She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 08

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Today daily chapter~ I will use mommy and mother where I think it is suitable, my english and chinese are not good, so bare with me (シ_ _)シ

Chapter 8
translator & editor: Oyen

The anticipation denial, or a surprised face, asked her why she asked this ridiculous question, but none of them, his answer was simple and crude.

She was really his wife, the man who was still unfamiliar to her was her husband, she also had a child with him.

"You...... What do you remember?" He looked a little solemn, tone seemed to become tight.

This kind of nervous demeanor should not have appeared to a man like him, he should be the kind of person who was calm and poised and could handle all disturbances with ease.

But, strangely, like her elder sister, he was afraid of what she remember.

Lin Qingqing closed her eyes and shook her head: "It was just a fragment. I was sitting in a room drinking. I had a cigarette on my finger, Xiao Yuan ran over, I tried to push him away, but the cigarette butt burned his arm. I heard him call me mommy, there's only one fragment."

He did not speak, and the car fell into a repressive silence.

"I wondered, since I am Xiao Yuan's mother, why he pretends not to know me." She looked up at him and said: "Why does Mr. Yi pretend not to know me?"

He smiled, a faint smile, so faint that it was almost impossible to see that he was smiling: "It's not necessary."

"Why is it unnecessary?"

His narrow eyes fell on her, deep and dignified, as if to see the depths of her soul.

He said: "You hate me and also hate Xiao Yuan."

Lin Qingqing: "......"

He added: "I don't want you to know about our relationship. I'm afraid you're thinking about your hatred of us, but we still want to be close to you, so we can only do that."

There was something heavy in his voice, as if it was pounding on the heart.

Hate him, hate Xiao Yuan?

"Why would I hate?"

He leaned his head against his seat and looked at the roof of the car, his smile seemed to laugh at himself: "Probably because you want a divorce and I've always disagreed."

Too strange, everything he told her was simply too strange.

This was just a dream, an unrealistic dream, how could she intersect with such a man?

Hate him, hate Yi Zeyan? This outstanding but unreachable man, not only she hated him but also wanted to divorce him? It was as if these things were happening in another world, a world that had nothing to do with her, which she could not understand and was baffled by it.

"Then how do we know each other?"

"Met by chance, and then we were together."

"Is that all?"

"That's all."

Lin Qingqing couldn't believe it.

She suffered from misfortune five years ago. Xiao Yuan looked almost as old as three or four years old. If she really wanted to marry him and have children, she would have known him and married him almost immediately after her misfortune.

If, as her elder sister told her, she was betrayed by her first love and friends when her life fell to a low point, how could she come out and find someone to marry in such a short time?

Was it because she was hit so hard that she wanted to find someone casually for her life?

However, she absolutely did not believe that she was such a person.

And a man like Yi Zeyan was not the kind that any girl can climb up. He had a bright mind and unique vision. He was only 20 years old when he took over the family business ten years ago. However, at such a young age, he could make the company bigger and stronger step by step and even successfully go public. His vision and methods were absolutely incomparable to ordinary people. How could such a bright entrepreneur decide his marriage so casually? She didn't think she had such great charm.

She always felt that there was something hidden in it, but he obviously did not want to tell her, as to why she chose to marry him and finally wanted to divorce, he didn't want to divorce and she hated him. Even she knew all these things, but she didn't have this memory and couldn't guess what she really thought.

He was afraid that was all he could tell her.

Lin Qingqing felt an unbearable depression, not knowing whether it was because of him or because he had suddenly become her husband.

She didn't want to be in the same car with him anymore.

"I'll go first."

She was about to open the car door when she said this, but he suddenly grabbed her by the wrist: "Where are you going, Qingqing?"

The voice was a little anxious, and the hand pulled on her wrist was almost released after touching it.

He called her Qingqing with a natural intimacy in his tone. He spoke so naturally, but she felt so uncomfortable.

She didn't look at him either, but said: "I want to back to the restaurant."

She got out, closed the door, and rode away on her scooter.

