The King's Return : Chapter 36

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Today daily chapter~ so many words in a paragraph and it's so confusing for me, forgive me if there is some mistakes in translating (シ_ _)シ

Chapter 36: Negotiations

Liu Chuan arrived in Shanghai yesterday afternoon on a plane to attend the CEL "China E-sport League" general meeting as a executive director.

This is the highest authority in charge of all domestic e-sports projects. If the e-sports projects want to develop professional leagues, they must be approved by CEL. The duty of the alliance is to examine the competition system of the e-sports, strictly supervise the fairness of the competition, manage the referees and interpretations, prevent the dark screen from happening, and formulate the professional code that the e-sport candidates must abide by. CEL has many branches, including Wulin Professional Union, Miracle Professional Union, Peerless Jianghu Professional Union and so on. Each of these branches has its own Chairman and members. The branch formulates the competition arrangement of a single project and manages the relevant information of the project's e-sport.

As e-sports is gradually accepted and recognized by the public, numerous excellent e-sports players have emerged in recent years, and the scale of the e-sports alliance is also continuously expanding. In addition to summarizing the events in the first half of the year, this conference has another task: to examine and approve the professional league tournament competition system submitted by Peerless Jianghu branch. If the examination fails, the application will be rejected, and the game authorities can only come up with a more perfect competition system.

Liu Chuan personally founded the Dragon Song Club in those days. Later he was invited to join the E-sport Alliance and become the executive director. He would attend every alliance meeting. He flew to Shanghai yesterday afternoon to prepare for the meeting. Everyone in the club knew about the matter. Xiao Han saw the messages from the group and took the high-speed train to Shanghai on his way to meet with him.

"Boss, can you spare some time at noon? I have something to tell you in Shanghai." Liu Chuan came out from the meeting and received the text message as soon as he turned on the phone. Although there were some doubts about the reason why Xiao Han suddenly found him, Liu Chuan simply replied to the text message and told Xiao Han an address to come and have lunch together.

At 12: 30 noon, Xiao Han arrived on time.

The e-sports Alliance held a meeting nearby, and there were many reporters around it. Fortunately, the place chosen by Liu Chuan was relatively hidden. Xiao Han took a taxi directly to the door of the restaurant and followed the waiter to the private room booked in advance.

"Didn't you go to Nanjing? How did you get to Shanghai again?" Looking at the young man who suddenly appeared in front of him, Liu Chuan was very surprised. "What's the emergency of looking for me?"

"En." Xiao Han took off his sunglasses and masks and sat down opposite Liu Chuan. "Nanjing is closer to Shanghai, so I came directly by high-speed train."

"Let's order first." Liu Chuan called the waiter to come and order some dishes. After the waiter took the menu and closed the door of the private room, Liu Chuan said. "Go ahead. What is it? "

"Do you know Qin Mo?" Xiao Han asked.

"Of course." Liu Chuan said. "He is the apprentice of the former captain of the Wind Color team, Ling Xuefeng, he is the one that called ‘Twin Star’ with you, I remember that you two have a good relationship. He retired three years ago, right?"

"Yes. But now he's back, back in Peerless Jianghu." Xiao Han tell over.

"Back?" Liu chuan was very surprised. "When he retired, didn't he say that his condition had dropped a lot? Now that he is back, is this a state adjustment?"

"The specific reason involves some of his privacy, not very convenient to say. I am looking for you today because of Qin Mo. I invited him to join the Dragon Song club twice, but he refused. Qin Mo has made it clear that he wants to build a team to take part in next year's professional league. I really want to be in a team with him, so I thought of two methods." Xiao Han paused, looked at Liu Chuan and said earnestly. "First, I will form a new team for Dragon Song according to the club's requirements and select a suitable captain. When the contract expires at the end of the year, I will leave Dragon Song and join Qin Mo's team."

"......" Liu Chuan couldn't believe Xiao Han would leave the club.

Xiao Han came to the club with his master Li Cangyu. He was only 17 years old when he first come to Dragon Song. He was ignorant and could not speak Chinese well. Later, he followed Canglan's team to fight north and south. He won the Newcomer of the Year award and was also included in the first national team. After Li Cangyu retired, Xiao Han took over the master's and shouldered the heavy burden of Canglan team. In recent years, Canglan team's performance has been very good. Xiao Han has also been selected for the national team to participate in world champions many times. At that time, the boy who could not speak clearly grew into a new generation of super-popular God in Dragon Song, and also became the excellent captain of Liu Chuan's pride.

