The King's Return : Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: The Third Invitation

When they returned to the community. They took the elevator to the 17th floor. As soon as they entered the house and changed into slippers, Xiao Han said: "Qin Mo, in fact I can play the piano."

Qin Mo looked back at him in surprise: "Really? Why didn't you mention it?"

Xiao Han looked softly into Qin Mo's eyes: "When I was a child, I studied it abroad for a period of time. Let's play a song together."

Two people came to Qin Mo's separate piano room. White grand piano had a bench in front of which two people could sit at the same time. Xiao Han took Qin Mo to the bench and sat down. Xiao Han sat on the left, leaving Qin Mo to sit on the right. Then he turned over Qin Mo's music collection and found a piece of music he had practiced before, Croatian Rhapsody.

Qin Mo wondered: "Do you want to play this song?"

Xiao Han nodded: "How about ensemble? You play the main melody with your right hand, and I will accompany you with my left hand."

Qin Mo had never played piano music with anyone before and was very interested in Xiao Han's proposal. He couldn't help laughing: "Yes, we can try." He placed his right hand on the black-and-white key, Xiao Han immediately put his left hand on it in coordination. Qin Mo pressed the first key and tried the sound, sweet notes came to his ear. Xiao Han also tried the sound and asked: "Shall we start?"

Qin Mo looked back at him with some amusement: "Do you know the treble clef and the bass clef?"

Xiao Han has never said before that he can play the piano. This sudden ensemble proposal always makes Qin Mo think he is joking. Xiao Han did not answer Qin Mo's question, but proved it with practical actions——he played the first paragraph directly according to the score, pressed down the keys with slender and powerful fingers, and grasped the rhythm and intonation very well: "How was it?"

Qin Mo listened to the smooth music he played, and was surprised: "You are really hidden."

Xiao Han smiled and said: "Don't worry, I can keep up with you."

Qin Mo nodded: "Let's start then."

As Qin Mo's right hand quickly pressed the black and white keys, Xiao Han's left hand also played the corresponding ensemble notes according to the rhythm. Although it was the first time to cooperate, due to the two people's familiarity with the music score and the strange tacit understanding between the two people, the not simple music score was played smoothly by the two people.

Listening to the a familiar beautiful music, Qin Mo's heart is very happy, he did not think that one day he could actually play a song with Xiao Han.

Under the tacit cooperation of the two, a page of music score was quickly played to the end. Xiao Han helped turn the page tenderly. Qin Mo watched the score continue to play.

When the music reached its climax, the number of notes increased, and Qin Mo's fingers grew faster and faster. The long, white fingers pressed the keys at a dazzling speed, as if they were dancing magnificently on the piano. Xiao Han looked at his still flexible fingers and thought of the scene of him sitting in front of the piano day and night in order to recover his speed in the past few years, he couldn't help feeling a little of pity but more respect.

This man really made him respect.

If it is him, Xiao Han was not sure if I could muster the courage to do all this. However, Qin Mo did it. After his hands were seriously injured, he restored the speed of his hands to the current state with firm will, although it is not as good as his teen age, under the new VR touch screen mode, the speed of his hand is enough to enable him to perform smoothly, his high level of performance in Peerless Jianghu is evidence.

The music finally came to an end, Qin Mo finished the last paragraph with a smile, and Xiao Han also played the chorus very seriously.

In the empty room, the lingering sound echoed softly in their ear. At that moment, the heartbeat of the two men seemed to merge into the same frequency.

Qin Mo wanted to say something, but he felt that such a warm and beautiful atmosphere should not be disrupted by words.

The two looked back at each other and couldn't help but smile.

Xiao Han's eyes were extremely gentle, he looked into Qin Mo's eyes and asked: "Do you think our cooperation is good? Doesn’t the sound is nice?"

Qin Mo nodded: "Nice cooperation. It seems that your piano level is no worse than mine. "

Xiao Han said earnestly: "My level of playing games is not worse than yours. How about we work together to build up the Mojue Team?"

The sudden proposal, let Qin Mo froze in place. He did not expect that Xiao Han, who has always been straightforward, would use roundabout way and even a little romantic expression to play a piano piece together first and then turn the topic to the cooperative team, careful calculation, this is the third time Xiao Han invited him to join the team.

On Xiao Han serious eyes, Qin Mo temporarily don't know how to answer.

"I know your concern." Xiao Han said softly. "Only by creating a team of your own can you have absolute power over the players' future and tactical arrangements. Therefore, I don't want to invite you to join the team of the Dragon Song club any more, instead, I will work with you to form a team of our own, the name of the team will be Mojue."

Qin Mo listened to his words and was touched: "It's not so easy to set up own team, Xiao Han, you don't have to do this for me......"

"Not only for you, but also for myself." Xiao Han tidied up his thoughts and explained patiently, "Today's professional leagues are becoming more and more formal, and the CEL alliance is more and more strict in auditing the team. If we want to build a team ourselves, first of all, the accommodation and training room of the team members need to rent and renovate and you have to get in touch with the team funds and advertising endorsements, am I right?"

Xiao Han's statement is indeed true, ordinary people teams can only participate in "Cup Matches" sponsored by various sponsors or the official "Online League Matches". In order to participate in the formal professional league matches recognized by CEL alliance, they must register as formal professional teams, and all player information must be submitted to the League for unified management. CEL Alliance has very strict requirements for professional teams. For example, the accommodation conditions of the team members cannot be too poor, the equipment in the training room must be professional, the team needs a team leader to communicate with the alliance, and the team manager should be responsible for budget, advertising cooperation, etc…...

