She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 06

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Chapter 6
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Just then, a shout was heard from outside: "The police are coming!"

Everybody just woke up like a dream. They saw a group of policemen pushing the door and coming in. The waiter behind them pointed to several people at the table and said: "They are the ones who made the trouble."

One of the policemen walked over to him said: "Let's all catch up and find out about the situation."

Several people led by Long-ge were taken out. Lin Qingqing heard the man's magnetic voice behind him: "Miss Lin, are you all right?"

The suffocating feeling of evil in him has disappeared. Lin Qingqing recovered and shook his head: "I'm fine," thinking what he had done just now. Lin Qingqing added: "Thank you, Mr. Yi."

"Miss Lin is too polite."

As soon as Yi Zeyan's voice fell, a waiter rushed in and said to Lin Qingqing: "Qingqing, it's your turn to be asked."

Lin Qingqing rushed to Yi Zeyan and said: "I'm sorry, Mr. Yi. I didn't expect this to happen. Excuse me for a moment. Please tell Xiao Yuan for me."

Yi Zeyan, however, laughed and said very openly: "It doesn't matter."

He still looked so decent, the kind of well-born nobleman, different from the evil and terrible man just now.

But Lin Qingqing didn't have time to think about it, and left with the waiter.

Although it was Long-ge who made trouble first, but Lin Qingqing hits the person was also true, she still had to compensate for the medical expenses, she still had to apologize.

When Lin Qingqing and Lin Zhenzhen went to the hospital to apologize to Long-ge, she still couldn't believe that she had just hit people with wine bottles. Why did she do it so naturally? She rarely flushed with anger to other people, let alone fought.

At the moment Long-ge was lying in the hospital ward, his wound had been bandaged, his attending doctor came to tell him about his condition, when Long-ge heard that he was only suffering from skin injury, he rushed to the doctor and said: "Doctor, please write down my injury more seriously, it is better to have a cerebral concussion or something."

The doctor wrote expressionlessly on the injury report, saying in a business tone: "I can only write what the wound is like. I can't fake it."

Long-ge immediately winked at the short-haired woman who looked after him, and the woman stuffed a pile of money into the doctor's bag and told him: "Trouble you, doctor."

But the doctor did not look, directly threw the money to her, he frowned, he was not in a good mood, his voice became colder: "Sorry, doctors are not allowed to accept red envelopes."

The short-haired woman felt unlucky and gave a low curse, swearing at the man for not knowing how to appreciate favors.

It was at this time that Lin Qingqing and her elder sister came in. The ward was a single ward, in which Long-ge was a patient. The younger brothers around him did not know where they had gone, and only the short-haired woman accompanied him. In addition, there was a doctor in a white coat in the ward.

Along the way, Lin Qingqing had thought about how to apologize, but she was completely stunned when she saw the doctor.

He was tall, a little thin, and clean-looking, with a pair of glasses, which made his straight face a little more serious.

He also saw Lin Qingqing, and he seemed also stunned.

Lin Qingqing never expected to see Xiang Huayang under such circumstances. When her elder sister told her that Xiang Huayang and Liang Xin took advantage of her injured life to be together, her heart was sad, wanted to question two people, wanted to make a scene.

But in the end she did nothing.

Five years, even though it was blank to her, it was still five years.

Obviously spoke to him on the phone not long ago. Obviously took a long bus to visit her in Beicheng a few months ago. He was admitted to a medical university in the south, more than 1,000 kilometers apart, and the two could only meet during the summer and winter vacations, but he would still save money and occasionally take a bus for more than 20 hours to see her.

In a twinkling of an eye, he was no longer the freshman of the medical university, but a real doctor.

Sigh, anger, many kinds of emotions mingled in her heart, she wanted to question him loudly and ask him why he had betrayed her, but she knew very well that times had changed now, and it was no longer meaningful to ask them again, she felt a sense of helplessness and sadness.

In the end, she just withdrew her eyes as if she had not seen him. She did not forget the purpose of her visit and went to Long-ge's bed to apologize sincerely.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I'll be responsible for your hospitalization and medical expenses in the hospital."