Let Xiao Han lead the team to Peerless Jianghu is the safest decision after Liu Chuan has considered it over and over again. He believes Xiao Han's ability. As long as this young man is present, the team of Dragon Song Club in Peerless Jianghu will certainly develop. Xiao Han's contract does expire at the end of the year. Liu Chuan had planned to renew Xiao Han's contract after a busy period of time. Unexpectedly, for the sake on Qin Mo, and Xiao Han actually said to leave Dragon Song!

Liu Chuan is absolutely reluctant to let go such an excellent captain. Moreover, in case Xiao Han and Qin Mo join hands to build a team, Dragon Song loses this general, it is very difficult for the team to have a future of development in Peerless Jianghu.

Liu Chuan said without hesitation: "Let's leave the first one aside and talk about your second method."

Xiao Han said: "The second method is that I renew my contract with Dragon Song, but the premise is that Qin Mo is willing to join the new team. The name of the new team is called Mojue, and my contract with Qin Mo requires special conditions."

Liu Chuan is certainly happy with this method. It doesn't matter what the name of the team is. He was going to rename the team in Peerless Jianghu. Xiao Han's good name saves him from wasting brain cells. Besides, Qin Mo is a talented player. If the Twin Star join Dragon Song, then the team on Peerless Jianghu will definitely create another myth.

"What special conditions?" Liu Chuan simply said. "Just mention it, you two can get the highest salary."

"It's not about salary." Xiao Han is also very direct.. "I need the power to make decision of the team."

"Oh?" Liu Chuan asked with interest. "What kind of decision?"

"Team shares must be controlled by me and Qin Mo. That is to say, Dragon Song can be the investor behind it, but he no longer has the right to decide on the development of the team. What will happen to this team in the future is up to me and Qin Mo." Xiao Han's attitude is very firm, and he said a few words very clearly. Obviously, he has already considered it.

"Are you two holding the shares?" Liu Chuan was very surprised by this condition. He did not expect Xiao Han to propose such an almost "absurd" condition.

The club is only responsible for investment share profits, and the team is up to him——no professional player has ever made such a request to the club owner. Xiao Han's mixed-race head was indeed remarkable. He came up with this strange condition, which is equivalent to directly raising the rights of the club's top officials. Later, the Mojue team will become Xiao Han's and Qin Mo's own team.

Liu Chuan really admired this guy's courage. He dared to challenge the boss!

"Xiao Han, don't you think this condition is very excessive?"

"It's very excessive, so I've come to discuss it with the boss." Xiao Han said seriously.

"What makes you think I would agree to such a condition?"

"Because once you let me go, Dragon Song will not win the championship in the professional league next year——the championship will be Qin Mo and me."

"......" Liu Chuan was silent for a moment, looking at the young man in front of him seriously, suddenly smiled. "Well, I appreciate your confidence. Tell me about your detailed plans."

"Qin Mo and I will own 51% of the shares in the Mojue team. I will have the final say with Qin Mo on what competitions the team will take part in, how to develop and how to select players. The remaining 49% of the shares will be arranged by the club. As for the amount of contribution, I will directly transfer the funds to the club account according to the price you have assessed. You are not short of money or popularity, all you need is more honor. You don't usually have much control over other teams. I don't think you have time to take part in the management of teams that are on Peerless Jianghu. In this case, you can turn it over to Qin Mo and me completely, all you need to do is provide us with dormitories and training rooms, and then you can get the share at the end of the year."

Xiao Han's remarks are well founded. Liu Chuan really seldom participates in team management. As a manager, he is only responsible for overall planning of the long-term development of the whole club. It has always been his principle to choose and employ persons without doubt or suspicion. He was going to leave Xiao Han to take charge of the team on the Peerless Jianghu. The key is that if Liu Chuan holds the shares, one day he wants to disband the team, or transfer or expel players from the team, the players can only listen to him. However, Xiao Han's proposal has raised such rights and interests. He no longer has any decision-making power over the Mojue team.

Unexpectedly, this young man is quite far-sighted.

In this way, the Mojue Team and the Dragon Song Club are no longer "subordinate" relations, but "cooperative" relations that holds a share severally.

Xiao Han doesn't need to listen to Liu Chuan, he can completely decide the team's future.

After a short silence, Liu Chuan asked: "You want to have control of this team, what is the reason?"

"For Qin Mo." Xiao Han said bluntly. "I want to give him a team that really belongs to him, not to depend on others."