You can't just pull a few people to open a private room in an Internet cafe and say you're a professional team, that's too low for the league.

It is also because of these requirements which are not easy to reach that most ordinary people teams want to become regular professional teams, they must find a strong sponsor to provide them with basic hardware facilities.

How is it that easy to reorganize the team?

However, Qin Mo is not afraid of these things. His goal is very firm, he only wants to return to the field and try his best on his own. Even if he can't win the championship, he will at least try his best and won't let himself leave too many regrets.

Qin Mo understood that Xiao Han was thinking of him, so he no longer hid the preparatory situation and said: "I know all that you said, accommodation, training room, I am looking for help from an intermediary company. As for the funds, I have a lot of savings to meet the expenses of the team in the first year, even if I can't find a sponsor." Qin Mo paused, adding. "At present, the most headache for me is still the problem of time. I have only half a year to prepare for the tournament, which will start next year, even if the process of finding team-mates goes smoothly, the training time after the formation of the team will be very short, which cannot be compared with the long-term training club. If the players don't get along well enough, the early stage of the match will definitely be very difficult, but I believe that by the end of the competition, the team's performance will gradually improve."

When he was young, Qin Mo was covered by his master in the Wind Color team, he was the "little prince" that everyone held in their hands. When he started his career, he was still a little temperamental and even lost many competitions because of his conceit. However, Qin Mo has completely changed, today, no matter what difficulties he faces, he is so calm and composed, after three years of sharpening, he has nothing to fear.

A person always has to go through some things before he can really grow up. However, the cost of growing up in Qin Mo is too heavy.

Xiao Han took his finger lovingly and asked: "Are you going to bear all this on your own?"

Qin Mo pulled his finger back uncomfortably and said: "I'm ready."

Xiao Han said: "I want to help you share some."

Qin Mo asked curiously: "How to share it?"

"Let the Mojue Team find a very strong sponsor to help you solve these troubles, you just need to concentrate on recruiting players and studying tactics."

"Of course this is the best way, but the big sponsors all have regular cooperative e-sports teams, and few people are willing to bet on a new team." Qin Mo said calmly., "It is not easy to find a trustworthy sponsor."

"What if I found it?"

"You found it?" Qin Mo was a little surprised.

"En, Dragon Song club is willing to be an investor in our new team." Xiao Han said, "I met Liu Chuan today to talk about this matter, I made a condition with him, I want to form a brand-new Mojue team with you and jointly hold 51% shares of the new team. Dragon Song Club will only provide us with the basic conditions of dormitory and training room as the major shareholder behind it, the team is managed by us, the senior members of the club will not take part in the internal affairs of the Mojue team, they just need to wait for the year-end bonus. This afternoon, after a meeting with several shareholders, Liu Chuan finally agreed to my proposal."

"…..." Qin Mo couldn't believe it, Xiao Han unexpectedly ran to the boss made such a strange request, moreover, Dragon Song actually agreed. This approach is equivalent to the independence of the Mojue team. The Dragon Song Club only exists as a shareholder. In China, there is no precedent for the team to separate from the club.

"How could Liu Chuan agree to such a proposal?" Qin Mo asked with some doubts.

"Because my contract is about to expire, if he does not agree, I can only leave Dragon Song after the contract expires and then join you." Xiao Han smiled and said, "Liu Chuan has always been far-sighted, probably believing that I can win the championship with you, so he doesn't want Twin Star to be Dragon Song's opponent."

"…..." Qin Mo's face is somewhat complicated. Unexpectedly, Xiao Han did so much for him.

"Xiao Mo, let's set up the Mojue Team together, shall we?" Xiao Han looked at Qin Mo and said earnestly. "I'll be your vice-captain, as for the investment of Dragon Song Club, it should be my gift to you."

Looking at the way he smiled, Qin Mo was silent for a moment before he whispered: "Xiao Han, you are so kind to me."

Xiao Han took great risks to negotiate with his boss for him. He must be ready to leave Dragon Song after his proposal was rejected. Xiao Han is very determined to help him rebuild his team. he must know something. No matter how much Xiao Han knew about the past, he didn't mention anything in his mouth, perhaps he was afraid that mentioning the past would make him sad?

This person in front of him are so considerate and righteous, just like when he was young. Xiao Han is always the first one to stand up and help Qin Mo to reason every time a reporter says something unfavorable to Qin Mo, although his Chinese level is worse, but the kind of protection of friends' feelings was the purest and most sincere.

For three years, his friendship with himself remained unchanged.

Qin Mo really can't think of any reason to reject Xiao Han's proposal.

——When he needed encouragement and help most, Xiao Han's words gave him tremendous support.

——Xiao Han said, I'll be your vice-captain.

Nothing moved Qin Mo more than this resolution.

Taking a deep breath and fought back tears welled up in his eyes, Qin Mo hold out his hand to Xiao Han: "Before, we were rivals. But this time, let's work together to win the championship next year!" Qin Mo's eyes were serious and firm, with a trace of trust and gratitude. "Xiao Han, thank you for your willingness to help me and welcome you to join the Mojue team."

"You're welcome." Xiao Han held out his hand and gently shook Qin Mo hand, smiling. "It is my honor to be your vice captain."

——Because I know that after so many hardships, you, who have been reborn from the ashes, will definitely use your sword to draw the most dazzling light in the professional league.
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