After Lin Qingqing finished, she heard the short-haired woman cutting a sharp voice: "Aren't you quite lofty just now? Why are you so clever and bent down to apologize now?"

That Long-ge also snorted coldly: "You compensate? Can you afford it? You smashed Lao Zi into a concussion. Lao Zi is going to court to sue you. You have to compensate me not only for medical expenses but also pay for my mental damage."

"There's no concussion. You're just suffering from skin trauma." Xiang Huayang answer expressionlessly.

Long-ge was exposed, his mouth was pumping, and he gave him a sinful look. The short-haired woman said again: "Even if there is no concussion, I still want to sue. Sue until she's ruined. See if she still dares to be arrogant."

It was really shameless.

Obviously, they were the one who started the trouble first.

Lin Qingqing slowly raised his head and looked at the short-haired woman coldly and said: "Do you believe I even beat you up?"

Didn't know whether Lin Qingqing eyes too cold, the short-haired woman was shocked by her, but she immediately chuckled and said: "You dare?!"

"I'm going to lose everything anyway. What else can I dare not do?" She raised her eyebrows. "Do you want to try it?"

The short-haired woman felt that there was a kind of ruthlessness in her eyes, the kind of ruthlessness that would cut her belly and pull her intestines, and she really did not expect that this woman, who looked so young, could have such ruthlessness.

Thinking that she had just hit Long-ge with a wine bottle, she subconsciously shivered, but she did not want to be compared with her, and said: "You don't give me much satisfaction, you will have plenty of time to cry." When she finished, she looked at Long-ge. Long-ge smiled contemptuously: "Isn't it easy to make two girls cry?" He said with a malicious smile.

Lin Qingqing feel nauseated.

Lin Zhenzhen finally wanted to make peace. She was just going to apologize to Long-ge when she stepped forward. But she didn't expect that a crowd of uniformed policemen suddenly flock into the door, which turned out to be a group of criminal policemen.

These people came in and immediately surrounded the room. A tall criminal policeman in uniform came up to Long-ge, showed him his identification and arrest warrant. He said: "Wang Long, you were arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and blackmail."

When he had finished, several men came forward and handcuffed him.

And a criminal policeman behind the policeman came up to the short-haired woman and showed her the arrest warrant: "Yan Ling, you are suspected of kidnapping and forcing women to sell-prostitution, was formally arrested."

The development of the matter was so sudden that Long-ge and the short-haired woman were completely bewildered, until the handcuffs were to be put on the hand called Yan Ling, she shouted: "What are you doing? I did not commit a crime, why did you arrest me?" She beat criminal police's arm as she spoke.

However, these trained police officers were not vegetarians. One of them immediately grabbed her hair. Yan Ling felt pain and quickly reached out to protect her hair, while the handcuffs of the criminal policemen are handcuffed directly on her hand.

Compared with Yan Ling's noise, Long-ge was quite quiet, and couldn't be said to be quiet. He was totally stupid. It was completely different from his arrogance just now. At the moment, he was like a child who had made a mistake and let the criminal police seize him.

After the two people had been arrested, one of the leading criminal policemen went out one step behind, and as he passed by the two sisters, Lin Qingqing saw his face clearly.

He looked very good-looking, but there was a scar on his face that extended from the ear to the corner of his mouth, completely destroying that good-looks, making his face a solemn and ferocious one.

He glanced over Lin Zhenzhen's face and then slowly walked out.

Lin Qingqing felt that this person was familiar. She seemed to have seen him somewhere, but she couldn't remember at that time.

The development of the matter was beyond everyone's expectation. Lin Qingqing was pulled out of the ward by Lin Zhenzhen and still in daze.

Lin Zhenzhen suddenly said to her: "Thank you for your distinguished person help."

Lin Qingqing: "???"

Lin Qingqing was thinking about where she had met the criminal policeman just now. When she suddenly heard this, she felt a little puzzled: "What distinguished person help?"

