The King's Return : Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Dinner Party

It takes more than an hour to take a taxi from high-speed railway station to Little Fish Internet cafe. Xiao Han took a rest with his eyes closed in the car. It was already 4: 30 p.m. when he arrived at the entrance of the Internet cafe.

Xiao Han went directly to the private room on the second floor to find Qin Mo. Qin Mo was indeed online. He was wearing a pair of silver-framed VR glasses, and his face was very serious. His thin lips were gently pursed and his eyes were focused on the computer screen in front of him. This earnest and attentive look was somewhat like that of a scientific expert dealing with big data.

Xiao Han walked behind him, and suddenly there was a sound effect of "boom" coming from the earphone. He saw Ink Mark use "Sword Horizon" and "Wave Sword into River", which sent out a group of small mobs directly in front of him. Standing not far away is the summoner "Drunken River". When Shen He sees the small mobs falling in front of him, he immediately summons two mechanical snakes to surround the small mobs, releasing the snake venom and quickly poisoning them.

Qin Mo smiled happily, the corner of his lip raised slightly and was very beautiful, which made Xiao Han want to kiss it directly.

Seemingly aware of people around, Qin Mo looked back and found the mixed-race youth standing behind him. He was surprised: "You are back so soon?"

Xiao Han smiled: "The matter finished, so I’m come back, the high-speed train ticket is very easy to buy."

Qin Mo asked: "Are you hungry? Do you want to have dinner first? "

"No, you finished it first." Xiao Han looked at the scene on the screen. "Are you taking Shen He to clear dungeon?"

"En, clearing Fangcao Hall dungeon." Qin Mo said. "Xiao He is in level 40 today. I'll take him to clear a dungeon and practice his operation."

Fangcao Hall dungeon originally required five people, but Qin Mo only brought Shen He two people to clear it. Group of small mobs around were more troublesome. Qin Mo helped to blow the small mobs and let Shen He handle it. Fortunately, Shen He has a fast reaction speed and strong learning ability. The day before yesterday he was dizzy and stumbled in VR games. Now he can skillfully control his pets to kill small mobs.

Qin Mo's fingers slid quickly on the touch screen, and Ink Mark in the game continued to use the Qinggong skills to continuously kick the small mobs to Shen He. Xiao Han looked down at his slender hands, which once controlled the summoners to defeat the first-class international masters in the world champion, and once won the world championship cup, which symbolizes the highest honor...... how dazzling was the young man at the beginning? But now, his speed can no longer reach its peak, nor can he play the "summoner" profession, which relies most on speed. Changing to swordsman is just his last resort, isn't it?

Thinking of this, Xiao Han's heart is like being pricked by a needle, with a sharp tingling pain.

Can no longer play summoners, his heart must be more sad than anyone else. However, there was never a trace of loss on his face, and instead he disguised his regret with an understatement of "change of play". He is so proud and strong, hiding all the deepest pain in his heart. The appearance of Shen He is probably his greatest comfort. This teenager has unique talent and strong learning ability. Qin Mo is so patient with Shen He. It is obvious that he wants to teach Shenhe all the summoner's skills he has learned. In this way, at least the first-class summoner's skills will not be lost in Qin Mo's hands.

Thinking of this, Xiao Han couldn't help but take a deep breath, stretched out his arms, and gently hugged Qin Mo from behind.

Qin Mo looked surprised: "What are you doing?"

Xiao Han said with a dumb voice: "Nothing, just want to hug you."

——That is to say, these years you have suffered too much, too hard, really want to hug you, give you a little comfort. But I know you don't really need sympathy and comfort. You just need stronger teammates to help you get to the top again.

Qin Mo was gently hugged by Xiao Han from behind. His hands could not continue to operate Ink Mark. He had to helplessly look back at him: "If you are bored, just open the computer next to me and play."

Xiao Han took back his hand and nodded: "Okay."

After Thousand Miles Ice login into the game, he applied to join Qin Mo's team, Shen He immediately asked obediently: "Hello, God Han O(∩_∩)O~"

Thousand Miles Ice: "En, hello."

Ink Mark: "What are you joining the team for? Not upgrading?"

Thousand Miles Ice: "Come and help you clearing dungeon."

Shen He can't believe it——did Xiao Han, a great god, want to take him to clear level 40 dungeon free of charge? Two great gods took him with them, which made him very flattered.

As a result, Xiao Han's words made him wake up at once: "Xiao Mo, we are only one star in friendliness. We need to form more teams together in the future."

——Oh, it's for friendliness with God Mo, it's none of his business.

Ink Mark: "Copy the secret book and so on after the full level, do not have to worry about the friendliness, think about your equipment first."

Thousand Miles Ice: "I remember that the level 45 team dungeon will drop the weapon blueprint. Did you already take someone with you today?"

Ink Mark: "I didn't go, waiting for you."

Thousand Miles Ice: "You are very kind to me."

Shen He: "…..." Should he learn a stealth skill? Why does he feel like a giant light bulb every time he team up with two great gods?

Seeing Shen He's ellipsis, Qin Mo could not help but blame Xiao Han: "Please pay attention to what you say and don't let people misunderstand."

Xiao Han casually let out "Oh" and changed the subject. "Will the guild task be held tonight?“

Qin Mo nodded: "It opens at 8 p.m. The system will brush out one of the three guild tasks, and I'll let Mirage take care of it. "

The two chatted while playing the dungeon and kicked the mobs to Shen He to solve it. When they started talking, Shen He couldn't get a word in, so he had to silently follow behind them as a footman.

