The King's Return : Chapter 33-2

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Today daily chapter~ this chapter is the full story of Qin Mo car accident T^T enjoy your reading...

Chapter 33: That Year

Three years ago.

The moment the van crashed from the left, Qin Mo's mind was blank. He only heard the sharp brakes almost broke his eardrum, and his eyes turned red.

Don't know how long it took him to wake up from a coma. In the blur, a young man's voice came from his ear: "Continue the infusion tonight according to the doctor's instructions, and then take his blood pressure tomorrow morning." "All right."

A sound of footsteps faded away. Qin Mo struggled to open his eyes, the top of his head was white ceiling, the light of incandescent lamp was dazzling, a man in a white coat and regular facial features was helping him to check his body, seeing that he opened his eyes, he asked: "Are you awake? How do you feel? Is there any discomfort?"

In response, this is a hospital, seeing the famous "Chief Doctor Jiang Shuo" on the doctor's chest, Qin Mo immediately asked: "Doctor, where is my …... mom?"

His throat was very dry and his voice was extremely hoarse.

Dr. Jiang said: "Your mother's operation was successful, but she hasn't woken up yet. You can see her tomorrow."

Qin Mo calmed down and lifted his arm. Then he was surprised to find that his hands were wrapped in thick white gauze.

He tried to move his fingers, but they did not feel anything. Realizing what had happened, Qin Mo suddenly froze. He looked at his wrapped hands stupefied. It took him a long time before he came to himself and asked cautiously: "Doctor, what is going on? My hand, I can't seem to feel it...... "

The teenager's voice trembled obviously. Dr. Jiang looked at him as if he were about to cry. He felt sorry for him and said as gently as possible: "Do you remember? You and your mother had a car accident, your hands were stuck in the car, your fingers were broken in many places, and there were some impact injuries on your arms and knees. When you were sent to the hospital, you lost consciousness. We had an emergency operation for you. We bandaged the broken bones of your fingers. The anesthetic effect has not passed yet, so you don’t feel for the time being. Rest assured, your hands nerve damage is not serious, blood circulation is also smooth, as long as slowly cultivate, will certainly restore it consciousness."

Hearing this, Qin Mo's heart suddenly surged with a strong fear.

—— Just restore it consciousness? Can't it get back to being as flexible as before?

The speed of the e-sports player, even if it is almost the same, can affect the entire situation in the game. Even ordinary people with a hand speed of 200 APM are difficult to cope with professional e-sports players. Even if they are assisted, the minimum hand speed of e-sports players must reach 220 or more. The first-class output players have stable hand speeds of more than 300. Qin Mo’s stable hand speed was 360, and the peak speed can even reach 540—that is, in the most intense time, he can double-click the mouse and keyboard 540 times in one minute, 9 times speed in an average of one second.

It was this natural fast hand that made him an excellent summoner and even had the honor to represent his country in world champion.

But now, looking at the hands wrapped in thick gauze, Qin Mo's heart suddenly rose a trace of despair.

Is he no longer able to take part in the competition??

Jiang Shuo was helping him to examine his wounds. He raised his head and found that the teenager in the hospital bed was crying. His eyes were clear and bright, but at this time, there were tears pouring out from them, and soon wet the pillow. But he himself seemed to not aware of this, still looking at the hands. He tried very hard to hold something, but his paralyzed fingers did not respond.

Jiang Shuo touched the teenager's head lovingly and said: "Don't be sad, the recovery process will be more difficult, but you are still young, and the young people's bone recovery speed is faster."

Qin Mo was silent for a long time before he choked up and asked: "Which finger was the most seriously injured?"

Jiang Shuo answered softly: "There are comminuted fractures in the right index finger, middle finger and ring finger, and multiple dislocations of the left hand joints. A comminuted fracture sounds terrible, but don't be afraid. In fact, when a bone breaks into more than three pieces, we would call it a comminuted fracture in medicine. It's not that your bone becomes powder. Moreover, whether the fracture can be restored depends on the blood supply. Your nerves and blood vessels are not damaged, so there is still a good chance of recovery."

Qin Mo fell silent.

"You have a good rest and sleep first." After the inspection, Jiang Shuo left and helped him turn off the light.

The doctor said it politely, but Qin Mo knew in his heart that there was hope of recovery, just to regain it consciousness and not affect daily life. After the fracture, it is impossible for the fingers to regain their former flexibility.

