The King's Return : Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Mojue Team

Qin Mo will never forget that summer, on a quiet night, Xiao Han played a piano piece with him, and then take an initiative to join the Mojue team as vice-captain.

The Mojue team was formally established in a room with a white piano, with only two members——Qin Mo and Xiao Han.

Although everything in the future is uncertain, but looking at the young man standing in front of him with a smile on his mouth, Qin Mo firmly believes that their future must be beautiful.

Xiao Han is willing to change his status as the captain of the Dragon Song club into Qin Mo's vice-captain. Qin Mo can feel the deep friendship among them. In fact, for them, the captain or vice captain does not make much difference. However, Qin Mo was also embarrassed to let Xiao Han be the vice-captain directly and suggested: "Why don't you be the captain and I'll be the vice-captain. In the past, I was a vice-captain too."

Xiao Han said quickly, "Don’t mention it. You used to be the vice-captain, I was the captain, this time just changed. There's no need for us to be so distinct."

Qin Mo earnestly said: "You came to Mojue to be the vice-captain. What about the newcomers in Dragon Song Club?"

"I've already considered this question." Xiao Han said. "We can’t join if it just the two of us in Mojue team. After Dragon Song's newcomers has reached the full level, we can choose some talented players to stay and return the others to Liu Chuan for other projects. Of course, you will be the captain of the Mojue team in the future. It is up to you to decide who will stay."

Qin Mo frowned slightly: "Will they be convinced if I decide? After all, you were the captain before."

Xiao Han said bluntly: "Who is unconvinced? Who dares to defy, I will help you clean up."

His protective attitude warmed Qin Mo's heart and said: "Won't you offend people in this way?"

Xiao Han, with an indifferent look on his face, patted Qin Mo on the shoulder: "Don't worry, I said to them in advance when I was go to Peerless Jianghu, and who was left behind depends on the speed at which they adapt after entering the new game and their own strength. After the full level, I will let them have a rotation fight, depending on the level to decide whether to stay or not, which is very fair." Xiao Han paused and said. "I very much believe that you treated everyone equally and never had selfishness during your time as vice-captain. We can discuss the selection of the team together, but it is up to you to make the final decision. After all, this is an ancient setting game, you have a deeper understanding of equipment, secret book, lineup than I do."

Xiao Han's remark is not a compliment, ancient setting games are not like western fantasy games. There are too many martial arts elements in the Peerless Jianghu that Xiao Han cannot understand. This is also one of the reasons why he wants Qin Mo to be captain. In addition, when Ling Xuefeng left the team, he made it clear to let Qin Mo take over as the captain. Everyone in the circle knows about this matter. Qin Mo retired hastily after failing to be the captain, which is Xiao Han's greatest regret. This time, Xiao Han wanted to watch Qin Mo shine on the championship.

Thinking of this, Xiao Han said seriously: "In the future, you will be captain and I will be vice-captain. Whatever tactical ideas you want to try, I will support your decision."

Qin Mo was very touched by his friends' unconditional trust and couldn't help saying: "Thank you, Xiao Han."

On his grateful eyes, Xiao Han heart stir, almost lower his heads, wanting to kiss him.

Fortunately, Qin Mo quickly turned his eyes away and calmly said: "No matter who is the captain or vice-captain, our goal is the same, and we will work together in the future."

Xiao Han had to stretch out his hands and hug Qin Mo: "Of course, work together."

Qin Mo also hug him for a moment and said: "It's about time. We have to go online to do guild task."

In fact, there is no need to struggle too much with the problems of the vice-captain and captain. In any case, they will share the burden when they encounter difficulties in the future. In case of tactical difficulties, the two men will discuss it again. It's like putting your left hand and right hand on the piano at the same time to produce a melodious piece of music, without whom you can't do it.

After the two returned to the study room, Qin Mo open a desktop computer, due to the large desk, he also placed a gaming laptop with high configuration next to it and for Xiao Han to log in.

Xiao Han said: "I didn't bring VR glasses, can I play this game?"

Qin Mo magically took out a brand-new VR glasses from the drawer and handed them to Xiao Han: "I have spare here."

He had bought two pairs of glasses on the official website in case one of them suddenly broke down and affected the game experience. After connecting spare glasses to the computer with USB, Xiao Han opened the game icon of Peerless Jianghu, and the picture in front of him turned into 3D mode. This high-end VR glasses and the game interface will form a range of sensors, as long as you leave the sensor area, the scene will return to reality.

As soon as they logged in to the game, a message popped up on World Channel——

Congratulations to the chivalrous man [Snow Mountain] for obtaining the 7-star unique artifact [Tidal]!

Qin Mo clicked in and took a look at the attributes of the weapon——


[Seven Star Artifact]

[Type: Silver Needle]

[Creator: Snow Mountain]

[Basic healing effect 2100-2350, healing distance 20m]

[Healing effect +1000; Healing effect +1500]

Xiao Han apparently also saw the data of the weapon and said: "Is Xuewei taking the pure healing route? The additional attribute is all the amount of healing."

"En. She likes to pile up the basic healing to the highest level, and then adding blood on the arena in the later stage will be very stable. I asked her where the blueprint of the weapon came from." Qin Mo said and sent Zhou Xuewei a private chat: "Xuewei, where did the blueprint of your weapon drop?"