Soon, the dungeon of Fangcao Hall were cleared five times, and it was exactly 05:30.

Xiao Han typed: "Let's have dinner first."

Only then did Shen He dare to say: "God Han, my cousin knew that you had come to Nanjing and said that he would invite you and God Mo to have dinner tonight!"

Xiao Han wondered: "Your cousin?"

Shen He explained: "It's Yu Xiangyang. He is the owner of this Internet cafe!"

Xiao Han suddenly realized: "Oh, Little Fish right. I haven't seen him for a long time. Let's dinner together this night."

The two turned off their computers and followed Shen He to a nearby hotpot shop. Yu Xiangyang and Shen Qi waited for them in the private room. Seeing Xiao Han, Yu Xiangyang immediately ran over and gave Xiao Han a hug: "Ha, ha, ha, long time no see!"

Xiao Han said: "It's not too long. I just saw you at the Dragon Song Annual Meeting in March this year."

Yu Xiangyang rolled his eyes helplessly: "Do you know that there is a saying called greetings in Chinese? I’m just greeting you, understand? "

Xiao Han nodded understandably: "Oh. Long time no see."

Yu Xiangyang looked at him seriously and finally burst out laughing: "Cough, your Chinese is really worrying! Come on, let's have hot pot tonight. My treat. "

Xiao Han said earnestly, "It should be my treat. Thank you for telling me where Qin Mo is."

Yu Xiangyang: "......"

Qin Mo: "......"

Is it not good to say so in front of Qin Mo? You don't hesitate to sell your teammates ah?

Yu Xiangyang looked awkwardly at Qin Mo: "Cough, that, because Xiao Han has been asking about your news everywhere, and you didn't let me keep it secret at that time, I just...... mention it." In fact, Yu Xiangyang also knew that even if Xiao Han did not say so, Qin Mo must have guessed that he was the messenger.

Qin Mo looked calm: "It doesn't matter."

Yu Xiangyang smiled and breathed a sigh of relief: "It’s good if you don’t mind. Why don't we order a pot first? What kind of pot would you like to eat?"

Xiao Han said: "Half spicy and half three delicacies soup, Xiao Mo doesn't like spicy."

Yu Xiangyang said: "Oh, it’s two-flavor pot, isn’t it? Waiter, let's have a two flavor pot, fresh beef and mutton rolls, chicken wings, meatball platter, kelp, tofu skin and crystal powder……" He gave the waiter a large list of dishes at one go, and smiled at Xiao Han after the report: "Anyway, its your treat, it's rare to knock you a sum, I must eat enough."

Xiao Han quickly said: "It's okay, just eat, I brought a credit card."

The hot pot was served quickly, and everyone chatted while eating. Yu Xiangyang spoke a lot and asked enthusiastically: "Qin Mo, are you coming back to play Peerless Jianghu to participate in the professional league next year?"

Qin Mo nodded: "That is the plan."

Yu Xiangyang excitedly said: "That's just right, Xiao Han also led the team to go to Peerless Jianghu, you still meet in the new district, this is the fate!"

Qin Mo looks at Xiao Han, the latter smiled slightly to him.

Yu Xiangyang continued: "When you suddenly retired, Xiao Han was very depressed during that time. He also said that his most respected master and his most precious friends had all gone, leaving him to play alone. He felt very boring. When he was on vacation, he looked for you everywhere, but he never found your whereabouts."

Qin Mo: "......"

Unexpectedly, Xiao Han feel lost for a long time after he left, he even searched everywhere for his whereabouts during his vacation? Qin Mo was moved and at the same time he felt guilty. After all, they had made an appointment to take part in the world champion together and then stood side by side on the world's highest podium——Qin Mo broke his promise.

Yu Xiangyang said with a smile: "But now it's all right. You've decided to come back, and you both happened to go to the Peerless Jianghu. Why don't you join Dragon Song? If you and Xiao Han are on the same team, won't it be easy to win the championship?"

Seeing Qin Mo's face a little awkward, Xiao Han immediately turned to the topic and said: "By the way, I remember that your hometown is not in Nanjing, how come you come to Nanjing to open an Internet cafe?"

Yu Xiangyang said: "Because my uncle, Shen He's father, has invested some money in me. My uncle used to run an Internet cafe and has more experience in site selection, this Internet cafe is actually a partnership between the two of us. This is also why Xiao Qi and Xiao He came to help during the holiday."

Xiao Han said: "I see. You have a good business sense."

"Ha ha, of course, when I opened this Internet cafe, all the nearby Internet cafes closed down. Or am I smarter? The decoration of the aquarium is particularly novel and the environment is good. the membership card discount can also strengthen the popularity."  Yu Xiangyang is the person with big nerve, boasting endlessly. As soon as the topic was dragged away by Xiao Han, he happily started talking about Internet cafes, without mentioning the awkward question of whether Qin Mo should join Dragon Song.

Qin Mo finally breathed a sigh of relief, simply bowed his heads and eat food, Xiao Han chat with Yu Xiangyang, while tenderly give Qin Mo the hot dishes.

Look at the crystal powder, tofu skin, kelp, mushroom in the bowl….. They were all his favorite dishes when they used to eat hot pot. Qin Mo's heart was warm and helped Xiao Han to get several meatballs.

After dinner, Xiao Han took the initiative to pay the bill. Qin Mo did not want to go back to the Internet cafe. Today, there will be no more power outages at home. Xiao Han is so popular in the e-sport circle. In case people recognize him, it is also a nuisance to enter and leave the Internet cafe. Qin Mo said goodbye to Yu Xiangyang. Just take Xiao Han home to online.
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