The room was very dark and Qin Mo was completely awake with wide eyes. He looked out of the window at the bustling city lights, as if he had poured a gust of cold wind into his heart, and it was suddenly cold.

At that moment, the mobile phone on the bedside table suddenly lit up, Qin Mo's hand could not move, so he turned his head and looked hard at the screen of the mobile phone, which was a text message sent by Xiao Han: "I went abroad with my father, and it will be about a month before I come back. See you next season. You said you were going to beat me. I'll wait."

"......" Tears suddenly burst out, blurring Qin Mo's sight instantly, and the characters on the screen of the mobile phone could no longer be seen clearly.

It was the longest night in Qin Mo's life, and every minute and second seemed like a heart-rending torment. He listened to the ticking sound second by second on the clock, and his short career of e-sport since he joined the Wind Color Club at the age of 15 flashed through his mind.

Night falls and tomorrow will be a new day, but this car accident has changed everything.

The next morning, Jiang Shuo came in for rounds inspection and found Qin Mo with his eyes open. Obviously, he didn't sleep all night. The teenager's eyes were originally very good-looking, but now, his eyes are empty, and the bloodshot eyes and the obvious dark circles in his eyelids make him look very haggard.

Jiang Shuo went to the bedside and said softly: "Don't be too sad. Didn't I tell you that? You are young and recover faster. Although your hands are not as flexible as before, your daily life such as holding chopsticks and writing will not be greatly affected."

Qin Mo was silent for a moment and changed the subject: "Is my mom's injury more serious than mine? She's in the driver's seat. I remember the car crashed from her side."

Jiang Shuo nodded: "Her injury is indeed more serious than yours, but fortunately the rescue was timely and there was nothing wrong with her. However, her calf, tibia and fibula have some bone fractures. In the next few years, she may have to sit in a wheelchair temporarily. Whether she can stand up in the future depends on her perseverance. By the way, she woke up this morning."

Qin Mo immediately turned over and got out of bed: "I'll go and see her."

Wearing a hospital gown and holding his hands wrapped in gauze, the teenager was pale and stumbled to the next ward. Dr. Jiang helped him push the door open. The woman in the hospital bed was already awake. A tall man was standing beside the bed. They were talking about something. The man had apparently just arrived, his shirt was obviously wrinkled from wind and dust.

Qin Mo saw him, his nose suddenly soured and whispered: "Dad…..."

Hearing the sound, Qin Yu immediately turned around and strode to Qin Mo: "Xiao Mo, I have just arrived at the hospital. How are you?"

Qin Mo said reluctantly: "I'm all right...  is mom woke up?"

Zhou Lan smiled and said: "I woke up in the morning. Your father just flew back from Beijing."

"Mom…..." Qin Mo walked to the bedside and looked at her legs fixed by plaster. His heart ached: "If it weren't for my proposal to drive over, we wouldn't…..."

"Well, don't say these words again." Zhou Lan gently touched Qin Mo's hair and said softly: "Your situation, I also heard Dr. Jiang say, mom knows, you especially treasure your hands, but...... Xiao Mo, now that things have happened, to survive, is the greatest favor of God to us. The body injury, we slowly take care of it, don't be sad......"

Qin Mo felt more heartache to see her gentle eyes.

—— Mom used to be a dancer, but later became a professional teacher in the dance academy. When he was a child, he liked to watch his mother dance best. He thought her mother was the most elegant woman in the world. Now, her legs are disabled, but she comfort her son in turn, how can he act too sad in front of her?

—— She is right, it is a blessing to survive. Just a pair of hands, even if it is disabled, how can Qin Mo want to suicide?

Qin Mo calmed down and looked back at Qin Yu: "Dad, can you help me? Except for the hospital, I don't want anyone outside to know about the accident, especially those in the e-sport circle."

Qin Yu patted his son on the shoulder and said: "Rest assured, I will block the news from the media. There will be no real names of you and your mother in the news."

Qin Mo said gratefully: "Thank you, Dad."

Qin Yu smiled slightly: "Don't be afraid, even if you don't compete in games, dad can support you."

Zhou Lan gently touched Qin Mo's bandaged hand and said: "It is good to be alive. Our family is together, there is no trouble we can't get through, Xiao Mo, don't be too sad."

Qin Mo felt warm in his heart and nodded earnestly: "En."

How can I not feel sad when I say so?
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