Zhou Xuewei quickly replied: "Drop by the final boss in level-45 team dungeon of the Sunset Peak."

"You’ve already pass the final boss?"

"En, there are many professional players in the team, and the final Boss is under the command of the captain." Zhou Xuewei paused and typed again, "By the way, say sorry for me to Drunken River. It was my idea to sneak attack him at the dungeon entrance that day, I thought you were the operator behind that summoner."

"It's okay, Xiao He won't mind." Qin Mo said, "You let Zhao Xingchen pay more attention, online games are not like professional games, playing sneak attack will not be praised. In case of offending people who should not be offended, it may also lead to grudge."

Zhao Xingchen used to be a long-range magician, especially good at attacking opponents from a long distance. His success in attacking opponents in professional leagues will naturally be appreciated by fans and professional commentary. Now he comes to play online games, but he doesn't understand that sneak attack in online games is a very annoying thing. Qin Mo didn't get angry at that time, because Qin Mo guessed that he didn't mean it, but forgot that the rules in the online games were completely different from those in the professional games.

Zhou Xuewei apparently relayed Qin Mo's words to Zhao Xingchen. A message from Zhao Xingchen quickly popped up in the lower left corner of Qin Mo: "Vice-captain Qin, I was wrong ... Is the Drunken River there? Should I apologize to him in person?"

"No need." The teenager's head is lacking, but the way he plays is particularly obscene. Qin Mo is too lazy to argue with him. "Besides, I'm not the Vice-captain Qin. Don't call me that."

"Elder sister Xuewei and I miss you very much, when will you return to Wind Color ah?" Zhao Xingchen use a row of star eyes emoticon.

"I won’t come back to Wind Color."

"Can I only see you at the arena after that?" Zhao Xingchen felt a little sad. "I still want to hear you to lecture me, you used to lecture me in training camp."

"…..." Qin Mo is speechless. Is he inclined to self-abuse? Want to be lectured! Don't want to talk about these topics with him anymore, Qin Mo simply said. "I'm going to do the guild task, chat later."

"Oh." Zhao Xingchen hung his head in disappointment. Zhou Xuewei next to him was very calm, typing: "Don't be like the eggplant that has gone too far. If he doesn't come back, naturally he has a better choice. We should be happy for him."

"Yes. If Vice-captain Qin comes back, some people may be unhappy." Zhao Xingchen was talking when suddenly there was a stern voice from Captain Yuan Xi: "Zhao Xingchen, what are you whispering about?"

"Nothing. I'm thinking about how to get my weapon." Zhao Xingchen immediately changed into a smiling face.

"Has the guild task started yet?" Yuan Xi asked.

"Just let the president open it over there." Zhou Xuewei said calmly, "Are we going to participate?"

"Of course. Today, most of the elite units of the guild have reached level 45. There must be a lot of tasks for the guild in the evening. Let's go and help."

Under the leadership of the captain, the people came directly to the guild territory.

Mojue Guild Territory.

The guild territory in Peerless Jianghu is an independent space, and only members of the guild can enter it. It's 7: 30, all the online players in Mojue Guild gathered in the Guild Territory. Qin Mo called the management of Mirage and Little Medicine Fairy to open a voice room and asked: "Has the Guild task been refreshed?"

Mirage said: "It's refreshed. Our guild has received an escort mission to escort NPC Qu Linger from Qingcheng Mountain to Jinling City, which will officially start at 8 o'clock tonight."

Guild task will be refreshed randomly, including escorting NPC, killing designated NPC, guild treasure map dungeon, etc. General guild tasks are two-way, that is to say, Mojue Guild need to escort "Qu Linger", naturally there will be other guild received the task of killing "Qu Linger", only one side is successful. For a successful guild, the participating members will receive a large amount of experience, equipment and material rewards. The guild leader will also receive 10 additional advanced material treasure chests that can be freely distributed and 500 guild contribution points. However, a guild that has failed its mission can only get experience and equipment.

Whether the guild task succeeds or fails, the experience is higher than that of dungeon. The players are also willing to participate actively. All 50 people from the Mojue guild come online tonight.

Qin Mo asked: "Who is the guild that took over the killing task? Has the system announced it yet?"

Mirage, who is specially responsible for managing the guild's task, immediately replied: "It has been announced, it is Sword Song."

Xiao Han heard this and frowned slightly: "Sword Song? Was it the guild that blocked the entrance in the Jianshen Valley and was killed by us?"

Qin Mo nodded: "Yes. The two of us also steal their wild boss."

Xiao Han wondered: "We steal the wild boss and killed more than 30 of them. Why hasn't there been any movement over there?"

Qin Mo said lightly: "Must have sent undercover members to our guild."

Xiao Han immediately realized that the reason why Sword Song kept calm and did not move was obviously that they did not know the identity of Thousand Miles Ice and Ink Mark, and did not dare to act rashly for the time being. Just these days, the Mojue Guild was established, and it was possible that they sent an undercover for investigation. Xiao Han thought for a moment and said: "There are Sword Song undercover in the guild. This task is not easy to do, is it?"

Qin Mo calmly said: "It doesn't matter, in reverse, we can use the undercover."
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