xiao Han intended to go out with Qin Mo. As a result, Qin Mo said that his mother seldom returned to China and that he would accompany her to relax. Just as Xiao Han's father was going to the United States to deal with his old property, Xiao Han went abroad with his father.

A month later, Xiao Han returned to China for the autumn league.

Canglan team's performance is stable, but the Wind Color team suddenly lost the first big game of the regular season, and lost five games in a row. Vice-captain Qin Mo seems to be out of condition. The main healer also retire because of family matter, and fans became panic-stricken.

After a press conference, the Wind Color began to select newcomers. First, 16-year-old Zhou Xuewei made her debut. Then, Qiu Zongping, the summoner, sat on the bench. Then, Zhao Xingchen, a long-range player, appeared in the arena. Wind Color Team debuted newcomers like mad. However, the age of these players was too young, and the performance of Wind Color still failed to recover.

Qin Mo rarely appeared on the stage, often letting newcomers to go, occasionally appearing on several occasions to play, also caused a lot of criticism. Until the end of the season, although Wind Color failed to win the trophy, Zhou Xuewei won the precious individual award——the best newcomer award.

After the end of the season, the selection of the national team officially began. Xiao Han undoubtedly joined the national team to prepare for the World Champion. Qin Mo did not join the national team, but announced his retirement.

At that time, there were two kinds of rumors outside. One was that Qin Mo escaped the burden left by his master by retirement because of his poor performance and weak psychological endurance. Others said that he was really in a state of decline, unable to keep up with the rhythm of the game, unable to get along with the newcomers, do not want to drag the team's down and choose to leave......

The rumor became more and more outrageous, but Qin Mo did not give any explanation, only said a sentence: "I'm sorry, I let you down."

Recalling the scene when he bowed to reporters, Xiao Han's heart suddenly felt a sharp pain.

At that time, Xiao Han also thought that Qin Mo was in a state of decline and he left temporarily to be adjusted. He did not expect that the reality was so cruel.

Qin Mo suffered a serious car accident while traveling with his mother. He had multiple comminuted fractures in both hands.....

Xiao Han can hardly imagine how he felt when he woke up from a coma, what would be his mood when he heard the news?

For e-sports players, hands are as precious as life.

These hands have once defeated foreign players in the world champion at a dazzling speed. These hands have won the trophy that symbolizes the highest honor. These hands are the greatest pride of Qin Mo......

However, an accident has turned everything in vain.

How strong is he to survive the treatment for more than a month and return calmly to the Wind Color team?

When he returned to the team, he tried not to play, but went crazy in selecting newcomers. In fact, at that time, he was ready to leave, right? He brought Zhou Xuewei and Zhao Xingchen up just to lay a good foundation for the Wind Color before he left, right?

In the face of the reporters' various questions, Qin Mo did not explain.

He is very proud, even if his hand can no longer hold the mouse, he does not want to see those sympathetic eyes.

As the vice captain, he must do his part before leaving and train a few outstanding newcomers. The team handed over by his master cannot be destroyed by him.

Qin Mo, who did all this, was less than eighteen years old!

The more Xiao Han thinks, the more distressed he is!

—— Why didn't you say it? Hiding from your master, from me, from all the teammates, and bear the doubts and ridicule from the outside world alone, is it because you don't want us to feel sorry for you?

—— You bow to the fans and apologize. You leave with a calm attitude, leaving only a proud back for everyone, and then hide in the corner and lick the wound alone?

—— How on earth have you come through these years?

Xiao Han felt his heart almost burst with pain when he thought that Qin Mo was playing the piano slowly in the room alone in order to restore his hand speed.

He wished he could travel through time and space, return to the past, and hug the young man who was obviously sad but wanted to pretend to be calm.

How much suffering, how much pain and sadness did Qin Mo endure in those days before he became so strong and indifferent as he is now?
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