She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 05

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Chapter 5
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Didn't know if he saw Lin Qingqing's distress, but he finally withdrew his eyes from her and rubbed the child's head and said: "You will frighten auntie if you say so."

"Is it?" The child blamed himself a little. He hung his head and somewhat low pressure: "Auntie, I'm sorry, i'm not good."

Lin Qingqing can not see the children like this, hurriedly said: "It's all right."

The child didn't continue this topic, eating obediently.

At last, the atmosphere was a little better. At this moment, a waiter came running in a hurry. The door of the room was not closed. She looked at the door and when she saw Lin Qingqing, she said: "Qingqing, something is wrong with the room downstairs. Please go down and have a look."

Lin Qingqing saw her look anxiously and asked: "What is the situation?"

The waiter said: "I'm not sure. I only know a few customers who are giving the boss a hard time."

The boss is her elder sister Lin Zhenzhen.

"I will excuse first, take your time to eat." Lin Qingqing was worried about her sister to meet mishap. After she had finished talking to the father and son, she followed the waiter downstairs.

The compartment is on the right side of the hall, a big compartment, when Lin Qingqing went in, he saw dozens of people, men and women, sitting in the private room. At the moment, elder sister was being held by a hefty man with bald head and tattoos, the hefty man with tattoos smiled and said: "Don't be shy, don't be shy, just have a drink with me."

Elder sister was obviously disgusted, but she was most afraid of offending people when opening the door to do business. She reluctantly smiled: "I really can't drink, or should I replace wine with tea?"

The hefty man with tattoos said: "Aiya, just one cup, just one cup."

His big, greasy paw was on her elder sister's wrist, and her sister frowned. She could see that she had been dragged and hurt. Lin Qingqing went in and gave him a hard twist on his hand. The man was in pain and finally loosened his hand.

"If you have anything to say, just say it. What are you doing? My sister said she wouldn't drink, didn't you hear?"

The hefty man with tattoos was upset and was about to attack, he turned his head and saw a delicate and charming beauty standing beside him. It was very beautiful, as if the Creator was afraid that others would not know her beauty when he made her. Therefore, he added an astonishing thing to her beauty that cannot be ignored.

The hefty man with tattoos stayed for a moment, then gasp in admiration and said: "I have long heard that the sisters of the "Peace Restaurant"are very famous, they are beautiful one after another. Today, they are really worthy of their reputation." He smiled and put a face together, but the facial features on the big face plate were huddled together, and his eyes narrowed into a slit, which made people feel more and more creepy. "You want me to speak well, okay ah, since your sister doesn't want to drink with me, will you drink with me?"

He stretched out his hand to pull Lin Qingqing's hand. Lin Zhenzhen looked at it and immediately pulled Lin Qingqing back to avoid the action of the hefty man with tattoos. Then she rebuked Lin Qingqing and said: "What are you doing here? Get out of here!"

As she said this, she pushed Lin Qingqing out. How could Lin Qingqing allow her sister to be bullied here? She refused to go. She simply rushed at the men and women in the room and said: "This is a restaurant, not a night club. We are only responsible for cooking, not accompanying for drinking!"

As soon as Lin Qingqing's voice fell, she saw a woman with short hair sitting opposite sneer and say: "What is the only responsible for cooking and not accompanying for drinking? Don't speak so high, after all it's not like we don't have money."

When the hefty man with tattoos listened, his face suddenly turned bad. He took two bundles of money from his bag under his feet and smashed it on the table. He said angrily: "Lao Zi has money, don't look down on people."

Lin Qingqing, however, did not take a look at it. He only gave the short-haired woman a mocking look and said: "It turns out that this auntie is a person who can accompany people to drink regardless of self-esteem as long as it gives money. We can't afford to be so noble as you, auntie!"

"Who do you say auntie?" The woman with short hair was obviously stabbed by her.

Lin Qingqing picked her chin slightly and said: "You are the most like auntie in the presence, do I still say someone else?"

There were two other women sitting there, who secretly laughed at the remark. It seemed that the relationship between these people was so plastic, they even laugh at their companions so blatantly.

Seeing this, the short-haired woman was even more enraged. She rushed at the tattooed man and said: "Long-ge, this little girl clearly despises you. If she doesn't drink with you, you'll let her drink.. I'd like to see how stubborn she is!"

The stupid bag called Long-ge was really excited by this remark. He suddenly reached out his hand and pulled Lin Qingqing towards him. Holding the glass, he place it in front of her mouth and said: "You must drink this wine for me. This Lao Zi will not end this if you don't drink!"

I drink...... In your f*cking dream oh!

Lin Qingqing dodge the wine glass in the beginning, picked up the bottle on the table and smashed it on his head without saying a word.

With a loud and clear sound, the wine bottle smashed into his head and immediately fell apart.

The noisy compartment was quiet instantly, and even Lin Qingqing was stunned. She looked at her hands subconsciously and waked up like a dream.

How could that happen? She didn't dare to think about smashing people's heads with wine bottles,but just now, without much hesitation, she picked up the bottle and smashed it on people's heads.

After a short silence, someone in the compartment suddenly shouted: "Ah Long-ge, you are bleeding."

Long-ge was knocked unconscious and sat down on a chair. He reached out and touched the place where he was hit. It was really wet. When he got a look at it, he saw blood.

Long-ge looked up at Lin Qingqing and seemed a little confused until he came back to his sense and shouted angrily: "Damn it, you dare to hit Lao Zi!"

He suddenly got up, swung his arm round and was about to fan to Lin Qingqing. Lin Zhenzhen saw what was happening and had no time to think about it. She was about to come forward to block him. Unexpectedly, before she could move, she saw that Long-ge's raised hand was grabbed by one hand and stopped in mid-air.

Lin Qingqing felt suddenly there was another person behind her. The man's chest was pasted on her back, warm and with a faint fragrance, a little like the taste of camellia. His sudden approach made her feel dizzy for a while. She looked up. The man was very high. The light from the door came in, she could only see half of his face.

His jaw line was firm, his nose was straight, his face was tight, but he seemed to be smiling.

Yi Zeyan turned the man's arm with a backhand twist. The man suffered pain and quickly turned his back to relieve the pain. Yi Zeyan kicked him on the back. Long-ge was kicked, stagger a few steps and fell to the ground, which was extremely embarrassing.

There are so many brothers in the room. Long-ge feels that he has lost his face. He quickly got up from the ground, his eyes crack and he says to the man: "Who are you? How dare you do it to me?"

Yi Zeyan wriggled his wrist and smiled, he bowed his head with a chuckle as if he had said lightly: "Who am I? Someone you can't afford to mess with."

This man is humble and polite, yet he makes people subconsciously afraid. His elegant demeanor makes people respect him, but no matter how he looks, he is decent, and even if he was sharp, he was decent. But when he said this, Lin Qingqing seemed to feel that there was a terrible evil spirit in him, which suddenly darkened his powerful aura.

Let a person subconsciously feel fear.

All the people present felt the same as Lin Qingqing, such an atmosphere really made people's scalp numb. Even the arrogant Long-ge was shocked and stunned there, did not pop a word for half a day.

The air became very heavy, only his smile hanging on the corners of his mouth.
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