"That Long-ge is a well-known local snake in Qingping District. He has done a lot of bad things. However, because of the complicated network, no one dared to touch him. Now he is suddenly arrested. It must be someone with more power and background who wants to get him."

"You mean, the more powerful and background person who wants to make Long-ge is my distinguished person? Why is it that my distinguished person, not yours?"

Lin Zhenzhen said: "I know it in my heart whether I have a distinguished person or not."

Lin Qingqing immediately retorted: "I don't know any distinguished person myself......" At this point her brain suddenly jumped out of the tall but evil man who had just stood behind her. "Could it be Mr. Yi?"

Lin Zhenzhen said: "I'm not sure."

"But why would he help me? You also said that Long-ge's network is complicated. He must have alarmed a lot of people if he wants to make trouble with him. I've only met him twice."

Lin Zhenzhen not giving any comment, just asked back: "Who knows?"

Yi Zeyan once gave her a business card, and when she went back, she checked his background. He was really a powerful man, and he was the only one she knew.

Lin Qingqing was going to make a phone call after returning to ask, in case the person who helped her was not Yi Zeyan.

"Lin Qingqing!"

They were about to reach the elevator when suddenly someone called from behind.

The two people stopped to look, but they saw Xiang Huayang standing not far away. Lin Zhenzhen saw him and subconsciously stood in front of Lin Qingqing and asked: "What do you want to do with Qingqing?"

When Xiang Huayang come forward, he looked at Lin Qingqing standing behind Lin Zhenzhen. His face was a little complicated, but Lin Qingqing eyes only reflect anger and coldness.

It took him a long time to say: "Where's your husband? Didn't he show up when something so big happened to you?"

Husband? What husband?

Lin Qingqing did not have time to ask his doubts, Lin Zhenzhen said: "Qingqing affairs have nothing to do with you, it's none your business, we still have things to go first." She did not have a good face to Xiang Huayang, and then pulled Lin Qingqing away.

After walking downstairs, Lin Qingqing thought of what he had just said and felt strange, she asked: "Did he just ask my husband? What husband do I have?"

Lin Zhenzhen said: "He came to see you before. I don't want him to disturb you again and tell him that you are married."

So, it was like that.

But since he chose to betray her, how could he have the face to come to her?

Lin Qingqing was a little angry. She should have slapped him when he just came over.

When Lin Qingqing returned, the shop assistants were cleaning up the mess, everyone was stopped by the police for questioning and delayed.

The clean up of the compartment hadn't finished, Lin Qingqing went to help, the garbage was almost cleaned up, but a cigarette fell under the chair in the corner. Lin Qingqing lowered herself and moved carefully to pick it up. She was about to get up when she probably didn't judge the distance between the edges of the table. Her head banged into the table.

The collision was a bit heavy. Lin Qingqing subconsciously covered her head. However, when she closed her eyes and gently rubbed her head, a picture suddenly appeared in her mind.

Very unfamiliar picture, did not belong to her past memory at all.

She seemed to be sitting in a dark room, wearing a beautiful skirt and makeup on her face. She seemed to be crying, and mascara sticking to the eyelids was uncomfortable.

She sat by the window smoking and drinking. She was dizzy, and the alcohol magnified her mood, and she cried even more sadly. Then suddenly a two-year-old child came in at the door. He saw her crying and came to comfort her with a slow pace. She seemed to reject him and did not want him to come near her, so she gave him a push. Drunken, she didn't notice when pushing him and accidentally shook the burning cigarette butt off his arm.

Although she waved her cigarette away in time, it was too late.

The little child had very tender skin. The hot cigarette butt immediately burned his skin and made a small hole in his arm.

He burst into tears immediately, and one could imagine how painful it was.

In such a fragment, Lin Qingqing was completely stupefied.

In the fragment, she could hear clearly that the little boy said a word to her in a voice that was not clear but childish when he came towards her.

He said: "Mommy, don't cry."

She could also see the boy in the picture clearly.

He was Xiao Yuan.

He called her mommy.
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