The King's Return : Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Retirement

Jiang Shuo has seen many patients in the hospital. When they know that they will be sitting in a wheelchair for several years or that their hand may be broken, most patients will be heartbroken and cry for a few days before they can slowly accept the reality. Some even suffer from depression, which is very negative when cooperating with doctors treatment.

But this family is particularly strong——Zhou Lan never cried, her face always with a gentle smile, she is the most temperamental best woman Jiang Shuo has ever seen. Qin Mo was not yet eighteen years old, but he only shed a little tears when he knows for the first time. He soon returned to normal and looked very calm. Qin Yu pushed her wheelchair and took his wife for a walk in the hospital every day. He also brought his son a laptop. His son could not move his hand, so he helped him press the mouse and keyboard. Despite being hospitalized, the family seemed relaxed.

Before leaving hospital, Qin Mo walked into Jiang Shuo's office alone and asked him seriously: "Dr. Jiang, my hand has recovered it consciousness, but my fingers are still stiff. I wonder to what extent can it be restored at most? I used to be able to play piano music of Grade 10, but will I not be able to play it in the future?"

Jiang Shuo said regretfully: "The flexibility of fingers will certainly be affected. It will be very difficult to play the piano. You should be prepared psychologically."

Qin Mo asked: "What if I keep practicing for seven or eight hours a day?"

Jiang Shuo said: "You can't work too hard either. If you practice too long, it will put a burden on your fingers. You need to discuss with me the specific rehabilitation plan and don't mess with yourself."

Qin Mo was silent for a moment before he dropped his head and said: "In fact, I am an e-sport player. If my hands cannot return to the previous level, I will not be able to play again."

Jiang Shuo said in surprise: "Is it? That is indeed...... a great pity. "

Qin Mo pretended to smile calmly: "It's nothing. At least I have all limbs, and even if I don't play, I can find a way to support myself."

"En, you're still young and it's best to be optimistic." Jiang Shuo smiled: "After discharge, you must go to the hospital regularly for reexamination and adjust the treatment plan according to the degree of recovery so as not to leave residual."

"I know." Qin Mo stood up and said politely: "Thank you, Dr. Jiang."

Looking at the shadow of the teenager leaving, Jiang Shuo suddenly felt a little agonized.

In fact, Qin Mo is not yet 18 years old. Many young people of this age cry and scream because of plaster on their legs. But Qin Mo is very strong and sensible. He cooperates with doctors every day and never shows his sad side in front of his parents. But Jiang Shuo could perceive that the teenager's face was pretending to be relaxed, but in fact his heart has been bleeding.

Qin Mo spent more than a month to adjust his state of mind, and at the beginning of the autumn league, he calmly returned to the Wind Color team.

——Master has just retired. The Wind Color team needs him. He can't leave directly. He has to choose a replacement before he leaves.

At that time, Yan Ruiwen was the Wind Color team captain. Yan Ruiwen was a very mild-tempered man. When Qin Mo returned to the team, he first went to him and said: "Captain Yan, there is something I want to discuss with you."

Yan Ruiwen smiled and said: "Xiao Mo, you coming to me this late, is it something important?"

Qin Mo nodded and said solemnly: "My hand speed has dropped sharply that I may not be able to play this season. The Wind Color lineup style has always been based on the summoner, after the Master left, the heavy responsibility is to me, but…... I can't take over from him, so we have to find a replacement as soon as possible."

Yan Ruiwen was very surprised: "What do you mean your hand speed has dropped sharply? You are less than 18 years old, isn't it the best time for an e-sport players?"

Qin Mo gently grabbed his finger and said: "Let's go to PK for a few round, you will know."

Late at night, other players were asleep. Qin Mo and Yan Ruiwen came to the training room alone and opened two computers. They logged in to create a arena platform. Yan Ruiwen's career is a long-range magician, Qin Mo is a summoner. Qin Mo's winning rate was at least 60% when they were PK, but this night, Qin Mo was completely abused by Yan Ruiwen——lost 10 games in a row.

Yan Ruiwen was surprised——how could his level have dropped so much?! Is his finger almost motionless on the keyboard?

Looking at the teenager sitting in front of the computer with a pale face and firm eyes, Yan Ruiwen realized the seriousness of the problem. He looked back at Qin Mo's stiff hand and asked worried, "What's wrong with your hand?"

Qin Mo said lightly: "I used to have a steady hand speed of 360, but now it is less than 160, that is to say, I can’t even meet the basic requirements of the e-sport players. As you can see, my fingers are so stiff that I can hardly hit the keyboard."

Listening to him calmly say this sentence, Yan Ruiwen felt distressed: "However, you are less than eighteen years old, the future is limitless. When your master retired, he told me that I was older than you, and I retired after two years. The third captain of the Wind Color team will be handed over to you. How could it suddenly become like this?"

