She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 07

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Chapter 7- Mr. Yi, Am I Your Wife? 
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How could that be? I don’t know Xiao Yuan at all from before. Why did he call me mommy? Is this a part of the five-year memory that has been blacked out?

Impossible, it’s impossible. How could I be Xiao Yuan's mother, and how could I treat him like that?

I can’t even smoke!

Lin Qingqing looked at the cigarette in her hand. This was a cigarette that had not been smoked. Probably to prove that she really did not know how to smoke, she took a lighter on the table and lit the cigarette.

I’ll choke, I’ll definitely choke...

However, there was no such thing. On the contrary, she smoked very skillfully. Her fingers and throat seemed to remember...

Right then, Lin Zhenzhen came in and saw a cigarette in her hand. She grabbed it and said angrily, "Why are you smoking again?!"

Jiejie said again. It seems I used to smoke...

Lin Qingqing looked at her sister. She had such a momentary trance that she felt as if she had suddenly come to an absurd world, so strange and so unreal. If the fragment that had just appeared was real, then Jiejie must know that Xiao Yuan is my child, but why did she hide it from me?

And... if Xiao Yuan is really my child, then his father and I should be husband and wife.

His father... Yi Zeyan?

No, no, no, I can't believe I married Yi Zeyan.

What was even more difficult to understand was that if she was really Yi Zeyan's wife, Yi Beiyuan's mother, why then did the father and son pretend to be strangers with her?

The tall figure she had seen in the hospital the last time came to her mind, he was talking to her sister before she went in. Yi Zeyan's stature was indeed quite tall, so would he have been Yi Zeyan then? If that person were him, he should have known from the beginning that she had lost her memory.

And then he teamed up with Jiejie to lie to her?


She wrapped her hands over her head and shook it. She simply didn't want to believe it was true. How could she be Xiao Yuan's mother? Before meeting the child, she had never seen Yi Zeyan. How could she have anything to do with him?

She had no impression of marrying him, giving birth to Yi Beiyuan, or anything else!

Seeing her little sister dull and silent, Lin Zhenzhen was afraid she had just hurt her too severely. As such, she immediately said, "I don't prompt you on a whim. Smoking is not good for your health, is it?"

Lin Qingqing shook her head and said, "I just remembered something."

Lin Zhenzhen was alarmed. She was a little nervous and asked, "Remembered... What did you remember?"

Her elder sister seemed to be afraid that she had remembered something. Had she ever experienced anything worse than ruining her voice?

Lin Qingqing was in a mess. She didn't say anything and went back to her room for the night. The next morning she went out before her sister got up.

She went to the entrance of the kindergarten affiliated with the Beicheng Aeronautical Engineering Institute. She had come very early. The kindergarten had not opened yet. The street was quiet. On this winter morning, her bones were frozen.

She had been waiting here for a long time now.

People started coming to the kindergarten one after another.  Then finally, she saw the familiar car. Yi Zeyan and Yi Beiyuan got out of the car together.

As Lin Qingqing walked over, Yi Beiyuan was the first to see. His eyes lit up and he greeted her excitedly. "Auntie Qingqing, why are you here?"

He trotted forward and looked up at her. His small face was full of smiles, his big eyes glittering and translucent as if the brightest stars were scattered in them.

"Are you here for me?" a young and tender voice asked her.

Lin Qingqing didn't speak. She crouched down, took his right hand, and said, "Can I see your arm?"

The little boy was confused, but he did not think long before nodding his head.

Lin Qingqing rolled up his sleeves, his winter clothes were so thick that she had to spend some energy.

She felt her fingers trembling. She hoped her memory was wrong. She hoped that the fragment that had appeared in her mind was not true.

But when she saw the scar on the child's arm, she froze.

The white and delicate arm had a round, brown, ugly scar… So unpleasant to see.

Suddenly her heart was filled with complex emotions, sourness, and self-blame.

A gust of cold wind blew, she felt him tremble, but he still obediently let her open his sleeve and did not move.

Lin Qingqing came to her senses and quickly rolled down his sleeves. She stood up and looked at Yi Zeyan, who had not spoken a word until now.

Gone was the kind of modest, gentle, and courteous expression, at the moment his eyebrows were slightly frowning, and his face looked at her with a somewhat grave complexion.

Lin Qingqing took a deep breath and said to him, "Mr. Yi, can I talk to you?"

He hooked up his lips and smiled. "Okay."

He came over, touched Xiao Yuan's head, and said, "You go to school first."

The perplexed child looked first at his father then Lin Qingqing. His beautiful eyes blinked a few times, but he was very obedient and did not ask anything. He continued onward with a little school bag on his back.

Yi Zeyan walked to the side of the car and pulled open the door. A trace of a smile formed on his countenance, making it impossible to discern him thoroughly. "Please."

Lin Qingqing got into the car and sat down. Yi Zeyan also came from the other side. The driver was no longer in the car. The windows were all closed. In this narrow space, she and he were alone.

Before this, this man was a stranger who had two sides to her. He was the father of a little boy she liked very much and the strong and unattainable Mr. Yi. The only unusual intersection that ever happened was yesterday when he helped her to teach and beat Long-ge.

When she first met Yi Zeyan, he had handed her a business card that mentioned he was the president of Yicheng Group. She didn't know what Yicheng Group did, so she had checked it on the internet before going to bed that day.

She could not help but be surprised at her discovery. It turned out that the predecessor of Yicheng Group was the Qizhou Winery. Five years ago, before she lost her memory, the Qizhou Winery was not yet in the market but was already a well-known brand in China, especially one of their cellar wines. Such was its standing, that one of the series of Qizhou Cellar Wines would be specially used to receive foreign guests.

The Yi family was a family of brewers. It had begun with their great-grandfather and gradually grew. Now they had their own wine brand. About ten years ago, Yi Zeyan took over the Qizhou Winery. Under his leadership, the family’s wine company successfully listed four years ago, rising to another level. Then, Qizhou Winery was formally renamed Yicheng Group. Now the Yi family not only sold wine but also some drinks and snacks. They had a large market share.

Recently, Yi Zeyan was named the youngest outstanding entrepreneur.

When she had found out his identity at that time, she knew that the man was in a world completely separated from her. Perhaps the two worlds could intersect, but they could never blend together. His world was beyond her reach, just like his own people, who looked beautiful and friendly. She knew all too well that he was the kind of person who stood on the top of the mountain, someone she could only see from afar but couldn't approach.

But now, perhaps, he had another identity for her and a very intimate one at that. His and her world had really blended together.

He might be... her husband.

The feeling it invoked was very unreal as if a distant dream.

"What do you want to talk to me about?" He broke the silence.

His voice had a unique magnetism. His tone was very light, but his aura seemed to be intertwined in his words, lending them a kind of awe-inspiring air.

Lin Qingqing adjusted her breath and looked at this handsome but distant man before her. She asked, "Am I your wife?"

She saw his smile fade, his eyes grew sharp, he stared at her... Her hands on her legs clenched subconsciously, she met his eyes and wanted him to give her the answer himself.

Not knowing how long it took, he said, "En, you're my wife."

He said it lightly as if he were merely stating a simple fact.

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