She went out without her cell phone and returned to the restaurant, only to find her elder sister looking anxiously at the door. Lin Qingqing parked the scooter. Lin Zhenzhen rushed up to her and asked her: "Where have you been so early?"

A lot of emotions were blocked inexplicably in the chest, and now looking at elder sister's anxious face, it was like a helpless child seeing an adult who she trusted and relied on.

Lin Qingqing couldn't help jumping up and holding her elder sister, she sobbed and cried: "I am really Xiao Yuan's mother. Am I really married?"

Lin Zhenzhen patted her on the shoulder to comfort her and asked her: "Did you go to see Zeyan?"

Elder sister called him Zeyan, and they seemed to know each other very well.

Lin Qingqing nodded: "I don't know, I don't know anything at all. Why is it like this? I don't have the memory of that time at all. I really can't accept it. It's unfair to me!"

She had come to accept the fact that she could no longer sing, but now she had told her that she was married and had children, and that she had done harm to her own children.

She couldn't accept it.

Lin Zhenzhen sighed, rubbed her head and comforted her: "Okay, okay, don't think about it anymore, no one will force you."

"I will leave with Xiao Yuan."

After her sister's voice fell, a deep male voice suddenly sounded.

Lin Qingqing was stunned, looked sideway, she saw Yi Zeyan ans she did not know when he came, he was standing by the roadside and stopped his car not far away.

It turned out that he had been following her.

He slowly stepped forward, his eyebrows wrinkled, his angular face tense, with a sharp sense of pressure.

But the tone of his voice changed: "We will not make you feel awkward. I'll take the child and leave. We won't appear in the future. You should never see us." 

He looked at her. The muscles in his temples moved gently. She felt his complexion turned white.

Even Lin Zhenzhen did not have the heart to see it and spoke softly: "Zeyan, don't say that."

But he bowed his head and smiled gently, and when he looked up, he took a breath into the sky. The man, who felt confident from the first time she saw him, seemed to have some helplessness at the moment: "I mean it."

With that, he turned and left, and soon the black car disappeared at the end of the street.

Lin Zhenzhen watched the car disappear with a heavy sigh. She looked at Lin Qingqing, but she didn't say anything. At last she just patted her shoulder and said: "Zeyan has done a lot for you over the years."

In the afternoon, Yi Zeyan came a little earlier to pick up the child, Yi Beiyuan. When Yi Beiyuan was brought out by the teacher, he was a little bit strange: "Daddy, you came early today." After that, he thought of something and said excitedly: "Mom hasn't started delivering things at this point. Let's go to find Mom and have dinner with Mom."

Yi Zeyan did not speak. He squatted down slowly, his face a little serious: "You don't have to go to school here from tomorrow on."

Xiao Yuan's smile faded a little: "Why? I can't see mommy if I don't go to school here."

He touched his head: "Mommy remembered something, so we can't be here. She won't be happy."

The child stayed for a long time, then his eyes became red: "Then I can't look at her any more, can't I?"


"And I can't eat with her, can't I?"


"Can't even call an auntie?"


Big tears rolled down from his eyes, and the little guy was holding back and refraining from crying. There were many children around him, if the children in the small class saw him crying, they would laugh at this elder brother.

But, but he couldn't help it.

So sad, couldan't see mommy again, it was so sad.

"No!" He cried out sadly: "I don't want it!"

Why did other children have mommy? Why couldn't he meet with mommy? Why must he call his mommy to auntie? Why didn't his mommy like him? He was very good. He was really very good ah.

He was so sad that he cried. His fleshy little hands rubbed his eyes, but the tears still rolled down.

"No! No! I don't want it!"

"Stop!" He scold him with stern voice.

The majesty of his father shocked him. He dared not cry aloud, but he was still sad. He sobbed and rubbed his eyes with his small hands.

Yi Zeyan closed his eyes, adjusted his mood, and softened his voice: "Don't cry, let's go."

He said that, pulling his hand and moving forward.

The little guy knew very well that as soon as he left, he would never see his mommy again. He was very sad, but he dared not cry. His daddy said that a man should be brave and that crying would not solve the problem, so he dared not cry out, only a small voice repressed and sobbed sadly.

