The King's Return : Chapter 35

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Today daily chapter~ I got hooked with The Untamed for last several days, and almost forgot to stockpiling my translation Lol... Love Wangxian <3, I still have some chapter left and will continue to stockpile my chapter now  _:(´□`」 ∠):_ ,  enjoy your reading ^_^

Chapter 35: Re-Invitation

Qin Mo washed his face and found Xiao Han staring down at the mobile phone. His fingers clenched into fists as if to crush the phone.

"What's wrong with you?" Qin Mo came to him and asked doubtfully.

Xiao Han suddenly stretched out his arms and vigorously hugged Qin Mo into his arms. With so much strength, he almost crumbled Qin Mo into one with himself.

Qin Mo was almost out of breath and could not help frowning: "What are you doing? What’s going on?"

Xiao Han buried his head in Qin Mo's shoulder and greedily absorbed the temperature of his body. The Qin Mo in front of him is much colder and more stable than when he was young. Xiao Han is particularly distressed by this kind of Qin Mo. After a long silence, Xiao Han took a deep breath and said softly: "Qin Mo, no matter what happens, I will accompany you in the future and never let you alone......"

He said this without rhyme or reason. Qin Mo was shocked and asked: "Why did you say that suddenly?"

Xiao Han did not explain, but let go of the other party and changed the subject: "What did you think about the last time I invited you to join the Dragon Song Club?"

Qin Mo did consider it for two days. The strength of Dragon Song Club is undoubtedly the first-class standard in China. There is Xiao Han, and Dragon Song will not treat him badly. However, the sarcasm of the reporters when he left Wind Color in the past made him somewhat repulsive to this large club. If he joined Xiao Han's team, it is likely to bring a lot of public pressure to Xiao Han after the start of next year's league.

Xiao Han saw through Qin Mo's thoughts, and helplessly held him lightly on the shoulder and his tone became especially gentle: "You always do this, and you have to bear everything yourself, but Qin Mo, have you ever thought that I can actually bear it with you? After we have known each other for so many years, am I not worthy of your trust?"

Qin Mo: "......"

This remark touched Qin Mo's heart slightly. Of course, he believed in Xiao Han. Xiao Han's nature was pure and straightforward. When they were young, they met and grew up with each other. They knew each other's habits and hobbies. Xiao Han will not deceive him, let alone use him. Xiao Han is really thinking about him.

——However, joining Dragon Song did not match his original plan.

Qin Mo raised his head to meet Xiao Han's eyes and said apologetically: "Xiao Han, I really appreciate your kindness. There are many inconveniences for me to join Dragon Song. I hope you can understand."

The interviewers of Dragon Song Club are very strict with the players. Only the young players with high speed of 240 and outstanding talent who can be qualified to be members of the training camp. Qin Mo's speed can only stabilize at 200 now, and Shen He was rejected when he went to Dragon Song Club for an interview before. If he joined Dragon Song, first Shen He could not arrange. Secondly, a player whose speed was not up to the standard was broken by Dragon Song, and everyone would only think that he had the honor because his relationship with Xiao Han——even if he was not good, he will not rely on the relationship of old friends.

Thought of here, Qin Mo's eyes were more firm: "I won't go to Dragon Song. Don't mention this matter any more."

——His ideals, he will achieve it by himself, this is his pride, even if his process is very difficult, he does not want to accept the charity of others.

Xiao Han endured heartache and asked seriously: "Do you want to build a team by yourself? So you don't have to be afraid of being criticized, right?"

"Only when the team is my own can I have the final say." Qin Mo didn't want to hide from the other party either. He said: "I started a guild in the game just to lay a good foundation for future teams."

"The name of the team is also called Mojue?"

"En. I want to use the Mojue guild as a platform to recruit some folk masters without teams." Qin Mo said calmly, "The operation mode of this game is very different from the usual games. The advantage is not obvious for the professional players of major clubs. Now, everyone is on the same starting line, and the team formed by the folk masters also has the possibility of winning the trophy."

"You have a point." Xiao Han agreed, "Whoever can study the game thoroughly first will gain the upper hand in the league. Whether you are from a major club or not is not the decisive factor."

"That's right." Qin Mo paused and looked up at Xiao Han. "Even if we can't be in a team, we'll still be friends in the future."

"Of course." Xiao Han smiled. "Let's not talk about this. Let's go for breakfast first."

The community still has a power outage today. After the two people washed away, they walked again on the 17th floor staircase. It was like a morning exercise.