"......" Qin Mo did not know how to answer.

Of course, he didn't want to be like this, he also knew that when master left, he had told Yan Ruiwen to make him the third captain of Wind Color team, master highly valued him and had always trained him as the successor of Wind Color team. But now, things have happened, and he can only face it strongly. He can't always say with a sad face, I have an accident, and my hands can no longer play games......

He doesn't want to see those eyes that sympathize with him and pity him, and he doesn't need sympathy at all.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself down, Qin Mo looked back at Yan Ruiwen seriously: "Captain Yan, I told you this to find a strategy as soon as possible. The next season will start soon, and the summoners who succeed me must be trained as soon as possible."

Yan Ruiwen was very embarrassed: "When your master was still in the team, because you were young and in peak condition, he always wanted you to take over his profession, so the training camp did not train summoners, but more magician. All of a sudden you're looking for a replacement. Where are you going to look?"

Qin Mo said: "If there is no, then find a few talented newcomers to cultivate them."

"That's the only way to do it......" Yan Ruiwen was silent for a moment, then asked doubtfully: "How could your hand suddenly become like this?"

"I have a slight injury to my finger." Qin Mo said lightly, pleaded: "Captain Yan, can you keep it a secret for me? Please, help me keep it a secret. "

"......Ok." Yan Ruiwen is an elder who watched Qin Mo grow up and felt sorry for his situation. The teenager was very proud to his bones and didn't want too many people to know about it. With his pleading eyes, Yan Ruiwen promised to keep his secret.

At the beginning of the regular season, the Wind Color team lost five games in a row. Qin Mo had been sitting in the bench watching the match. Instead, he sent newcomers, this arrangement was questioned by many reporters.

"Vice-captain Qin, what do you mean you have been sitting in the bench this season? Is it because the mentality has not been adjusted?" "Vice-captain Qin, do you have anything to explain about the mistakes made in the last match?" "After losing so many games in a row, are you still going to watch?" One by one, the reporters' questions were answered, and some radical fans even left messages in the microblog private letter: "Trash, if you don't get out of the league, you're not even half as good as your master." "Don't give Wind Color a disgrace, are you still a Vice-captain? The vice-captain sitting in the bench?!" "You look at Xiao Han, and look at yourself again, and are you not ashamed to be called a Twin Star?"

It was not until that moment that Qin Mo realized deeply that the professional league was actually cruel and ruthless.

——When you hold the championship trophy in your hand, countless people praise you as a rare genius.

——And when you can't shine on the field, those who have praised you say you are a trash.

Qin Mo's heart also gradually became cold from that time.

He suddenly discovered that the halo on his body and the countless glories he had won were not really great things.

He will become numb after watching more of these sarcasm. Qin Mo no longer logs on Weibo or pays attention to the forum. He did not explain the reason why he did not play——because his hands had not recovered. If he played, he would lose even more miserably and be even more humiliated.

What he wants to do most is to select a group of talented players before he leaves, so that the future of Wind Color team will not be so difficult.

And at this time, the main healer ready to retire because of family matter, for the Wind Color is undoubtedly worse.

Yan Ruiwen and Qin Mo secretly discussed, decided to speed up the process of selecting newcomers. Yan Ruiwen is responsible for arranging tactics. Qin Mo supervises the training of newcomers in the training camp every day. He brings Zhou Xuewei up as a healer replacement and then discovers outstanding players such as Qiu Zongping, Zhao Xingchen, Lin Yao, Yuan Xi, etc. in the training camp.

Among these newcomers, Zhou Xuewei is smart and calm, Zhao Xingchen is very good at sneak attack, Lin Yao is good at long-range kiting, Qiu Zongping is the most stable, Yuan Xi's playing method is very radical and fierce.

After changing the newcomer as replacement, Qin Mo finally let go.

Wind Color results are very poor in the regular season, has been determined not to enter the playoffs. Therefore, at Yan Ruiwen's suggestion, Qin Mo also took part in the last few matches to try. It was a few months after the car accident, his fingers recovered to be able to hit the keyboard, but his flexibility was not comparable to that of the past, so his cooperation with the newcomers was out of sync, and attracted a group of reporters.

Yan Ruiwen wanted to get angry with reporters, but Qin Mo stopped him with his eyes.

In the backstage, Qin Mo said seriously: "Captain Yan, you promised to keep my secret. Let me leave quietly. I don't want to see those people pity me."

Yan Ruiwen was very distressed, but he could not help the stubborn Qin Mo. Finally, he could only gently hug the strong teenager.