Just as the father and son were about to get on the car, they heard a soft voice calling: "Xiao Yuan."

Xiao Yuan rubbed his tearful eyes and turned to see that his mommy was walking towards him.


Suddenly he was shocked to see his mom appear. He forgot the promise with his dad that he would call her auntie before his mom remembered.

Lin Qingqing saw the little guy crying from a distance, so she subconsciously quickened her pace. She went to him and squatted down, took out a tissue to help him wipe away his tears.

The little guy hadn't recovered yet, just now he was still sad that he couldn't see his mom again, but then his mom appeared in a twinkling of an eye.

Dad said that Mom remembered, but Mom still wanted to be so close to him and wipe tears for him?

Mom wouldn't let him near, mom hated him.

So he called again: "Mom?"

Lin Qingqing lifted up his sleeve. She looked at the round scar. She thought of the scene in which he cried loudly and painfully after being scalded. He was always well-behaved, so cute and smiling, but the child cried so loudly that she could imagine how painful he was at that time.

Her heart seemed to be stabbed by something so hard that she choked and asked him: "Does it hurt?"

He shook his head in a daze: "Doesn't hurt."

Soft voice, lovely, but also with a crying voice, sounded pitiful and caught people's hearts.

She didn't know when tears overflew her eyes, she finally could not help but pull him into her arms and hold him tightly.

She didn't know why she didn't let him close, even if it was an unintentional injury, it hurts.

In fact, the first time she saw him, she felt that she had a sense of intimacy with him. It turned out that he was her child.

It was connected to her blood, her little flesh and blood.

The little guy was hugged by her for a while, a little confused, he was not sure and called: "Mom?"

He had a milky fragrance on his body. Her son was still so small, such a small ball, her little flesh and blood, and he was so good ah. How could she have the heart to hate him and hurt him?

She buried her face on his little shoulder, from the beginning of whimpering to sobbing, and then she could not help crying.

"I'm sorry Xiao Yuan, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." She choked up and said to him over and over again.

The little boy rubbed his face on her head. The fleshy hand touched her head and comforted her: "Mommy, don't cry."

Hearing this, she wept even more.

She thought of the day she burned his hand. The two-year-old, who was still walking unsteadily, swayed toward her and said to her in a soft voice: "Mommy, don't cry."

Why was she so hateful?

The little guy had tears in his eyes, but he held back his tears. His little hands wiped her tears carelessly and his movements were clumsy.

His big eyes were red, his small nose was red, and his small face was covered with tears. Although he was strong enough to comfort her, his small appearance looked even more painful.

Lin Qingqing carefully helped him wipe away the tears on his face. Then she looked at the man standing nearby. Yi Zeyan seemed to be lost in thought. He did not came to his sense for a long time facing her eyes.

Somehow, facing him would make Lin Qingqing feel at a loss as to what to do, unable to calmly face him, this man with strong aura and appeared distant and difficult to approach, which had been the case from the beginning, and was even more so now.

Lin Qingqing hung his head and dared not look at him. She hesitated for a moment before she said: "I don't remember the past, I don't remember being married to you, and I don't remember having Xiao Yuan. Do you mind?"

Yi Zeyan: "......"

She was......What did she mean? Why did she ask that all of a sudden?

She actually asked him if he mind? The woman, who had never looked at him, was now twisting her hands in fear and asking if he would mind her?

She was really......

The originally dignified and repressed complexion was like the unfrozen of ice and snow, which soon melted away on his face, his eyes became clear, a bright color appeared in the bottom of his eyes, his lips moved slightly, as if a smile were about to bloom on his face.

But he was calm, as he always was. He simply smiled and said: "I don't mind."

Lin Qingqing breathed a sigh of relief and said: "Then come and pick me up tomorrow. I'll go back and tidy up first today."

Let him pick her up, would she go back with them? Just now he thought that she would never be with them for the rest of her life......

His eyes were brighter, and he held his hands tightly on both sides of his body, as if restraining something, but his voice was still steady, there was no fluctuation: "Alright."
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