Qin Mo took Xiao Han to the usual breakfast restaurant across the street, ordered soybean milk and meat buns, and looked at the meat buns in front of them. At the same time, they recalled Xiao Han had to call "meat buns" as "bun with meat" in the past, looked up at each other, and could not help smiling at each other.

Qin Mo pointed to the meat bun on the plate and asked: "Classmate Xiao Han, do you remember its name?"

Xiao Han replied with cooperation: "Is it called meat bun, Teacher Qin, am I right?"

"The answer is correct." Qin Mo pick up a meat bun and handed it to Xiao Han's plate. "Reward you, eat it."

"Thank you, teacher." Xiao Han smiled and took the breakfast rewarded by "Teacher Qin". Qin Mo still remembers these past events when he was young, which made Xiao Han feel warm in his heart. Xiao Han ate and asked, "Your hometown is in Xi'an, right? There are a lot of delicious noodles in Xi'an, so meat bun is very famous."

"En, my ancestral home is in Xi 'an."

"Ancestral home?" Xiao Han doesn't quite understand the word.

"It means the place where our Qin ancestors located. My grandparents are in Xi'an and my father is from Xi'an."

"Oh." Xiao Han understood, "Did you move to Nanjing later?"

"En. My father's company was establish in Nanjing when I was ten years old, my family moved to Nanjing. When I joined the Wind Color Club, it was also because Shanghai was closest to Nanjing." Qin Mo looks up to Xiao Han, "Why are you suddenly so interested in my hometown? Do you want to go to Xi'an for noodles?"

"Just find some topics to talk about, or it would be awkward for two people to eat with their heads down." said Xiao Han.

"......" Qin Mo was teased by his straightforward reply, bowed his head and took a bite of meat bun, and his mouth was accidentally stained with a little bit of meat. When Xiao Han saw it, he reached out and helped him wipe it off gently.

The man's warm thumb suddenly slipped across the corner of his mouth, leaving a strange feeling of slight paralysis. Qin Mo was stunned. He realized what he was doing and his cheeks were burning, do you know that many words and actions are only suitable for lovers? It seems to be necessary to give him a good tutorial.

Xiao Han saw Qin Mo bowed his head in embarrassment, and his heart immediately became soft.

The person in front of him, although he has experienced a lot of pain, his heart still maintains the purity of his youth. He did not abandon himself because of his experience, nor did he go and blame others. After the accident that destroyed his hands, he chose to face it firmly, do what he should do, and then leave quietly.

——How many people can be like him in the world?

He never gave up hope. Xiao Han could imagine that Qin Mo would sit alone in front of the piano for countless days and nights in the past three years, playing simple music and repeatedly exercising his fingers. After several years of rehabilitation, although his fingers can not restore the flexibility of the past, but can cope with a new touch screen control mode. So he adjusted his mind and came back.

Returning to the game world, as a former top e-sport player in the world, he was not impatient at all. Instead, he began to explore slowly from the Newbie Village, familiarized with the game from the beginning, carefully observed and carefully studied, laying the most solid foundation for future competitions.

——Xiao Han feel distressed for him, but admired him even more.

Today's Qin Mo is cool and calm.

These three years of suffering have smoothed away almost all the edges and corners on his body, and also made his mind and wisdom become extremely stable and firm.

Since he said he would form a team of his own, Xiao Han think he will not waver no matter how good the conditions are to join Dragon Song. However, after knowing all the truth of that year, how could Xiao Han watch him helplessly and shoulder such a heavy burden alone?

——Qin Mo, what I said just now is true. No matter what happens in the future, I will be by your side.

——So let me do my part this time.

Xiao Han smiled and drank the soy-bean milk in his cup. He got up and said: "Qin Mo, I have something to do in Shanghai."

Qin Mo looked up at him in surprise: "Yesterday you flew to Nanjing and today you are running to Shanghai. Are you so busy?"

Xiao Han said: "The boss is having a meeting in Shanghai today. I have something to discuss with him."

Since it is a matter of the club, Qin Mo naturally could not intervene, simply said: "You go. It's only two hours by high-speed train from Nanjing to Shanghai."

"En, I've already bought the ticket." Xiao Han looked down at his watch and said, "I'm taking a taxi to the high-speed railway station now. I should be able to come back at dinner time. After I get back, I'll go straight to the Little Fish Internet Cafe to find you."

"Ok, be careful on the road." Qin Mo said, "Be careful to be recognized by reporters."

"Yes." Xiao Han smiled and put on his hat, sunglasses and mask before turning to leave.
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