"...... I see." Liu Chuan has always heard that the Twin Star has a good relationship. Today, Xiao Han fought for the control of the team for Qin Mo, which made him feel some emotion in his heart-perhaps everyone has such a soft rib in their heart. Qin Mo is Xiao Han's soft rib. Xiao Han is willing to do his best for him. This kind of feeling is very simple, but too strong to ignore.

"You come here for Qin Mo to negotiate with me. Does he know this?"

"I haven't told him yet. I'll tell him when the results are out. I don't want him to worry."

"…..." Liu Chuan was somewhat moved by this straightforward young man. After thinking for a moment, he said. "You have no precedent for this kind of condition in China, but it is not impossible. I'd like to make a request first. Although you and Qin Mo are actually in power, but the contract must indicate that the team can’t be disbanded. Even if one day Peerless Jianghu project does not hold the league, you and Qin Mo must also do a good job in the aftermath and arrange the whereabouts of these players. We Dragon Song, whether controlling or investing in a team, have never failed."

"No problem." Xiao Han simply promised that the team he had built with Qin Mo would not be disbanded.

"Also, since the members of the Mojue Team are trained in the Dragon Song Club in the future, they must accept the unified management of the club and treat the players in the same way as the players of other teams, and there can be no special treatment."

"Of course."

"En, with these two preconditions, I can talk to other shareholders." Liu Chuan paused, and said. "I have some doubts that since you have the capital and the contract is about to expire, you can actually completely break away from the Dragon Song club and build a new club outside."

"That would be too much trouble." Xiao Han said very directly. "To build a new club, we need to re-select the city and venue, decorate the training room, rent dormitories, find advertising sponsors, and have to go through the approval of the CEL senior management. It will be half a year before the start of Peerless Jianghu. It is too late for us to study the new competition system and recruit players. I don't want to be distracted to deal with these chores. Everything in the Dragon Song Club is ready-made, and I also know a lot about Dragon Song. Is it not simpler and more convenient to directly find Dragon Song as a major shareholder?"

"…..." Mixed-race brains are really smart, think about it, come up with such a simple and fast method.

Liu Chuan has always appreciated Xiao Han's bluntness. Compared with those hypocrites who like to stab behind the back, Xiao Han would sit down and talk to you face to face. He made the condition clear. He touched his chin and thought about it carefully. This novel way can also try, in fact, he is not interested in the management of the team, Xiao Han is in charge of the team, this will save a lot of things. Dragon Song as a major shareholder, the new team is still affiliated with Dragon Song Club. In essence, the difference is not big, but he just can't make a decision to throw out the players.

Thought of here, Liu Chuan said: "I'll consider your conditions, but I'm not alone in Dragon Song. I have to discuss with several other shareholders, wait for my news."

Xiao Han nodded: "Ok."

Since Liu Chuan was going to meet other shareholders in the afternoon, Xiao Han took the high-speed train directly back to Nanjing after lunch.

Last night, he didn't sleep well, but Xiao Han is still not sleepy. He looks at the fast-retreating trees outside the window and suddenly his heart becomes very calm.

He made a bold decision for Qin Mo, ran to negotiate with his boss, and put forward an unprecedented request for players to control the team. Fortunately, Liu Chuan was more open-minded and not angry. As for whether Dragon Song will accept his proposal or not, it depends on the attitude of several major shareholders. It is best to agree, it will save a lot of trouble, don't agree it doesn't matter, he and Qin Mo can start from scratch.

As long as he can stay with Qin Mo, even if he will face many difficulties in the future, he has no fear in his heart.

"The train is about to arrive at Nanjing Station. Please take your belongings with you…..."

The announcer's soft voice sounded inside the train. At that moment, the mobile phone suddenly lit up and a text message from Liu Chuan popped up on the screen.

"Your proposal has been passed. The several shareholders of the club are lazy. They said that someone is responsible for managing the team. They don't have to worry about anything. They just need to sit and count the money, which is quite good :)" The efficiency of the Dragon Song Club is really amazing. Only for two hours, Liu Chuan called all the shareholders to a meeting and reached a conclusion.

Xiao Han smiled and replied: "Thank you, boss. Tell all shareholders that I will not disappoint them."

After withdrew his mobile phone, Xiao Han, without any baggage, followed the other passengers and finally got off.

The sky in Nanjing is very clear, just like Xiao Han's mood at the moment.

——Qin Mo, the most difficult time in the past, I couldn't stay with you.

——But in the future, I will accompany you.
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