That season did not enter the playoffs, but everyone's mental state is good, the players are not depressed mood, plus Zhou Xuewei won the Best New Player Award, at least to give them some psychological comfort.

At the end of the season, Yan Ruiwen invited all the players to KTV to sing, everyone had a great time. Yan Ruiwen drank too much and had to ask Qin Mo to say something to everyone. Qin Mo had to pick up the microphone and said earnestly: "The performance of this season's is really bad, but everyone must remember——Wind Color team has always been a top team in the professional league, even if you lose the competition, you can't lose your confidence." His eyes slowly swept over these young faces and said slowly: "During the World Champion, the players who failed to be included in the national team can just rest for a month, then pick up your greatest fighting spirit and continue to work hard next season!"

The Vice-captain has always spoken so seriously recently. Everyone has become accustomed to it. Some people take the lead in applauding. KTV is full of uproar.

Qin Mo looked at these energetic newcomers, smiled slightly, put down the microphone, turned around and sat down in the corner.

He will soon leave the Wind Color, and he is reluctant to part with it.

The only thing that pleased him was that the Wind Color team was not destroyed in his hands. He used the six months to endure the pain in his hands, secretly went to the hospital for treatment, and quickly selected newcomers. This season is the most difficult time of the season, but Qin Mo believes that when Zhou Xuewei, Zhao Xingchen and others become mature, their performance will be better and they will be among the top ranks again.

He failed to live up to master's years of cultivation, but...... he did his best.

Before the start of the World Champion, Qin Mo suddenly announced his retirement from the Wind Color Club and wrote off all his information in the professional league.

Zhou Xuewei knew the truth from Zhou Lan, and cried until out of breath. Qin Mo patted her on the shoulder and comforted her by saying: "Don't cry, I've been playing outside all these years. I seldom have time to accompany my parents. My mother can't walk now. I'd better go home and accompany her more......"

Zhou Xuewei said with red eyes: "But, are you willing to give up?"

Qin Mo's heart suddenly stung, and the girl saw through his deepest weakness at a glance.

He was reluctant.

He was reluctant to give up the Wind Color clubs and the players he brought up with him.

But in the end, the only thing he could do was to give up.

Qin Mo turned and walked to the press conference. There were many reporters at the scene. The photographer kept pressing the shutter to take his photos. The spotlight on the stage was particularly dazzling, and the reporters' questions become sharper. Some said that he retired because he had weak psychological quality and could not stand failure. Others said that he was irresponsible to leave like this and he is sorry for the cultivation of his master......

Qin Mo always remembered master's words: "Speak less and do more." He also knows the truth that "The darker the description, the more difficult it is to explain".

He did what he was supposed to do, so he could leave very calmly.

Faced with the bombardment from reporters, the teenager under 18 bent down and bowed deeply to everyone: "I'm sorry, I let you down."

Then he straightened his back and turned and walked out of the press conference——he didn't want to explain more because he had a clear conscience.

The only surprise was that Xiao Han would suddenly fly to Shanghai and ask him face to face what was wrong.

"I'll wait for you to come back!" Xiao Han's voice seemed to echo in the corridor. "When we meet again one day, you can beat me with your own hands!"

"There won't be that day." Qin Mo fled through the long corridor as fast as he could escape, because he was afraid Xiao Han would see tears in his eyes.

He thought sadly: Xiao Han, maybe I can't beat you again in my life.

He once said that he would go to the World Champion with him (Xiao Han). He said he would win another trophy and take another photo……

But I broke my promise. I'm really sorry.

Qin Mo hold his photo with Xiao Han holding the world champion trophy, carefully put it in his wallet, and then dragged his suitcase out of the Wind Color club.

It began to rain that night. Qin Mo raised his head. The "Wind Color E-Sports Club" hanging on the second floor was wet by the rain, which probably blurred the line of sight. This row of characters was gradually blurred in his eyes.

He still remembered that when he first came to the club at the age of 15, he looked at the big words and his heart was full of expectation for the future. He thought that he would stay at the club for at least five or six years——he had never expected that his career would be so short.

Now that he is leaving, looking back at the sign of the club, he found that he is actually very lucky. At the age of 15, he became an e-sport player, recognized by a very good master, and won the best newcomer award in his debut year, over the years, he has won many trophies with the Wind Color team and was lucky enough to be selected into the national team to participate in the world champion. He has fought with the world's first-class e-sport players. He has taken photos with the world championship trophy in his hand. His e-sport career in recent years has been very wonderful.

——He never regretted coming here.

Qin Mo smiled, turned away from the Wind Color club, but also completely lost the news in the e-sport league circle.

It was not until the game public test of "Peerless Jianghu", which has a brand-new operation mode, that the Xijiang Moon server in the first district finally appeared a reborn swordsman——Ink Mark.
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